Wenger´s DOUBLE transfer masterplan for Arsenal

It is going to be a bit of a balancing act for Arsene Wenger, as the Arsenal boss needs to negotiate the middle ground between spending big and bringing in more top quality players to the Arsenal squad and disrupting the close knit feel and balance that we now have.

You could say that the Frenchman got lucky with his transfer acquisitions last summer: with Alexis Sanchez, Calum Chambers, Danny Welbeck and even Mathieu Debuchy settling into the side quickly. Many of our rivals like Man United, Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City have spent lots of money on a lot of players in recent years only to see them struggle in the Premier League.

But while you can get around this problem by signing players already playing in England, that is not always the way. So if Wenger is planning to sign anyone from the French club Olympique Lyonnais this summer, as reported by Metro, perhaps it is a great idea to sign two that have played well together all season.

The fact that Alexandre Lacazette and Nabil Fekir are the two top scorers of Lyon, with 13 and 29 respectively is obviously one reason for Arsenal to sign them but the fact that they know each other´s games and work so well together could be a huge help to them settling into a new team.

This double transfer swoop would cost the Gunners around £60 million but when you consider that Man United paid that for Di Maria only to see him struggle, do you think Wenger’s plan to sign both of these French stars is a good one?

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  1. Not the biggest, but strong enough to hold off challenges and quick enough to get away from defences and make space in tight areas, a threat on the counterattack, a clinical finisher and the knack of being in the right place at the right time.

    I could be talking about Sergio Aguero here, no? Great attributes to have.

    1. If the hold up play is what it takes to be world class striker how bad is aguero with his striking position, he don’t know how to hold up the play he always looking for a killer pass or a goal. let me know before i appreciate what our main ST has been doing so far. Harry Kane don’t know the hold up play and he has 31 goals a season.

      1. what did they win? Ronaldo scored 48 but they wont win anything, its about balance, we had RvP who scored 30 goals and we finished 4th, we need balance and i think Lacazette cant bring that to us !!!

        1. You serious? That’s exactly what lacazette would bring BALANCE by making us less predictable and allow us to change up our tactics based on the opposition. Him and a DM would make us an excellent team

      2. if we are going for another striker and another Attacking midfielder that means we need two players to vacate their spots in the squad and moreover i think santi and og would not like to spend most of the season in the bench,it would not be surprising for both of them to leave the club. some say we have deadwoods to shelved from the squad but those deadwoods aren’t in this squad from christmas so they are taken out from the equation.

    2. Would rather Higuain/Benzema/Cavani/Martinez who all have proven goalscoring records, and class/quality we lack from our ST currently.

      Content with Welbeck as the ST understudy, we need someone who’s top drawer, and capable of being THE man starting next season. Lacazette is a clinical Welbz, bags of potential but not at all certain for the fee we’re talking about. Would rather the 25 mil land at Porto and we have a goal machine who can lead the line against anyone.

      1. I am a huge Martinez fan I would love him at arsenal. My main preference is cavani el matador still has it in him don’t believe what the kids say about him. He would be a beast with the service we could provide him.

        1. And the reason why those 2 are my preferences is because they are both 29 and probably have 3 years left at the top level and then id like them to pass the torch to welbeck.

          That would be my decision to bring in an older striker who has like 3 years left so by the time they are done, welbeck, akpom, or sanogo will be ready to take the torch.

        2. I find the Cavani bashing laughable honestly.

          Here many worship Giroud for his 17, 22, and 18 goals he’s scored in his 3 years as main man of Arsenal. Yet they condemn Cavani because he’s only scored 25 and 28 goals in his 2 seasons as 2nd fiddle in Paris compared to his 33, 33, and 38 he scored in Naples.

          Yea Cavani is awful clearly….

          1. Yup scored 31 and 33 league goals his last 2 seasons at Napoli, and has scored 28 goals in all comps (like you said) with 75% or more coming from playing on the wing

            1. well there is a clear diff in svcoring 25 goals in the french league and scoring those in the PL. The previous seasons in Italy is ofcourse what got him that huge transfer fee. But based on the few CL matches that I saw him play- doesn’t seem worth the money at 50 million. May be at best 15-20 million.

              Martinez- too similar to Giroud ..dont know if he will make the difference in those big matches. If we bring in a striker we need someone who can make a difference on his own at times – someone like Suarez- who I always believe (only considering sporting ability) is one of the biggest transfer misses of the club

          2. I’m sorry but you can’t compare a players performance in Lige 1 to their potential in the premier league, especially when they are playing in a team like PSG. !0 of the teams in that league would be viewed as a fill your boots kind of game. Not the case in England.

    1. Lacazette is a very good player, but no doubt he’s THE hyped name of the summer.

      23 league goals is great, but he’s scored 8 penalties (one off a Ligue 1 record of 9) and NOT ONE against the top 5 sides in the league (Ibra has 5 vs the top 5 by comparison, Cavani has 3). So he’s scored 15 goals from open play against the inferior French teams in Ligue 1 when looked at in greater detail.

      Like I said, very good player but people are definitely letting the hype get to them somewhat. Higuain, Cavani, Benzema are all a big step up in quality if you’re talking about next seasons title tilt.

        1. But you have to take notice of that ALMOST 30 league goals at 23. And the fact that he hasn’t scored against the top 5 cause his midfield not give him the best service against those teams

      1. In comparison, Benzema never scored more than 20 goals in a Ligue1 season. He’s one of the best ST in the world today… I watch every Lyon games and i can tell you Lacazette is going to be a great player. He’s already better than Welbeck and Giroud even if he only pays in France. I really dont want us to miss this type of player.

  2. Fekir & Lacazette for £60m presents a risk, but could potentially reap a massive reward. If that’s a large proportion of our transfer budget, thanks but no thanks.

    OT: Haha Wilshere got goal of the season on MOTD, love it.

    1. Was certain Charlie Adam would win. Pretty sure Yaya Toure hit a goal exactly that same as Wilshere’s but who cares. That’s 2 seasons in a row Wilshere’s won it. Wow.

      1. I personally thought Zamora’s was the best, but I guess each fan was voting for their own team and I take it UTD & Liverpool fans weren’t too interested in tuning into MOTD haha

  3. Wenger got lucky. WTF is this writer talking about. Wenger has a history of buying smart. Just look how Liverpool & Spurs squandered the money they got for Suarez & Bale respectively.

    1. But they also bought Suarez and Bale in the first place. Odd ones. We haven’t bought any future £50m+ superstars but we haven’t bought nearly as many flops either.

  4. next rumour please.

    we’d be lucky if we somehow got one of em. both? you think lyon are a pushover? they hate selling. also they’re rly close to winning the league there, no real difference.

    and fekir? how is he proven?

    gk, cdm, st/winger what we need. next rumour please.

  5. chris kramer / schneiderlin / guilavogui / even khedira. there are options in that dm position.

    winger: pedro seems to be on the move. 10 million pounds? deal.

    maybe lacazette as striker. but would he join? jackson martinez
    anyway. next rumour pls

    1. Hell no to guilavogui and khedira. And I’m pretty sure Leverkusen don’t want ti sell Kramer

  6. I’d rather have Reus than Pedro at emirates..Martinez, Vidal and Sterling and may be Cech..

    1. Both Reus and sterling can play as strikers/ wingers

    2.Vidal will bring the Ray Paylor tenacity and hunger to win.

    3.Jackson martinez is 30 plus proven goal scorer.


    1. I’d go insane if we get Vidal, but the hype of it makes me certain that we won’t

  7. “As reported by the Metro” = as fabricated by the Metro

    We could possibly go for one of these players but there is no way we sign them both. In Fekir’s case, his father has openly said he might be interested in Arsenal. But he is also concerned about playing time. Fekir would join a very crowded group of central midfielders so it is hard to see it happening unless Carzola is sold (which seems unlikely). Even then, it would be very hard for Fekir to crack the starting lineup.

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