Should Arsenal be worried about facing resurgent Swansea?

Arsenal don’t have to play Swansea until Tuesday night and our first team should be very well rested, while the Swans have an FA Cup tie against Notts County tomorrow and will only have a three-day gap.

Swansea may be bottom of the League right now, but under their new manager Carlos Carvalhal they have improved drastically. They are unbeaten in their last 4 games and shocked Liverpool last week by beating them 1-0. Arsene Wenger admits that his team will have to be at their best after seeing the Swans stop Liverpool’s incredible strike force from getting even one goal…

“When you don’t win you are criticised and I think Liverpool tried and what is a good warning for us is that Liverpool are an attacking team – you cannot criticise them for not attacking, they are very dangerous going forward and they didn’t manage to score against Swansea. That is a good warning for us that we have to produce absolute total offensive performance.”

The Boss knows that we desperately need a win to keep up the pressure for a Top Four place, but also knows that there are no more easy games in this League. “Yes, it makes it more difficult and I agree completely with you. When you anticipate the league you think as well that you have to make your ground up before April because in April you have a few teams. What we noticed last year is that some of the teams who battled to be safe, once they were safe they lost many games and so it was more difficult to make ground up after April- because some teams, once they’re safe, they gave up and were a bit less focused and lost easy games. You could see scores of 4-0 after 20 minutes for example and so that’s why this period is vital for us.”

“It’s tougher because when you look at the results for what has changed compared to 10 years ago is that the teams are ready to fight for 90 minutes, they are ready to be organised for 90 minutes and there is no weak moments in their organisation. You see more and more teams with 30 per cent possession who win the game, it was not always the case like with Swansea against Liverpool and we see that more and more.”

Whether Swansea play well or not should not be Wenger’s biggest worry, it should be the fact that Arsenal are short of confidence away from the Emirates. We have only won twice in our last 10 games on the road, and they were only narrow late victories at Burnley and Crystal Palace so we need to step up our own performance….



  1. Shortboygooner says:

    They should be worried about a resurgent ARSENAL. Since alexis has gone we have looked much better and come away with 2 in 2. I cant wait to see HMIK in action. I say the perfect team to get his flow going. If we can beat them well and make ozil more comfortable thats even more bonus

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      We’ve actually only played one, and won one since his departure. Since he was taken out of the match day squad, it’s played three, won two, lost one.

      Yeah I cannot wait to see Henrikh as well! I hope he starts against Swansea.

  2. ks-gunner says:

    Haha, Arsenal and their fickle fans. No excuses, we are better then them, so a win is a must, end of the story

  3. Innit says:

    Im actually more worried about Fabianski
    He has been playing really well recently

    Fans should be worried about Wenger putting the right/wrong team out.

    Wenger should put out 4 at the back. Play Kolsanic over Monreal (he just played). Play Mktharyan and Ramsey, not Iwobi and Xhaka. Other than that the same team which played Chelsea.

    Also start Mktharyan. Alexis started today so nothing wrong with diving into the deep end. He may take time to fit in but he should do fine

    Something like
    Eleny… Ramsey…. Wilshere
    Mktharyan. ..Ozil.

    Or close to that

    No Adelaide at LWB or Nelson at RWB or Mktharyan as a CB lol or any nonsense like that. Just play our best players in their best positions innit

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      Bench Monreal?? your best defender for the past 3 seasons now?? Are you sipping in on some Wenger tea??
      And what is it with you guys against Iwobi and all the hate you guys got for him??
      just when he’s doing netter now, send him back to the bench??
      Sometimes I do wonder if some of you fans here are even better than Mourinho when it comes to how you treat our players

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      if they are good enough they should play

      pretty sure u will say no to Mbappe and lemar on the pitch if they had joined 2 season ago

  4. Phil says:

    It’s Swansea.They are bottom of the league for a reason.They are rubbish.We are Arsenal.We are supposed to be a big club.Start acting like one.Sign Aubameyang and stop F***ing about.Lets go down to South Wales with confidence and batter them.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      swansea juz beat liverfool hence no complacency

  5. Twig says:

    Monreal Lacazette
    Kolasinac Xhaka Wilshere Ozil
    Ainsley Mustafi Koscielny Bellerin

  6. V.uren says:

    I’m sorry , but when you put our starting 11 down on paper there … it looks weak !

    Can somebody also tell me , why we are playing a tedious , frustrating game regarding the aubamayeng transfer when ( by my reckoning ) we have made 48 million in transfers over the last two windows so far ??? … and we are reluctant to pay a reported 55 mil ?

    Such bull#*%t all the time.

    We should be over the moon he was willing to join us in our current predicament , yet we mess about over what seems peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      its negotiation…even chelsea and city negotiate…

      this is not fifa18, u dont pay 100m here and 200m there and still has another 300m in the bank

      1. V.uren says:

        I believe there’s negotiating … and then there is an arsenal negotiation.

        Pretty sure city have not messed about regarding the Laporte move , linked start of the week , almost a done deal by the end …

        I understand all teams must negotiate to a certain point , but with Chelsea still needing a striker , Liverpool having money to spend , even city were in the market for a forward before Sanchez went to Utd … correct me if I’m wrong , but weren’t city heavily linked with aubamayeng this time last year ?

        My point … as the window draws closer to an end , would I put it past any of those names mentioned above swooping in and paying what Dortmund want whilst we are haggling over 5/10 million Euro’s … no , I wouldn’t !

        Aubamayeng is there for the taking now , with cash in the bank , why take the risk ?

  7. Wolfgang says:

    If Arsenal play like Pool,they will lose.
    All out attack leaves yawning gaps which can be quickly exploited
    by a Swan quick counter.
    Just look at the games Wenger has lost to Mourino,Conte,etc and you will know what I mean.

  8. Nikkogunners says:

    Worried – HELL YES! we have just started on a new record bid of 49 games outright wins…
    Out of Topic i would get Lucas Moura and let Ramsey go…and Get Aubemeyang..

    Picture me fielding an abnormal 3.5.2
    Any Best (3)Three who can stick to defending on the day…

  9. Beko says:

    No question we should beat Swansea, but our best chance of reaching the champions league is to win the Europa cup. Our form in domestic cup competitons when we field a first eleven has been second to none over the past few years. Wenger seems to get his tactics right and the team seem more up for it.; look at the Chelsea game. Liverpool are not likely to slip ip with Klop in charge and gone are the days when Spurs finish the season lamely and we overtake them at the end of the season .

  10. Wolfgang says:

    When Cech gifted the goal,I swithed off my telly.There was no way the gunners could draw . Don’t talk about winning the game.
    We need someone like Sanchez clone to run with the ball instead of passing all over the
    pitch. This is Wenger’s trademark soccer and its no wonder he lost.
    That’s why teams know how he plays and wait f or the chance to hit on the break.
    I am sure all if not 90% of gooner fans are sick of his dancing soccer and the sooner
    he goes the better will it be for Arsenal.

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