Wenger waiting for Mbappe decision – and Arsenal have looked at Lemar…

Now that Arsenal have finally arrived in Australia to begin their preparations for the new season, the media have had their first chance to quiz Arsene Wenger on the big Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds at the moment. Of course the biggest one is the reputed 100m GBP rated Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe, and Wenger admits that the player himself has the luxury of choosing between an array of Europe’s biggest clubs and everyone is just waiting for his decision.

Wenger said: “He’s a player who, when he gets up in the morning, can chose where he wants to go,” said Wenger.

“There are not many players with that kind of luck because he’s 18 years of age and all of Europe has a red carpet open for him.

“Nobody can say he is not interested in a player of that calibre, all the clubs are interested in him.”

The other big rumour is Mbappe’s team-mate Thomas Lemar, who is probably even more of interest to Arsenal fans since we managed to secure Alexandre Lacazette, but although Wenger admitted Arsenal’s interest, he said that an agreement was far from certain at the moment. Wenger said: “That’s all speculation at the moment, there is nothing really concrete about any signing.

“He’s a player that we have looked at, but the rest is only speculation.”

I am fairly sure that Wenger would want Lemar above all others at the moment, and he admitted that there could be more arrivals, but right now he needs to concentrate on getting his current players in tip top condition so as not to make the mistakes of last season. “I am open to get some more signings, but it is not easy to find the players who can strengthen our squad, because we have top-quality players.

“There are two ways to improve always: analyse what we did well last season and what we did not so well and improve that, and then you can bring new players in. But at the moment, because we are in pre-season, it is very important for us to analyse well what happened last season and where we can improve. We have top quality in our squad, and at the moment I focus on that.”

We have to admit that we certainly do have top quality players right now, and I honestly think that with Alexis staying we will definitely be contenders for the title. But I have one question; How come nobody mentioned Riyad Mahrez, who is sitting at home waiting for a call from Arsene?



  1. I think if mbappe signs Sanchez goes and I’m ok with that. I want players who will want to play for us

    Ox is def going

    1. I agree on Ox, there just isn’t a guaranteed place for him currently in the starting 11. OX is a fantastic utility player that covers multiple positions on the pitch but the next Gerrard he will never be @ Arsenal.

      Would love to see AS extend his contract but adding Lemar and Mahrez would cover the Chileans departure.

      1. Without another midfield signing Oxlade has a good chance of earning game-time. Ramsey wont nail that down over a full season, Oxlade has a good chance to play there himself. Of course I’d rather another quality signing in there, but if we don’t get it well then we’ll need Oxlade more than ever.

        1. Lets see who Wenger plays on these pre season friendlies.. will give us a good indication of who he is wanting to keep and who to push on !

          I think Ox at Right wing back could excel and with the extra defensive responsibilities that entails maybe he can finally mature and find his position!
          Will also be interesting to see who plays on the 3 upfront..
          I would imagine with Sanchez not there it would be Iwobi and Ozil behind Lacazette..

  2. I don’t see Arsenal signing both Lemar and Mbappe in one window.All we can do is to hope that both end up here one day.I like how Wenger is performing in the transfer market but if it must be done it must be done well.I hope the need for for a CM will not be ignored.This is what should be our highest priority at the moment.Last season we had no real backups and we played with defensive minded players in the centre who tried their best in attack.For Arsenal the central midfield part is very crucial and we cannot ignore it like last season.However,if Wenger doesn’t sign I hope he promotes a quality CM from the academy because we cannot afford to do the same thing and expect different results.I hope Wenger gets a quality backup so that we can be secured in that area.If not it will come back to bite us as usual.

    1. I think that is what Lemar is for. I know he is known for playing as Wide player, but if I remember well that is exactly where Cazorla played in Malaga..

      Certain views of Lemar especially when compared to Mahrez is that he is not lightning fast, rather his creativity and awareness makes him a candidate for the center of the pitch. Plus he has the physic cazorla never had.

      The good news on that is we can still add a quality winger – Mahrez, especially if its true OX is leaving.

  3. I think arsenal needs two more signing, either lemar or Mahraz and Mbappe, if Alexis will be moving out. I can say that Wenger has learned his lesson and his up for the job to make us proud.

  4. I think ox will leave and if lemar and mpabbe come in Alexis Sanchez will leave, though ozil will stay.

    1. If we go with 343, and Arsene doesn’t sign a CM player, then Ox could be fighting with Ramsey for the spot. He’ll also fill in for Bellerin.

  5. If Alexis is sold, I still hope it isn’t to City or any top Premier team.

    Alexis, Ox, Bellerin and Giroud’s futures are still up in the air. It’s very annoying. Hope settled soon

  6. Wenger indirectly admitted he wants mbappe bt d question is he willing to do d impossible to get him? I would b overwhelmed if by chnce we miraculously sign him though am nt getting my hopes up

    1. I know how you feel. Well amazing things do happen in football. Leicester winning the Premier League, Greece winning the European championships

      Also, Wenger is on good terms with Mbappe’s family, so who knows lol

      It’s highly unlikely but not impossible

  7. Its crazy that we weren’t in for Rodriguez, I mean he went for 0€ sure he must be on crazy wages but still. We have to go for him. If we do sign an Mbappe or Lemar, we have to get rid of Welbeck and probably send Iwobi out on loan

  8. Mahrez is probably a plan C or B at the most. There’s apparently a meeting going on at Monaco today, regarding Mbappe’s decision. Fingers crossed, we could be in for a nice surprise.

  9. I don’t see or think Monaco will sell both Mbappe and Lemar to Arsenal in same Window, however there is a possibility of one,I think Wenger knows is likely Sanchez leaves if other bigger clubs apart from EPL comes, so he want to replace him with Mbappe. This is my opinion though i might be wrong. If PSG comes for Sanchez today or even Monaco, he might leave if they can pay him up to £400k weekly, so Wenger want to get both Lemar and Mbappe to Replace him. But if Sanchez stays he can only get Mbappe or Lemar.
    ON MBAPPE…Wenger is still closing tabs on him but Madrid has a more and brighter chance than Arsenal. He should decide before the Month runs out
    On LEMAR……..Wenger want to get him regardless Sanchez stays or leaves or Mbappe comes or not.

    My Take= We need a quality CDM……My favourite is Fabihno, beacuse he can play as CM,DM & RB

    1. I want him too but I think Fabhino is either going to Atletico Madrid or United.

      Wish we could get Keita

  10. Very Nice from Mr Wenger on his Mbappe Pursuit but Right now, I think Arsenal need Riyad MAHREZ more dan any player!! He will bring Dribbles, Skills, Goals With his Unique Style of play!! AND HE SCORES PENALTIES WHICH OZIL, SANCHEZ, Etc ARE NOT GOOD@

  11. Wenger has confirmed in press conference that we will go with 3-4-3 formation for this coming season.

  12. I was very confident with us signing Lemar, then when Wenger went to Australia I got less confident but still thought it had a good chance of happening. Now listening to Wenger, the old we have a very strong squad. I feel he will not give Monaco close to what they are asking, I don’t believe the 80m price, that’s just them playing hardball. Close to Lacazette price would see it done so long as Leymar asks for the move. 40m rising to another 6 or 8m if he hits targets is more than fair.

    Mbappe is a pipe dream, Wenger highlighting how everyone is interested is telling us as much. But if, a huge if, we could get 70 to 80m for Alexis well then we could afford it and I would have to be happy enough with that. Though I’d expect Alexis to add more value to whomever he joins in that first season than Mbappe would for us. Alexis doesn’t take much adjusting whereas Mbappe is still a teenager.

  13. I think wenger has finalized his negotiation wit mbape is left for him to make his decision

  14. Wenger wanting Mbappe is a bargain strategy. Actually his target is Lemar. Just to say if you don’t sell this, let me have that.

  15. The Ox must stay. He is the best right wing back in the latest formation with Monreal on the other side.

  16. When I read that interview and thought about how Wenger was having little input in transfer dealings other than giving target names…

    It makes sense.
    Wenger should be focusing on the team and aiming to get the best out of them while AFC put other people on bidding for the targets.

    I have been moaning about Gazidis so here is me praising him openly, he has started this transfer window better than I ever dreamt he could and I have hope he could continue the good work where a few months ago I was feeling pretty hopeless about transfers unless we got someone in to replace Gazidis.

    AFC have been told to spend from reports and Wenger was given the trust by the owner so Gazidis has stepped up, I thought he would quit and leave and that was my hope… He has stepped up though. Not worried so much about costs. Get Wengers targets and if they flop it is on Wengers head, that is what I have wanted.

    Please Gazidis, keep up the good work!

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