Wenger – We didn’t throw it away (TalkSport interview)

Arsene Wenger seems to be quite stoic about Arsenal’s amazing defeat to West Brom yesterday afternoon, and he seems resigned to the fact that the Gunners just didn’t have a lot of luck during the game, which is quite true I guess.

In this interview with TalkSport after the match he is quite clear that we didn’t throw the match away, but fate just stepped in and dealt us a blow wherever we turned. In this match and our last one against Spurs we must surely have used up all our bad luck for this season. Look on the bright side, at least Man City lost!

Wenger interview with TalkSport

Audio courtesy of AudioBoom

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  1. Greg says:

    True we didnt throw it away, “we gave it away!

    1. almostawinner says:

      over the years i’ve noticed wenger’s become quite comfortable losing. it does not hurt him as much as it should – at least that’s what his reactions tell us. and of course, never will he admit that the (fully predictable) situation we’re in (injuries) are due to his inaction over the summer. he’s just too comfortable where he is and until he leaves things there’s not going to be any big changes in the way arsenal play, or the results we get.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    ? ” Every..thing went… against us”

    ? ” The only thing that keeps going against US is YOU Wenger”

    ? ” I do not.. think so” …. ” I treat, the club like it iz mine” ..
    ” And .. I knows… best”

    ? “Even my dog knows that Arteta is ? now,
    Yet you still have him as Captain and bringing him on instead of Flamini totally cost us”… ” why can’t you see that?”

    ? ” Erh… I don’t. .. know. … the ref, was blocking my view,
    I didn’t, see it… no”

    ? ” Your excuses just don’t cut it anymore mr wenger,
    Enough is enough, Thanks for your services, you will go down in history as a legend but the time has come for you to jog on Sir”

    ? ” Nono .. It iz not de right time,
    I always do my jogging in da mornings”

    ? ” God help us”

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @Fatboy……. L()L……u couldn’t have carved it out any better!


      In other news i heard Klopp tore the entire citeh crew + the etihad with his bare hands…. Only pellegrini escaped but without his legs

    2. El Blaze says:

      Hahahaha! Fat boy Gooney could not help laughing at that one. Won’t have captured Wenger’s delusional state any better

  3. Dee@ease says:

    You know we have a weak squad when we prefer Flamini coming in when even he is not good enough!

  4. We didn’t throw it away?Arsene you need locking up or go to specsavers.
    You and my repeat my team continue to let me down on a regular basis.
    You continue to make mistakes with team selections,and injury problems that even a major city hospital couldn’t cope with.Your transfer dealings are a F****** joke.
    Does anybody know you failed to sighn Czech before Chelsea because of your failure to arrange his work permit.. What would we have won with him in goal instead of the s*** we had to put up with.A proper class DM has been needed for f****** years instead of the cheap alternatives you’ve fobbed us of with.As for a class striker say no more. We’ve just got 1 point from 2 games we should have won because of poor finishing. and you still can’t see it.
    I would like you to retire next summer. Your looking very old on the touchline and I think it’s time for you to call it a day. My best wishes for all you’ve done and enjoy your retirement.

  5. Wayne Barker says:

    Excuses after excuses, 10 years running nothing has changed. People moaning about injuries. Well injuries happen to every other club. If we have 6 injuries, manchester united have 9 but yet they do well and try to get those 3 points. I said back in august we need a cover or partner for coq and we had to sign schendierlin, the man is a beast. Imagine us having Schneiderlin and Coquelin , we would have had ample cover and we wouldnt have solely depended on Coq. This is what arrogance leads to.

    Call me pessimistic but ARSENAL ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE. You want to know the reason, its the refusal to admit the flaws and correct the mistakes. Top clubs will do that. Manchester city will correct their mistakes and try to bounce back, look at Manchester united van gaal corrected his flaws after arsenals’s loss and went back to basics.

    Arsene wnger who I respect and even admire a lot is the most experienced manager in this league yet he first try to give excuses and play the bad luck card. Gibbs playing in wings, Still depending on ARteta and Flamini, and playing with a striker who cant win you matches when you need wont help Arsenal or wenger to win championships. Throw your stubbornness away and stop making our fans even more delusional. We speak the language of wenger, he started this bad luck thing and we fans are following his route. Never credit the opponents , Always blame the refs and always undermine the opponents. Thats all we have been doing for past 10 years. Come out of that and let us admit we have to bring quality players or else we will just continue to compete for the 4th place trophy.

  6. kamn288 says:

    A lesson in defending which where Arsenal need to take their cautious best. These stadiums have practically no space to move on to and they try to make the pitch smaller. Arsenal should have brought on Flamini which where Mr Wenger lacks in game management.

  7. dboy says:

    Let’s face it. We were expecting this to happen. We lost this season in the transfer window. There were players that needed to be offloaded quite a few of them. Once again as a result the wheels are coming rapidly. We just had to look at our bench to know that we are not going to win the league.

  8. dboy says:

    Flamini should not be in this team period.

  9. Classygunner says:

    No matter what, I still believe we can win the league with this squad

    1. almostawinner says:

      i believe it too, if we have some luck. but thats not how wenger should manage it . he should do everything in his power to maximise our chances. by not buying backups or improvements over summer, he’s ensure that if we do win, it’ll be right down to the wire. wouldnt we all have preferred that he spend some of that precious cash of his to get a worldclass striker, CDM and RW ?

  10. El Blaze says:

    Please someone get us Diego Simone, he’s got the fire, attitude and ambition we need and he can win a league on a budget

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