Wenger v Mourinho – Let battle commence….

Mourinho has another dig at Wenger!

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knows new Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho all too well ahead of the upcoming season, with the pair being long term bitter rivals in management.

Mourinho is known to have a fair few digs at Wenger during his two different stints with London rivals Chelsea, although it was Mourinho who has been deemed the more recent ‘Specialist in Failure’, following on from a torrid season with Chelsea last year. Mourinho however has stuck around in the Premier League, striking up a deal with Manchester United and has been quick off the mark to criticise Wenger already, in his first press conference as a United man.

Speaking ahead of the pressures that will be on his back at United, Mourinho said: “There are some managers who won the title 10 years ago, some have not won a title ever. The last time I won the title was one year ago, so if I have something to prove, imagine the others.”

Wenger has always been quick to brush off Mourinho’s snide comments and rarely has a response to the Portuguese manager’s views. However, Wenger really does have a point to prove this season, to everyone in football, not just to Jose Mourinho.

Arsene Wenger needs to prove that there is no reason to doubt him and the only way Le Prof will achieve this, is by becoming a winner of major honours with Arsenal once again. Wenger needs to prove Arsenal’s ambition to win, otherwise we could be saying goodbye to Wenger for good next summer. As for Mourinho, he seems a little obsessed with talking about his rivalry with Wenger.



    1. Indeed it’s a sad state of affairs at Arsenal,we all know the truth as fans the old man Wenger stays losing against Mourinho whether it’s in the transfer window or on the football pitch!

      1. If there’s a contest for people who dislike Maureen, I bet I’ll be top 10 in the world.
        The Sad truth still remains that Maureen has been better than Wenger ever since he came to the Premier league…much so that Wenger has never beaten him in the league…not even the poorest Chelsea team in over a decade last season.
        Wenger has only himself to blame if this trend continues this season.

        1. Let’s just get Lacazette and Manolas, and be done with this window while loaning out a few youngsters. I think with these signings it would be a decent window for us and let’s just hope the new signings settle in well.

    2. @Buttflaps………what do u mean Wenger 0?…….. Listen, We got the Japanese Jaguar and the guy smit guy….

      Wenger is winning mehn!!! L()L

  1. I hope wenger is looking at the pogba to united scenario and telling himself that lewandowski is certainly possible.. lewandowski, draxler and a topclass cb would be an almost perfect transfer window for us.. we definitely have the money,clout and infrastructure to pull off mega signings but I doubt we have the will.

    1. Lewandowski and Draxler in one window ? Good luck recovering from your shattered dreams..

    2. I hope u understand that if Wenger signs Lewy and the Drax in one window, The world is gonna come to an end!!!

      Would u want that? Hahaha

  2. A bids gone in for drainer we hear, true or smoke and mirrors? If it’s him we get there is our forward buy a winger come striker again 🙂

  3. The battle’s been on since ages

    This time, Moanino’s with a new force…..and would be armed with zlatan , mhkitaryan , Rashford etc

    Captain wenger on the other hand will be armed with Xhaka , the Jaguar ….

    Would be interesting to see who becomes the victor or the Vanquished

  4. Well just like two seasons ago Mourinho is winning

    I hate Mourinho. I think he is a douchebag BUT he knows what pieces to complete the puzzle
    Chelsea needed a quality CAM and striker to win the PL so he got Fabregas and Costa and won the PL

    So far he has got Mktharyan and Ibrahimovich as United’s attack was poor
    If he gets Pogba, he may sell Schweinsteiger

    We have one Top Winger. We need another
    We don’t have a 20 plus goal scorer
    We also need to strengthen Centre Backs as Mert is getting slower and Gabs needs more time to improve

    Not only does Wenger need to get reinforcements for these positions but they need to be of good quality

    Even if we do, United or City could still win but I would give credit to Wenger for doing what is necessary

    We also need to come to terms with the fact that Last season we had a golden opportunity to win the PL. If Wenger had got two more signings (striker and DM) we would have won the PL in my opinion

    Im not expecting Wenger to get all 3 positions mentioned above as every year he comes short (I mean he never replaced Viera over the past decade) but I hope and pray that Alexis/Ozil puts pressure on him to spend some money

    Wenger can still retire with his head up high and restore hopes of Arsenal fans if he can do something this season

    I don’t expect Lewandowski, Aubeyang and Hummels but I think Lukaku or Lacazette, Mahrez or Draxler and Howedes or Ashley Williams (I know he isnt Top defender but was impressed with his performance for Wales. He is a hard worker and would help for a season or two) would do the job.

    1. We are asking too much of this deluded man!

      Names like Auba, Lewy, drax, mahrez etcetera just pisses him off

  5. On a starting note i really enjoyed 2nd half of last season but after the reappointment of Mourinho it seems he is ready to play the same old dig game again. Its imperative that Wenger is calm rather than attack him directly. Pogba transfer rumour has really motivated the Old Trafford crowd but he will stay for 3 years before getting sacked again.

  6. Love him or hate him, genius or douche – one thing is for sure, Mourinho only knows football management one way and it is very boring and predictable. It is like top trumps for him – a couple of hundred million here and there, buying up flavour of the months. The Man U fans I speak to know they have just properly kissed goodbye to the soul of the club. LvG started the decline but at least he invested some trust in the up and coming players. Martial, Depay, Lingard, Blackett, McNair, Rojo and anyone else under 23/24 just as well get their P45s now. United have now officially joined City and Chelsea as trash clubs.

  7. What do you mean by wenger v mourinho?

    its a contest only if the other side has even a slimmer of hope of winning

    and for the record i absolutely hate mourinho

  8. Mourinho is now some 400Kms (my calculation) away from Wenger so they don`t have to pee in the same pot and anyway “the Special One” will have to keep his eyes firmly glued on Pepe down the road. Nevertheless he`s going to prove a handful.

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