Wenger warns Arsenal players to BEWARE of Brighton

Even if Arsene Wenger does what most of us expect and make a few changes to the Arsenal starting line-up for the away game at Brighton in the FA cup, the Gunners will still be strong favourites to win the game and progress to the next round of the FA cup.

But the Arsenal boss is aware that these cup games against lower league opposition do not always go according to plan. We have had our very own experience of that at first hand in recent years, most notably on that terrible League cup night in Bradford.

So the Prof is determined to make sure that his players do not take this game for granted, reminding them that Brighton nearly managed to give us a scare a couple of years ago. The manager also knows that it can be very hard to put on a fgood performance if you do not start well, the old adage of not being able to turn it on like a tap.

So the Frenchman is urging the Gunners to be ready for a tough game and to start strongly from the first whistle. And with Brighton having scored three goals in midweek to beat a very strong Ipswich Town side, Wenger has identified their attack as a particular facet of their side for us to worry about, as an Arsenal.com report explains.

Wenger said, ““We have to keep their strikers quiet. In the cup, you have to be ready from the start on and people like that can always surprise you if you’re not ready.

“It’s always difficult in the Championship away from home. I remember it was a very difficult game two years ago against a team who were on the way up with Gus Poyet. We needed to dig deep to get out with a positive result.

“Chris Hughton will give them his experience and his competence, of course. He knows how to prepare a team for a challenge like this. For us the challenge is to turn up with the same spirit and show that we can be consistent with our attitude game by game.

“In the FA Cup, god knows that is needed. We know that it will be another big challenge for us to go there and come home with a positive result.”

After putting the early season troubles behind us recently and finally winning against one of the really big Premier League rivals last weekend, Arsenal won’t go and mess this up will they?


  1. I remember that game. Diaby played. Took a deflected shot from Theo for us to win

    IDK why clubs are surprised by the intensity of Championship clubs?
    Focus Gunners ! focus !

  2. Giroud, Walcott, Ozil, Campbell to start. Please rest Sanchez and Cazorla.

    I still feel we need a Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Roy Keane kind of player at the club to maintain motivation all season long. Look at Barcelona without Puyol. Madrid might face the same when Sergio Ramos and Pepe leaves the club.

    1. Closest we got if Flamini

      does all the dirty work, tackles, shouting, get yellow and red cards….

      but hes not good enough

      unlike Adams, Viera, Kean…they are big strong and fast….

      Flamini is small and slow…

  3. We lost League Cup final to Birmingham who were relegated so it’s not impossible to lose to Brighton especially on their turf. We don’t want a David vs Goliath outcome.

    We need to score early and dictate play from the onset.

    I’m still sure we will win though.

    Cant wait to see Ozil and Walcott finally start together. Want to see an Ozil assist to Walcott and Walcott super goal.


      1. Yes that match was fixed.
        I played and scored all of
        Birmingham’s 3 goals.
        We should have won by 6 goals
        but the ref was paid to keep the score down.

    1. @fred cowardly
      “Walcott super goal.”……the guy still hasn’t gained full fitness and form yet – jest don’t get your hopes up.

  4. We must take every game serious and not let our guard down! Brighton is a team we should beat, but still that’s not a reason to underestimate our opposition! Coyg!

  5. work permit prevent Wenger from signing Di Maria??

    another BS excuses from Wenger again..

    Wenger out!

  6. I have been having intense hallucinations this week 🙁 🙁 First it was that Arsenal had beaten Man city away and kept a clean sheet and Wenger was tactful and even made a 60th min sub. I know it al sounds hilarious and crazy but that’s y I say I am hallucinating 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Now I had another stranger one 🙁 that Wenger is talking openly about transfers 🙁 🙁
    Anyone know of a good mental hospital? I need urgent medical attention lest I loose it all 🙁

    We will win over Brighton, and I hope Ozil plays, how my soul panteth to see the universe best no.10 play #sigh 0-zil to the Arsenal!!

  7. I don’t get why everyone thinks players needs a rest. Sure they are old enough and brave enough to speak to wenger and ask for a rest if they feel that way.

    We are not a good enough team to be resting players for no good reason.

    We rest players, lose and then it will be wenger out again

    1. @lewiswhittaker
      SAF, always rested players and rotated squads…this is the PL not la liga, if don’t play players/rest at ryt tyms, u will suffer the consequences…esp since we have the best injury record…
      But for now its cool – cos we at 1 game a week – rest not extremely vital.

  8. The one way to beat Arsenal is to upset their rhythm and many of the lower down the order teams are very capable of doing this. I feel Brighton is a little too polished to do this and will try to play Arsenal`s game which will be disastrous. Arsenal 3-0.

  9. If Sanchez broke his leg tomorrow it
    would make no difference to Arsenals
    season. 4 seasons again RVP scored 37
    goals.The next season Giroud Cazorla Podolski
    all scored goals, Two seasons ago Walcott scored 20 goals.
    Last year Walcott was out but Ramsey scored well
    early + Giroud scored well . This season so far it is Sanchez.
    But if he got injured others would step up. So just rest him.
    Have faith in the others like Giroud Chamberlain Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Cazorla Rosicky Akpom even donkey Wellbeck.

    1. Hes trolling.
      Hes actually an AKB but probably got tired of arguing with the opposing side so now he just posts over exaggerated AOB opinions in an attempt to make them look stupid.
      Pretty sad tbh

  10. The Wenger Out morons do not any need help in making themselves look stupid.
    Just waking up does that to them.

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