Wenger wants referees to give post-match press conferences

It was not exactly expected that Arsene Wenger would take his revolutionary mind to FIFA when he left Arsenal.

He had revolutionised Arsenal’s style of play when he became their manager in the 90s.

He spent two decades managing the Gunners and helped them remain a top club in England.

In his new job as FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, the Frenchman is now proposing even more revolutionary ideas.

He wants a World Cup every two years and now the Frenchman is proposing for referees to give post-match press conferences.

Referees are involved in a lot of controversial moments in matches and Wenger believes it would make sense if they are given the chance to explain some of their decisions after the matches.

He doesn’t know if the match officials would accept the idea and insist it would help to stop controversies before they become a public discussion.

Wenger was speaking at French football’s refereeing convention “Les Journées de l’arbitrage” and said, as quoted by Transfermarketweb:

 “it would be a good way to avoid controversy and shut them down before they become a public debate”.

“We would have to get the support of referees, and I don’t know what kind of state of mind they’re in after games to be able to give an opinion.”

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    1. now that’s how you say something of some pertinence without wasting everyone’s time with the usual word salad FF

  1. Yes, this is a great idea. Pay them and rotate them more and grill them for poor performance.

    Maybe this will make the VAR decisions better too because the media will outright question them straight away. No pushing it under the carpet. Crystal Palace’s second goal was a clear foul and didn’t get called like usual. I’m sorry but how the f*** is kicking someone’s foot forcing them to lose control of the ball normal play. It’s utterly ridiculous how they miss stuff like this.

  2. Well said Gundown, some of his comments make me doubt he’s even an Arsenal fan.
    He certainly doesn’t know enough about our history to start questioning AW’s behaviour / thoughts!!

    1. I think FF is a spud and should be avoided at all costs, anyone who debates with him is just fuelling his p**s taking.

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