Wenger WRONG to dismiss Arsenal title hopes as Chelsea get the blues!

It still looks like Arsenal will need a minor miracle to be able to challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title, but we are certainly closer to doing it than we were a few weeks ago. Arsene Wenger is playing it down and saying that the Gunners are too far behind the league leaders, but I think he is wrong.

The Daily Star report Wenger saying, “Our target is to continue to win games, we are too far still from Chelsea. We give absolutely everything to come as close as possible.

After Man City lost at Burnley and Chelsea could only draw at home, Jose Mourinho suggested that Arsenal were still in the title race, especially as our remaining fixtures look easier on paper. He is right really but there is more to it than that.

Arsenal may be in good form and looking like we could enjoy our usual strong finish but we need Chelsea to slip up like Liverpool did last season. The way Chelsea have been this season you would never have bet on them losing three of the final 10 games, but all is not well at Stamford Bridge at the minute.

They are not playing well and will find it hard to get over their disappointing and damaging Champions League exit and now there is grief between the players and the fans. The likes of Fabregas, Oscar and Willian are getting stick from the stands and Mourinho´s son has laid into the fans over it, as an another Daily Star report reveals, even suggesting that the club staff do not like the fans. That is bound to help, LOL.

So while we still need a minor miracle, there are signs that Chelsea could really struggle to get over the line, especially as they still have to play Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool, while the last two mentioned also play each other this weekend. Never say never Arsene. The slight glimmer of the title could be a great inspiration for the players so why not admit that we are still in it, however slim our hopes may be?

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  1. All we can do is take it 1 game at a time and try to win the rest of our games. And if we can’t do that, let’s at least smash Chelsea at the emirates.

    1. Owkie, I was very pissed yesterday becuz it’s always been a trend—WE NEARLY MADE IT!!!—but we actually played very well, like VERY WELL.

      Now, I really want us to maintain this form, approach every game like we did against MUFCers, WestHam and yesterday against Monaco. I may not believe in Magic, but I know miracles happen and FAITH can bring about miracles.

      We could come sencond in the league at the end of the season, but if the Universe smiles at us, the League trophy could make it’s way to the Emirates.

    2. Only people who have known wenger 4a few days (6) can argue with him concerning his statement….other wise he is very good at diappointing no matter what may happen 2chelsea

  2. We have to get the 2nd spot to boost our confidence especially after throwing away our CL dreams.

  3. Chelsea have lost 2 games all season, it’s wishful thinking at best to suggest they’re about to lose 4 games in 10. Wenger is being diplomatic, while not writing his team off.

    Off-camera I guarantee he knows the league is NOT being contested, rather the top 4 place that is far more finely balanced.

  4. Glad I didn’t watch d CL game, hope we sel d german rhino this summer no matter how good he plays (once in a while) he always bottles it when it matters most against sunderland, anderlecht and monaco first leg

  5. another delusion fans…

    Chelsea has to lose 4 games and for us to win every game to win the title….

    which is practically impossible with our current squad

  6. Nothing wrong in what Wenger said – as an earlier poster said two defeats for chelsea all season they are not going to lose four in the next nine are they ?

    Just a mention about last night – an excellent effort by Arsenal and a shame they just missed out but I fear the same old questions will be asked of Wenger’s ability to guide us to success.

  7. arsenal under Wenger shall never learn..this happens all seasons…we need a striker…that has been always clear…we need a serious Wenger who balances making profits-what he dearly loves- and a Wenger who knows we support arsenal to win trophies and if he cant win that then he is at the wrong place..arsenal is a big team.how do we participate in champions league under Wenger for 17 times and still win nothing? HE NEVER LEARNS.LOL

  8. Absolutely sick to see Chelsea fans booing fabregas. Those idiots have no appreciation over one of their best players this season. They dont deserve him honestly. Anyways, we should take one game at the time. With no more ucl distraction, we can focus all our efforts on reeling in the points between us and chelsea. It may be too late into the season to catch them, but you never know till you try

  9. “especially as they still have to play Arsenal”

    You think this would be any different from previous Mourinho versus Wenger encounters? Don’t get your hopes too high old boy.

  10. Funny folks down here. Players are supposed to learn from their mistakes but they keep making it over and over again…doesn’t mean the manager isn’t good. And if u think that he isn’t after the premier league, u’re the real joke

  11. why admit to it and place pressure on the lads. wenger is right to write us off. the aim is to win every game and finish as high up as possible, at the end we’d see Where that lands us……No pressure!

  12. well, for the 1st time in a looooong while, wenger is actualy right! 🙁 sadly! the title is not by any or all miracles posble..unless we switche managers and wenger goes to chelsea n mourinho comes to arsenal. that way, wenger managing chelsea, as usual, will falter and end up with his much adored trophy of 4th place hence arsenal managed by mourinho the trophy winner wl have a good chance at the title 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. i was arguing with my sis and my bro. my bro being a man u fan and my sis a fellow gunner…she was saying welbeck is useless that theo is better. and i was like yes theo is better in terms of goal conversion but thats about that with theo..and my bro a man u fan was like give me welbeck all day long over walcot..and i agree with my bro.
    reasons:1 welbeck yes he doesnt often run into a position were he can score but he has strenght cannot be bullied by a defender.we all know that even the worst defender can bully walcot of the ball.
    2 welbeck can play for the team. he can give up his forward play just for the team defensively..i could remember ferguson saying if he wants to play in big games welbeck is the first name on the team sheet..hardworker thats what he is..
    3 he is actually good at dribbling which we know is one of the things walcot will never have..
    tell me what walcot did yesterday after coming on? he was piss poor didnt hold his position and we could all see how exposed bellerin was when he came on…my point is i will rather if he refuse to sign d contract giving to him by arsenal we should get rid and pls before ppl start saying sell him to title rivals and you will see him tear us apart crap ask yourself this question .what has he offered us in ten yes 10 years here?absolutely crap…overrated english player .infact i think we shoul consider playing gnabry now that ox is out for a month atleast we know what we will get….and dammn sanchez needs a rest…

  14. Realistically speaking, Chelsea will win the league. There will be dropped points I’m sur but you’re talking mourinho here. As arrogant as he is he knows how to motivate and how to grind out results. Moreover your talking about them losing 4 games when their toughest matches are at home. Chelsea haven’t lost a single match at Stamford Bridge all season during the league., no team has come close really to beating them there. Southampton were lucky to escape with a draw in the second half as they were pinned back for its entirety.

    With them out of the CL and only the league to focus on I reckon they’ll get the job done. For now we should just get as many wins as we can and see what happens. Winning will inadvertently add pressure though they’re realistically 10 points ahead.

    I’d be OK with 2nd place and the FA cup but it all has a feeling of déjà vu to it. Get injury pile up early season, knocked out of CL R16, strong finish in CL places.

    Target now, as many wins as possible because as 2nd place is possible, we’re not far from 5th either.

  15. Right now I’m more interested in Arsenal then Chelsea. In the last 2 games we’ve played some very nice football and against United we played as a very structured force. Right now we are starting to turn into the team we have been waiting to see. How long it lasts…well that’s another question entirely.

    Chelsea are miles ahead. BUT they have a lot of tough games to come and could easily slip up a few times. That doesn’t mean we’re in for a shout but it does mean we can push, play well and see what happens. If by some miracle Chelsea get scalped at the weekend the whole feeling will change. They need to get into the international break without dropping points and they can recoup, otherwise that gap will be mentally damaging as f*ck and they’ll spend a good couple weeks debating if they can really do it now.

  16. Agreed. We are very, very long shots for the title but is ridiculous to give up or concede. We would need to win a minimum of 8 of the last 9 and draw the other to even have a sniff (82 points). People talking about CFC not going to lose 4 games are right, but draw 2 or 3 and lose to us and that is 7-9 points gained right there – assuming of course we keep winning. Chelsea have lost or drawn (and draws aren’t a whole lot better than a loss with effectively 2 points dropped) 9 of their 28 games or a third – even with no drop off in form they are due to draw/may be lose at least 3 of their last 10 games. Whilst we continue winning I will keep hoping.

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