Wenger wants Arsenal to concentrate on the League now – But not another nightmare at Bournemouth!

Arsenal have had a very intense start to the New Year which started with a dodgy draw against Chelsea, and then culminated in an ignomious defeat in the FA Cup and a very satisfying away draw at Chelsea in the Caraboa Cup semifinal in midweek.

But now Wenger wants to get back into the rhythm of the Premier League, and he is sure to play his best team in the away game at Bournemouth. He is really hoping that this year’s match is not as crazy as last years mad 3-3 draw. “There’s a massive importance for these kinds of games, of course.” Wenger said. “We have been distracted a little bit by the cups, but now we have to come back to the Premier League. It’s a very, very big game.

“Last year was a spectacular game, when it finished 3-3. They are a team who have a bit more difficulty this season but down there they can make it difficult for anybody.”

So what did he think of last years match? He said: “Well the nightmare, after the relief and then the frustration, because we could have won the game in the end. Basically what can happen in the story of a game is that you can go through all kind of states of mind. We showed character again in this kind of game.

“We had a slow start and they were absolutely storming out. They were full of confidence at the time and they were difficult for everybody. I think they beat Liverpool last year as well. Overall they had a good home record.”

Bournemouth may not be doing so well this year, but they have still only lost one home game (to Liverpool) out of their five since the beginning of December so they are still hard to beat at the Vitality Stadium. But surely they can’t be 3-0 up again in this years game, can they? God help us!



  1. gotanidea says:

    The Bournemouth game would be more difficult, because Wilshere is unfit and Sanchez is not focused, due to the contract issue. I hope Iwobi can take their roles and hopefully Wenger would adjust the tactic according to the availability of the key players.

    I predict Wenger would use 3-4-2-1 again, because it is an away game and he does not like to take high risk by using another formation. Dilly-dallying player contract extensions and transfers would hit Arsenal’s performance and mentality badly, we could see it at Bournemouth’s turf.

  2. Muff diver says:

    Great day at work I come home and our mortal enemy Maureeny-hoe is talking about getting Alexis Sanchez

    Is this the twilight zone
    What in the actual fluck is going on ?!!!

    1. John0711 says:

      Simple muff sell off as much as possible then target mid table and the AKB will still be saying wenger is the right man for the job

      1. muffdiver says:

        i refuse to believe this john.
        mourinho has humiliated him .

        wenger and arsenal cannot be that stupid

        1. Ivan says:

          On Sky News

  3. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Did Wenger not Learn anything when he sold RVP to Man Utd now he is prepared to do business again with Man Utd regarding Alexis Sanchez. He reminds me of Homer Simpson putting his hand into a Bees nest time and time again and getting stung. DOH / DOH DOH/ DOH.

    1. McLov says:

      Hahah I can,imagine Wenger in his office smiling all fall long in 2012 for selling RVP.

      But when it came clear United will win the league, Wenger went “Doh!”

  4. Colin says:

    How easy it is to forget our exit from the FA cup ,because we got a draw against Chelsea and like Arsene Wegner, many of us fans are all to quick to brush under the carpet the problems which could all reappear with a defeat away to Bournemouth ,so many of us hang on in hope that we can reach the final of some second rate cup competition like that is supposed to ease the pain of years of underachieving ,so I for one don’t care what Arsene Wegner wants unless it’s him leaving for good, because him staying is bad to say the least.

  5. Sam-afc says:

    Times like these are why I am not paying to travel up and down the country to watch Arsenal

    2014 we were told we would be competing ??

    Currently 6th

    Out of the FA cup already

    In Europa ???

    Still have a slim chance of the cowabunga cup

    We’ve sold Gabriel, Chamberlain, Coquelin. Walcott looks to be going out the door. About to sell Alexis to a direct rival

    Player contract negotiations are an absolute disgrace
    Sounds like most of our players want out of the club

    But hey, we can’t complain look at all the money we’ve made this season


    1. Mobella says:

      These are players we deemed not good enough and some of us are crying they are sold or to be sold. This is having your cake and eating it again. As for Sanchez who cares where he goes. He has less than six months to go to anywhere he wants. I want a player that want to play for us and not a coward who bails at the slightest opportunity. At least though i hate to say it ,no one will blame Wenger for giving man city the EPL.

  6. Ivan says:

    Bournemouth are another one of these games where it should be easy as they are near the bottom of the table and are not renouned for the physical approach which is our usual downfall. However if Sanchez and Ozil are not playing when you look at the rest of our squad we are looking very short on quality. An organised manager would make the most of what is at our disposal but we no longer have that so god knows what will happen. Even against this poor opposition we are as likely to lose 3-0 as win 3-0.

  7. Twig says:

    ________Martial Lacazette Malcolm
    Kolasinac Wilshere Ramsey Xhaka Bellerin
    _______Monreal Koscielny Mustafi

    1. Alex says:

      Why will Martial join Arsenal? Or rather why will they let Martial join us?

      1. Mobella says:

        That is who we are asking for. I will be so glad to have him in our team. There will be no showboating, no i will do it all. We will have players that play for one another. People that say Sanchez deserves better than arsenal should look at players like Kane ,Eriksson and co these guys have not won anything for years now and they stay loyal to their club. Go around the Europe you will found players like those. Hasmik, emerik, are examples. I’m so piss that he does not even consider us in his destination. Arsenal is not a failure to him cos he won trophies as our play. Arsenal should make this my last statement about him.

    2. SuperClaes says:

      What a line up!

      Now we need 12 players to stand a chance?

      Life as an Arsenal supporter!

  8. Chuauhnuna says:

    It was disgusting indeed. Saw the deteriorating Arsenal again..

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