Wenger wrong to slam Arsenal star for being too honest?

The comments from the Arsenal star and Germany play maker Mesut Ozil this week have clearly gone down like a lead balloon with his club boss Arsene Wenger, who suggested that he would having a little word in the shell-like of his star player. The Frenchman feels that all of his players should be fully committed to getting the rest of the season right instead of looking back at what has already gone wrong.

But Ozil was merely talking about what he sees as the team’s own responsibility for getting themselves into this mess and he did say that the Gunners could still get themselves out of it with a little help from our two main rivals Tottenham and Leicester. And as reported by the Daily Mail he admitted that all the injury problems to key players has had a large and negative impact on our title challenge.

He told the German media, ‘Looking at our season so far, we have to be honest and admit that we screwed up ourselves.

‘We did not play to our potential in the games against the so-called smaller teams. You immediately get punished for that in the Premier League.

‘But we still have a chance of winning the title. We have to hope Leicester and Tottenham slip up and then make the most of it.

‘I would be delighted for (Arsene) Wenger if we win the title. He played a major role in my decision to join Arsenal. He was desperate to sign me. Everybody knows he is an extraordinary manager. He is always hungry for success, has a lot of experience and always takes his time for the players. He helps players develop.

‘This season has shown that we struggle when we are missing a number of key players. We cannot allow this to happen again next season.’

Seems like a pretty honest assessment to me, but it was not welcomed as such by the Prof, as an Evening Standard report explains.

Wenger said, “We will talk about that.

“The statement is not welcome. Because we have to believe, no matter if it just one chance in 100, we have to believe. We only have a real chance if we believe.

“I think the worst thing in life is to have wrong beliefs. So you have to make sure that you give absolutely your best, and at the end accept that if somebody is better than you, that you have given your best.

“The worst thing for us would be not to believe. I believe that we have to make sure that we play with passion until the end. That is the best way to get the supporters behind us.”

I agree Arsene but there is no getting around the fact that Arsenal have failed to do that at times this season and that is what Ozil was saying. In fact Ozil is one of the few Arsenal stars that has performed and given his best over the course of this campaign and you can only force belief so far without anything to back it up.

So is Wenger wrong to pull Ozil up for speaking the truth?

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  1. What does he expect him to say?
    – That everything is going according to the plan, we’re winning the league by a mile and going strong in all the other cups? That he looks forward to assisting Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott’s combined 83 goals this season?

    Özil is completely right in saying what he says: If we fxxk up this season enough to finish behind spuds, we’ve got only ourselves to blame.

    1. Forget spuds, they are already on their way down. The main issue is Leicester and I believe they will drop points too starting from today. #coyg

  2. maybe wenger should look at his own wrong beliefs: that he can win PL w giroud. that flam/arteta are good enuf backup for coq . when coq got injured, we lost a bunch of games in which liverpool and others just pranced thru our defensive midfield area. did the players focus as much as they needed to? NO. but did the prof give arsenal its best chance of winning? also NO. he did not do everything he could in transfer window to set us up for a win. we were 2 players short. elneny is now a replacement for ramsey; ramsey is the sub. he can also sub for coq.

    anyway, why does wenger pretend he wants us to win PL ? his boss says he doesnt care and wenger financially looks like he’s executing kroenke’s plan to a tee.

  3. Sometimes I feel for our good players,other big club owners are doing everything necessary to land a silverware each season,our silent stan came out openly to say all he cares about is the money. I think the players would feel really bad after watching/reading that comment,its so depressing. What do you think would be going on in the players mind? All their little efforts is never going to be encouraged.

  4. Wenger,the truth ALWAYS hurts.
    Instead of the gobbledegook you preach at the press conferences try it.
    On the same subject, silent Sam’s,no trophies statement really encourages the future players to come to the Arsenal don’t you think?

  5. Two cockerels fighting trying to show who the boss is. For the moment is Wenger’s turf otherwise he wouldn’t openly say he will have a discussion with Ozil. But whatever it is, I like it as long as we win every game when there’s such things.

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