Wenger will not get fired – so Arsenal fans need to be patient


Arsenal have been at their worst this season, losses to swedish minnows Ostersunds followed by a 3-0 walloping at the hands of Manchester city in the Carabao cup final has seen Arsenal fans and pundits alike calling for Arsene Wenger’s head. The calls are rightly so justified as we have been in decline for a while now. We are slowly going on a downward spiral while teams such as our bitter North London neighbours and Liverpool are on an unpward spiral and clearly making a play for our top 4 spot which was the pride and joy of our manager Arsene Wenger.

Due to all this fans are calling for Wenger’s head, so is the Arsenal manager to be fired? WRONG.

The reasons why-

1. We are talking about a man who has been manager since 1996, the board considers him a club legend and there is no way the board wakes up and fires him without giving him a respectful way to exit, he has earned that.

2. There is a way to do things and the Arsenal board, who are mostly old school guys, follow this way.

Stan Kroenke claimed last year after giving Wenger a new year contract: “it would have been very easy to fire Wenger.” What he meant is that the board considered all options and although the option that seemed most feasible to us fans was to fire Wenger, they decided against it due to many options such as replacements. So it might take more than a few losses for the board to fire Wenger. To justify my point, last season Ivan Gazidis proposed that Wenger goes to a director of football role, the thought of firing wenger was not even considered.

3. Wenger has been called by a former player to be like a gambler. He has lost all his chips and he knows that he should go home, but he doesn’t want to as he believes he can change his luck. At this point in the season Wenger still believes he can have a successful season, as per his comments in recent games he even sees himself getting the top 4. This is a man who has survived so many calls before for his head. Wenger seems to get the best out of Arsenal just when we think he is done for.

So fellow Gooners due to my reasons above we might have to wait till the end of season review to see the end of Arsene Wenger. The media is doing what the media does but we all know better. A little more patience.

At the end of season review, Wenger goes upstairs and we get a good young energetic manager like Jardim, or go for an old experienced head like Ancelotti to steady the ship.

Feel free to disagree.

Signed——- don nayr.


  1. tas says:

    The board don’t need to fire him publicly they will just say he resigned,

    weather or not AW has more left in him don’t mater now its about how much damage is causing the club, loss of new generation of supporters is the worst result, most of our supporters are from the invincible’s era and overseas supporters are fading, if Arsenal is a business club then surely have to act like a business and let our once great manager go

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yes but it’s up to our generation, the Invincible supporters, to make sure their kids grow up supporting Arsenal. Most sons will support who their dad supports.

      …I can sense someone thinking ..I think I’ll spare him the grief.

      1. tas says:

        @Break-on-through i turned so many kids in to arsenal supporters in the invincible’s era by buying them Arsenal kit, their fathers were Spud supporters and most fathers were relived thinking their kids don’t need to go through what they had to, how things change and i bet those kids and their fathers are cursing me now SORRY GUYS

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    our invincible defence

    Cole Toure Campbell Laurn

    B2B – Viera

    They are fierce, strong and have pace…quick in attack and defense…..

    Just look at our current squad….the only ones that have pace are Welbeck and Aubameyang…..

    Can anyone tell the difference???

    City has Sane and Stirling at the wings….

    In defence, they have Kompany, Walker, Mendy (Delph currently)

    even Fernandino has pace….and more

    Can anyone tells the similarity?

    1. Jens says:

      if you think welbs has more pace tham bellerin, you don’t watch football much.

      even laca is marginally faster than welbs.

  3. chris says:

    Once great Manager … yes, 10 years ago. Before that he inherited a 1st class ready made defence. Unless the Board can persuade Wenger to resign of his own volition he will stay next season as well !! So … as the author says … we will have to continue being patient. Those fans who know the most about top football have already been patient for some years as the team has declined and declined. Sad but true.

  4. I am an arsenal fan and I barely comment on this forum even though I have followed the comments on this site for years, but I just want to say; arsenal fans a all whiners , have been and will always he whether Wenger is at the club or not.

    1. henry says:

      You must also be new to football too or a passive fan. Tell me which fans of a top club would tolerate these shambolic performance we have been witnessing for the past five years. If fans of mid- table teams such as Newcastle, Hammers, Baggies among others protest, what do you expect from Arsenal fans.
      You are either Wenger himself or a troll.

    2. Gunner22 says:

      So true, let’s enjoy the special status we have as a great club when arsene is around, once gone we’ll be in the doldrums, dreaming of the good times we had with him.and someone wants Brendan Rodgers!! Another wants anchelotti!! Could not manage Bayern !!!Last year someone wanted Keoman!!!I’d take Allegiri only.Even Maureen is struggling at United and conte at Chelsea.

      1. john hodges says:

        ill say it again,boring utd.i wish we were so boring.

    3. Phil says:

      With comments such as you have just posted I’m glad you don’t offer your views too often.

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Let’s not get personal, you may skip them if they don’t match your opinion, i’m safe with arsene than sorry without him

        1. Thomas says:

          Gunner 22 we have a legendary manager and should enjoy the seasons we have left with him and going into a world cup year is a bad time to get rid of any manager at a big club but wenger will have a strong season with us next year

          1. Gunner22 says:

            Thomas i’m of the same view, lets not rock the boat now, we’ve seen it before with United, pool, Chelsea, lets give him a year and a dignified exit once his contract is over if he is not keen on renewing

          2. Thomas says:

            I agree gunner 22

          3. LagosGunner says:

            Ain’t you tired of the excuses, didn’t you say the same thing last year,and the year before the last?

            Every good thing comes to an eventual end someday, and he end for Wenger is now, We will still be a successful club when he is gone.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    “i turned down the whole world” is what Arsene tells us but let me tell you if he had performed like he have at Arsenal for the last ten years he wouldnt have lasted 5 minutes at any other clubs,Would Barca accept a 8-2 drubbing at Real or vice versa???Would Barca accept 20 years of “trying” to win the cl ???would Barca accept half arsed players giving 50 percent at bramall lane or white hart lane????would Barca accept more and more outlandish excuses for poor defeats???Would Barca accepts wengers famous “Values”??? And would Barca accept to pay a very ordinary coach 10 mil a year to achieve the very minimum???i think you know the answer.

    1. tas says:

      i turned down the whole world of CLUBS to be an Arsenal supporter and i’m staying too, the only difference is that financially i’m in the minus and AW is in the 8.5 Million plus, everyone HATES me who don’t support Arsenal and everyone LOVES AW who don’t support our Arsenal

      sounds something out of Monty Python Movie

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        He turned down the whole world, but at what other top club would he have lasted 21 years?

    2. Break-on-through says:

      I love Arsenal as much as most can love a club. But come on, Barcelona, we never deserved to be compared to that club. Not talking about form or an odd season or two. Barcelona and Madrid are like their best player over the years, Messi and Ronaldo had no equal and probably still don’t. They typify the clubs they play for. AC MILAN, Atletico, Liverpool, Juventus, that is more our speed. But right now we are lower than spuds, that’s when you know the sh&t hit the fan.

  6. tas says:

    ADMIN have we given up on thumbs up and down? its nice to know what the other supporters are thinking

    it seams we the Arsenal supporters have to get use to giving up on a lot, i have lost the respect of my wife she laughs at me every time i say i’m watching the match she replays= your going to lose why punish your self by watching, i told her ill divorce her before AW leaves if she mocks Arsenal again and she was relived and said= that,s OK then we still have years to go 🙂

  7. Sue says:

    I think that’s pretty darn obvious by now!!

    1. Handyandy1 says:

      I say we give him another 5 years to see if he can really turn this great club around. What do you say? Makes a run for the car being chased by the entire fan base.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Yeah I don’t reckon they’ll do it before the end of season. They will let him have a crack at, redemption in some peoples eyes, winning the Europa. He’s too large a part of Arsenal for it to happen now after all these years, he wouldn’t of lasted this far into the season if it was on their minds. He wouldn’t have lasted this far into the week if they were thinking about it lately. The Europa is maybe his last chance at winning a European title with Arsenal, I hope he can do it but I have no faith in these players nor their manager I’m afraid. Our midfield is too weak compared to a silky playing midfield. And funnily enough it’s not the British two that are the worst of it or the ones mostly letting us down. But that in itself is the problem in there, after all these seasons why would these two become most prominent, the evidence should have told a different story. Our defence, it’s a horrible mess back there, and Xhaka sitting in front of takes the biscuit. Strikers, we finally have them, after all these years we finally get not one but two that you could work with. And what happens, everything else, just about.

    1. Winning Europa means Wenger gets a fancy new contract so thanks but no thanks. I don’t want any trophy under Wenger.

  9. henry says:

    Earned? Earned what? Hasnt ge been paid and is still paid habdsomely?
    And for what? so that we get humiliated each season?

    I hate you Wenger. Just f##k off!r

  10. rkw says:

    for all those wittering on about wenger making arsenal great they should look at the club`s record in the 10 years before he took over and then compare it with the decade long record he will be handing over to whoever takes over hopefully in the summer …

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Yes George Graham was forced out by the Arsenal board for profiting from player transfers, something other managers were accused of doing but let off scot free. How many trophies would he have won with Arsenal if given the same time and funding as Arsene Wenger? Under Graham Arsenal won in Europe and were one loss away from an unbeaten season, won 2 First Division Titles, FA and League Cups.

  11. AndersS says:

    No man can ever earn the right to steer Arsenal to mediocrity. He should have been sacked a long time ago, although I used to hope, we would do the honourable thing (to resign) himself.

  12. Ray says:


  13. Grandad says:

    Our delusionary Board will permit Wenger to see out his contract.An honourable man,with Arsenal at heart, would have had the decency to step down 5/6 years ago with his Legacy in tact. The fact that he is losing the goodwill of fans with every embarrassing defeat bothers him not for he believes he is not accountable to the very people who have effectively paid his huge salary for 20 years. He fails to recognise that by the time he steps down his Legacy will be in tatters.

    1. Thomas says:

      He just won us 3 fa cups and two community shields and in those competitions in one way or another inclusing this years semis we had to beat the champions that is success if were top four then its we dont win trophies we slip out of top four for a year and now its even though we have won trophies and competing in finals its were just outside of top four for first time in 20 years next it will be anything no matter what to say something negative e en after hes done and you will say atleast we did this and that with wenger he was a legend after all at the club

      1. Sue says:

        No fa cup this year though… pity we didn’t put up more of a fight seeing as we were defending it

        1. Thomas says:

          Yea losing to forest was a pity i agree with that sue

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Thomas, I know you’re new to the game but the Community Shield used to be known as the Charity Shield and as far as honours go wasn’t worth mentioning then and still isn’t,

      2. John0711 says:

        Not in the CL fact
        10 points off 4th fact
        Humiliated by forest and otters houndys lol fact
        Spending a fortune and still deteriorating fact
        Wake up

        1. Thomas says:

          Were not spending a fortune were 6th in amount spent on players and if thats a fortune to you i dont know where you see us going liverpoodlians just spent 75m on a cb that shatters are so called recprd transfer which isnt very high

          1. Thomas says:

            And losing woth reserves to forest isnt the worst humiliation considering the top team this year in epl just lossed to wigan in same competition

      3. jon fox says:

        Thomas, You are clearly very young and have not followed Arsenal for 60 years as I and others on here have. I know you are young as you have not learned to punctuate(and because you regard the Community Shield as an honour, which it is not; merely a glorified pre -season friendly ,overhyped) and I say that not to chide your education but to show how astute people can tell things by reading clear tell tale signs, that other and often younger people cannot. Your many posts defending the indefensible are naive and laughable in the extreme. I do not say you are not a true fan; merely a silly one!

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    AKB’s coming out the woodwork left, right and centre. Their so deluded they’ve still got hope that their beloved manager will stay and turn things around. I bet they’ve never seen a football match in their lives or kicked a ball around, yeah, video games only. Laughable.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      D’you notice how these AKB’s quote all the stats. Thats because they spend all their time reading about the club instead of going to see them play. Sad bods.

      1. Dennis Moriarty says:

        Well said Kenny. I find this AKB’s so irritating. Not real fans, just some who jumped on the Wenger band wagon when he was winning things. Now they can’t accept that he is long past it and needs to be sacked. A sad state of affairs really.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Well said Dennis and Jon, I hope you take the bookies to the cleaners.

  15. jon fox says:

    Well , I totally disagree with the article writers conclusion , though not his astute criticism of Wenger. I am practically certain he will be gone by this May, sacked and have had a deal of money on this outcome with several bookies at shortening odds. Currently Ladbrokes offer 5/6,( ie a 55% chance) that he will be gone by this summer (though they do not stipulate by May, it’s true.) I believe the odds are far higher than this on him going and have substantially backed this outcome, as I am so sure. IMO, his only chance of a stay of executuion is to win the Europa and with Welbeck as our main striker and Mustafi and Xhaka likely to start in first eleven, only a fool would back us winning it. We play ACMilan who are on a long unbeaten run- serious betters look closely into these things, before staking money – and so I state with force that this articles conclusion is foolish, without due thought and he has not seen, or ignored, the many signs of change happening behind the scenes. Finally, I would ask the writer this: Why does he think Josh Kroenke has taken a three month stay in London? I do not see him visiting Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussards, personally, though perhaps the writer does!

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