Wenger will always be respected for his Arsenal legacy

Arsenal had the “best years of his life!”

In a Q and A session with the BBC, Arsene Wenger was asked what he would like his legacy to be and his answer pretty much summed up our former manager and the time he spent at the club.

Although he downplayed his successes he wants to be remembered as: “Somebody who served his club with total commitment and integrity and honesty and who loved the club. I gave Arsenal the best years of my life. In different circumstances, but I always felt with the same passion.”

And every word of that answer is the truth.

From arriving as an unknown figure, coming to a big club, where everybody looked at him and said “Wenger who?” back in 1996, it took him a while to settle in but his outlook was clear to see.

Arsenal finished third in the league in Arsene’s first season, missing out on UEFA Champions League qualification to Newcastle United on goal difference. And it seemed as though the start of his managerial career was going to be a slow burner, but it only took him a few years to really get things up and running. 1998 was the season where Arsenal won the double by lifting the Premier League trophy and then beating Newcastle in the FA Cup final and people soon took notice.

Of course, we know one of his major successes came when he led us to the invincibles title in the 2003/4 season, where the team went a whole season and a total of 49 games unbeaten, to lift the Premier League trophy. The unbeaten run is feat which as yet has not been matched and let’s hope it never is!

Despite losing his way after 2005 having not won anything since the invincibles, he did manage to lead Arsenal to the Champions League final in 2006, and we all know how that panned out.

It seemed as though time was running out for Wenger and that each season would be his last, but he managed to hang on and in doing so, led Arsenal to consecutive FA Cup wins in 2013/14 and 2015/16 and after a season giving everyone else a chance he won it again in 2016/2017.

In 2018 though it was time to say goodbye to the man that gave us Thierry Henry, Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp to name a few, as well as the unforgettable Invincibles trophy.

He was a manager that changed the way football was viewed, he made people stand up and take notice and he will forever be a legend in our eyes and the legacy he helped build will never be forgotten. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. The invincibles is his greatest gift to Arsenal fans. A one title that worth ten. An achievement that is and will always be remembered for as long as the English football exist. An achievement that will never be repeated because the great Arsene achieved the impossible and there is only one Arsene Wenger.

    Watching the invincibles was not merely watching players play, it was watching the commandos and the green berets of English football short only of camouflage face paint.

    The man of his talent, integrity, courage and philosophy should have been much more than a football manager. Humanity would have profited more had he been a king or a president.

    How lucky we are not only to have him but also to have witnessed him in action.

        1. Due out next year… also covers his career in France and Japan, as well as with us! 👍
          Great comment, btw, HH..

      1. And Ian Wright was already at Arsenal, signed by George Graham and transferred from Crystal Palace in 1991.
        It is worthwhile to look at the squad Arsene Wenger inherited in 1996, some great names.

    1. Although Wenger stayed too long, his achievements were superb. With Wenger at the helm we were more than footballers. We were a team of artists, dancers and fighters. Nobody will repeat the subtleties and nuances that Wenger brought to English football, and then the ‘INVICIBLES’. What more can I say. Never to be repeated.

  2. Wenger is a legend of the game, not just for what he achieved at Arsenal, but also for the impact he had on English football.

    Changing the diets, making the players more professional, giving us the most entertaining football probably any had ever seen in England, and an unbeaten season! What a legend!

    For me though, a strange kind of Arsenal legend, because I like to look at the whole picture. He had a lot of sustained success, and sustained failure. I always get told his failures shouldn’t matter, because of what he had already achieved, but it does matter, because look at the state our club was left in when he departed.

    Fergie is probably the greatest manager ever, but Man Utd fans would have 100% viewed him in a slightly different light, if he had gone 9 years straight without winning a thing, and 14 years straight of not even being competitive in the league, and left his club in a mess. Because as much as fans would have adored Fergie, like we did with Wenger, ultimately, we are fans of our individual clubs, and want what’s best for our clubs.

    Wenger is still a legend in my eyes, but it’s a mixed bag, and 2010 would have been the right time for everyone to part ways. I hope to see him back at the club as an ambassador, just as long as he has no power.

    1. Agree with much of what you wrote but arguably Fergie left ManU in more of a mess that Wenger did with Arsenal.

      Its probably an unfair criticism on both counts but more so Ferguson since his parting gift was the PL title. But then again he did hand pick Moyes so maybe it’s a toss up.

  3. Much of the praise heaped upon him is valid. However what they also say is true. He inherited a ready made strongly drilled defence – one of the best ever. Ever after that back 5 broke up Wenger’s Arsenal was unable to defend. (” will nevere abandon my principles “) If he had been given a load of money and a blank team sheet – he would not have lasted long. That is despite his excellent modernist ideas back in the day. Of course top football moved on and overtook him. He should have left years before they got rid.

    1. The strongest defence in the history of English football:

      Lehman joined 2003

      Lauren joined 2000

      Toure joined 2002

      Campbell joined 2001

      Cole 1999 promoted to first team.

      Someone yesterday made a comment in the tune of yours and the reply showed he made his claim out of thin air. Had you read that yesterday I think you should have a different view before posting this one.

        1. Thank you for reminding me of how much Arsenal needed a “Gilberto Silva” ,the key to a solid midfield😭😭😭😭

          1. And was never replaced. The last EPL winning Arsenal midfield (also “The Invincibles”) were selected from the following players:
            Gilberto Silva
            A young Cesc Fabrigas
            Bergkamp could also drop back into midfield if Arsenal wanted to play an extra forward.

      1. Very true HH. Some people listen to one biased source and pretend to be experts ona particular subject! I am one of the regular contributors on this website and I appreciate your objectivity and that of Ken 1945. How I wish majority on here were like you two!
        What remains true is that the invincibles’ record goes on because even this season no team can be invincibles. Already all the main suspects have each lost a game save for Everton which will also lose some games soon. That is what a true record is. It is going to take long to break it. It takes a mixture of God’s will or call it luck, good organisation, very good players, very good coach, focus, strong will and determination. Thus Wenger’s spirit still hovers over the EPL.

        1. Thank you David. I am certainly happy but not sure deserving of such wonderful words! I agree with you that we should be proud and remind the world of such great achievement and let rivals do the downplaying it because it is something they cannot have.

          1. Ditto David and it’s amazing that not only our rivlas and the media downplay the achievement, we have “fans” on here who do the same!!!

            1. Ken, the problem was keeping them out of the pubs.
              ThirdManJW’s comment regarding AW’s impact on players’ longevity due to training, diet, livestyle etc has been attested to by many senior players. These same players have also attested to the influence of the arrival of Dennis Bergkamp, who showed what was required to reach his standards as a professional footballer by his diet, lifestyle, practising after others have left the training ground to perfect and maintain his skill level.

      2. The defense that Arsene Wenger “inherited” was rated by no less than Graeme Souness, as not only the best back five in England, but in Europe at that time:
        with Keown as a back up, so not too shabby.

    2. chris, just a point or three for you to consider.

      1. The defence he inherited had finished 12th in GG’s last full season.
      2. The defence that became Invincible had all replaced the defence inherited by Arsene Wenger.
      3. Over the full period of Wenger’s reign, a total of 1235 games, the defences he put out, conceded less than one goal per game – even less in the premier league.
      We should also remember that those figures include twenty years of playing in the CL, ditto for top four places.

      Dreadful defeats, such as 8-2, 6-0, agg. 10-2, will always be in the history books, but if one looks at the overall picture, as a defence, the myth has been produced on the back of such humiliations, but do not bear the close scrutiny of the facts of history.

      As a for instance, the season of that dreadful 8-2 drubbing, we still finished with a plus goal difference and in the top four – can’t really see how that was achieved with no defence, but there you go…opinions differ.

      Source of these facts: Official handbook 2018/19).

      Great article Pat – some really good stories coming out of Arsene’s autobiography as well.

      1. Very nice reply Ken with facts 👍, point also I would like to make to the fans jumping about humiliating defeats klopp lost 7-2 to villa away atleast we lost 8-2 to United at old Trafford on top of that we were missing a lot of first team players that night. It’s actually worse for Liverpool because they are defending champions and villa was struggling last year. Also pep lost 6-1 too so when you have a long career things like this happen. Looked what happened to Messi Barcelona last year against Bayern. So by logic of Wenger haters pep, klopp and even Messi are Sh*t.

      2. KEN this morning on the Alan Brazil show on Talk Sport Arsene was in the studio giving a master class on how humanity and football could and should be improved. He referred dto his own battles with Fergie and Mourinho and took his share of the blame for the touchline squabbles, as mature person would do.

        He spoke with such wisdom that my heart ached that he is no longer involved with our club, not team but club, in a decision making capacity for the club and its direction of travel.

        Time is a great healer and his heart is completely with AFC – he rejected any future chance of ever coming back to another Prem club – despite all the brickbats, some of which he deserved, but NOT the tone and viciousness,. Not one bit!

        Listening to this extraordinary man with his humility, wisdom and self deprecating humour(over his coat zip etc and fights with other rival managers) made me ache to have him back. As OWNER, would be my own dream. A true fan as owner would be Utopia for us all.

        I can think of few humans on this earth who I would prefer to met in person and have dinner with. What a human being he is!

        BTW, Ken my home phone number has been changed, yesterday, as I changed broadband supplier. Will email you my new number!

        I also much liked this article by Shenel, and what comes over above is the HUGE passion AW showed and still shows. Without true passion for things that matter and are of importance to us and others, we are pretty well of use to no one.

        1. Jon, what a post from you as well my man!!!
          Spoken from the heart and one that I think Arsene himself would appreciate.

          Your dream of him buying our club and mine of hav8ing David Dein by his side…with Mikell Arteta as the manager would be the perfect scenario.

          I actually see so much of Arsene in Mikel and, when one thinks about the influence he had on his players, it’s not really a surprise is it?

          Let’s remember, there was also much hysteria when Arsene siad his squad could go unbeaten for a season…that dream came true, so who knows?

          As I don’t listen to Talksport these days, I missed the interview (curses) but will try and find it on the internet.

      3. So, @Ken1645- the defence Wenger inherited will always be recognised as the best of all time in Arsenals history, and without doubt one of the best of all time. Other than Tony Adams, GG brought the players to the Club, ( Keown aside, although he did buy him back) and these players were drilled constantly. So to the midfielders and attackers. GG had a team that was built from the back, and defended as a unit.
        The Invincibles were an incredible unit, led by Sol Campbell who made the very limited Toure look a far better player than he actually was.
        And then………..
        How can anyone defend Wenger when he couldn’t, wouldn’t or did not know how to build a defensive unit to follow the Invincibles?
        Some of the defenders were so bad that at times we became a laughing stock.
        Wenger let his legacy down due to utter incompetence and his arrogance to fail to address what was very obvious to everyone but him

          1. Phil, until you explained it, I thought we had another “ungrateful wretch amongst us!!!!!

            As you know Phil, we will/have never agree on this subject, suffice it to say, that I always read and digest your opinions as a die hard gooner with the respect you deserve.

            However, that does not negate the myth that AW’s team never had a defence, when less than a goal a game is his legacy, second only to AF I think you’ll find.

            Not sure what your point is regarding Sol Campbell and Toure though, as AW signed them both and what a steal from our noisy neighbours Sol was – another example of the way players wanted to play for the man and the club.

            In actual fact, Toure went on to win trophies at Man. City, so this “very limited” player had the last laugh I would suggest and is completely misjudged by yourself…opinions of course.

            I suppose you are also one of those who say we finished second, third or fourth for twenty years, just because there were only two, three or four teams competing in the league when that happened and nothing to do with AW and the teams he sent out?

            Funnily enough, the players you mention, give credit to AW for the way he helped them enhance their careers and he didn’t have to use pieces of string to make them do what he wanted.
            GG’s defence may be seen as some, as one of the best defensive units and I wouldn’t disagree with that assessment.

            However, the plain fact is, they were not The Invincibles, nearly but not quite and being nearly men doesn’t count if you are to be part of a legendary Invincible squad…just ask klopp and his merry band!!!

            As for a complete unit, finishing 12th doesn’t portray a complete unit and, let’s remember, the lowest positions AW’s defenceless teams finished were 5th and 6th in his last two seasons.

            So, looking at the legacy left and, if one really thinks about it, his place as a legend outside our ground is 100% deserved, debating it is really quite pointless.

            1. How unlucky was the Arsenal 1990/91 team under George Graham to only lose one away game in that season, when the team was apparently affected by a virus?
              P38 HW15 HD4 HL0 AW9 AD9 AL 1
              Total points 83
              Goals For 74 Goals Agst 18 GD +56
              So near yet so far!
              For comparison Liverpool Season 2019/20
              P38 W32 D3 L3 GF85 GA33 GD+52 Pts99
              3 losses cf 1, GD+52 CF+56 Pts 99 cf 83

              1. Marvellous record ozziegunner, used to love singing 1-0 to the Arsenal…they were so unlucky not to earn the title of Invinvibles, but that goes to Arsene Wenger’s team, with a completely new defence and keeper, who got us to the CL final as well.

                A Dan said, if we don’t keep repeating all the facts, those unlucky enough to read what is being said,, they will believe the Invincibles consisted of GG’s wonderful defence – it was AW’s wonderful defence that proved to be the better one.

          2. Phil, Arsene Wenger did not buy Martin Keown back. George Graham sold Martin Keown to Aston Villa in 1986 for £200,000 and then brought him back to Arsenal 7 years later from Everton for a fee of £2,000,000.
            Arsene Wenger didn’t arrive at Arsenal until 1996, by which time Keown had been back 3 seasons.
            And Harry Macguire cost Manchester United how much?

        1. so your argument is what ?
          apart from buying Sol Campbell ……oh and Toure……and Lauren…..and developing Cole …..and buying Lehmen he couldn’t build his own defence ?
          apart from the one who didn’t lose one game in an entire season ?

          1. And after Sol, Toure, Cole and Lauren? Name me a defence that you could justifiably say was exactly that- a defence

            1. your argument is he only inherited a decent defense
              So I have proven that’s not true
              You can’t say ‘ well apart from that defense he built that won the title’ he never built a defense ?
              So are you arguing now he only ever inherited a good defense or are you now arguing he only inherited a great defense then only made another great defense ?

        1. Thanks Benjamin, but the problem is, people still argue that the facts don’t mean anything – unless they agree with the facts of course.

    3. Inherited a strong defence that finished 12th in 1995/96? I mean the season before Wenger was employed at Arsenal

        1. People should check their facts, jon.
          Fortunately, for some of us Arsenal did have a history before 1996.

          1. I would also debate Jon and ozziegunner, that it was David Dein who signed Dennis Bergkamp.

            Plus the fact that Bruce Rioch got more out of GG’s defence in his time than GG himself did in his last season and both GG and AW had their worst season at the end of their time, but oe was caught with his hand in the till, while the other was given the most astounding send off from 60,000 loyal gooners….no comparison with their records or there legacy – AW wins hands down…in my opinion.

            1. Ken, maybe (and I was too far away to be able to check personally) Bruce Rioch had started to address the drinking culture that plagued George Graham’s latter years.
              I agree with you on David Dein’s influence in signing both Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Viera, both of whom were at Highbury prior to Arsene Wenger arriving.
              David Dein really was “Mr Arsenal” and how Arsenal and Wenger suffered following his departure.

    4. simply not true
      just a myth that many fans have latched onto
      The defence which went undefeated for a season , not one was inherited
      so simply a lie which again wrongly educates that next generation of gooners

      1. dan, there is no doubt Wenger built the “Invincible” defense. However, a discussion point in line with Phil’s comment, could be to look at the defense Wenger left, compared to the one he inherited

        1. Ozzie
          What are you driving at?
          The defense GG left finished 5th in the league with Bruce Rioch in charge and the defense Wenger left finished 5th with Emery in charge.

          The fact still remains Wenger disposes all GG’s teams to build his own invincible wall.

          1. Bob, your are aware that there was a drinking culture at Arsenal and players like Tony Adams, Paul Merson and Ray Parlour have openly admitted they played games under the influence? The fact remains that these players played better “pissed”, than some Arsenal players could play cold hard sober.

  4. It’s important to remember that Wenger was brought in by the great Mr. Dean too! Wenger had really good backing and a board that had the same vision. I still believe he made football what it is now. He brought football into a new era with new and modern methods that have shaped football as we all know it today. No doubt. I will always be grateful to him and have no ill feeling against him. Was I Arsene out? yes. But, like any good thing in life, has to come to an end and he was not able to deliver under a club with a different direction/owner. I felt Arsene had fulfilled his legacy and had become the target for criticism by a club who were failing to keep up with the modern game. As manager, he was the scapegoat and the punch bag and I only wish he had left sooner. But, I guess he felt like a father leaving his family? Respect and gratitude always!

    1. GunneRay, well said and as for him having no power if he returns, as TMJW says, the only power he needs is his name…it’s being reported by “www.bookabookshop.co.uk that the signed copies were already out of stock before publication, such is the magnetism of the man.

      He needs to be back at the The Arsenal as a Ambassador, both for the clubs sake and his.

  5. I was hardly recovered from the massive disappointment of my hero Graham’s demise & Rioch’s non event when David Dein announced our new manager and immediately joined the “Arsene who?” mob.
    After surviving an early vicious media campaign he built a team and world wide following to rival that of our closest rivals Man U and it’s no wonder that the banks demanded he sign a five year contract before underwriting the new stadium costs.
    One of my big footballing regrets is that I didn’t get to go to Highbury (or Wembley at all) very often during the best of Wenger, but did have a season ticket for the first few Emirates seasons and even saw the second match of a memorable rare double over United.
    In my opinion when you take everything into consideration he is the best, but will not argue the point with detractors and think it’s quite possible that one day someone will match or surpass his Arsenal achievements, but I doubt if it will be in my lifetime.

  6. A legend and that’s how he should be respected & loved. I don’t understand the hate some fans have for him and they look for avenues to abuse him long after he is gone. Funny part is all those who thought Wenger is the issue, are finding out grass is not always green on the other side. When we could compete financially with other clubs he had a great record against the so called top six but then when we were struggling with finances and clubs like Chelsea, City became too rich…buying all the players we started to loose the battle. In this bad situation he still kept us in champions League year after year. Sad thing is most of our opponents even spurs rate him and respect him more then our own ungrateful fans do.

  7. When I started supporting Arsenal as a 10 year old child, he was literally Arsenal for me. I remember searching for other managers’ names and matching it with their clubs’ names and getting disappointed. It reinforced my belief that I was supporting the correct club and henceforth began my journey as an Arsenal fan. Now 11 years later, even though he has moved on (correctly in my opinion as it was not working well those last few seasons), he still is synonymous with the Arsenal that I fell in love with. He is a generational manager, a flawed genius who experienced both unmatched success and unwanted failures. A great man and my favourite football manager of all time, along with Sir Alex and Mourinho.

  8. What a journey that was.. 22 years and I went through every emotion possible! I’m so grateful for everything he did for our beloved club.. taking us to the top, we were the cream of the crop.. and I loved every bloody second of it!! Arsene Wenger, the history maker!!

    Some years later, all good things come to an end… and on that day, when he stepped onto the pitch with a guard of honour (6.5.18), a tear rolled down my cheek! I knew he had to go, but it was hard saying goodbye to the greatest manager I’d ever known!

    Looking forward to the day his statue will be unveiled…
    Merci Arsene…

    1. Yeah Sue- I can recall my emotions on the great man coming out of-
      Old Trafford 8-2. 6-1
      Allianz Stadium 5-1
      Anfield- 5-1 4-0 ……….
      Hillsborough 3-0
      Forest. 4-2
      Stoke Nearly every season
      Chavs. 6-0

      Fair to say I’m not his biggest fan

      1. @Phil
        Some manager also loss to Aston Villa 7-2 within 5 years. Some also 5-2 within 4 years, 6-1 to Tottenham within 2 years. Imagine if these great managers manage one club for 22 years….

        It’s fair to say I’m not their biggest fan

    2. Tears rolled down my cheek too Sue. In that moment, I adored him and what he achieved for this football club. His name would be forever carved in the club’s history books. My only regret is that he didn’t leave under better circumstances. It’s all in the past now, we forge ahead. Just yesterday, I went to dig up all the Arsene wenger tributes and I won’t lie I shed a tear or two. He was absolutely phenomenal. What’s holding up the statue?

      1. Aww, Kstix, bless ya!! 😊 I agree, he was phenomenal! Surely the statue’s in the pipeline?
        The emotions that come with loving a club, hey?! The past is full of so many wonderful memories, and yes, some not so wonderful, but I just want to remember and think about the highs, as there certainly were a lot of them!! And thinking ahead…. the future is bright – got a helluva lot to look forward to!! Starting on Saturday… 👊 COYG 😉

        1. Spot on Sue. Arteta hints at playing Partey on Saturday depending on his assessment of him in training today and tomorrow. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. 👍👍

        2. Sue, I look forward to Arsene Wenger getting a deserved statue, but also live in hope that George Graham gets one too, for all his achievements at the Arsenal both as a player and manager. What he did in taking a “bung” was common place at the time and Arsenal was one of few, if any club to take action and sack him. Results at the time didn’t help.

          1. Interesting statement ozziegunner – can you name any of the others who were caught out at the time George Graham was, because I can’t think of one?
            I was so demoted when he was caught out, because he had been such a great manger, although his style of play was labelled “boring” and quite rightly to…but who cared!!!
            Having said that though, does he really deserve the legend statue, when he was screwing the club and the fans over? Not for me, but it’s all down to opinions as ever.

            1. From a BBC Report I googled. The bungs scandel of the early 1990’s resulted from concerns that English football was plagued with match fixing and under the table payments for player transfers. The Football Association held an inquiry in 1995 to which many were called to give evidence and rumours were plenty only George Graham was found guilty,
              This led Luton Town Manager Mike Newell to say in January 2006, “if George Graham is the only one guilty of taking a bung in the last 10 years, I would be absolutely amazed.”
              At the time (being cognisant of libel laws) the names I heard called to give evidence were some of the biggest in English football.

    3. The perfect response Sue – superb response in fact and it is so good to see how the fan base is reacting to the article, well most of us anyway.
      I can’t imagine the emotional response when he does return, probably as emotional as when he left.
      Ma was talking about his return today and how much he feels he can still learn from AW – another one who wants him to return and, probably, the most important one as well.

      1. Yeah I saw that in his press conference. Arteta is a really intelligent coach Ken, I’m so glad we got him. He mentioned how he learnt alot from Arsene and how he’d be a wonderful person to have at the club again, maybe as director like the great David Dein. Being a fan, I’m sure he’ll always have arsenal’s best interest at heart. Picture Dangote buying Arsenal from kroenke, Arsene becomes director with Edu retained and Arteta as manager. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

        1. Now that is a possibility, rather than the dream that Jon and I spoke about…with a caveat of Dennis coming in as well!!!

          Out of interest, I have followed Dangote and his wealth through the pandemic, his latest venture and the loss of money due to the Nigerian naira and, just like kronkie, he seems to have come out smelling of roses (if I am reading the comments/figures correctly).
          The problem is though, kronkie doesn’t seem interested in selling at the moment.
          Perhaps the USA election results may influence things?

          1. Well, Ken I think he will sell at the right price. and like you rightly said, the results of the election next month may play an important role in aiding that. At the end of the day money talks and there’s only a few things out there that don’t have a price tag.
            Why I’ld prefer a dangote to own Arsenal is primarily because he’s an Arsenal fan. And yes, I would love to get the invincibles merry band back together again if they can do well in one role or the other for the club.

  9. We can only sing praises of this man….his work speaks for and after him… Invincibles are the words in my mouth and the best state of art stadium in England in club football is all I say when anybody tries to troll Arsenal in the viewing centres here in Nigeria and all that is thanks to Wenger….you can win 20 champions league and 50 premier league titles but you can never go unbeaten in the premier league….this alone is enough to immortalise this man….I listened to his interview on BBC about the throw in bin advantage to the opponent when the team with the ball is suppose to have the advantage but because of a player out of play during the throw in it gives advantage to the opponent and the area of the throw in sometimes gives advantage to the opponent….he said he looks forward to changing that aspect of football and he echoed by thought on that coz have always bin of that opinion…. And all I could say was how brilliant this man is…the way he talks and everything…. You can only admire….. Even though some of our fans think otherwise…. But the fact that they are only minority is enough to think less of their opinions on this great man…..and please Wenger…. Do something about the away goal…. For me it’s killing football…. Case in point Bayern Munich beating us 3-1 at the Emirates and we beating them 2-0 at the alliance arena but they still qualify …. But looking at the situation critically…. Yes they scored 3 at the Emirates but we managed to score one in reply and they couldn’t even hit the back of the net in their own home game…. Why did they qualify…. Where’s the level playing ground in that….away goals are scam to modern football and should be eradicated… please Wenger you can help with this…. Sorry for the long text…. Thanks guys for reading through…

  10. Fans who knew Arsenal before Wenger will have a different opinion then them who supported us during his period.

    Many will look at what he won, others what he created, some the failures and errors… and others will talk about the people’s lives on and off the pitch he changed. We just need to look at the awards ceremony when Wreh asked an unknown Frenchmen to come out and accept his award – because it was arsene who gave him his belief.

    And that’s all you need to know. A man who helps others succeed. Are these not the type of characters we should celebrate?

    1. Tom, yet another fitting reply and thanks for reminding me about the Wreh incident.
      Your last sentence and question sums it up completely for me.

      1. @ Tom & ken1945

        It is actually George Weah(the nation of Liberia President), AND not Chris Wreh, the Arsenal player.

        1. RicSAAlao, well spotted my friend…I did say I’d forgotten about the incident, but I didn’t realize I was that far gone down the road to senility!!!!

  11. What I saw and always see in Wenger is his virtue. What is a 8-2, 5-1, 4-0 etc compared to invincible. Till today my heart is filled with joy of our invincibility. Do I feel bad with those high scored defeat now, not at all. That is how we should remember the man.

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