Wenger transfer plans convince Arsenal’s 2 superstars to stay

There have been a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours about the possible departure from the Emirates of key players such as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil as well the manager Arsene Wenger, which is not really surprising when you consider the pressure and the protests from the Arsenal fans about our recent struggles on the pitch in all competitions.

But we have already heard from the likes of Ozil this week that the reports of him leaving and being fed up of working under the Frenchman are false and a report in The Mirror explains that the reason for this may be that Wenger has finally accepted that the current Arsenal squad needs a major overhaul and he plans to do just that in the summer.

So the report explains that some of the underperforming current Arsenal players like Per Mertesacker and the aging Gunners like Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini and Tomas Rosicky will all be moved out and replaced with some top talent. And the report claims that these plans have convinced the likes of Ozil and our Chilean forward that Wenger is the man to spearhead a progression at the club and a more sustained Premier League title challenge next season.

Good news or bad news Gooners?

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  1. I have a feeling Flamini will not move in the summer. Not only because Wenger is too loyal but if you distance yourself from all the trauma you can see that after Cazorla’s injury or Ramsey he was a decent deputy. Not world class, but just enough for a while. Again, I am not sure he will leave but my gut feeling is saying that he will be here for another season exactly for the third option. Just a hunch.

    1. Flamini has never been a decent deputy … Red-card tackles, too much shouting and too much pointing with almost zero output …
      He is not enough for a second … Please keep your gut feeling because it hurts this time …

      1. Yes he was. First 5-6 games after Cazorla injury he did a more than decent job. You don’t have to agree with me. Is just my oppinion and these are like ar$eholes, everyone has one. You can’t change that.
        Please, take your hurt feelings and move away. We have enough drama queens in town.

        1. i cant imagine there arent young up & coming CDMs that couldnt do a better job than flam. with flam, we’re settling for less; setting a very low bar for ourselves. flam just does not seem that effective on the field.

    2. I would be happy to see Flamini at Arsenal next season as long as we let Arteta go, Flamini might not get a EPL game next season but he doesn’t seem unhappy at being a squad player and that is something which could help with the youngsters.

      I like his passion for us and even if he isn’t a starter. I think that passion can help in training and when you mix it in with Alexis passion and Campbells desire you get players to look up to that work hard.

      When Flaminis billions come through then I hope he will buy out Silent Stan, the guy wanted to come back to Arsenal so much he ignored other clubs to train with us and prove himself, I think an owner with that passion would be perfect for Arsenal ^.^ I can dream right… lol

  2. so now the transfer policy changes?
    dont care should have changed years back.

    fans were sold a promise.
    it was lies

    being milked an not competing ever, if one of them leave it might cause enough to spark real change…

    mesut leaving could save this club

    1. I dont believe the plans have changed unless wenger comes out and says so. Otherwise it is just random people saying this surely. Has any official statement been made yet? (Ozil wants to leave, next day ozil doesnt want to leave etc)

      1. the media love to swing around arsenal fans. dont believe any of it. despite wenger’s ability to create controversy and consternation by his bizarre decisions, the media do amplify that 200% . there’s an annual cycle. after we look like we’re not going to win championship, they trot out articles about ppl leaving, and amazing players coming. the media just wants u to click on their articles. they have their own agenda and being good for AFC is not part of it.

    1. Sad day for the football game. For the joy in it, for the football show, for the philosophy creating Barcelona and to some extent Arsenal game. Total football. He will be missed, watched his shows commenting the football games and always he seemed to outsmart everyone in the room. Unusual stuff is that football players are most of the time not very good tacticians or coaches. He was the exception of our time. The one and only Johan Cruyff. As a Feyenoord season ticket holder and a truly Ajax hater, bedankt Johan. Voor alles!

      1. @Budd
        “Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring”
        To me, he will always be footballs G.O.A.T.(Greatest of All Time)

        1. And that sums it up, really. You in with all you have or just don’t bother to show up. It is really hard to explain what kind of a person he was, so detached yet so focused in everything he did. Seen him many times at games after being bullied by the police and basically all Amsterdam on my way for De Klassieker at Olympic and after that to that concrete tomb that is ArenA. Never bothered to look anywhere but to the field, people were talking to him and he stare at the ground looking for some $hit only he could understand. And then hours talking and trying to put sense into all these journos and even leaving from the shows just being pi$$ed off at the fact they don’t bother to think for a second when they ask a stupid sensationalist question.
          Oh, and he smoke. My gosh. I remember before the smoke ban, him and Johan Derksen (who always came with a big cigar even after Cruyff allegedly stopped) always, but always with a ciggy between his fingers. This guy smoke throughout his whole career and beyond until he had the heart surgery. And still won 3 UCLs (or EECs) and playing for both great Dutch teams. I remember at Feyenoord in the year he won the title he played along Gullit, just to pi$$ off Ajax board. What a guy. RIP.

    2. Very sad day 🙁
      He was a player you could love to love, a mind to listen to when he spoke, a human being that naturally gained respect from all types.

      From everything I read he wasn’t just a legend on the pitch, he was a legend in real life as well, a rare person indeed.

      Best wishes to his friends and family during this hard time.

  3. Suddenly after the 2-0 win away at everton, no body is talking about protests and boycotting home games. This is the problem with us, some good things start happening and we forget all that has happened and again become optimistic. Then one good day during the summer transfer window we hear some random rumour from some where that arsenal has agreed to give wenger 80mil for transfers and we all start renewing our season tickets. This arsenal board have no ambitious with regards to trophies (don’t need to remind that…. we all know this). We the fans from all over the world need to remind silent STAN (fu***r) that club is nothing without fans. For that we need to protest during the games. Now I know some would say the team performance would get affected due to fan protests. But be realistic guys we have no chance of winning the EPL now. So humble request to all gooners and goonerettes in the UK….. please raise your voice, start protesting during the games, boycott some minutes during home games. I stay far away from UK, and I am doing my bit by not watching arsenal games now, I am not going to buy any arsenal product next season. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKETS UNLESS THERE IS SOME REAL SINGING’S DONE. Let the arsenal board know that the fans are the most important when it comes to running a football club and only then will they act.
    I’ll continue my protest my writing here…… But as said before real work needs to be done by THE PEOPLE OF UK

    1. I have not bought a piece of Arsenal merchandise since about a year after Silent Stan took over, I researched the guy thinking he was going to be our messiah and not corrupt like Roman and imagine my horror when I seen how he uses his sports teams as assets and not because of the love for it 🙁

      Since then I have been trying to raise awareness about this issue, refused to go to games and hand over a penny, convinced many Arsenal fins in real life to put the money they would spend into a savings account to spend once things change at Arsenal.

      I urge ALL Arsenal fans to save your money, put it in a ISA so when things change and you are happy about how things are going then show your support for it being run well by investing what you saved.

      It would be good if Silent Stan was shown by us fans that we will not accept his attitude of not being in this for ‘championships’, if he wants our money then he has to give us trophies.

      I know we can’t win the EPL every year and I would be happy with our club if it generally tried to win every year and not lie to us for our money and then refuse to reinvest that money because championships are not worth it… grrrrr

  4. Can’t wait to see the players Wenger will sign..
    We don’t need more than a midfielder and I think think we should promote Jon Toral as soon as he comes back from Birmingham,so that’s two new midfielders for us..Toral is receiving a lot of praise from his manager and fans and coach even said he is ready to play for Arsenal..I believe some players need loan now,Ox and Gnabry, so Toral can take a place. And then we need a striker too.let’s hope we get a marque signing…Howedes should not cost much too…its gonna be a busy and interesting summer!

    1. it doesn’t matter who wants to Leave or Not………. They’d have a reason for doing so

      Arsenal are currentLy not a serious club with ambition

      unLike u goonerboy, i can’t wait to see who the next manager is……rather than who wenger signs

      1. SoOpa AeoN
        Bro, what most people want is to see Wenger leave, but some want him to stay on one condition,which is to show more ambition!
        Whatever we want, its not going to happen this summer am quite sure,Wenger will be with us next season and I don’t want us to discuss #wengerout on every article,I don’t think that will be fun..
        Rest in Peace Johan…a true legend!

        1. each summer we think “it cant get worse. surely now wenger sees it” and yet each august we’re amazed at how wenger cannot see it. he lives in a delusional universe. either that or he’s just fronting for kroenke. neither possibility suggests massive change.

          i’m sorry but aug 2016, maaaaaaay be he’ll get 1 WC player : but we wont see an overhaul. sadly, i’m such a sucker for AFC, that if he buys 1 WC striker (and retains ozil,sanchez) i might think thats enough to hope for next season.

      2. ….and unlike you Soopa I simply want to see a successful AFC, with OR without Wenger.

        Banging an anti Wenger drum is not what it’s all about. If there is any real possibility that AFC spend then quite frankly there are not many management options that could reasonably considered as an improvement. You can throw names around but aside from Simeone they’re all run of the mill.

        Many talk as if Wenger has personally done you a disservice. That’s bs, a poor reflection of any understanding about our past or Wengers success and some of you simply need to get a grip.

        You play the hand your dealt…is a well known phrase and no one knows who holds the club back. But we do know that Wenger has constantly delivered with what he has had. If we had a WC striker how would the season have gone? If we’d had a better CB pairing how would the Samson have gone? Likewise a DM. That’s how close we are to real success.

        If the club actually do release players (that seems certain due to age etc) AND buys real quality replacements then I’m happy for Wenger to remain as I’m pretty sure with the right team, a good squad and clearly 3/4 top new players we will compete with anyone…..in the PL or Europe.

        My view however is even if we release players (we won’t be getting anything for Rosicky, Flamini, Arteta etc) and Merts likely to remain as a squad player, we are only looking at decisions related to Theo, the Ox etc to generate transfer funds. Can’t see us offloading Theo due to his wages so it all comes down to one question. Will the BOARD ACTUALLY PUT UP MONEY FOR PROPER TRANSFERS (AND yes, WILL WENGER SPEND IT) OR AS USUAL IS THIS JUST MORE MEDIA BS?!

        1. gooner100: “But we do know that Wenger has constantly delivered with what he has had”: 3rd or 4th for 10 years w/o taking that final step: that is what he has delivered.

          if you’re happy w 4th, you’re happy w wenger. if you want to win, you’re not happy.

          also, by saying “with what he has had” you imply he had no choice. i dont believe this. i think he chose volitionally not to spend bec he believed in walcott,ox,ramsey,giroud (WORG) stepping up another level. but this year finally, they each had a few months to show themselves and they’ve shown that they don’t have that extra gear. this is the only time i feel for wenger: his players really have let him down. maybe his bubble has been shattered.

  5. Summer shopping list: DM, CF, CB and RB and maybe a winger

    Gabriel and Chambers needs a couple of years achieve their potential. So we need a top CB and RB with Debuchy probably leaving. Somebody mentioned Howedes. I agree. He is right up Wenger alley. Very adaptable. He can play ALL 4 positions on the defensive line (RB, LB, CBr, CBl)

    If Wenger had got a DM and CF last summer, not only would that have reduced this summer’s transfer business but we would be doing business as current Champions

    Anyway, it’s still mathematically possible so let’s hope for a the best.

      1. Why Wenger and not Silent Stan?

        If you say transfers then I will point to the transfers Wenger/Arsenal made with Dein, Dein was the one who got the players Wenger wanted when he was at Arsenal. Since Dein who has Wenger had???

        Treating Arsenal as his own piggy bank?
        When did this accusation come about? If you research it then you will see it was around when Dein left and the old board made a pact to not sell their shares to a single owner to have majority shares. What happened to that pact when they was offered enough money? Who is really interested in the money?

        I am honestly curious to why you think it is Wenger and not Silent Stan/the board?

        If the board wasn’t happy with Wenger for not trying for the EPL then why keep him? Why keep a manager that doesn’t hit the targets you set??

        Why is it Wengers fault and not the fault of the person who gives Wenger his targets?

        1. midkemma: we’ll never know since none of us are in their meetings. i’d like both to leave (wenger,stan) bec we need a fresh start and we’ve won v.little under kroenke and he’s flat out said he’s not interested in championships. thats a huge red flag.

          it could also be that when dein was around, perhaps he was the driving force to get players and even during that time wenger was too conservative. you cannot take that time as evidence for the hypothesis that it was wenger who was driving those player purchases.

  6. I hope for Ibrah, I know I got more chance of winning the lottery so I will be playing that from now on 😛 If I win it then that’ll be a sign from fate that we will get a BIG talent lol.

    I want to see Welbz and Akpom step up and a player of Ibrah age it wouldn’t close the door for them, they both have great attributes and I am hoping they come good but don’t want to say they are ready for next season.

  7. The way Sanchez and Ozil have performed recently, I would say that they need to prove if they want to play for arsenal or if they are worth keeping at Arsenal. This is not Messi or Ronaldo or Henry who you would scramble to keep if they are unhappy. They are part of the under performing squad and some of the major culprits on the field. Ozil should be able to put up a physical fight in the premier league by now. Sanchez tries to do it on his own, everyone knows he is going to cut to his right, I think that’s why wenger has been playing him on the right recently. These players are supposed to be leaders, talent wise, on the field, players that can change the game for Arsenal but they have been disappointing. We cant blame the rest of the squad or Giroud or Mertesacker, for their poor performances when Arsenal needed them the most. So at this moment for me, there are not worth it. No need to convince them. Nacho Monreal is Arsenals best player this season, in terms of consistency, he is worth convincing if he ever wanted to leave.

    1. i suspect sanchez/ozil are suffering bec they see they’re not going to win championships under wenger. they were the last to start degrading. giroud/walcott started the slide. ramsey/ox were major contributors. and when sanchez/ozil see they cant rely on those other 4 forwards, they know they cant win PL just the two of them. if, in the unlikely case, that wenger does even a midsize overhaul in summer, i can imagine ozil/sanchez reenergized and effective next year. but i dont think wenger will do an overhaul. i bet we’re going to be disappointed again in aug 2016 if we stay with wenger.

  8. I don’t think Mert will go, I’m fairly certain he wont. Flam Arteta and Rosicky stayed on for too long, Ill be glad we have those positions to be filled. Elneny has already replaced one of them. The engine room is extremely important so I really am glad we are looking to recruit here. How could you not be putting up with Diaby, Jack and Rosicky living in treatment room, Arteta legs gone, and Flam a disaster waiting to happen. This area has been screaming out for a fresh approach, bring it on. Ps, I like the sound of the Xhaka fella, ex Basil along with Elneny.

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