Wenger will NOT play kids against Tottenham

Arsenal fans are used to seeing Arsene Wenger give the Gunners youth players a chance to impress us all in the League Cup, but it seems that Le Prof has changed this policy and will now only be using players from the first team squad in the least important tournament we participate in.

There are currently 24 players in the first team squad, with four injured and one suspended, so there will be some of the team that faced Chelsea on the pitch. “It will affect it because at the moment the youth-team players, many of whom are ready to play for us, are away on loan,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “The next players who have the talent are not completely ready to play at that level. With the difficulty of the opponent as well, you do not want to throw them into a game where they look out of place.

“There are no fringe players [here], there is only a first-team squad. It is an opportunity for Arsenal to win an important game and for the players who play for the club to defend our club and qualify.

“Apart from that, we played with the team in Zagreb and we didn’t win, so we want to come back now and win our cup games because that’s vital for us.”

The reserves that played at Zagreb looked very rusty, especially in the first half. Hopefully they will be a little sharper after that run out and can improve against Tottenham, but it is obvious that our first team can’t sustain playing every 3 or 4 days for a month so there simply has to be changes….


  1. Sanchez better be rested, play Campbell in his place and also rest ozil for walcott. I’d love to see a 4-4-2 of Giroud and walcott then campbell and Ox as the wingers. Plus id like to see iwobi get some minutes.

  2. Key to the game is win even if it’s ugly. Our kids used to get to the last at least but now it’s just not happening anymore. Strong team out tonight end of and play PC

  3. Team Id like to see..


    1. If you replace ,Arteta with Flamini , we will have same lineup. Flamini can only get card but he can’t be awful like Arteta. He can be subbed after his first yellow. We really need this WIN gunners!

  4. It’s just been announced that Wenger is getting divorced from his wife for a 39 year rap singer

    Why can’t Arsenal get divorced from Wenger?

    Also, didn’t know Wenger was into rap

  5. Campbell Iwobi
    Arteta Flamini
    Adelaide Fortune
    should be in the 18.
    Rest Ozil and Sanchez.
    Giroud needs this game to regain his form.
    I’d rest Gabriel keep him out of the spotlight a few days.

      1. Wrong.
        Giroud had form when he came back from his foot injury.
        Giroud normally gets regular goals when he puts the effort in, when he doesn’t put the effort in he may as well be costing Arsenal a player for all the good he does.

        Giroud needs to put the effort back into his game and I bet his form will improve.

    1. Keeping Gabriel out the spotlight for a short while could be a good move.
      I repsect the guy for standing up for his team-mates and not being intimidated, I can’t blame him for losing his cool as I would of done a lot worse 😛

      I’m sure he will mature like Kos did ^.^
      It isn’t like Gabriel is an old man either, he has years left in him ^.^

  6. Wenger on why he did not buy Anthony Martial

    “We have known him since he was a kid. But he’s more of a winger-type,” he said.

    “He’s an exceptional talent I agree with you but I believe that he plays in positions where we have players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez and Joel Campbell who can play in the position.”

    I did not see a winger in Martial, he is a striker

    1. Martial is good at running with the ball in his feet, he plays some of his best football when he can cut in from out wide…

      Try watching him.

  7. cech
    deb. mert. gab. monreal
    Arteta. ramsey
    oxlade. ozil. iwobi/Campbell
    I think theo needs more games to get into his groove. And three changes should be enough rotation.

    1. Mickey Mouse cup should be Ospinas, he done nothing wrong in his last game and should get more game time.

      Today is Wed, our next game is Sat @ 15:00 kickoff…

      Rest some players?

  8. Ospina
    Deb. Gabriel mert Gibbs
    Aterta Ramsey
    Walcott ozil chambo

    Sanchez sud be rested Ramsey need to play in d middle to get d best out of him.dis is also a gamble cause it’s sevens changes to the team.spuds ain’t Zagreb .wenger has to get it right dis tym

    1. Giroud and Walcott in the team, our 2 fit CF playing from the start in the mickey mouse cup…
      What are you smoking? Can I have some? 😉

  9. Ospina
    The Ox-Arteta-Ramsey

    That would be my lineup.
    Give Ospina gametime as he needs it, such great prospect still! 😉

    Debuchy needs to prove himself and given a chance to win his spot back, this is one of those chances.
    Bring Per back in for match sharpness.
    Play Chambers at CB so the kid learns that role and not play him in every position and end up getting a nickname of karmasutra…
    Gibbs needs game time as well, get our LB some gametime.

    Arteta instead of Flamini for the holding role, possession reasons.
    Ox wants to play centrally in the future so give him the occasional game in CM alongside a B2B and tell them both to ‘get stuck in’. This also covers Artetas fault of not being a great tackler, 2 B2B players help him close down the CM.
    Play Ramsey in his preffered central role, tell him we expect a match winning performance from him in the middle and if he performs then he stands more chance of claiming that spot for EPL games.

    Campbell needs game time and he is a breath of fresh air around the place, he needs gametime to show what he can really do and we can dangle the Right AM role as a carrot for him, if Ramsey can perform in the middle then there becomes an argument of Campbell taking Ramseys place on the right, time for Campbell to step up.

    Jeff in Alexis place, Iwobi could be a good sub to bring on but Jeff is the real talent who could be ready to step up next year! We need to start giving him more exposure to the level of football that will be required.

    Using Giroud upfront gives Theo some time for a rest before the next EPL game, IMO Theo is 1srt choice CF currently and Giroud is his cover… at least till Giroud either gets his act together again or gets shipped out.

    Play Iwobi on the left, Jeff on the right and Campbell as a pacey CF…

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