Wenger was RIGHT not to buy a striker in the summer

Our French striker Olivier Giroud scored his first ever hat-trick for Arsenal as we beat Olympiakos to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League, and he has now scored 13 goals from just 15 starts in this campaign.

At the end of the transfer window Arsene Wenger had ignored all calls to buy a new striker to compete with Olivier because he believed that Theo Walcott could step up to the centre-forward role and the ruse was working fine until Theo got injured. Now he is back and Matthieu Flamini believes that having the Englishman waiting in the wings has given Giroud the impetus to up his game.

I think competition is very important in the big teams,” Flamini told the Guardian.”Competition makes players stronger and that is what happened [to Giroud]. It is tough competition up front and Olivier is responding very well because he is playing better and better.

“That is part of the game and if you want to play at a big club, you have that competition. All great strikers have to respond in the big games and he responded well.

“It was a great performance [against Olympiacos] from him and he helped the team very much and is a top scorer. He deserves the credit and I think he gets it.

“I have not seen it anywhere or from anyone that he is not a top goal-scorer and he is proving it on the pitch so he is doing very well. I am glad and happy for him.”

Not as happy as Arsenal fans! We were all sure that Wenger had made a mistake in the summer by not bringing in a world-class striker, but Le Prof stuck to his guns and believed in our two Number Nines. I think that this time around we can definitely say that Arsene Knows Best!

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  1. And thats the problem with Arsenal fans! a guy performs amazing, he’s the best in the world, then he plays bad, he’s the worst player and needs to be sold! Guys please don’t get fooled by Girouds performance, he’s still not reliable. I think he will keep performing well until the end of January transfer window and without buying anyone, old Giroud would be back! So what he scored a hat-trick? Welbeck did it against galatasaray! You guys need to wake up, seriously!

    1. @Rashid80 Giroud scored a hat-trick to put Arsenal clear into the knock out stage. He might not be ‘Reliable” (I hope you are comparing Giroud to the likes of Lewandowski, Benzema, Suarez who are definetly unavailable) , but he is the best player for Arsenal right now.

      Do I need to mention Diego Costa disciplinary record? RVP downfall in turkish league? Rooney’s drought? Benteke who? Aguero in the sideline?

      1. I thumped you up although I do not agree with you on Benzema. He is no better than Giroud, you should have put Abumayeng Pierie in that last not Benzema.

    2. Actually, Giroud has been playing well for the past few games, its not just about the hat-trick. So no we don’t need any striker reinforcements. Also, with Welbeck coming soon, I think we’ll have enough firepower and variation in our attack as the 3 players (welbeck, walcott & giroud) are completely different players and can allow Wenger to use different attacking approaches.

      In addition, as much as its good to have players competing for positions, too much competition means other players won’t get any game time at all, so getting a 4th striker will most definately hinder the development of players like welbeck and walcott to their full potential. This can also be the case with the 4th striker himself.

    3. Old Giroud has averaged double digits goals all this time he has been with Arsenal nd for how much did we buy him???

  2. “Wenger was RIGHT not to buy a striker in the summer” is it because Giroud scored hat-trick!
    For our starting line-up (not the bench) what we lack the most is quality striker and another quality winger …

  3. Hmmmmmmn so it looks..but let Giroud miss a few chances against city and others and you’ll see people go from Arsene knows best to Wenger Out…

    no doubt its working right now,Giroud and Walcott are delivering, and not only both of them, the way this team is going makes us all believe we have squad depth. No arguing this, we’ve all seen it over and over again. Now imagine how we’ll look with Welbeck,Wilshere,Rosicky(sure he’ll leave in the summer) Sanchez,Cazorla, Coq..Wenger will have selection problem but i hope now he starts rotating. Campbell doesn’t deserve the bench anymore, apart from his play upfront the boy is like Sanchez to Bellerin, he marks and cover for Bellerin. If we start rotating and keep winning then the league is ours

  4. You can leave that argument till the end of season but for me i still cannot understand why we couln’t buy another DM when we had only coquelin as the only reliable one in that position and for the CF the same thing. That was just olympiacos anyway.

    1. Chelsea and city think about the right now, fans too think only of now, but Wenger thinks about seasons ahead and which youngsters he would like to have a clearer path for. We have some very talented players in the under 21 squad, I will be amazed if some of these lads are not coming into Arsenes thoughts over the next season and or two. Arteta and Flamini are almost at the end of their careers just when we have some eager youths willing to make theirs, Wenger may buy ..but he will definitely explore all options.

    2. You forgot to mention that in Francis’ absence other players filled in that role and did well, so that should make you understand why a DM was not bought there is cover. The fact that you do not rate Flanmini does not in any way water down his contribution to the team to date, and long may that continue. You are better off advised to disabuse yourself of the fantasy that you will have a back up DM who is in the prime of his career, who will know that his only chance of playing is when Francis is injured.

  5. Arsenal have to win the PL this season, theres no better season to win it. but regardless of the outcome in May, I will always have Wengers and Arsenal backing.

  6. Can’t go wrong with a Kokorin for only 4.3mil,
    His contract runs out in the summer and his club are looking to cash in now (January) rather than losing him for nothing.
    (4.3mil will definitely have wenger smiling)

    Also, Isco will be available in January (36mil)
    (Too expensive for Wenger’s likings)

    Southampton are lining up a replacement for Wanyama,
    I wonder where he is going? ?

  7. I laugh when I hear people say 13 goals in 15 starts as if all the goals where scored in those 15 games. If you can add up the goals, why not you add up the matches also? Giroud is lovely ATM but let’s not make the picture look more beautiful than it is. Giroud has 13 goals in 22 apps and this is really good but we surely still need a striker period.

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