Wenger was RIGHT to blame Ref for Arsenal draw!!

Arsenal were robbed again by Sam P

I am not saying that Arsenal were not disappointing against Hull City yesterday. We need to improve all over the pitch but I still think that Arsene Wenger was right when he pointed to the referee’s role in Hull’s first goal as a key point, probably the turning point in the game.

Up until then, the Gunners were totally dominant and although we only had one goal to show for our many chances, Hull had never looked like scoring. Mathieu Flamini was doing his job of covering the back four and was blatantly hauled back with both hands by Diame who then scored.

This changed the whole complexion of the game. We know how important the first goal if football is, especially if a creative, possession oriented team like Arsenal are playing a well organised, hard working and defensive team like Hull. If we had more than four minutes to enjoy our lead, Hull would have had to come out of their shells more and we could have used our pace and the ability of players like Welbeck and Alexis to exploit the extra space.

As it was, the ref failed to do his job and plonked us right in the mire, with Hull jubilant they had got away with it and the Gunners fuming. Yes Arsenal need to improve, but it would be nice if we had a level playing field once in a while. Look at the Chelsea game, where they got the opening goal from a penalty but we didn’t get our spot kick from the Fabregas handball. Then we chased the game and Costa hit us on the break. Arsenal would have been happy with a draw and the penalty should have given us that.

Small details can make a big difference in football and they are just not going for us at the minute. Don’t you agree?

VIDEO – Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview…looking depressed…

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  1. Wenger is never wrong … we would have won against Hull but the ref … we would have won the epl title but the luck … we would have won the cl but the injuries … I told you, Wenegr is never wrong

    1. I have come to realize one thing…….most Arsenal fans are not Honest to themselves…failure is failure Period. Wenger has failed to modern day football its as simple as ABC so all the fans that is ok with failure pls check yourselves if u really know how sweet it is to be “a winner” and “a success”..

      1. Thumb me down but the truth is bitter n remains the truth….Failure is Failure….10years with just an FA cup and community shield is a big Failure to Arsenal Fc…pls let’s b real n face the fact

        1. Thumb me down but we Arsenal fans will keep being a laughing stock among chelsea, man city fans if there is no change at Arsenal n the change is to start with Wanger leaving

    2. With or without d ref bad decisions Arsenal has been bad lately thanks to Wenger n his poor tactics

    3. FRANKLY I AM FED UP WITH WENGERS EXCUSES AND PEOPLE MASKING EXCUSES FOR HIM. If you are a good team YOU WILL NOT RELY ON REFEREES DECISIONS FOR RESULTS. Therein lies the problem, he can never see anything wrong in what he does. I have said it that perhaps dropping out of top 4 will be a blessing in disguise. IT IS NO LONGER A CASE OF SIGNING PLAYERS BUT SHOCKINGLY WENGER OF RECENT DOES NOT SEEM TO TACTICALLY APPROACH GAMES OR MAKE THE BEST USE OF THE PLAYERS HE HAS. Seriously a better coach will get the best out of the current squad. They are not world class but also not that bad. ITS JUST THAT WE HAVE A POOR MANAGER. Looking at the league table is just downright annoying. I THINK THIS SHOULD BE WENGERS LAST SEASON. Anyone who thinks otherwise should assess whetherhe/she REALLY loves Arsenal, Period!

      1. The reality is that goal cost us 2 points. No matter how insipid the display, and it was horrible to watch, if that blatant foul gets given we win 2-1.

    4. Am surprised some of you guys are just realizing that!
      Even during the times of Denis B, Thiery H and Viera those referees were always against us otherwise how would one explain us with all that quality loosing to manure certain games???
      The fa is part of that plan…the referees they keep giving those big games…why did we have to play manure on our 50th unbeaten game(not to mention the controvercial penalty awarded), why did we have to play wenger’s 1000th game against a moreens chelsea we’ve never beaten?
      During our most recent chelsea game, it looked like oscar was licensed to foul. A yellow card for 7fouls(would have been like 3red cards on the same player because a good number of them were nasty), that double tackle from ivanovic on Sanchez was a clear red card even to the blind, but not even a yellow card was awarded, chambers beats Shurle to the ball and it’s a straight yellow card not to mention that clear hand ball from fabregas….what ever we did to the english(fa, referees, press and pundits) they’d better tell us and we return it.

  2. Of course Mr. Wenger if was the referee that left abel hernandez unmarked for the second goal, he also transformed diame into lionel messi. Clueless manager

  3. Wenger is a punishment to the Arsenal fans…!!

    All the managers work hard to make things happen (Transfer and tactics as well as men management) as Wenger as a “Laissez faire” attitude and untouchable arrogance.

    Like Didier Roustan (Wenger co commentator for TF1) said “compare Mourinho, Ancelotti and Guardiola with Wenger is an insult and reduces those managers achievements” (France Football magazine).

    The simple logics football does not apply to us anymore because the guy in charge thinks he “knows best” and “has answers for everything”.

    At the end, the “truth” of the pitch NEVER lies and we are abysmal and not even close to win this league… Again !

  4. Really? We’re really stooping down to blaming the refs?
    Should we also blame the refs for our 4 out of 25 chances being on target?

    What a joke. Yea Flam got fouled but he had a solid second to clear the ball before the pull. And even then, it was one bad call. It happens all the time. That’s how the game goes. We still had about 75 minutes to gain the lead back at our own home against a midtable team.

    At this point, the making of excuses is just as frustrating as the lack of wins. If Wenger doesn’t take full responsibility for the loss then we are not going to improve. As if it is ok to lose as long as there is an excuse.

    1. Bit harsh there mate…it was combination of the Ref, bad luck and a black cat crossing the road while on his way to the Emirates!

      1. we had plenty of time to come back from a 1-1 draw. Again, it was OUR horrible defense that let us down when the 2nd goal was conceded, and it was our team that could barley put shots on target for most of the match. It’s easy to say refs fault and move on, but we have only won 2 matches in the league this season. There are clearly problems to address.

      2. Yea i suppose my words may have come out a bit harsh but reading the title “Wenger was right to blame the ref for Arsenal draw” says to me that we take no responsibility for dropping points at home to a much weaker team.

  5. Wenger said it is not about “quality” but “concentration” (I would have heard everything with that fool… “Buying is not the solution” and more sh*ts).

    May be we should all turn up for trials on concentration methods and see if we get a shot at the first team.

    Mertesacker should not be playing for the first team… It is just clear to see.

  6. And next time what will it be ? The grass is not very green the sun was bright shit man you have lost it so plz go

  7. This may sound strange in me saying this, but i have to agree with arsene wenger! The ref made some very poor decisions during the match with hull, the major blunder was him allowing diame’s goal , when flamini was suppose to be awarded a free kick for a foul, but he allowed play to continued with diame scoring a goal that never should have stood! These errors make a difference in a game and it happened to us!

    1. In football u play to d ref n not ur wish
      But flamini gave diame the pass dat lead to the Goal..most Arsenal player are not good enough for Arsenal thanks to Wenger with his player selection….I see Arsenal finishing 10th with dis performance n manager.

    2. do you know how many bad calls go against us per game? if we went on to win 4-1, no one would be complaining about that blatant call. but the fact that we struggled to get 1 point, at home lemme remind you, it is the ref’s fault. he clucked us over, no doubt. but there was enough time and enough opportunities to turn things around. and we didn’t. and that’s our fault.

    1. Its a shame some Arsenal Fans still call Wenger the messiah….its is very visible n clear that he was only John the baptist….We the Fans need change at Arsenal Fc pls

  8. We won titles, fa cups even a European trophy before Wenger so why won’t we do it when he leaves Wenger was the best manager in the world for Arsenal during austerity.

    Not unconvinced he’s right for this new era klopp/de boer/Roger Schmidt. Either wenger needs to change or change the manager decisions decisions ????????

  9. According to reports AS Monaco want to offer Wenger 9.3 million a year on a three year contract. They must be mad or stupid.

    1. hes very well respected globally.

      madrid, psg, juventus all shown interest

      still dont want him- he has too much power here-

      hes become zeus with a zip complex

  10. Would Wenger have survived at any of the top clubs for so long. That gives you your answer he need to bow out gracefully.

  11. I’d something like:

    8 years without sex, once got close but prematurely ejaculated in your own tighty whities = Arsenal in the Capital Cup final 2011.

    1. Winning the league and champions league is possible (it’s only October after all) but 90% of the world knows it won’t happen.really shows though you take third and the semi finals as a great achievement for our club who’s board think nothing but contempt for the fans.views like this keep wenger comfortable.

    2. davidnz…..u are a complete definition of failure….pls read ur words….failure is written all over it…be real pls

  12. If it wasn’t for or new signing we would be in the sh-t. It is time to give a few harsh words to the under preforming players of our team.

    1. @Dennis
      You are right it’s a business. If we carry on like we are a whole generation of up and coming supporters will be lost to other teams. Thats great business.

      1. @Andrew AFC
        Then that means they were never loyal supporters to begin with. We don’t need em…

        Whats good Bro?

        1. @NY-Gunner
          I am talking about attracting new supporters to the club.

          I am great apart from the shocking start to the season. How are you.

    2. And business can also fall when the fans call off the shoot….I see that very soon if changes are not made

  13. It was the refs fault

    The other team decides to defend

    I’m not on IOS 8.02 yet due to memory issues

    My mum grounded me

    I put Bacardi instead of lens solution accidentally so did not see it

    I forgot to charge Per’s batteries

    What is a DM?

    Henry kidnapped me……again……

    These are all valid excuses. Jeez give the guy a break……

  14. Six starters to come back (DeBuchery, Koscielny, Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott) + Ramsey to rediscover his form from last year + an relatively easy schedule until Christmas + splash the cash in January for a DM = second or third place and a nice QF run in CL. Not ready to jump ship just yet and sticking to my 90/10 rule of fan-hood — love your team 90% of the time, enjoy the ride and don’t let the 10% eat you up (2-2 at home to Hull is part of the 10% in case you were wondering…)

      1. No worries NY Gunner. I was going to add a healthy Diaby to my equation but thought that might be too much for some folks here…

        1. We need to bounce back and trash Anderlecht on Wednesday. Dortmund are very shaky this season, beating them 2-0 at the Emirates to win the group isn’t beyond our reach. We always seem to perform best after a poor result, that’s been the case this season too – Villa after Dortmund, Galatasaray after Spurs. We need a spark to get our season going..

    1. By January we will be 10 points off 4th never mind the top 2/3

      Wenger needs to go before he drags this club down to aston villas level..

      How many more poor results – thrashings – hopeless transfer windows- poor signings- poor excuses- do we gave to endure before we can become a team that is respected…???

      Please someone (if they can) tell me the last time a so called top team that is regularly in the elite pot 1 or top 3/4 in their respective league thrashed 3 times I mean humilíated 3 times in a season and their manager keeps their job??

      1. nope were gonna go on a run now and win most of our games apart from man utd (who will beat us as always) climb up to 3rd/4th, finish 2nd in our UCL group and be 6-10points off the top. then wengers going to fail to strengthen in Jan, we’ll fall Into another injury crisis in Feb and crash out of all comps, then from march onwards we’ll go on another run and finish 4th.
        Same sh*t every year regardless of finances and players.

        1. September–October = were gonna win the league
          October–November =wenger out
          November–January = in Wenger we trust, we just need to buy X, Y and Z
          January–March = Extreame meltdown, Wenger Out
          March–May = in Wenger we trust, he’s the best, we just need to buy X, Y and Z

          Rinse repeat.

    2. When d team is ok and complete then another problem arose “team selection” and “tactics” which have been Arsenals problem for long and who is responsible for it all hands points at Wenger

  15. I am not a fan of Arsene Wenger. I have come from admiring the man to being unimpressed so we`ll leave him out of it.
    So far as the team is concerned I can only say it is brimming with talent if used in the right way. No, I don`t think Ozil is an Arsenal type player but Sanchez certainly is as is Chambers plus a host of others some in the pipeline. Arsenal are strong but not balanced, investment in defense is essential or it will count for nothing. Hopefully we can improve on this in January and with the return of key players from injury 2015 could be much better.

  16. I don’t think arsenal fans, even the pessimists that infest this site, genuinely believe we are going to fail massively this season.

    We will finish 3rd, 4th at worst. For us thats a normal season, it’s been an ‘acceptable’, or even ‘decent’ season for the past few years, but now the foundations are built, the money is there and we expect more. I wouldn’t mind us finishing 3rd if it was a close 3rd and we contested the title to the end, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be the case..

    We’re all just very disappointed because we all thought that if the summer went well, we could have actually challenged for the title this year. The summer went well, we made some great signings, it just didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. We didn’t get all we needed. We aren’t going to win the title, or even challenge properly for it.

    Is this all Wenger’s fault? In part, at least. Should it cost him his job? I’m yet to be convinced, but there are serious issues that need to be addressed at this football club.

  17. I thought Diame goal did a lot of damage to the team, but instead of it becoming a means of motivating the team along, arsenal actually slow down the play and Hull became comfortable, passing, dribbling and movement of players all got sloppy.

    This team need leaders, we are far too weak mentally and physically, bless with talent but lacking the drive to use them.

    i can not hold the manager for team selection we actually started great and should have won the game in the first 20 minutes, but actually lost it due to individual errors. I probably would have liked a Hayden instead of Monreal but everything was spot on with selection and even substitution.

    However our manager never admits he was wrong, our manager takes upon himself too many functions in the club, our manager only have eyes for one body type, in regards to midfielders, our manager refuse to go back to a traditional DM. just to prove a point, thats why i will continue calling him RIDICULOUS MANAGER

    1. yeah i found it embarrassing really diame just bulldozed his way through than after you saw flamini mertersacker and gibbs running like little school girls to the ref crying . our whole defense needs a overhaul . schzney has regressed from last season . mertersacker not good enough to be in half the top 10 teams in the league let alone be in arsenal starting 11. i would keep koscilney, and gibbs is not good either to be honest he neither excels in attack nor in defense all hes got is a bit of speed and stamina plus hes soo injury prone . i cant judge our rb since hes out injured and we cant forget flamini and arteta . we have soo many similar midfielders wenger has completely ignored the defensive side of the game

  18. His not only a punishment to Arsenal fans but to him self as well the way thing are going he might catch a heart attack…. Never wish him dat but if dats what will bring Glory back to Arsenal Fc so be it..

  19. We should have beaten Hull at home. Chelski won 2-1 away but at least had a 2-0 buffer for most of the game. There is no excuse for drawing at home once again.

    Btw, Sunderland losing 8-0 does not fill me with confidence for our next game. It will be away to Sunderland, they will play extra hard and our results have been poor. I hope we win but not expecting anything after drawing once again at home.

  20. Is there anything we can do to kick wenger out???? Everyone knows he is our problem.
    1.We have very good players but he refused to add spine defensively.
    2.If you know football very well you will notice on the face of our players that they are not well motivated e.g. “It was a good result” against leicester
    3.Andre shurlle was the weakest player on the pitch for chelsea against arsenal he was substituted for a better player,santi carzola was onE of the best plAyer for arsenal on that day and he was substituted leaving the under performing ones there expecting miracles.
    4.He is too old to understand that his complaints to the fourth official will not change the result after the match even if he is right (diame’s goal was not disqualified despite it was a clear foul)
    5.He confirmed that we wouldn’t have signed welbeck if he was in england on transfer deadline day…and we added welbeck to our squad which gave us something to be happy about. Why not go and let’s be happy forever?
    6.He has never beaten JM in his entire life. That is to tell you that he is tactically poor because its crystal clear that JM is tactically good.
    7.His man management is too awkward,all he does is ‘LET ME PUT THE BEST AVAILABLE PLAYERS ON THE PITCH MAYBE THEY WILL GET A RESULT’ leaving those who has the natural attributes sidelined.
    8.He rarely communicate with the players on the field of play. Look at other managers JK,DS,JM,PG and others.
    9.He is not concerned about how the fans feels when we have a bad result. He makes things worse by lying to us “we are short defensively and we will strengthen”
    10. He is outdated.

    1. @iamvia
      Regrettably there is nothing you, me, or any of the supporters can do to remove Wenger, he will go of his own accord in his own sweet time and for a reason that will have many fans crying in their beer. Don`t forget his replacement will be selected by the Board and that in itself presents a worse problem than we have now.

  21. wenger was WRONG to blame the referee.

    Yes there were some poor decisions, but in the end the squad that Wenger assembled was not strong enough to beat away an average Hull side. Remember these are his players – the injury situation isn’t so different to last season, so that can’t be hauled out as a justifiable excuse – AW KNEW the potential consequences about not spending in areas that were desperately needed.

    Hull 2 shots / 2 goals – that actually says a hell of a lot about the defensive frailties that Wenger has allowed to develop.

  22. wenger is right, the ref got it wrong.
    But this happens ALL THE IME, it is constant by now and he must react as ifit was PART of tueUSUAL stuff in a game.
    We will ALWAYS be playing against a team and against the ref, well…..prepare for this element that is constant in all our games and for so many years now!!!
    we should go outin the field like if we were already one goal down.
    If wenger doesnt like it, who cares, IT IS LIKE THAT AND HE HASTO DEAL with it.

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