Wenger will stay at Arsenal – whether we like it or not!

Arsene is not leaving Arsenal for good or bad. by Konstantin Mitov

I am not Arsene biggest supporter and I strongly believe that on most recent (and ever so repeating) evidence it is the time for him to step down. Still I really cannot see it happening. There are a number of well known reasons for that.

First, he has 100% backing of the Board. Arsene has the Board in his pocket. He delivers money for a lot of old people with unknown roles at Arsenal. Seriously what do our board members do? I’m not going to calculate their average age too, because it is just embarrassing how much we lack forward thinking.

This is a scandalously large topic on the lack of fresh faces on both the board and the coaching staff, but recently players have come out and questioned the managers tactics like Koscielny did for the Chelsea game ‘I think we played some players in front of others and I think we should have played more as a team and there was space to do so’.

This brings another huge point – players don’t trust the manager that much. We have quality players and they know that among themselves, but Arsene is outdated and everyone knows this. The players faces when we go a goal down say it all! We have no clear idea how we want to play or approach games and Arsene has no clue after the game as to why we lost.

Nobody holds responsibility at this football club. When was the last time Arsene said ‘Ok, my fault, I got it wrong’. Conte said “We have to be a good team not only on paper” after we beat them 3:0 which seems like ages ago. Klopp took responsibility for the bad results at Liverpool as he should! With us it’s always misfortune, the grass, the referee, I mean Arsene’s reputation with other managers is not that great.

The fact our star players haven’t signed new contracts is a question of not just money. It’s ambition that’s lacking. They’ve been at Barca and Madrid and they know the pressure of having to win at all cost. Here we take defeats like a winter breeze. It hurts for a bit, but once you’re home it’s all good. We don’t learn lessons.

But to summarise all of those points, Arsene cares little about any of them. Neither does he care about the fans who fight in the stands and have been slowly but surely turning on him in the past 5 years. We’re just told to shut up and keep throwing money at the club. We moved to the Emirates to compete, to become a modern super club! It looks like we moved to make more money for already rich people.

There are rumours of Allegri and boy do I hope there just any sort of truth to it, but look what does Arsene have? He split with his wife, partially because of football. He loves the game and I couldn’t question his desire to help the club, but I think his capabilities won’t take us any further.

Still, he loves power and he has it all at Arsenal. No other big club would treat him as well as we do, nor will he enjoy the joy of being invincible like he is now. He will decide when to leave and it won’t be now. He most probably wants to retire a champion, but sadly this won’t happen either.



  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    Fudge Wenger. Sick of him.

  2. badenglish says:

    Arsene Wenger = Angela Merkel

    Whether we like it vor not

    I live in Germany and I never met a supporter of Angela Merkel but they stay forever

  3. Kostafi says:

    The sooner he goes, the sooner the rebuild can start. Much respect to the man for being our most successful manager and all, but we have to start planning for the future. I would not trust him with the transfer budget knowing his plans are short term. Whatever team he is building will probably be rebuilt by someone else.

    Unless he plans on doing a Fergie with one final assault on the EPL, then he should go.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Konstantin, you have been bashing Wenger since the day you were born mate ? you will probably end up stalking him when he eventually retires too… What? ?

  5. BUR says:

    This can’t go on any longer. We are the laughing stock of the premier league. It’s always next season, next season and next season never comes. It’s like a bar with a sign outside saying “free beer tomorrow”, tomorrow is always a day away.

    1. Vlad says:

      The laughing stock of the EPL? That’s because the media “loves” us too much. How about Utd, or Pool? Or even City? They haven’t been exactly setting the league on fire, but I don’t see them getting as much stick as we do. Every single stinking pundit said that it wasn’t a foul on Bellerin on Saturday. Are you effin kidding me?! Ridiculous.

  6. frank says:

    It will never end unless the ticket holders publicly do something. Signs, march, chant, they are the ones that need to do it for us all.

    1. AndersS says:

      All the fans actually have the power together.
      If enough get behind:
      Not buying merchandise
      Boycotting Arsenal sponsors
      Not watching the games on TV
      Making public noise (in the press, on social media etc.)

      It will soon be a matter of money also for the board, and the pressure will lead to changes.
      I am not suggesting that is the way to go now, but a way forward could be for the fan base to unite on a plan for this and then take it to the management of the club, that this is what is going to happen, if the club doesn’t come up with a creditable plan for how we can become champions again. Including a change of manager.

  7. Tas says:

    its clear to all that even with a full squad which i believe is good enough to challenge for the title is miss firing, we are kittens in the first half and lions in the second half, so i think its time for AW to bow out its the right thing to do, we need a Klopp type manager full of passion and caring manager, caring because we have a few babies in the team that needs hand holding and cuddling

    1. Vlad says:

      Klopp? How is Pool doing these days?

      1. Tas says:

        You obviously look at week to week results, klopp has a meddioca team and lacks depth compared with Arsenal and Arsenal players, yes they have one or two great players but we have a better team on paper,
        I was tring to make a point that we need a manager who multi tasks with ambition agretion and caring, it’s clear now that AW lacks ambition yes he would like to win trophies but not this way

  8. ger burke says:

    the people that i blame most for the position we are in with wenger are the arsenal fans who attend all of the games. these guys have the power to change anything . stay away from the matches, let the television cameras pick up on the empty seats . show the world that arsenal fans are not going to take anymore of wengers codswallop and constant lying and disrespect.as long as fans turn up to the games then wenger and the board have won , if the fans did not turn up then panic would set in , the board would soon act.i dont care if you are for wenger or against wenger , forget all that . think of our club , long term, how much more can our club be ridiculed both at home and in europe. we are the laughing stock of the football world, we are the easy touch. soon , we will be the club that everybody wants to play and beat because of our jelly spine . until this useless manager is put out to grass then the laughter will even get louder. may the football gods, the new ones, and the old ones, have mercy on us .

  9. Vlad says:

    Do you just recycle your old articles, Konstantin, as I seem to recall you talking about Arsene splitting from his wife on several different occasions? You really do sound like a broken record, and it’s bordering on a verge of embarrassing and pathetic. We get it, you have a hard on for our manager, but you can write about anything else? Anything at all? Perhaps about that non-foul on Bellerin that really was a foul. Or perhaps about the fact that Coq hasn’t had a good game in god knows how many weeks. Or that maybe Cech has passed his prime, and should be sold? What I’m getting at is that Wenger might be a lot of things, and he’s certainly not the saint, but what he is is loyal to the club, and loyal to his players. I’ve never seen him publicly criticize a player, and I’ve heard him say “Sorry” numerous times, including after suffering defeats that can’t and shouldn’t be pinned on him. Yes, players failed the manager against Chelsea, not the other way around. The same cannot be said about a lot of other managers, including our archenemy, Mr. Mourinho, who will blame everything and everyone but himself. I understand your frustration, but Arsene was, and still is the face of the club. He’s always done what’s asked of him, and he’s done it well given the circumstances. You want to vent and hate on someone? Then you’ll have to look in the direction of our owner, and the board. They are the real enemies, not Wenger.


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