Wenger will NOT sell Arsenal star to BPL rivals

The former Arsenal midfield star and the man who was the head of youth development for almost the whole time that Arsene Wenger has been the manager will be pleased to hear what the Frenchman has been saying about Jack Wilshere this week.

Liam Brady was clearly worried about the recent Arsenal transfer rumours connecting the England international with a possible move to our Premier League rivals Manchester City and he spoke about what a mistake it would be. However, it appears that the former academy chief need not have worried about his protege, because Wenger has absolutely no intention of selling Wilshere.

It seems like the Prof feels exactly the same way about the 23-year old, as a Sky Sports report reveals. Wenger also has confidence that all Jack needs is a decent spell without any injury problems for the Gunners to see the best of him again.

Perhaps that is why the boss is being so careful with his player and is not rushing him back into action after the latest ankle problem caused by Man United defender Paddy McNair and the subsequent operation to remove the pesky pins. He did give the good news that Jack´s recovery was going very well though.

Wenger said, “Jack is in front of what we expected him to be.

“What takes a long time and what people underestimate a little bit is that to get back to be capable to play is one thing, but to be back and be capable to be sharp and efficient takes a bit longer.

“Even the players, from the moment they train again fully and the moment they are really back to their level, they are impatient, but it takes much longer than they think to get sharp again.

“In the Premier League it is a fraction of a second that makes you efficient or not.

“Jack plays with freedom as soon as he is back, so I don’t think on that front it will be a problem.

“But he needs now one or two years without problems to really get the full confidence and belief back, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen.

“Jack is an Arsenal player. I believe the success of the club in the future years will depend on how well the young players educated here will do, and he is part of that.”

So those Gooners that were hoping the boss would sell our injury blighted star and spend the reported £30 million might be disappointed by this, but I for one am looking forward to seeing the old Wilshere back on the pitch for Arsenal. How about you?

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  1. We would be stupid to sell jack, especially to a team such as city who are seriously low in numbers of homegrown players. When the new homegrown rules come into place, oil rich teams like chelski and city are gonna be deep trouble, especially with city being hounded by FFP. Why directly strengthen a rival? Jack is still young and despite the injuries I think he has a good chance to prove everyone wrong. Look at Ramsey and coquelin. You can’t just give up on players when things aren’t going well

      1. They were probably always going to win it anyway, but it feels bad for them to win it by Hazard diving in the penalty area. Michael Oliver would’ve yellow carded him and given a free kick to Crystal Palace.

        A shame that no one is saying more about it, but it was a clear dive, and something that we’ve be waiting almost a year to resolve, should not be settled in this manner. The FA really have to get this problem sorted out, even if it means not awarding penalties for contentious decisions.

        1. I agree with the overall sentiment, that referees need to kill diving by booking a lot more and after match punishment when dives are missed but that wasn’t a dive.

          This wasn’t an Oscar dive, there was proper contact and full speed.

          1. We’d have to agree to disagree. I didn’t see any contact at all with his legs and contact with the upper half of his body was minimal and difficult to avoid, so the way he went over was clearly simulated, and not consistent with any contact that there was. If players go over in a natural way consistent with the foul, then I’d have no problem, it’s when they go over in the penalty area, when they wouldn’t go over if the same situation occurred elsewhere on the pitch, and then add in a level of play acting consistent with appearing as an extra on a Die Hard movie. I have seen him do exactly the same dive and movement before, and he is a man of habit, like his penalties, so don’t be fooled – these are well practiced!

            1. I just looked at the replay a couple times; he was definitely playing for it but the problem is that one player is pushing him into the other and both defenders don’t touch the ball so there really isn’t any choice for the referee but a penalty.

        2. I confess I haven’t even seen the Hazard penalty incident – have gone to extraordinary lengths today to avoid watching anything with Chelski on the screen. I did laugh the other day though when SSN put up a graphic to show just how brilliant Hazard is and one of the stats was “most fouled player in PL” with a 100+ fouls. Sign of the times I suppose when this becomes cause for celebration and is intended to impress people. Hazard has a hugely impressive skill set but he is a country mile ahead of the competition in terms of “buying” a foul. He is has perfected the skill. Hazard is undeniably a fantastic player but if he has allusions of grandeur and wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Messi then he needs to develop a Messi-esque sense of balance. Perhaps he needs specialist surgery in the USA or Switzerland to correct his inner ear workings. Even looking closer to home it normally takes a huge scything tackle or a common assault with big “oooooooooooos” from the ground to deck Alexis. Oh and one more thing I hate – this going to ground and the immediate scooping up of the ball with the arms to force the ref in to a decision.

    1. If City gives lot of money(30m£-35m£) then sell him and replace him with Schneiderlin & Gundogan.Wilshere has already lost it.Motherfu**ers Chelsea off with the EPL Title.I want to crush them so bad……

    2. no team was interested in paying 30mill for Coquelin or Ramsey though. If that money comes around, Jack should start packing. 30mill for a squad player who doesnt play half of the season.

    3. why are people afraid of Wilshere becoming good at another club anyways? Doesn’t have the potential to be better than Ozil or Cazorla anyways.

    4. I really wonder if people want to keep Wilsher for his talent or because of his nationality.
      Where and in the place of whom do you want him to play.He is not even second choice on talent at any of his potential position.

  2. Off topic:
    With chelski already winning the title, we should now make it a priority with our game in hand, to secure 2nd place in the league! Coyg!

    1. Bw a difficult task. We have a game in hand but we also visit Old Trafford, could easily lose all of that advantage in that fixture, but hopefully not. Also we play Hull, very difficult nut to crack at home and fighting to avoid relegation. Swansea should be ok as they have nothing to play for, but they’re still a very good team. West Brom, as they proved yesterday, are also a difficult team to break down under Pulis. Having secured safety yesterday hopefully they’ll switch off. Sunderland are also fighting against relegation, but at the Emirates I’d still fancy us.

      So yes, tough fixtures for us. But City don’t have the easiest fixture list themselves. Tottenham today, can’t see them dropping any points though. Swansea also, and QPR, who will also be fighting. Lastly, Southampton, who have a mean defence as we all know. It’ll be close. I think we can write off United as a challenge for 2nd place though.

      1. Yes, games that looked easy-ish on paper a month ago have suddenly become more difficult – Hull, Sunderland, WBA and Swansea all getting good recent wins. And special mention too for Villa in the FA cup final although personally I fancy our chances more against an in form established mid-table team than against perennial underdogs like Hull or Wigan. However, whilst I would obviously prefer 2nd in all honesty my priority is not finishing 4th – 2nd or 3rd are pretty much the same to me and I think we have a very significant advantage over United with them only having 3 games to play (Palace (a), us (h) and Hull (a). With a better GD it is likely that 5 more points will push them into 4th (or 5th??).

  3. eats up wage to sit in medical room. Its ridiculous. This is why we can win the title. Wenger wastes time with players that offer nothing. Arteta and Diaby are also about to get contracts. Ridiculous!

  4. I fear we might lose Oxlade-Chamberlain. He’s a little peripheral in our squad due to his injuries, still young, but not that young anymore, in and out of the team and with possibly another attacking player joining in the summer and Welbeck increasingly being played out wide he could get even less playing time. I really hope he doesn’t leave. He’s probably the second best young player we have, after Bellerin.

    1. Ox has nowhere to go. Like Wilshere, he’s always injured and none of our rivals would take him besides for City. Ox at least is way more talented and a bit more reliable. Think he has a better chance of staying fit compared to Wilshere.

      1. Any team in the Premier League would gladly take Oxlade-Chamberlain. Beyond question. One of the best homegrown players around.

        1. How many of those teams would he start for though consistently? Its a situation similar to Wilshere. He needs to stay fit, or else he’s sort of useless. We needed him against Chelsea, and against Monaco 2nd leg, but he just doesnt stay fit. Yeah, any team would take him, but they wouldnt rely on him much either.

          1. He’d start for City. Better than Navas. He’d start for Chelsea too, they aren’t overly happy with Willian. He’d start for United, they don’t have a RW. Liverpool too, and definately the rest.

            1. not saying he wouldn’t start, but all those players you mention are fitter than Ox and would get their spot back the moment he picks up an injury. Its the same problem he has here.

              1. Would he be injured at those clubs? Fabregas was injured loads at Arsenal, not at Chelsea.

                1. Well now we’re talking about a different problem. Hard to say if he would be injured at other clubs. And Fabregas wasn’t injured too much in my opinion, still pretty reliable. Pretty sure the majority of his time with us he had well over 25 appearances, which is miles better than both Ox and Wilshere. As I said before, Ox has way too much talent to sell to another rival, I don’t think Wilshere is on the same level potential-wise, and if someone were to come in with a 30mill bid, I think it would be stupid to refuse it. Arsenal could easily use that money for a better player.

  5. First and foremost wilshere is NOT an arsenal star, what has he done to deserve that. Its such hype that has gotten into his head ever since he was 18 and has failed to develop ever since then. His defenders don’t fail to blame it on injuries as if the likes of zidane and other world class players don’t get injured

    1. F*** off!
      wilshere was our best player after sanchez in the 1st half of the season
      Atleast let him complete a season 1st and then judge him. I still believe that he can put his inhury problems behind him.
      And what do u know how long it takes to truely recover from a 18 month long injury at such a young age…
      We are arsenal, not f***ing chelsea, be patient.

      1. Our best player??….don’t be deceived
        It was as simple then as wilshere got subtituted and we started playin well….against crystal palace wch was our first game…against everton( we score 2 late goals wen he left d pitch)…..he just doesn’t fit..

        He plays as if he is good enuf….he doesn’t play to improve and wenger is rite…he need like 2yrs of active playin for him to reach is potential…so bad wilshere himself thinks he’s already dere(it so hard for such player to improve)

        1. what about besiktas home (sanchez scored the goal but wlshere was easily our best player that day)
          city home
          spuds home
          united (barring the poor finish)

          he is our only player that shows up in the big games (more than other anyway)

          and i’m aware that arsenal’s record without wilshere is better, but that is wenger’s fault because he tries to fit ozil (earlier it was rosicky), cazorla, ramsey and wilshere in the same team which just will not work

          1. Dats y we won all dose games nao…and dat besiktas match, he had several chances to play d final pass wch he just cudnt……and he called him our best player against city, spurs and manure cos he was tryin to do everytin and dat was y we ddnt win……he ddnt even start away to villa and we won convincingly

            1. well sanchez doesn’t pass (at all, let alone the final ball), no one blames him

              however i do agree that wilshere’s final ball isn’t always the best

  6. What a way to win the bpl title with a diving penalty! Hope these cheats do not repeat as the bpl champions next season, and us gunners have a huge say in the race for ” the bpl title”! Coyg!

  7. Wilshere is over rated another hyped up english media darling,he has done nothing for Arsenal,I still remember that terrible miss against Man U at the emirates earlier this season we ended up losing heavily because he’s a poor finisher with also a poor assist record for a so called number 10

  8. We’re in 2nd place and for too many Arsenal fans that a atrophy and considered success. These are the same people who thought we would challenge for the title this season. When will they wake up and realize we were NEVER in the title race at ANY point of the season? Its ridiculous to watch Wenger act like he can win things. He can’t, and again he;s going to leave holes in the squad for next season. He’s already ruled out signing a GK, which is just a sign of the same next season. Call me a pessimist, but I’m a realist, we’re not winning the title next season. In addition to not having a complete squad, these players have no idea what its like to be in a title race for a whole season and have immense pressre. Arsenal only play well when there is no pressure on us. If Arsenal want to win the big trophies, time to get a new manager. Cant wait until these two years are done and Wenger hopefully calls it quits. Way past it.

    1. It’s that easy to predict arsenal season… They always manage to frustrate you at some points a season. . They always come short

      1. exactly. I love Arsenal, but its so frustrating to watch the way its run sometimes. It too often feels like Arsene FC instead and I think its time for the club to move beyond that because I don’t see Arsene FC winning anything big. As much as i hate Chelsea, there is actual pressure to win things there. Arsenal should have been challenging this season, and its silly things Wenger did earlier in the season that ruined our challenge. You would think after 2 decades Wenger would know how to approach a season but he always comes up short and making strange decisions.

  9. Wilshere is world class and one of our most important players. We must not sell him at all let alone sell him to our rivals

    1. how is Wilshere world class? Please tell me all the times he’s been world class for us? He has done nothing since one good game against Barcelona. That’s not enough, time to stop living off of that. The amount of talented young players is immense and only a few make it. Wilshere is one of those that just aren’t making it, but got enough early hype to prolong his stay at Arsenal. World class is driving your team to win things, consistently showing up and standing out in big games. Would any team besides Arsenal still have Wilshere at their club, answer is no. Wilshere is only around because Wenger likes him.

    2. we climbed from about 7th place to 2nd place without one of our most important players? Wow, if Wilshere’s fit next season we should be winning champions league then.

    3. I’m a huge wilshere fan, but saying he’s world class already is pushing it a bit.
      However i still think that he can be a very very good player and an important part of the team for years to come.

      1. my boy, if it weren’t for Sanchez carrying the ENTIRE team until December we’d be fighting for Europa League spots.

        1. sanchez not giving the ball to others was what created the deception of arsenal being a one man team and sanchez carrying arsenal BS.
          i’m not that ignorant to say that he wasn’t great at the start of the season but he was not carrying us. And as soon as our injured players came back especially ozil the same ‘inferior’ players started looking good (giroud, monreal, ramsey, ozil offcourse).

            1. Well every1 has seen it (particularly in the 2nd half of the season) but no1 wants to admit it

          1. Everyone on here and in the wider world can see that Alexis often dribbles in to trouble when he should pass and sometimes has an indifferent first touch but man he must have done something bad to your mother or girlfriend for you to be harbouring so much poorly disguised contempt for the guy. If you demand the perfect player then you are gonna be forever disappointed my friend. The guy has scored or assisted 30 times in a debut season as a secondary forward – to even attempt to construct a theory that he is, as you say so eloquently and persuasively put it, “shit” is plain and uncomplicated grounds for sectioning under the Mental Health Act. Not rating him or considering him overrated is a fine opinion to hold – but do yourself a favour with this “shit” thing.

  10. World class is driving your team to win things, consistently showing up and standing out in big games…. so who do we have there? ramsey…walcott…merteshaker…giroud….please…wilshere is still work in progress but has the potential to be a world class player xavi and iniesta didnt become regulars ar barca til they were 23 or 24…. idiots on this site who want rid of wilshere but desperately clinging to others need what is left of their miniscule footballing brains examined

    1. “potential to be world class” and actually BEING “world class” are WAY two different things! My goodness, you are so far gone. And no, none of the other arsenal players you named are world class either! Who in their right mind would say they are? Our only world class players are Ozil, Sanchez, and Koscielny. We have some great players, but world class is a term thrown around WAY too often. Wilshere cant stay fit for half a season and doesnt even stand out in that time. Stop living off the fact he’s from the academy. Coquelin is from the academy as well and in these few months has been more useful than Wilshere has in several seasons. just the truth .

      1. So if some1 has potential to be world class ( but isn’t world class yet ), why would u want to sell him!!!
        Wilshere will make u eat ur words in a few season.

        1. you have to have more than 1 good game in your career to even be considered potential. Wilshere has regressed since 19.

      2. and sanchez is NOT world class.
        he’s good player NOTHING more. If we do have an overrated player in the squad then its sanchez

        1. my boy, if it weren’t for Sanchez carrying the ENTIRE team until December we’d be fighting for Europa League spots.

    2. its people like who you complain about not winning the title and then want Wilshere in the starting lineup. Absolutely ludicrous. And I remember you from several months ago calling for Wenger’s head. Typical member of this website who loves Wenger when he gets us in top 4, but hates him when we drop out of the title race and have to settle.

  11. Bob, I think Liam Brady and the boss have to jettison their sentiments thinking and embrace realism for a while. So that they will get Arsenal successfully out of the woods where they have been trapped for 10 years. Enh? The boss has tried unsuccessfully to get Arsenal out of the woods for the past 2 years but got hindered for seemingly allowed himself to be trapped by sentimental consideration instead of allowing himself to be realistically guided in his decision makings. After the penalty diving cheat that allowed Hazard to score and won the current Barclays Premier League title for Chelsea. I asked myself soberly, where had it go wrong for us for the past 2 years when we were advantageously positioned to win the Premeir League. But Alas! We crashed out. Has Liam Brady asked himself why we have not won it at least once out of the 2 occasions we were in the reckoning to win it? Our failure to at least won it a year ago or even win it this season, is as a result of our hanging on to sentiment instead of embracing realism. If the boss will preferred to wait for Wilshere for a year or 2 before he can hit top form for Arsenal and refused to sell him to an Oil rich club for £30m or more, who need him for quota reason. And we have surplus of quota to keep us safe. And then take a gamble to sign on Raheem Sterling or another top like him. That is a sentiment decision. If the boss will give another contract extention to a 35 years old next summer Tomas Rosicky, who has scored 19 goals from 169 appearances for Arsenal. And missing out 206 times in his 9 years at Arsenal (2006-2015) largely due to him getting injured. That is a sentiment decision by the boss. Unfortunately, sentiment decision makings will not refetch for us the Premier League title. But by making realistic decision for Arsenal could. If the boss is offended by my comment. Let him please accept my unreserved apology.

  12. Def keep Jack.
    The guy’s been carrying ankle problems over the last year or two, give him a chance.
    Every club needs home grown players, so much hatred from foreign, FIFA playing ‘fans’ on here. A fully fit Jack will take the PL by storm, hopefully next season.

  13. TBH I’m not jacks biggest fan, he has all the potential but wastes it thinking he’s a star, but I would keep him for the following reasons
    Santi is getting on maybe 1-2 years left
    Jack is different than Ramsey he’s the best at running and driving with the ball, he needs to get his head down and show the club why he can be a top top player if not then he can go and take his habits with him

    Another point we do need to spend big on two top players otherwise we will be a top 4 team again next year, I worry that because of our recent run we will think that we can achieve top with the same squad next year

  14. Why not write an article on why and how chelsea won the league. Forget Wilshere …arsenal players need to know when to pass the ball forward or backward. They play just because they want to play and not because they want to be champions. Sometimes the players keep going forward like zombies just to attract to those fans with soft minds. Those chelsea players play every match like a war….they have reasons for every match they win and the ones they fail to win…but can you explain why a team will have 70% possession and still loses. Most times, arsenal lose matches without any good reason. Some of the players are cartoon characters..Giroud,monreal,merteserker,wilshere or wheel chair. Next season,next season, next season that is all I keep hearing…when is the next season that arsenal will prove to be serious title contender?…when is that season arsenal will play the champions league final again? Do you know the stats of arsenal fans with high BP? They say chelsea is boring but at least the sleeping fans will always wake up to celebrate a goal and a trophy …..arsenal fans would stay awake watching the beautiful passes then all of a sudden they concede a goal (gbam!) and in the end celebrate nothing. Zombies get shot,fall down,rise up and the cycle begins. Zombies win nothing!

  15. I don’t think we’ve missed or would miss him, good sqaud/cup player at best currently. Give him one more season.

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