Wenger’s claims about Lacazette – Lack of sharpness or stats?

Arsenal bought Alexander Lacazette in the summer for a then record club transfer fee, but the Frenchman has hardly ever played the full 90 minutes for the Gunners, and was relegated to the bench when we brought in Aubameyang in January. For some reason today Wenger has attempted to explain why the striker was usually substituted at around the 70 minute mark….

Wenger said: ‘I must say that [Lacazette] plays in a position where you sub more than say a defender,’ he said on Arsenal.com.

‘You substitute a striker more than you would a defender, because they always have to provoke, to defend, to attack, you have to create holes in the defences. The strikers are more subbed than others.

‘Secondly, he was in an adaptation period where I felt that, without any objective measurement, that sometimes he struggled a bit more in the second part of the game, especially in the last 20 minutes, to create the movement he can.

‘I put that down to an adaptation period. It was not so much physically – that didn’t drop so much – it just looked like he was a bit less sharp.’

So he says “without any objective measurement” and Laca didn’t drop physically but he also says that it was all based on stats! He said: “We know the players’ physical qualities and who we expect to drop in the second half or not,” the boss told the Arsenal Magazine. “Nobody’s tired enough at half time to be substituted for that, but in the second half you’ll see that sometimes this player will drop in the last 20 minutes.

“We have a fatigue factor coming in at different levels for everybody and we know the players who drop more in the second half than others. Some remain completely consistent and some even push upwards in the second half.

“There are players who drop up to 15 per cent in the second half, so you have to consider that in your substitutions. Even if you do make substitutions, you always try to keep one free because you know this guy could need to be substituted as well so you need to keep a place for him.”

This is all very confusing! What do you make of it?



  1. rkw says:

    i thought the rule was when you are in a hole stop digging … or in wernger`s case stop talking … like all aging dictators he has become a legend in his own mind and can spout out any jibberish bs that comes in to his fossilised brain … if there are players who cant last 90 minutes they should not be playing for a top team … his dumb rule doesnt apply to kane aguero hazard salah etc … and in lacazette`s case every time he brought him off they guy seemed bummed out not burnt out!! another year of this crap and 8th place will become like winning the title … sad

    1. PIRES says:

      Your footballing knowledge is mediocre ,with all my due respect:coming into a new league ,contry, having no winter break needs an adaptation period.Thierry Henry had one (nine games without scoring…)Bergkamp also…..

      1. John0711 says:

        Xhaka ? how many will he need lol

      2. ks-gunner says:

        No Ibrahim you are in the wrong again. The English league was truly very foreign before due of it being very English and lacking diversity. Today its a diff story. There are no excuses anymore. The epl is not superior to anyone.

        Theirry was young and failed before at Juventus. And Dennis was also not doing okays before joining the club. So it was natural of them gaining form while playing not good during their time.

        Where at Arsenal today. Players come who are in form, but playing under Arsene they become weaker and weaker.

      3. rkw says:

        LOL … mummy mummy those ffing fat bast**** are calling me names .. when youve graduated from primary school and learnt to read then get back to me …

      4. RichSAAlao says:

        Yes, you got it.
        Discussion is lively here, but everything some fans say is all based in the tinted perspective of Wenger Out. Not football at all.

    2. John0711 says:

      I really dont know how people defend him anymore. Its everything apart from “im sorry i made a mistake i will try and fix it’. at least then we would have some sympathy for him. Hes so far from reality is embarrassing. Please go and sign for one of these so called clubs who so want you.

      1. Yossarian says:

        I think some top clubs would have taken Wenger 15 years ago, and maybe a few would have considered it 10 years ago, but now? Not a chance.

        “Top clubs” (Which I would describe as those who have genuine aspirations of winning their respective leagues and the Champion’s League) wouldn’t go near him nowadays. It’s all in his head.

  2. zTOM says:

    “Lack of sharpness or stats”?
    Well, both?
    We pay MILLIONS to get Stats on our players and for their Fitness Management to reduce the risk of burn out/muscle injuries.
    Aside the obvious tactical impact on the game, it’d be stupid to ignore the findings of the professionals we’ve largely paid to give the Coaching staff precisely this type of info.
    Lacazette isn’t the first nor will be the last to need a season (or so) to properly raise his fitness levels to the much more demanding Premier League.
    Baffling that it comes to a surprise to some…

  3. gotanidea says:

    They must have seen Lacazette’s fitness in the field during the games, maybe that was why they keep substituting such expensive striker

    The question is why didn’t they make a thorough examination or research about the player’s fitness before spending so much money for him? The same blunder applies for Xhaka purchase (and the other flops) as well

    1. Gunner22 says:

      So blame the previous scouts, not Arsene
      Now we have Sven, lets judge his diamonds.
      That greek defender signed by him is seen nowhere.Mikhi is doing well, thanks to arsene.
      Auba is doing well too. BTW arsene was never in for laca, he wanted Auba, the rest is history about the blame game

      1. Phil says:

        What on earth are you talking about?All scouts that have been appointed in the last TWO DECADES have been appointed by WENGER.Anyone who is now trying to blame the scouting system to deflect the obvious blame away from Wenger really does show how desperate you are in your defence of the man.

        1. Hayzed says:

          I’ve being watching Gunner22 for a while and I can now come to conclusion that he knows nothing,even PIRES talks sense more than him.
          Sorry Gunner22 if it hurts.

          1. Phil says:

            Now come on Hayzed-that’s taking the insults tooooooo far.Nobody can beat Pires for spouting out the nonsense.Bahave yourself ??????

          2. PIRES says:

            Thank you Phil for being polite!!!!!!i wonder pal while reading your comments if i am not in a Leeds united forum

          3. Phil says:

            No your in on an Arsenal site but you have tuned in to the frequency occupied by the 81% MAJORITY.You need to turn your dial to get the 19% MINORITY channel.
            In regards the politeness I can assure you I will not be making a habit of it.

          4. jon fox says:

            Politeness is best reserved for the Vicar, maiden aunts and when asking the bank manager for a loan, etc. Most dyed in the wool football fans I have ever met whether from Leeds, Millwall, North Korea(though I admit to not actually meeting any from NK face since the 1966 World Cup in England when North Korea played in it) and esp Arsenal, like and appreciate honest, to the point, passionate debate from other knowledgeable and attending fans. This is why I can no longer resist again attending matches next season. When the new manager has revitalised and reinvigorated the fanbase and club. Almost two seasons now, refusal to come by me under Wenger, is almost over. Thank you God. Or actually, Stoke, Forest, Bournemouth, Forest, Man City, the Norwegian giants whose “famous” name beginning with O escapes me, etc etc, for what you have done for our clubs future and my decade long deep depression, now lifted!

          5. Gunner22 says:

            No bro not at all, that’s your opinion, i respect it, i’m a diehard arsenal fan since 96, hence the respect for arsene and nothing more.

          6. Ken 1945 says:

            What you need to do is understand that Hayzed knows EVERYTHING about football.
            Just don’t have a difference of opinion with him though, because that’s when his real knowledge comes through.

          7. Hayzed says:

            I don’t know everything,nobody knows everything but when everybody sees head and you are claiming it is a tail, then we have to let you know that that’s abnormality.

          8. Hayzed says:

            Thanks man, I thought you will rant at me but you take it lightly and I really respect that even though you are an AKB but I am a massive WOB.
            so ?

  4. Me says:

    Why wasn’t Lacazette’s general fitness assessed before he was signed?
    Why has it taken all season for Wenger to come out and say this and more worryingly why is it that the Arsenal fitness team have failed to get a player they paid over £50 million for fit?
    Talk about a manager digging his own grave.
    This is the sort of thing you should keep to yourself surely…

    1. zTOM says:

      It WAS assessed which is why he’s being subbed at 60min. That’s the whole point…
      We pay millions for such data, it’d be stupid not to use it.
      Wenger answers the questions he’s being asked, when they are asked. This one has just been asked, not before. What’s hard to understand?

  5. AJ GUN says:

    i feel for lacca really like the guy hope he comes back strong and rejuvinated ………would love to see him and auba in the same line up don’t know if its possible tho i hope it is

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah me too.They are both very good strikers but need the team pattern to work to get the best out of them whether they play in tandem or on their own

      1. ks-gunner says:



        1. Break-on-through says:

          Not bad, they’re probably the two best ways of keeping players happy but still looking to keep some balance.

  6. GB says:

    I think Wenger is just talking complete bollox.

    1. Phil says:

      As he has done for years nown

    2. zTOM says:

      You are aware we pays millions to get such data, right?
      That we literally bought a company that doesn’t that on TOP of the millions spent on our Medical structure that now monitors players’ exhaustion and fitness levels to reduce the risk of muscle injuries.

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah that’s working well don’t you think

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Nah I’m not having that. About the last twenty minutes. First of all the subs came when he was in form and only kicking his AFC career off, which makes Wenger’s reasoning baseless. Secondly how do you know if he was tired if he got dragged off before he could prove otherwise. Wenger focked with him and basically brainwashed the lad to believe he wasn’t ready physically. Also how important is physicality to a finisher, it’s important but it’s not the be all. And what did we have on the bench, a player that is naturally slow, we take off a finisher for being slow and bring on a tall slow striker. Brilliant, only in Wengaball.

  8. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger is a clown.

    I have seen Giroud becoming our main striker for at least 4 years without any competition. S$wing us all over and even going at times with 15 games without scoring. But he never saw the bench as a result.

    I have seen Ramsey playing for Arsenal and be used at any poz in the team just to force him into the line up. He was shocking bad and costing the team many points but he never saw the bench. Never.

    I have seen even the likes of Ozil struggling but the bench was a foreign word to him during that time. Qok bunda benchesim siqim anane, lol.

    And i do have also noticed that Wenger at times, aims his bs towards some certain players in the team, who are doing good, but due of Wengers problematic mind, they got mistreated badly out of the blue. Like:

    Podolski, Perez, Vela, Cambpell, Rosicky, Coquelin etc.

    Now do i take Wenger explanation as correct. F No.

    Even if he becomes fatigue. Still a fatigue striker is more dangerous up front than a fit Welbeck. The opponent gets tired as well, and many strikers due of them having the abilities to make us of the little mistakes which are being done in the end, do all score late in the match. So the deluded fart should take his personal bias and go f him self.

    1. Absolutely agree mate ABSOLUTELY!!! The senile fraudster’s favourism and bias is so blantant it’s sickening. We must eject him and his backward practices from our beloved club if we are to become great again.

      1. Phil says:

        A round of applause sir
        And you Quantic Dream

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      I find it interesting that one minute Wenger is blamed for not managing and coaching his players, then the next he is lampooned for explaining why and how he coached and managed Lacazette..
      Lacazette was obviously not up to the rigours of the premier league form the minute he arrived at our club. No player has, in my opininon, managed the jump to the premier league without some problems. Fitness in the french league is different from fitness in the premier league.
      Are we proposing that any transfers we make must be up to premier league fitness level immediately?
      All Wenger has done is try and explain HIS reasoning behind the substitutions.
      We all have a right to agree or disagree, but in a constructive way surely?
      Instead of interesting debate, we get the same boring Wenger retoric that appear on every post like clockwork from the same people.
      Why don’t we get comments on how each individual would have managed the situation?
      Then maybe, we could have a “Wenger free” debate as to how the club moves forward under new managment.
      As for saying let him leave now, just take a look at WBA, West Ham and Stoke who changed managers during this season. Let’s use some common sense here, because we know the changes are coming. Let’s discuss, as a broader group of gooners, how we visualise those changes and what our realistic hopes for life without Wenger are.

      1. PIRES says:

        Spot on mate ,we’ve got some Millwall/Leeds fans here spiting insulting and abusing evryone who disagree with theme, as if their stupid comments will transform N.Korea in a democracy….deluded.

        1. @Ken 1945
          This whole Lacazette fitness thing is a myth. Do they play 20 minute halfs in France? If the English league is so rigorous, then we would reasonably expect the English teams to be fitter and physically superior to the rest of Europe. So why is it English teams perform so badly in the champions league? Why are they unable to physically match the like of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Monaco and Juventus? English teams are supposed to be stronger so why are they unable to compete with the soft Bayern Munich and Real Madrid? Total myth thats what it is. English league is no more demanding as any other top league. Wenger benches Lacazette for personal reasons just like he played Ramsey for personal reasons for the last 10 years.

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Quantic Dream,
            Aren’t we comparing foreign players coming in to the premier league?
            How many British players go abroad to play? Very few because we are not as skillfull and that is why we are inferior to the other clubs in W.C. and C.L.
            In the premier league we have six “top clubs” who are all liable to lose to any of the other twelve. Not so Spain, Germany or Italy.
            Our football is also totally different from those countries you mentioned.
            Our play is much more physical and demanding, but less skillfull, that’s what we can’t match. That is why english clubs look abroad for more skillful players. It is very rare for english players to go abroad (% wise), because of the difference in the style of football.
            You mention Barcelona as an example. How do you think, say Messi, would perform if he had the likes of our premier league teams every week. Are you saying that he would be able to play in the same way as he does know? I believe he would be kicked from pillar to post until he adapted.
            Why are you are so adament that Lacazette is benched for personal reasons and Ramsey played for the same reason, I would like to see the facts behind this incredible claim, or is this a personal opinion enabling you to blame Wenger for something else?

          2. @Ken 1945
            I have arrived at the conclusion Lacazette is being benched for personal reasons through the elimination method of deduction. We know he is not getting benched because of skill as he was a consistently lethal striker in France racking up to 30-35 goals in his best seasons. We also know it is not a discipline issue as he has not been caught out partying or drinking late at night or even smoking in the showers (unlike Iwobi or Wilshere). He has not been reported to skip training or arrive late for any sessions. If we are to take the English league is rigorous as an excuse then I’d have expected Aubameyang to be subbed as well with the same fitness excuse. Except Auba has been slotted right in and played every game eligible to. Why doesn’t Lacazette receive the same level of trust? How will he ever become match fit (if he indeed isn’t) by being subbed and sitting on the bench? I need not mention also what effect it can have on your confidence and attitude if the coach consistently subs you out of every game. We have seen how guys like Sanchez react to subbs? Guys like Jenkinson, Ramsey, Xhaka, Welbeck, Mertesacker have in the past really put in some diabolical performances but still remained on to finish the game. So is a physically below par player an excuse to subb but a comically blundering one okay to keep? Add onto the fact we have seen before on form players like Joel Campbell (after his electrifying performance at the world cup), Lukas Perez and Podolski, still languishing on the bench I’d easily say Wenger does not play people based on merit but his own personal reasons!

          3. Ken 1945 says:

            Quantic Dream,
            Yes, he was a prolific scorer in France, but not since he came to us has he? I firmly believe he will become a top player for us, i look forward to seeing him play again being 100% fit following his recovery. Arsene, I believe, hoped he would become match fit by playing on a regular basis, but hoping he did not aggrevate the injury. Turned out this didn’t happen,hence we are where we are now.
            Auba “has played every game eligible” so rested in those that he wasn’t selected and has not been carrying an injury, There’s two reasons for his inclusiveness in Wengers team selection.
            Jenkinson played well whilst out on loan and was given a well deserved chance to prove himself. This didn’t happen, so he was dropped. No favourite bias there then?
            Ramsey and Xhaka have had bad games agreed. But surely your not suggesting Lacazette position in the team should have influenced their staying on the pitch?
            Mertesacker has played one game this season and that was simply because of our injury crisis. He did have a bad game and hasn’t played since. Wenger favourite? Come off it man.
            Joel Campbell a form player? Sorry, can’t remember one game in an Arsenal shirt where his form justified such high praise. Thats my opinion of course.
            Let’s take Perez next. His performances whilst out on loan has prompted a rather negative feedback, so perhaps Wenger saw something that he didn’t like?
            Podolski was a player that I do agree wasn’t used enough and I don’t think we saw his potential. However, since leaving us, can you tell me what he has done? Not enough to warrant your Wenger accusation surely?
            If these three players were underused, why haven’t they proved Wenger wrong? Could be he was right?

        2. ks-gunner says:

          Ibrahim, i was not mentioning you by your name, neither was i asking for Mr Ken to comment on my opinion. I did not abuse him neither was i abusing you.

          I know that you play a false role in this comment section. Its either the admin is paying you to tllk rubbish and argue for the sake of arguing, or you do it out of boredom, which i hope you dont do as you are way to old to do such a childish thing.

          1. PIRES says:

            Neither i was talking to you buddy

      2. ks-gunner says:

        Mr Ken, i recognize your good will, but you do now that you comment is based on assumptions alone.

        But let us argue for the sake of it. How can one recognize fatigue? Lets take Ozil for example. When he played at Arsenal he was very in form at the start, but later he pushed himself to much, and in time he was fatigue. One could say that well you see the Epl is just one tough cookie but one could also recognize that Ozil was not even that fit while playing for Real. M. and at Arsenal he played to many games without any rotation. Fatigue was recognized and proven at the later part of the season. Its a managing problem.

        What do you think of Kante of Mahrez? Two players who where named the best in the league. What kind of example do you take from them? Where do they come from and what made them go through the season and win the league while playing for an inferior team. Its a managing factor.

        Fatigue only comes due of bad managing. Lack of rotation players being freezed out and being played out of poz does creat problems. And those problems can be addressed towards Wenger. So how are fans supposed to tllk about other things then when Wenger is the main part of the problem here?

        Laca is hungry and frustrated. His motivation has been influenced due of the bad managing. A striker without his believe is useless.

        And for the love of god Mr Ken plz dont compare us to WBA and Stock. Have some self respect and mercy with us fans who still want to think of Arsenal as a big club.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          For goodness sake, I am not comparing our club to WBA Stoke etc.
          What I was trying to show was that premier teams who have changed managers before the end of the season are worse off than they were before.Some are suggesting that the club should sack Wenger today!
          You want to think of Arsenal as a big club? I know they are a big club.
          Lacazette has not been played out of position, he has always played as a forward. If he put away chances like those he had against Spuds, he wouldn’t be frustrated would he?
          Kante and Mahrez? Well, the team they played for wasn’t “rotated” was it?
          The manager? Where is he know? did the players back him? Got him the sack actually. Also loved their club so well, one left immmediately and one went on strike. Leave you to decide what you thinnk of them!
          Ozil? One of the biggest complaints against the man is his commitment in every game. He played in every game he was fit to do so and selected for.
          It seems as if your blaming Wenger for selecting this player for the work he was being paid to do. Is that correct? Fatigued? These are professionals not prima donnas.
          You say my views are based on assumptions, I would call them opinions.
          Isn’t that exactly the same situation for you?
          If not, please now show me the FACTS that you obviously believe your statements come from.

    3. Ken 1945 says:

      Some observations from your post:
      You named Podolski, Perez, Vela, Campbell (Ignore Rosicky and Coq because I don’t agree).
      Firstly, when did you see any of them play well enough to deserve a regular place in the first team?
      Secondly, if Wenger signed rubbish (I believe he signed some real c**p by the way) as we are told, why on earth are you trumpeting these players he signed?
      Mistreated out of the blue? I cannot recall one game where they played anywhere near Ramsey. How many chances were they given?
      Ramsey played in every position? Goalkeeper, cb, forward, winger?
      Giroud never seeing the bench in four years? Tell me then, what was the reason he gave for leaving the club? More playing time and not wanting to sit on the bench.

      1. Sue says:

        I love Podolski

        1. Phil says:

          Sue I must know it’s killing me.
          Is it the Pony Tailed Heartrob Petit or the German Stud Podolski for you

          1. Sue says:

            Well Phil… it was Petit back in the day… but I have to say, recently it’s Podolski ❤ gutted when he left ?

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        I still haven’t got over the abuse you gave Tony Adams and it seems you haven’t learnt your lesson!!
        Where do you think this type of baiting is going to get you?
        Can I suggest you actually read again what you intend to post and ask yourself “what will I achieve?”
        Yes, I was one of the 19% and wasn’t surprised by the outcome in the least.
        That’s why I didn’t comment, because I respected the foregone outcome/conclusion. You came in like a bull in a china shop and opened yourself to complete ridicule.
        Why try to antagonise others? If you have a valid point to make (and you had pre Adams disgrace) do it in a respectful way.
        If I was you, I would openly apologise to all 100% of gooners on this site for your Tony Adams post and then I might appreciate your support.

        1. Phil says:

          Good Evening Ken and a very well written and straight to the point post to Pires.
          It will probably not surprise you I wrote quite a long and your face post to him yesterday.It will probably surprise you less that it did not pass cencorship by Admin.Shame but not totally surprised myself.
          And what are we getting tonight?North Korea.As if that’s got anything to do with anything on this site.
          Still as a certain Jimmy Greaves used to say Footballs a funny old game

        2. PIRES says:

          Ken 45
          Mate, is by saying that Paul Gascoigne, George best and Maradona had alchool and drugs problems you abuse them?is that means they were not good /great players?of course no.Why abusing Wenger is acceptd and telling the truth ,as you say facts, about Adams is outrageous?they are BOTH arsenal legends.
          As for this poll rubbish ,why i/you should be ashamed to be in the “minority”? are we arsenal fans or not ?is having an opinion in an ARSENAL site ,or supposed to be(bar some haters fools),is ridiculous?!!!

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            That is NOT what you said about Tony Adams.
            You said he was a notorious ***** in a post that had nothing to do with the man. I hope you see how much I dislike what you said because I can't even bring myself to print it. The other three you mentioned could not/have not beaten their demons. Tony, on the other hand, has been an inspiration to us all.
            If you see him as a legend, then treat him as one. He was not notorious, in fact quite the opposite. Like Per he admitted his problem publically and talked about how it had affected him. He then gave his time to helping others who had the same problem, going out and talking very candidly how he handled this time in his life. If you haven't read his book, then please do, it's a remarkable journey through his personal and footballing life.
            Yes, J.Fox brought his name into the post, but that was no excuse for your response.
            I can't begin to compare the two issues of Arsene and Tony as you do. We can argue/discuss with those who disagree on this site with our views on Wenger.
            Yes, it gets personal and we can be abused, but we can reply in kind.
            You stepped over the line by attacking someone who hasn't the opportunity to reply and doesn't deserve the label you gave him. Not one person agreed with you and that must tell you something surely?
            I asked you to read your posts carefully before submitting because this is an unforgiving site if you get things wrong. Gess what comes next?
            You ask me why I am ashamed to be in the minority…where have I said that? Nowhere!!
            We are involved in a site that clearly indicated its preference regarding Arsene Wenger. We have a choice. Stay and debate or go elsewhere. Nothing wrong with our views, if they are delivered in a courteous and factual way. The most boring site would be one that agrees with itself all the time. All I ask you to do is publically apologise for your comments regarding Tony, For what it's worth, you would earn my respect and, I believe, others as well. Stop the mud slinging about Millwall fans etc and rise above the baiting.

          2. jon fox says:

            Well said Ken. And, boy, did it need saying!

      3. ks-gunner says:

        You dont agree for what reason? Coquelin was sold bec of what? Wenger not using him due of him not believing that we need a dm and benching him, or rather that Xhaka did best him at everything? lol.

        Rosicky was also frozen out. and that bec of Wenger insisting on starting the likes of well Ramsey over him. A fact.

        Ramsey was given so many chances. More then every other player in the team. He takes some credit for snitching him up under manures nose, and made it his personal goal to make him out to be a start in the club no matter what.

        When i say everypoz i of course do mean those poz which are possible to play for a player of his stature. He played on the wings. Both right and left. Central and up front. He played even as a right back.

        Giroud? He played 4 years without any competition in the striker role, and while enjoying this privilege, he thought that he was to good for the bench nowedays. A bench player thinking he was actually a star players. lol

      4. Ozziegunner says:

        Ken 1945, please review Lucas Perez’s goals and assists record per minutes played for Arsenal. You may change your opinion.
        I believe he may still have a future at Arsenal as a wide player, if brought back from Spain.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          When Perez signed for us, I didn’t see it as the “panic buy” people thought it was.
          I was more excited by his signing than I was Wellbecks that’s for sure.
          It just didn’t seem to work out for him though and, in my opinion, he finally seemed to resign himself to his role as a bench warmer.
          Quantic Dream mentioned Perez in an earlier post and I was referring to his time out on loan in my reply.
          I’m not so sure I answered his post fully and correctly after thinking about you statement however.
          Thanks for reminding me about his potential, I agree.
          Quantic Dream, on reflection I think wenger should have given him more playing time, but still find it hard to accept it’s down to favourte player syndrome.

  9. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Arsene Wenger uses the excuse, “fatigue” for taking players off after 70 minutes. The truth is, he picked the wrong side, but because he’s so stubborn and self centred he hasn’t the courage to admit that he could ever be wrong. I’ve got no love for Mourinho, but at least he’s got the courage change his team early if it’s necessary.

  10. jon fox says:

    Without commenting specifically on Lacazettes regular subbing, I am actually in agreement with what Wenger says on this subject. Yes, REALLY! Many strikers, who start games, fade in the last quarter. I have seen this happen with Lacazette. But midfiielders also fade through weariness. My long term beef with Wenger is that he almost always waits too long before making necessary sub changes. BEING A SLAVE TO THE 70TH MINUTE IS PLAIN DAFT. YOU CANNOT RUN A GAME BY THE STOPWATCH.

  11. Ozilla says:

    Ozil was taken off around the 70 min mark almost every game his first year for the club. I believe he’s doing the same with Laca as he adjusts to the league. It doesn’t change the fact though that Laca has struggled recentely or that Wenger’s overall tactics are usually wrong.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Great observation on Ozil, I didn’t realise that it was as regular as that.
      When you look at Giroud, he was also being substituted /used as a substitute on a regular basis.
      So it does seem to be that his comment on forwards tiring (in his opinion) is consistent, even if not necessarily correct.

      1. Phil says:

        KEN 1945
        There must be something in this number.
        You and everyone are reading it in minutes.If you use the number 70 as a percentage I believe there is a different take on it.
        Wenger is at 21 years as manager soon and if you look at the last 7 years that is when his sell by date was well and truly up.That is 70% of his tenure.
        So basically if you look at him as being Tired Fatigued and not able to produce optimum performance then quite clearly Wenger should have by his own calculations been removed then.
        Just a thought

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          You are comparing chalk and cheese here aren’t you?
          I know that you blame all the ills in the world on Arsene’s back, but this is the first time I have heard of a 60 year old being compared to a 20/30 year old in terms of competence and tenure.
          You also forgot that Wenger managed before his time at Arsenal, so that means he still has not reached your 70% as a manager scenario.
          I don’t see him as tired and fatigued, more as a man who has run out of ideas concerning our club. I may be wrong, but I think there is still life in the old dog yet.
          Can’t be bothered to do this, but wonder what his % would be for trophies won (league and cups) in the twenty one years?

          1. jon fox says:

            Well, it is certain that he has won ten in 21 years, approx a 48% chance of a trophy per season. Or you may prefer ten trophies our of a possible 84 in 21 years which is a fraction under 12% of those available. In the last fouteen years the relevant figures are 3 in 14years and 3 out of 56 possible which equates to 21% chance of a trophy or 5 and a bit percent of those possible. This is without weighing the status of relevant trophies won. Assuming we all agree that Prem or CL are worth more value than FA or League Cup, his last 14 years , since 2004 are far worse, with only 3 FA cups. I do not include losing final appearances or second place in the league, as I have more ambition for our club than those who regard Community Shields and near misses as trophies. There is a certain person on here with a famous French ex-Arsenal player name who regards Community Shields as trophies. I doubt anyone on here is unaware to whom I refer. I doubt also that anyone would be unhappy with the trophy hoard prior to 2005. Nor am I ,but for a club of Arsenals standing, just three of the third(of four) most important trophies in 14 years is a dismal total. Ultimately, I suppose the difference is whether OR NOT one is satisfied with regular top four finishes, which anyway now look as if they will not return until the club changes manager. A landslide majority, according to several fan polls, indicate NOT.

          2. Phil says:

            Ken-it was a bit of a toungue in cheek one from me.Completely off topic and of no particular relevance to anything at all.
            But trust Sir JF to come back with the exact calculations.So with that here are my thoughts on the Trophy Stats.
            1996/7 was his first(part season) where he formally took over at (If I can recall correctly) around mid-late October.We had actually started the season fairly well with Pat Rice holding the reins until Wengers contract was up in Japan.And that was following a particularly bad run of pre season results I remember.Anyway you will recall we qualified for the UEFA CUP with a late Bergkamp screamer (oh how I worshipped that player) against Bolton.Were we pleased with this?Absolutely we were.You could see the progression in the team and with talk of more top players arriving we were all very encouraged and dare I say it? Yes I will.LOVING WHAT WAS HAPPENING at the Club with this new and exciting Manager.
            1997/98 was beyond our wildest dreams.Where did that come from?Great players.Great Football.Great atmosphere at Highbury.Great expectations all round.We all LOVED what was happening.You could SEE and FEEL the joy and excitement every week on the faces of the fans.One Man had in less than TWO SEASONS totally transformed Arsenal Football Club.
            If he had left there and then we would have mourned him forever.That is how much he was revered by EVERYONE.
            I have to skip forward as train Home will hit my station soon but the point I’m trying to make is WHY has he allowed us to be where we are now?
            The man has changed out of recognition from his early years et the club.It is my opinion he has allowed himself to feel as though he is BIGGER than the Club.This especially so since that dark day of David Deins departure.He seems to believe he is untouchable and answerable to nobody.The Board were s***ing bricks he would walk away and to my mind he used this to get his own way with everything.I have met this man on numerous occasions down the years of his time at the club and honestly he is the most polite and well versed Manager in Football.That is why I despise him more.He KNOWS he has failed this last decade.He knows he has made far too many wrong decisions with transfers and tactics and formations etc.But he NEVER accepts he is wrong.
            Anyway train nearly in so have to sign off.Will probably get slaughtered by many as this I post is so contradictory but even for that I blame Wenger.He has made the situation the way it is now.
            Can I sign off by saying that I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF BOMBING NORTH KOREA OVER THE RASTER HOLIDAYS so Pires -you can eat all your chocolate eggs knowing peace will prevail.Until Tuesday at least.

          3. PIRES says:

            A good post PHIL,i am being sarcastic sometimes(north Korea Galilee Holocaust….) to show you and and all our friends here that all is not doom and gloom in this club and this manager has done a lot of good work (and mistakes though)

          4. Ken 1945 says:

            Before I make a reply, may I suggest that you too (just like Pires) make a public apology for the way Per Mertesacker was attacked by you in a recent post? As you are so fond of quoting polls, your degrading post regarding his personal problem was in the minority of 1% of all posts on the subject.

            Right then on to your post:
            I will not check your figures, as I am sure you have done your homework, as usual, in a correct manner.
            We are talking about Wengers 21 years as Arsenal manager, so 10 in 21 years make sense =Approx. 48-50%
            Of course, I note you haven’t divided up the last five years in yournegative dissection ofyears versus trophies won, but I expected that.
            Unless one is an idiot, the trophies in England that any gooner would want to win (in my opinion) are as follows:
            Premier league…fa cup… league cup…with the honour of qualifying to play in the community shield, if one wins either of the first two, for charity.
            There is no need to rise to the little insert about finishing second or near misses, don’t be so arrogant as to believe you are the only one with ambition for our club.
            There is a certain “chosen one” who does regard the community shield as a trophy and it has certainly felt like one for all of the 30,000 plus gooners who paid their money to cheer their team at Wembley. The media also agreed with Mourinho when he said it was a trophy, but I’m not bothered either way.
            The same applies for finishing in the top four. It was said that that wasn’t good enough for Arsenal, but now it’s used as a whipping boy because we will (probably) miss out for the second year this century… Yes…this century with no change of manager.
            So, when we look at the tenure of wenger, he should be recognised as the manager who averaged a trophy every other year.
            The new manager will have a hard time to live up to that % figure, but I sincerely hope he does as I am a true gooner just like everyone else who supports our club.
            I also hope that this new manager will be the FIRST to win the Champions league and build a team of Invincibles.
            Wenger is the only manager to get the club to the C.L. final, playing with 10 men for most of the game and only losing out to a goal in the last ten minutes.
            We do agree on one thing, the time has come for him to step aside. But, for me, with the dignity the above facts should allow him to do.
            Our views and the way we present them to others are poles apart and I suggest we agree to disagree and leave it at that.
            We do seem to bring out the worst in each other and it must get very boring for every one else.

          5. Phil says:

            Boring?Not for me it’s not.Two great mind and all that……….

          6. jon fox says:

            Ken, ,Only just now read your post(as I am having a boring afternoon, and I DON’T mean your post). Though of the same generation you and I have completely differing views on what constitutes debate, it seems to me. The whole reason I stay on this site , more than other Arsenal ones, which are far less busy, is to debate on here as though I were at the game. I am not an oaf and would never use offensive and filthy languge face to face but I do believe in being real . Saying things as you actually would face to face , is to me, real debate. If it is sanitised it becomes worthless, in my view. After all, I have watched games for 60 years , lets say 48 as a proper adult and have never been punched or hardly ever told to “F… OFF,” while often fiercely debating with other fans(usually but not only Gooners). For instance, I have often called people face to face, “deluded and wrong” or that “they don’t know what they are talking about”. And those and more besides have been said back to me. This is part of the cut and thrust of how mostly working class fans(as fans have traditionally been) speak to each other. I have actually lectured on today’s snowflake generation and it’s changing social attitudes with the professionally offended, brigade, sadly to the fore. And KEN, I PASSIONATELY BELIEVE THIS TRUTH. In my personal everyday life , I am always ME, I do not play mental games with people and respect and love total honesty. It is everyones right to disagree with anyone else and to say so. I draw the line at filthy , and personally degrading language, though I will admit to having crossed this line on occasions out of sheer frustation and rage with Wengers ineptness. I am sorry about these few occasions, but like you and everyone else I am far from perfect. But I AM real! I offer this post as some explanation of why I see things differently from (not “to”) you. But I definitely respect you as a decent and civilised man, despite our many and sometimes heated differences on here.

  12. Break-on-through says:

    With all that drivel something nearly escaped me. All those substitutions and yet tactical reasons wasn’t even a passing thought, seriously lol.

    1. zTOM says:

      Because replacing a player because his energy level and output no longer is considered good enough isn’t a tactical substitution maybe?

  13. John Ibrahim says:

    mourinho scouting reports commented laca lacks stamina

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