Wenger worried about goal drought, Giroud is NOT

Arsenal are preparing to face Man United at Old Trafford this afternoon, and despite not having won a League game there for ten years Arsenal are surprisingly hot favourites! But let’s be honest here, we are not going to beat anyone if we don’t start scoring goals. Giroud hasn’t scored in 8 games, Sanchez has scored in 3 games out of his last 22. Welbeck scored once against Leicester but has hardly played two hours of football this year, and Walcott finally got back on the scoresheet in the same game (his 4th this season)

Are we worried? Of course we are worried! Here on JustArsenal we hardly talk about anything else! Wenger has also admitted he is worried. He said: “Its going through my head at the moment, because I agree with you that our goals have dried up seriously”

“In the last six or seven games we have struggled to score and there are many aspects that I analyse at the moment”

Yes Wenger, seriously is a good word for it. I wonder if he has analyzed it enough to make some big changes for today’s crucial match, or he is going to stick with Olivier Giroud and hope his luck changes. The French striker was also asked by Sky if he was personally worried about the barren run. He replied: “As a striker, it is all about momentum. I did well until mid-January, but it has been one-and-a-half months since I last scored.

“I try to help the team to set up the game and assist my team-mates, which I am pleased about, but obviously as a striker I want to score.

“But I am not worried about that. I work for the team and when I have the opportunity to put it in the net I will do it with determination, and hopefully this weekend.”

“It’s the game. When you are a striker and you score, you are at the top and on the front page. If you do not score you are also maybe on the front page in a bad way because you did not succeed to help the team win.

“But it is a game and I have known this for a few years. I am OK with that and deal with it every single week. I know what I have to do on the pitch.”

Olivier Giroud’s longest run of not scoring for Arsenal is 8 games. If he draws another blank against Man United it will become 9. That is one record none of us want to see broken.Mind you if he provides 3 assists Iwon’t complain too much….

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  1. The thing is though Giroud gets hurt by criticism, he says it doesn’t faze him but we all know it does. Henry criticised him before twisting his answer around and Giroud went straight from his best Arsenal form to having a really bad patch ..could have been coincidence but I don’t think so.

    The best strikers go out and prove the critic wrong, make them eat their words. Giroud is a great guy but I’m guessing he’s a little bit feely feely. Emotional, I remember fans hating his smiling when he missed good chances, some people smile when they are nervous or hurt as a defence mechanism. He needs to toughen up and use what people say as fuel to ram those words back down their throat ..today can be the start if he likes.

  2. But then AFC operates in a pressure free comfort zone hence mediocrity has become the watch word…manager is assured of a job for life no matter how badly he is performing, that reflects on the players as they know that as long as the manager still has a job then they cam continue drawing their huge weekly checks and delivering the odd patches of good forms….there is no club in the EPL with as many no ambitious players as we have…Kochielny, Per, Walcott, Ox, Gibbs, Arteta, Szchezny, Wilshire, Flamini just to name a few are all players who are quiet happy to always come in 2nd best….and yet we fans will blame the like of Fabregas, Rvp, Nasri (I know they are money grabbing bastards too) for moving on to win things….but lets just conveniently forget they actually moved on and won things…..oh, we won 2 F.a cups, yea right lollll

  3. so AW is ‘analyzing’ what he was supposed to addres in the transfer window.!when everybody else including TH14 was seeing that we needed another striker most of us said wenger knows best only to learn that he is analyzing the issue in FEB.!

  4. ADMIN
    Why is my comment been moderated?….there are no swear words in their, I did nit attack or abuse ANYONE so am perplexed at why my comments are not been published….or is it because my comment is not toeing the lines of the saccharin syrupy sweet all is fine and dandy with AFC and Wenger is God theme?

    1. Hardly think so, if that was case well then Fatboy Arseovertit Anti Wenger? etc ect would all be out on there ear. I’m not from your side of fence and I’m usually moderated also, I don’t abuse people either but I will insult them if they are going out and insulting in the first place ..maybe that’s it, you probably responded to people in kind.

    2. You were moderated because you used the word b astards… but I approved it anyway. But because of your idiotic attack on my running of my site I may moderate you anyway. I am personally sick of readers abusing any opinions that don’t agree with their own. We are here to discuss football not any ones petty hatreds. Be warned….

    3. damochy be aware, yes i do agree that on sites as the ones we are welcome to come and express our team views there will be always a moderation in language but also It has to come from the person who admin the site to respect people and do not call them Idiotic or whatever represents disrespect. being n the site means people with knowledge or not want to participate in a community and If I was admin i would reconsider the language he use when someone disagrees with him or someone else..it is call DEMOCRACY. so damochy express yourself in a way nobody can get offended…By the way, TODAY NO DRAW NO LOSE IS A MUST WIN..or Leaicester and Spuds will be the one challenging for the EPL title.

      1. In defence of Mr Admin he didn’t call him idiotic. He called his response idiotic. Just sayin
        As Trevor said, if Admin banned everyone who didn’t ‘toe the lines’ then Damochy wouldnt be on here to complain about it lol
        And did you see what antiwenger called me eaerler!

  5. i bet while we are worried bout our goal drought, the opposition goal post is over-joy to be barren

    this is due to Lack of potency and urgency in our striking department

  6. Our goals aren’t consistent because our strikers aren’t consistent. The two go hand in hand. I am tired of hearing about Giroud’s hold up and link play….yes it’s good but if he isn’t scoring goals he isn’t much use now is he? Same thing with Walcott, speed means nothing if you cannot control the end product. Wenger stop mucking around…if you would just bring in 2 more world class players we would actually be able to get past last 16 CL and win the EPL without a doubt. Just look at the difference Ozil, Sanchez and Cech have made…now another 2-3 more of those calibre type players and Arsenal are up there with Barca and the rest.

  7. Based on last time we beat Utd in the emirates.. I would consider hitting them again with pace from the way go and change the approach for the next 3 games. in order to do so we have to bench a couple of players and bring some who may be more dynamic and direct as follow:


    it has all the ingredients to get a result also to go to SPUDS and BARCA..What do you all think about it?

  8. i think man u will defend hard and frustrate arsenal..man u will score first and hold on.i m sorry but arsenal have lost the deadly edge

  9. bottom line, it takes a strange year like this yr to have a chance to win the leaque w giroud front and center, we have 4 yrs of data, he averages only one goal per 3 matches for 4 yrs, he is not improving, he will not improve, this is it. perfect off the bench, but if we want to challenge for titles yr after yr, we need a 20+ / yr scorer, period. rest of squad can play w the best, if you look at FBC, we match up everywhere until you get up top,

  10. I re-watched Arsenal vs Barcelona yesterday evening. And I enjoyed re-watching the game all over again but until the 69minutes into the match when I switched off my TV because I don’t want to see Lionel Messi’s 2 goals against us. His goals were painful because Arsenal had played very well until those 2 moments when they conceded 2 cheap goals to Barca.

    The reason why Arsenal did not win that our home Ucl match against Barca was Arsenal did not score as they’ve failed to grabbed those scorable golden opportunities to score a couple of goals before Messi goals. If Arsenal had scored say 2 goals before the 71st minutes in the game, Messi would likely not have scored the 2 goals he had. And Arsenal would likely have won the match.

    Arsenal MUST learn from their lack of scoring before Barca scored against us and guide against such occurrence in the Man Utd game at Old Traford this afternoon. And they MUST not allow the Red Devils to 1st them score or out score us in the game. But 1st score against Man Utd and out scored them should Man Utd equalize the Gunners previous goal(s).

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