Wenger’s controversial idea could cost Arsenal up to £30m per season

Kieran Maguire says if Arsene Wenger succeeds in his plans to have a World Cup every two years and reduce the number of club matches, it could cost Arsenal as much as £30m per season.

Working as FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development now, Wenger is looking to give more prominence to international football, but it would come at a cost for club football and it would also affect Arsenal.

Finance expert, Maguire says any club that benefits from matchday revenue like Arsenal would be affected by a calendar that permits fewer competitions.

“In terms of English clubs, we might move to a smaller Premier League,” he told Football Insider.

“That would hit Arsenal because they make around £4m to £5m per match from gate receipts, hospitality and so on.

“If the focus is going to be on the Club World Cup and World Cup, that will have an impact on broadcast rights.

“The Premier League itself wouldn’t necessarily be hit because it’s such a fantastic brand in its own right.

“But participation in European competition could be hit. That could be another £10m to £20m.

“If you add that up, that’s £30m for a club like Arsenal. That’s seven or eight per cent of their total revenue. You don’t want that in any business.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Wenger is a revolutionary and it is hardly surprising that he wants to make his mark at FIFA.

The Frenchman has probably decided never to return to club management, and he isn’t thinking about football at that level while he proposes these changes.

Whatever would reduce Arsenal’s current revenue is simply not welcome.

The club has to thrive, and it is the proceeds from these income streams that it uses to stay alive.

Wenger is one of the most-loved figures in our history, but we cannot support him this time.

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  1. I agree with Ad MARTINS VIEW. I also agree and stress that AW has already accepted , albeit privately, that he will never again manage another club side , in ANY country (he is now 72, after all!).

    He sees his current role as his future IMO and I much disagree with him on the “benefit of two yearly WCs” and see it as extremely unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future for many reasons , some of which Martin addresses.

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