Wenger wouldn’t have condoned signing Pepe for Arsenal from Mendes

Do You Trust Jorge Mendes? By Dan Smith

It is fair to say that we may not have got Pepe under Arsene Wenger due to his refusal to work with Jorge Mendes. It’s understandable that one of the last few managers to have complete control over every aspect of their club didn’t feel comfortable doing business with a man the likes of Chelsea and Man United were working with exclusively.

I stress the Frenchmen was the greatest boss we ever had, and I’ll never agree with how he was treated in his last year with us. Yet I have to be honest and say this is the first summer in a while, where I feel we are not stuck in the olden days. It still takes us too long in negotiations, but we have a recruitment team who understand how the market operates in 2019.

This is not patronising Mr Wenger over his age, but he was old school and tried to fight against how transfer fees were getting out of control. He had a romantic/ yet naive belief that you should try to find value for money. Out of respect for what he did, Stan Kroenke was happy to follow his lead given his lack of knowledge of the sport.

It’s hard to imagine Mr Wenger signing off on the super-agent getting 9 million payment for his role in Pepe joining us, something Napoli were not comfortable with. In theory our former gaffer is correct, he wouldn’t need anyone telling him who was decent from Ligue 1, while it’s not like the Ivorian doesn’t know who Arsenal are. It’s quite an easy way to become a millionaire.

Yet it’s not about agreeing with how the sport works it’s about evolving so you’re not left behind. It’s no good having morals then wondering why you’re not competing with your rivals. It’s also contradictory how we have principles about the likes of Mendes getting a pay day but don’t mind about charging gooners 60 pound for a shirt and the highest ticket prices in the UK.

The likes of Raul Sanellehi get paid lots of money to make our team as strong as possible. Wages and fees are so ludicrous that I don’t really care if a greedy agent gets money instead of a greedy player or owner. The fear would be that Mendes ends up with lots of his clients at the Emirates giving him big control in our dressing room, although FIFA are keeping an eye on just how much influence he has.

For every Ronaldo and Mourinho he brought to English Football, there’s a Bebe or an injured Falcao he got hired as a ‘favour ‘. Still, I’d rather take a chance on this guy, if it means we get better players then save ourselves 9 million and have nothing….

Dan Smith


  1. I agree, this would’ve never happened with Wenger. Him and other stooges (namely Gazidis) royally fudged with finances in the last few years they were at Arsenal.

    Contract extentions left too late -> panic extensions (Özil)
    Panic buys
    Not selling players when they weren’t going to renew (Sanchez)
    Way too high wages for fringe players (Jenkinson etc.)
    Keeping injury prone players on payroll (Wilshere, Diaby etc)

    All these things have gotten us into a mess which we are still trying to get out of. When we start renewing contracts and can get rid of the underperforming, overpaid players then we are in the clear.

    Freeing wages up to 500k with Ospina, Ramsey, Cech, Lichsteiner and Welbeck gone was a great start (note, letting Ramsey enter his final 2 years was NOT a good thing).

    Loaning Ceballos IMO was a good deal as well, a stopgap solution to CM/CAM.

    Pepe -> masterclass.

    We just need LB and CB and I think we are good enough to go.

    1. The same Wenger signed Lacasett, Aubameyang, even Ozil for big money and they were all record signings as at then. What’s so special about signing Pepe for another record fee in today’s market. With or without Mendes or any super agents arsenal would still do good business, if the will is there on the part of the financial managers

      1. NOT buying a great player because of the agent is just foolish and incompetent. Football is a business so when dealing with player transfers, personal issues shouldn’t get in the way.

        1. I understand your point but I hope you won’t blame Wenger when he doesn’t perform as expected. He is a great talent and has much more end product compare to Barca Dembele that’s why I love his sign but he is human and several factors can affect his performance.

      2. auba wasnt a real wenger signing…he was signed by Minslintat and the board to beef up the attack when we were not scoring goals that season

        1. Aubameyang literally said he came to Arsenal to play under Arsene Wenger, and I’m sure he was a little nervous when we l;et him go and brought in Emery. Yes, Mislintat was the driving force in the Auba deal, but he would have never joined without Wenger’s influence and reputation.

  2. Thank the football gods Wenger is no longer around and we can stay relevant/keep up with the changing sign of the times.

    Our front line could be frightening next season although who would be our best natural winger on the opposite flank to pepe? For balance..

    1. I reckon we will play 4-3-3 with Auba – Laca – Pepe

      Laca is injured so I don’t think he’ll be available for first game so I think we will play:

      Iwobi – Auba – Pepe


      Pepe – Auba – Mkhi/Nelson

      1. Yeah, I’d prefer Iwobi/ Nelson to get a run rather than Mika myself.

        Gonna have some punch up top no doubt we’ve just got to sort the defensive side of things now to be in with a shout.

        1. You two slag off wenger but then in the same post put iwobi your teams to face Newcastle ??
          Clueless comes to mind .

          1. And yet, Wenger was the person who debuted him and played him. Contradict much?

            Besides, how many actual left wingers do we have in the team? Enlighten us, brainiac!

  3. Wenger is no longer here. Why relate everything to him? Some people are just too pathetic. You want everyone to rally behind emery, yet you guys are doing the contrary

    1. Agreed. Some people are obsessed with discrediting Wenger, not minding falsehood with false claims

      1. Those guys are probably young and they have no titles to celebrate! Wenger was the best
        football coach ever, and no one can change that! The big mistake was to the Board they left him managing all the stuff at the club. Guys, you never forget that we can stil buy quality players because they know that someone has left a very strong team for the successors, a team which we started supporting because of him. Arsenal, as a club, had many mistakes through the years, but we have never been in a crysis, though we don’t have a big budget. Can name a team that can attract players’ atention without having big budget? Slowly, we are starting to look as a organised team again, and it wasn’t Wenger’ s
        fault that someone could not manage its Bank properply so it got bankrupted.Is Arsene Wenger a banker or what? There’s only one big mistake I would blame our former successful coach and it was about the discipline of the players. He was very with the players and they betrayed him. But it was not fair Wenger gave them an opportunity to work here with us. But it is alreday a past, I hope one day Arsenal fans will start respecting their best coach ever! Because we betrayed him too! Remember, all the players
        that is performing more consistently, except Ozil and Mikhi, was brought by Wenger and they are stil good enough for us! This year, we need to can start judging Unai Emery’s work not Arsene Wenger’s! We played an Europa league final because of the squad he has left to its successor! I’ll call everyone stupid, because he disrespects our former coach work for 22 years! I’ll disrespect your opinion then! Now, we must look into Unai Emery’s work and then at the end we can make find if there will be any diference between them. But, please, don’ t tell
        me we’ re a better team than before and let’s see what wiil happen next season. It is a season when we have to judge only Unai Emery’s work, Edu’s and Lungberg’s. Have a nice season to all the players, coaches and our fans! We can bring out the big old guns, because we could have the best attack in football game ever! Those three on the field should be devastating to the bad team’s deffense, but we need at least two central deffenders and one midfielder to be a strong team. If Mustafi and Koscielny leave this summer we are losing our best deffenders and need to be replaced! Otherwise we could have the best attack once again in the league and the worst deffense! I think, it would be a sin if we did not bring those two ir three players we still need to be a better team! We could always blame some people that are not in club at all but we need to give opinion and for somebody who works here and now!:)

        1. Sorry for my mistakes but I need to sleep right now and I’m in a bit of hurry! Do not speak bad to our former
          coach because you still go to the stadium he built for you we paid those millions all the years when Wenger just tried to keep us over the surface not under! Now, we are under the surface and we are not a submarine which goes in and we need to swim slowly to surface then need to get back to the shore because if we stay in the cold waters for a very long time either we can drown ourselves or to freeze by the hypotermy! Guys, we need to score as many goal we can and do not allow 120 without being good at the back! I do not
          know how is it possible a team to have a devastating attack but did not bring two central deffenders and a midfielder! There is no other team in the whole wide world like us! We had weakest deffense ever recorded in football and we did not bring any deffensive player for… the following season! Now, let’s take a nap until someone brings more new players for the team! In my opinion, we need three more and then we can compete for the title! ?

        2. 20 out of 22 yrs in top 4 with not-so-big budgets & discovered & nurtured exciting new & young soccer players. May be all those critics are better managers than Arsene.
          Go YouTube & watch those matches under Arsene, how far the current team has fallen behind.

  4. Just why do u feel the need to continue to slang off our ex manager?
    Why does what our ex manager wouldn’t do matter over a year after he left?
    Do u bring up the fact that George Graham wouldn’t have sanctioned transfers unless a ‘ brown paper bag” was handed over at a motorway service area?
    Arsenal have moved on from Wenger isnt it about time you “Wenger out boys” did the same?

  5. Wenger is history…. Great history.. Let’s focus on what Emery can do. This season with all these great players should paint the Emery picture quite clearly.
    I don’t see Emery here long term. He us NOT good enough.
    Let’s wait and see. How many great players were at PSG? WHAT exactly did Emery accomplish there?
    I hope for Patrick in two seasons.

    1. I agree Wenger is gone but the article has its point too and not out of order.
      Talking about UE, almost everyone said the same thing, some even argued a team with array of stars dont really need a coach. Ok, lets see it objectively, shall we?,
      You claimed UE did nothing because of the big players, but i saw him win numerours trophy even with internal strive and ego between his players, Mbappe just arrived , not settled in well, same team he had are still in psg and the new coach is yet to win ucl, infact hasnt win it all, and the performance isnt yet at UE level, ppl said same about Guardiola, he went to germany, now in england. UE may not be in Guardiola level, he has shown his credibility in spain, and even with us, he performed above my expectations last season, esp against big teams, only city did double over us, yes, he could have done better, and he could have done worst too, its a new challenge for him, a new lang, difft culture, lots of pressure from media and fans, messy club-fan relationship and injuries to major players, am willing to give him this seasonz am happy he has board backing as we all see the summer dealings, am expecting a 4th position and a cup from him, thats my least exp of him.
      I dont know how to write well, i would have love to arrang this in an article, hopefully some credible writer could take these point and construct a beautiful article for us, just to access UE last season performance. For me he got 60% mark considering the constraint and challenges
      CC: AdminMart

      1. Adajim. I was touched by your stating “I don’t know how to write well” and if you don’t mind, I would like to say something to reassure you. Writing is about passion, about making your thoughts clear and understood.It is also about truth as you perceive it. On all these points your post is a very good one indeed. Mere grammar and punctuation are far less important. They can be learned if one is keen to do so, BUT please, be reassured that the urge to write is a noble one and not easily given to all who attempt it. I found your post interesting,easy to understand and to be of interest is perhaps the greatest gift any writer can ever hope to attain. PLEASE WRITE MORE OFTEN AND DO NOT WORRY OVERMUCH ABOUT MERE PERFECT GRAMMAR. Many professional writers have excellent grammar, yet their articles are as dull as ditchwater. Do not underrate what you already have!!

    2. And if you like to bring up game against barca, its happent last season too, to same barca, those things are not unusual esp to attacking teams

      1. Adajim, the game PSG lost against Barcelona included Barcelona being awarded two dodgy penalties.
        As you rightly state Thomas Tuchel (who many wanted at the Emirates) has not outperformed Emery at this stage, particularly in the Champions League.

    3. Crispen, in your eyes who is “good enough.”
      Apart from this forum, which I must admit is the only football site I participate in, nowhere else in the media do I see the criticism or doubting of the ability of Unai Emery I see on here.
      Respecting Arsene Wenger’s achievements doesn’t mean you can’t support any manager following him. It just appears on here, that many are wishing him to fail.

  6. Lets be excited about the new season. We are past the banter era, first game, mikhi LW, pepe RW, laca as a 10, auba 9. NEW 1 ARS 5.

    1. Mkhi is pretty shit on the left side, but he did alright against Lyon in the first half. He pulled off a couple of nice vollies and got into good attacking positions. Nelson can play on the left side, so that’s a possibility. I wish Saka and Martinelli were a few years older, either of them playing on the left would be sweet. Martinelli is direct, has pace, and is pretty tricky in tight spaces, same deal in regards to Saka.

  7. Certain phrases stand out like beacons in this well argued and constructive article ” romantic yet naive belief”, “old school”, “not stuck in the olden days”, and paradoxically,”wages and fees are so ludicrous that I don’t really care if a greedy agent gets money instead of a greedy player or owner”.

    To me this perfectly sums up the ethical and even moral dilemma that all top clubs fans face day in, day out. It amply shows how corrupt top level football is FINANCIALLY SPEAKING. Wenger was an honest man with fine human principles but swimming against the tide of the cesspit that is modern football and thus out of his time. The best thing that could have happend to him personally, though he would fiercly disagree(were he to know my own comment) was that he has now escaped this cesspit that was his own downfall. He is in good company with many other long term proven top managers, many now deceased, who would have found this mire of filth uncomfortable and impossible in which to now manage, as once they did so successfully. Agents are the lowest of the low, IMO, AND ARE LEECHES , SUCKING THE LIFEBLOOD FROM FOOTBALL. BUT THY HAVE ENORMOUS POWER AND SO OFTEN CALL THE TUNE. A tune in fact that is a diabolically horrible tune. I have no answers to this problem, save that I -as do millions of others too – see it all too clearly and can, without fear or favour, state it openly. Truth and recognition are the start of any clean up action in life. Sigh!!!

    1. Jon Fox, such a wonderfully constructed read….it seems that, once again, if we cut out all the constant whining and delving back for individuals to blame ( from both of us) our differences are barely noticeable.

      I would suggest that this is the most brilliantly crafted response you have delivered…can’t really find an issue to debate/argue over!!!

      My thoughts exactly, what is the world coming too?!?!?!?

      1. Ken my dear man, your generous yet typical comment, shames me and once again reminds me how often I am far too critical. Yesterday In response to Sue, I think it was, I described myself in mere semi jest as a “miserable old git” The truth is often half hidden behind semi jest and believe me KEN I am fully aware of how contentious my personality can often be.
        By contrast your comments seem always to try to find common ground among us all. And surely the truth IS that we all have FAR more common ground than the far less important differences(trifling, in fact!) that divide us but which make us human and therefore of interest. I will once again , for the umpteenth time, now resolve to be kinder in comments, though I cannot in truth have much faith in achieving such! I really value your wisdom, honesty, bravery to stick up for your beliefs and life experience.
        I would though add one thought; life in general and human kindness far , far outweighs the cesspit morality of the relatively few. Even in football, if one excludes agents and certain owners.

        1. Jon, I fully concur with Ken’s response to your post. It is, quite simply, the most incisive condemnation of how modern day football clubs,agents and footballers conduct business. It sums up exactly what I think but couldn’t put in words. Well said.

          It doesn’t matter if you’re a miserable old git, so am I and I am probably even more miserable and definitely older. But I will bet that you are a fair man with values to boot.

          By the way, I was given a bottle of ‘Old Git’ red wine by my secretary on my retirement 17 years ago.

          1. Andrew dear fellow, my strong urge is to say something equally kind about you and only being the worlds most Premier miserable old git prevents me doing so! I will gladly accord you second place in the PREM LEAGUE OF OLD GITS THOUGH. But that is the limit of my kindness. And did you enjoy your Old Git wine? I didn’t much rate mine, despite the apt name.

            As for those who rook and cheat decent ordinary people, aka us fans, on a public platform I dare not spell out what I would really LIKE to do to them!

    2. Well said sir, its the truth and not a troll or been hostile towards our ex-manager as some persons interpretation of the real article. I agree with you and the article but i found it difgicult to understand why sir Alex was able to blend with the new change from the old transfer system and this overhype, leech system.
      Having said that, i think its a bit hypocritical of our ex-manager (no disrespect), with the monies been pump, endorsements, gate fees, tv rights and all,its clear the people in the business too must request for their share. For example, Wenger got paid aroun 8m/anum, he could sanction ozil wage, he wanted Sanchez on same or more but the later refused, matchday tickets price is at high and he never complain or have morals against such but he constantly has issues with high price tag on petential signings that could improve the squad and have good resale value like Hazard but rather opted for a cheaper Gervinho….penny wise…good ridance

    3. Mr Jon
      Well articulated monsieur ‘Grumpy old Git’ (I’m and oldster too). The power of agents to impact the game is a disgrace. As you say we need to recognise it. Their needs to be a movement against it , maybe culminating in a petition. It’s something that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Now days players are financially led mercenaries, like Neymar, but I remember the days of Rocky Rocastle, Paul Davis, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, who all wanted to be ‘Arsenal’ men, through and through. Agents destroyed any loyalty in football.

      1. Sean,How wise a response and how correct you are! I GUESS ALL WE OLDER FANS LONG FOR THE DAYS WHEN FOOTBALL AND FOOTBALLERS, WHEN ON THE PITCH, WERE MORE HONEST AND LESS SNOWFLAKY TOO! And “agents” sold houses but did not control footballers and football!

        1. As one of the older boys too, I concur!
          I really can’t relate to any of the players now, weather it be because of the money they are on, or the fact that many of them don’t share our passion for the club. They just treat playing as their job.
          The agents have only been good for the players wages and lining their own pockets…Shame!

          1. George Graham was a saint, compared to the current parasitic agents. He wasn’t the only one doing it, but was the only one singled out.
            Current players are so out of touch with football club supporters, who spend their hard earnt money to provide the players their “living and playboy lifestyles”.

  8. Let’s wait and get results first before we celebrate! That we signed Pepe on “credit” is no big achievement in itself. Wenger brought “unknown” players here for peanuts and turned them into world beaters.
    Morals are important even in running business. Wenger’s insistence on doing things right had helped keep Arsenal away from trouble with the authorities. His loathing of Mendes stemmed from the desire to do things “right”.

  9. How I concur with the last four guys, Obengress,Jay,Hants Gooner and Crispen.

    The same old c88p about being in the situation we are because of Wenger is so tedious, non-productive, negative and fruitless in it’s end game.
    IT’s not going to change anything, it just keeps dividing the fanbase and for what purpose?

    As soon as a posters name appears, you know that, no matter what the subject is, either Wenger’s name appears, the catalogue of duff players are rolled out, the barren years are touted, the imminent death of club due to Ozil’s salary and the lazy uncommited players will all appear as regular as night and day.

    Their thinking is so shallow, it always has to revolve around these subjects, even when we are (hopefully) about to announce the signing of, possibly, a world class player.

    As a great admirer of AW’s history, I thanked him for his great service to the club three years ago and hoped he would leave then, recognised his many faults and remembered his incredible successes, when he eventually did leave.

    Now I’m looking forward to see if UE can take over the mantle of being the most successful manager/coach in our club’s history.
    The Arsenal is completely different now, the past is the past.

    If the new regime wants to deal with the devil himself, what businees is that of AW’s…he’s gone…if pepe becomes a reality, then great work from the new team and let’s move forward.

    I’ve read that the “reported” salary for pepe will be £6,000,000 a year…about £116,000 a week….with a down payment of only £20,000,000 of the agreed £72,000,000.
    What a fantastic deal if this is correct and that’s what we should be discussing, not if an ex-employee would or wouldn’t deal with an agent…get a life for heavens sake!!

  10. Firstly without the 105,000 petition none of these big signings would have happened. Credit to all of you who put your name on it. That shock gave Josh Kroenke the kick up the ass to see reality. The supporters were very unhappy and said so. In the days of Dick Law we all knew how hindered and slow the transfer system was. Now Sanllehi has become lucky. His job suddenly became real when Kroenke Jnr said ‘Spend’. Some astonishing business has taken place. I criticised the ‘3 stooges’, but available money ‘liberated’ them. Barring signing a centre back, we have some heavy duty players. A CB would possibly make us challengers for 2nd/3rd place. Our biggest failure would to fall back on old conservative values and play Xhaka and Mustafi and block the new energy coursing through our beloved club. We can now only defeat ourselves and if Emery uses the ‘Sword of Damocles’ to retire Mustafi and to ‘rest’ Xhaka, we will be the team nobody wants to play. Welcome, Pepe, Ceballos, Saliba, Tierney, Martinelli and new CB. Good Luck, Willock, Nelson, Nketiah and kids. May this become the year Torreira and Guendouzi show how good they are. May Mesut Ozil become enlivened. May Mustafi and Xhaka be kept out of our team as much as possible.

    1. Sean Williams, great post…if only we all keep this positive frame of mind going within the fanbase, we can become the 12th man that liverpool benefit so much from.

      Can’t wait for the opening game at the Emirates to witness this budding optimism envelope the players..let’s be greedy now and insist we sign Tierney as well, he is a wonderful prospect for UE to work with.

      Some great post lately from all sections of the fans…amazing how new signings and the opening of kronkies wallet ( be it grudgingly late ) can bring a divided base together in an instants (most of us anyway!!).

        1. Yes, up with us oldies and “keep it up”, so to speak. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean!

        2. tony, is it because “us oldies” have lived through some really depressing time following our club?

          Reading about the club near to collapse, no hope of ever winning another title, way behind the spuds (three seasons!!)etc etc.

          I remember going to Highbury to watch The Arsenal play Leeds and a crowd of just over 4,000 turned up to watch…this was the club in one of its darkest moments.

          Today, everything is a disaster if it doesn’t happen immediately and on a constant basis.
          I suppose that sums up the world we live in today, but for some pecular reason, I think that having supported The Arsenal during those times, we seem to accept that football success is like the wheel…it comes around in circles.

          I have no idea what Jon’s nudge nudge refers too, I have probably forgotten the reference…so to speak!!!

          1. Ken, well said and another post with true perspective which we would all be wise to take on board. I was also at that match, 1966 I believe and Billy Wright was sacked very soon after. You are sadly, so correct in the comment about how into days world there is so little patience and we “must have everything now”. It certainly puts recent Arsenal decades into perspective and only we older ones know of true perspective, as younger folk have no way of having experienced those really lean times.
            One serious point about growing older though, is that we are more acutely aware than are youngsters of the declining opportunities left to us oldies of seeing another title or a CL trophy. As a driven man I can never accept doing less than one’s very best in almost everything; life, career, and sport too.

            On “nudge,nudge”, you are clearly not a Monty Python devotee as I was and still am. Not worth bothering googling it but in case you do, it is a sketch with a cheekily suggestive Eric Idle and a formal Terry Jones in a duologue concerning Terry Jones wife(unseen). Hilarious, though rather smutty, dependent on your personal humour. I find that in many things, esp humour, I have not grown up much since my late teens.

          2. Times have changed so much since I started going in 1974. I would get to the North Bank at 12-30 for a 3pm Saturday afternoon kick off. We thought it was hilarious to stand near the back of The North Bank and if we scored we’d end up near the front. Hillsborough and health and safety ( quite rightly ) put a stop to that. We supported our team vocally. We weren’t great back then but it didn’t seem to matter so much. By the time I was a teenager though every defeat hurt to the point that I wouldn’t go out. 45 years later defeats still hurt but mainly through the frustration that we can see our flaws yet the people that can change things either can’t see it or don’t care. I want the players to die for the cause but most view playing as their job but my biggest gripe is that The Arsenal Football Club now see me as a paying customer rather than a supporter!! Love this club, just wish the players and owners did too, like they used to COYG’s

  11. Morales. Wenger had morales, he had an idealistic way in which the way of Arsenal was meant to be, meant to be represented. In the same light of idealistic views, we played some of the best football the league has ever seen, and we stand alone as the only club to run a EPL campaign unbeaten & AW raised some fine young boys into strong intelligent men.

    I work as a consultant, I get paid to bring quality products to the right market position with the right partners.
    People don’t value my work as much as the work of the partner who apparently knows all.

    This is the state of matters. But I can say 100% that the ones who work with me, are successful, the ones who don’t work with me, are missing out doing even better then they are/if they are at all.

    Its a matter of taste and Morales.

    Football is now open for business, agents are key because a footballer does not need to only worry about which team to play for anymore.

    I personally don’t agree with the amount agents get, but I don’t disagree with their importance in football.

  12. Just recalled some defining moments of last season and it shows UE did a very good(not perfect)job with our team.

    Spuds piped us to fourth with one point- Auba converting the last minute pen at the lane, also Mustafi not ball watching and giving away needless pen and Official spotting encroachment before Auba’s spot kick all in the same game would have changed our position and spuds will be playing thurday night instead.

    My point is UE did well considering it was his first time in epl and with the players. Now he understand them more, he also has FL has assitance and EDU (both part of invisible) to help him and the players mentality. And we are making the right signings (young) and determined players.

    Am a happy fan again and i believe exciting times are now here.
    Love you all

  13. Sean Williams,ken1945,tony and jon fox….I thank you very much for the positive energy to flow. As an international fan, I am jealous(positively) about your experiences(wisdom) of the lovely Arsenal.


  14. So jealous of these miserable old git’ and their experiences. Am an international fan from Kenya and very young compared to you guys but I also have very sweet memories of AW with some of the best football I ever saw 03/04 season we became The Invisibles.

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