Wenger won’t be happy with the referee for Tottenham v Arsenal

Uh Oh, the latest news on the North London derby at Wembley between Tottenham and Arsenal is not going to cheer up Arsene Wenger as the referee has been named as Wenger’s old nemesis Anthony Taylor. We can all remember last year when Taylor was the fourth official at the Burnley game at the Emirates Stadium when Wenger was sent off after telling Taylor to “f*** off” twice before claiming he was “dishonest to his federation”. And Taylor wasn’t even refereeing he was just the Fourth official!

That incident ended up with Wenger being banned for four games for that and this season, last month in fact, after Wenger was already charged with abusing Mike Dean after he gave West Brom an extremely unlikely penalty in the dying minutes of our New Year’s eve meeting, and Taylor was in the middle when the Gunners took on Chelsea.

He awarded a penalty to Chelsea after a challenge on Eden Hazard, and although it wasn’t as blatant as Mike Dean’s West Brom error, Wenger was just as upset. The Boss was asked if that decision was as bad as Dean’s and he ranted: “Worse or not worse, we know what we get.

“Look since the start of the season, it is what we have to take. We have to take it and to fight, but we cannot influence that.

“You ask me if it’s a penalty, I say it’s a farcical decision. You could give 10 penalties like that per game.

“You decide what you want. Anyway, read the foreign papers what they write about that, and then look after at the English papers, you will see the difference.”

This incident was also investigated by the FA, but as Wenger was already set to be banned for the Dean incident, nothing came of it, but it is just another example of Wenger’s feelings towards Taylor (and referees in general lol)

It will be very interesting to see how things pan out at Wembley on Saturday, especially with the recent allegaations of Tottenham diving to win penalties…..



  1. Oh well whatever! Bring back luigi collina I say! 🙂
    Off topic Benevento in serie A hugging the bottom of the table seems to be the new retirement home for example Arsenal players
    They’ve just signed Sagna and are now after free agents Nasri and Song.

    1. Nasri still plays well and is still 30 years old, he should not find any difficulties in getting a good contract

  2. Arsenal should be prepared of Tottenham’s diving tactics. But Arsenal were also benefited from unfair official decisions, such as when facing Burnley in this season and in the last season.

    They could prevent this if they can control the game. Hopefully Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey can prevent Tottenham players from threatening inside the penalty box.

  3. Does it really matter who we get, none of them like us or more to the point our manager. Personally, I think it could have been worse, Oliver from Durham, Atkinson from West Yorkshire or Dean from Merseyside who are totally bias or Moss from West Yorkshire, Mason and Taylor from Manchester who are totally useless. All the referees are appointed by PGMOL chief Mike Riley who also happens to come from West Yorkshire who’s had more run ins with Arsene Wenger than the inefficient Anthony Taylor ever has, so it was obvious to me that we we’re going to get one of the awful six. Believe me this is no coincidence. You’d think the game being a London derby would be officiated by southern referee but unfortunately there are none.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out that all the refs are from the North. It shows. It won’t change much when Wenger goes, but it could if it were a British referee.
      A sad state of affairs, but that’s the shit we live in.

  4. Wenger should be worried more about our defense than the referee. Kane, Alli, Son, Ericksen may run riot. At least they have a quality defensive midfielder in Wanyama. We have Xhaka lol or ??

    I think we should play Wilshere and Kolsanic, not Wilshere and Xhaka

    I think when it comes to attack we are even but their defense including DM and GK are better

    We will need Ozil, Auby, Mkhy to be on top of their game and score some goals. This could be a high scoring match.

    Im happy its a 12:30 match so we can get it over with. Derbys are always tough

    1. Apart from high anticipation and aggression, a DM should possess excellent passing skill as well, otherwise there would be many misplaced passes. Kolasinac and Mustafi are very aggressive, but we don’t know their passing ability yet, if they play in DM position.

      Xhaka is one of Premier League best passers, but Arsenal should find a more complete DM than him. Maybe they should try Kolasinac, Niles or Mustafi as DM in the League Cup.

        1. and at the minute looks very uncomfortable on the ball – look at his first 5 minutes in the Everton game and I needn’t mention the Man Utd game…

  5. Quite unfortunate, Laca has been forgotten. Will love to see him play, he is not for the bench. Wenger please give Wilshire that tin to sign

  6. Referees are now being used as an excuse when we loose games? common, Wenger should prepare his team to win and forget about the referee please!

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