Wenger wary of potential slip-up for Arsenal against Leicester

Leicester City were extremely strong in last season’s Championship and have performed admirably in their first two Premiership games against Everton and Chelsea, so they are still full of confidence and believe they can take all three points against Arsenal this afternoon.

Leicester’s French midfielder Anthony Knockaert gave a rallying call to his team-mates when he said: “We have played some tough teams in the first two games,”

“It’s very different to the Championship, because there is much more quality.

“The game is quicker and we have to work hard. That’s the key to staying up this season. That’s our objective, and if we work as hard as we did last season, there’s no reason why we can’t.

“Against Arsenal it’s going to be a great game for us and an opportunity to get our first win. We have to do that for the fans. It’s going to be a good game, but every game will be tough, so we have to do our best.”

Arsene Wenger agrees that the Gunners should not expect an easy game either, and he said on Arsenal.com: “They dominated the [Championship] last year and they’ve just come out of a very strong performance against Chelsea,”

“It is a tough proposal for us because they also drew 2-2 against Everton at home and we need a great performance again. Hopefully we have recovered from our game against Besiktas and can focus on the Premier League, because that’s one of the important targets of the season.”

It is a fact that Arsenal have not yet convinced anyone they are title contenders after some ugly wins, but a fluent win today may change things. Let’s do a Chelsea and start attacking from the first second!

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    1. Not sure the news would excite you though…

      Arsenal were in a neck to neck race for Rabiot from PSG but have apparently lost out to Roma

      Arsenal placed a late, late bid for Chelsea-bound Loic Remy yesterday after claiming they don’t need any striker. Sky has it that they withdrew their interest in Remy today.

  1. It’s very like Arsenal isn’t it? To bid for a player on Saturday, and to withdraw interest on Sunday.

  2. Can someone please tell me when the window closes? Today evening (sunday) or tomorrow (monday) evening?


      1. awsome, thanx!! I was hoping it will be monday:) I have a long day tomorow so cant really be up till midnight tonite but tomorow i will get few beers and wait till its over:)

  3. we’ll win 1-0 and than after the game wenger will be smug and say there might be something in the pipeline..:)remember özil and totenham game:)?

  4. Let’s do a Chelsea and start attacking from the first second.

    My my. Days have really changed, eh!
    Arsenal has to do a Chelsea. I may just jump from the cliff.

  5. Oh no a game today and hours left of window and all us Gooners have such high hopes of signings, hope Wenger surprises us……
    In meantime let’s do business at Leicester.
    COYG for life!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m glad we withdrew the pursuit of Remy, I’ve never been a fun coz he’s not better than what we currently have and tbh If we’re not getting cavani, falcao or reus, I’d rather walcott or sanchez leading the line.
    I think our squad is great depth wise but with the constant injuries, I think we still need a defensive midfielder. However, if all our midfielders by some miracle were to be fit for the whole season, I don’t see need for this defensive midfielder because of the new formation. Wilshere is coming good and I have faith in him, if it helps, Ozil too was full of praise for the young English man in his recent interview.
    I hope today we see goals. We need to win comprehensively today for our confidence and to instil fear in other teams like chelsea is doing.

  7. Can anyone remember when was the last time AFC had a complete team?We always seem to have gaping holes that we fill in with weak players or players playing out of position.

  8. The most annoying thing is that we are not a team in construction anymore. We are 3-4 players shy of being a very very good squad.

  9. Sorry to say but i cant think we can finish above fourth. The way , the speed with which liverpool,chelsea,man city , everton and even spurs play , we are no match to them . It takes us ages to close opponents down whereas these teams try to rip opponent off. Our passing has also wayed off , too many misplaced passes whereas look the other teams,the accuracy with which they pass the ball.

    1. I get your point, but Spurs look awful today and Everton / City are erratic.

      Chelsea look good and the jury is out on Liverpool. Yes they look good today against Spurs, but not unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination.

      It’s not all about speed. Yes it helps, but a well organised midfield / defence can counter the best attacks from teams like Liverpool / Spurs / Everton / City. For me, that is the key this season, to firm up our defensive play throughout the team. The goals will then follow..

    2. I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. Most notably is our passing. Arsenal were known for their crisp and accurate passing, lightening quick assault on teams. Not so anymore. It’s all pedestrian most of the time now.

  10. Wenger is the only manager that is not proactive when in need. Chelsea sold torres and got a replacement same goes for other clubs. We need a DM why not even just buy Nigel de Jong( who has always been magnificent even at the world cup for a cut price. You need a striker why not tempt lukauku or even balotelli. You sold vermaelen why not get sokratis sealed a long time ago to give dortmund time to replace him. You have a need just access players you think might solve the problem and sign them. Enough of this we have 7 strikers in the tean when we are seeing none!

  11. If we sign a Carvalho or Khedira, I hope that is a statement of our philosophy for the season, to be more defensive and clever on the counter. Different for different games of course, but our counter attacking against Besiktas in the second leg was really good to watch.

  12. Szezny
    Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal
    Flamini Ramsey
    Alexis Sanchez Ozil Carzola

    That’s a very strong lineup, Jack rightly on the bench, to come at hr mark together with Ox and Cambell. Sorry for Podolski, hope he gets cup games as will the Mozart!

  13. well at the moment it is Leicester looks the better side. Arsenal are so weak it is sad. I sit watching sick of average squads transfers that make no sense and a list of injured players or players signed that are not even good enough to get to the bench. on game day. The other top 4 teams have sold players better then what we have because they are not working out to bring in the right players to build top class teams Arsenal has ONE world class player Ozil who is outstanding. Sanchez is good but does not put fear in defenders in fact we have no one that does. And defense What defense we have been weak in that area sold 2 defenders we never replaced then sold 2 more this season and brought in 2 but we are not moving forward it is 2 step as back 2 forward how can you improve unless you address the weakness in the squad A to sign a DM should have been Job one when the transfer window opened and should have been signed months ago. 2 CB with strength AND quick enough not to be easily beat. Then in mid clear the dead wood the players that never play or can;t stay fit need to go. we need to sacrifice at least 2 of the skilled diminutive players in mid for 2 strong Quality players> now I am not a huge fan of Wilshere I feel he is over rated but I admit he has relent but not the type of player Arsenal really need to have a balanced squad. I feel sick thinking about what is join to happen against the top teams again. is Leicester is having their way against us.

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