Wenger wants to see MORE goals from Ozil and Walcott

Arsenal struggled to hold on to our 3-2 lead over Swansea yesterday after being reduced to ten men with Xhaka’s sending off, but Arsene Wenger thinks that we should not have been put in that position if Theo Walcott had have put away a couple of other easy chances to put the Gunners out of reach.

“He could have had a hat-trick,” Le Prof said. “Or even four, because he had another chance from Oxlade-Chamberlain. But he scored two goals. I think he’s got seven now, that’s quite encouraging.”

The crucial third goal came from an excellent volley by Mesut Ozil, his third of the season, but again Wenger wants the German to score even more goals in matches, considering how many he gets in training. “I do not want to compare, but it was a great goal.” Le Prof continued. “When you see Ozil finishing today, you think a little bit that he doesn’t take his chances to shoot enough.

“When you see him in training, he scores basically when he wants. You speak with the keepers and he’s one of the most difficult players to predict where he’ll put the ball. In the game, I’m happy that he gets goals and I hope that gives him the taste to try more.”

I understand Wenger’s desire for the players to get more and more, but with Theo having 7 goals in 8 games, he is not doing too bad! How many of those would Giroud have put away?



  1. If Giroud had have missed them he would have been slaughtered on here.
    But I can see Wenger wanting to get more out of them, but surely a bit more praise after a hard-fought win would have been a good idea?

    1. Giroud’s the main striker, his primary job is burying those in, Walcott is just a winger who’s main job is feeding Giroud, so yes.. OG would have been slaughtered here

    1. Sanchez is our striker on paper, but actually he is a creative forward/ attacking midfielder in the field. Walcott and Ozil are encouraged to score more goals than assists now.

  2. Wenger obviously wants the whole team to score goals, that is what wins titles. Everyone in the front line should be interchangeable.

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