Wenger’s excuses for Arsenal striker transfer failure will NOT wash

After the Arsenal strike force failed to find the back of the net for a third Premier League game in a row, Arsene Wenger was understandably asked about his decision to not use the January transfer window to sign a striker, you know one of those players that scores goals.

And as reported by the Daily Mail, the Frenchman dragged out his favourite and tired old line about there just not being anyone available. ‘m sorry Arsene but it just won’t wash and I for one am not having it. And his jokey attempts to turn the tables on the press and get them to tell him who we could have signed are not clever, they are incredibly annoying for Arsenal fans who have to pay mega money for the privilege of seeing our team fail to score.

Wenger said, “If you knew a world-class striker who could have strengthened our team, you should have told me before the transfer deadline was over.

“They do not walk in the street and say “please, here is a world-class striker, can you take me?” They are all at big clubs and are under contract.

“There were none available. If tonight we think a miracle man could have scored the goal for us, I think it’s better we think how can we score the goals with the players we have. We can score goals, we have shown that before.”

Yes we can score goals, just like every other football team in the world, but can we score enough? And can we score a goal in a difficult game that will make the difference between a win and a draw or a draw and a defeat? It appears not. Arsenal are some way behind the the three teams above us in the table with our goal tally and that is while having the best creative player in the division in our side creating chances galore.

Wenger says there were no top quality strikers but did he even try? If I remember right he was talking about us not needing anyone because he had plenty of options up front. And what about the summer transfer window and Arsenal only signing Petr Cech? Arsenal have a massive cash reserve and we could have signed a striker to help us this season. Wenger chose not to and if we fail this season it will be down to him. Simple as….


  1. The Jury is definitely out on the Rahman family…

    Chelski have succeeded in ruining Baba rahman’s career

    just as JustArsenal have succeeded in doing same to Hafiz Rahman


    1. i have it on good authority that we were in for robert lewandowski and luis suarez..but soon as danny welbeck came on the market..there was only one choice…..

      whos with me???

    2. Bunch of liars. These guys are taking the fans for mugs.
      Kroenke is accumulating money in the reserves to boost the value of his stake and so that he can Shares in Arsenal as collateral to get a bigger loan to fund his American football stadium.
      I can give you the names of 6 unheralded strikers ( 4 South Americans and 2 Africans) we could have got for less than 15 mil and who would have given us another dimension
      All of them can give you quality through the middle and from the wings. All of them with fantastic ball retention, movement off the ball and will easily match giroud for goals from the wing.

      1. Have any of these unheralded forwards been playing in Europe for the past 2 years, if not then you run into work permit problems.

        Out of interest, who are the half dozen players?

        1. 1. Could’ve gone for Draxler as Sanchez back-up and future CF but went for Sanogo instead. Dyabala was available as well if I recall.

          2. Could’ve gone for Krychowiak or Bender but opted to stay with Flamini and Arteta even though we all knew Coquelin and Cazorla would get injured at some point in the season.

          1. Whats worse is knowing City got Aguero before they were ever a title winning team, and eventually he won them a trophy and made them more attractive to the big name players. If you spend that extra cent you get the difference between average and world class quality. In today’s market money talks whenever it concerns a top class forward, that’s something Wenger refuses to acknowledge.

  2. On a serious note i’m just so mad bout everything concerning Arsenal right now

    After going thru a review of all the matchday teams and results…..i was particularly impressed by how most players were capable of scoring goals out of tight, unexpected situations

    Deductively, There really are no positives for Arsenal at the moment!

  3. he had all summer to rectify any shortcomings , he chose petr cech an no-one else
    i believe that was a mistake..and a big one

    which is why i was so shocked when the window shut in august.
    why would you buy mesut ozil then have him provide for theo an giroud -neither are of his calibre, they can be gd at times- but were talking about mesut ozil here
    why in such an aggressive league and congested schedule would you have flamini as coquelins backup?

    he has no excuses , he has the money he has the opportunity .

    such an enigma, our boss

      1. he has money and ambition. i believe he wants to win. but he sees the world a certain way: that his squad is good enough. that you dont need to buy “WC striker”. that a team can win PL with total football, and dont need that 1 special striker. that you dont need to spend huge amounts to win. some of these beliefs are wrong. but wenger wont change. until we get dumped out of CL and kroenke wakes up. or until fewer people start coming to games and kroenke sells.

  4. Funny how folks use to slate Özil not too long ago, yet the guy has been on top form this season. The guys talents are going to waste being surrounded by so much joke of players. Amazing what truly world class players can do and bring to a team but we seem to only average 1 every summer. Not enough in my eyes especially when we have the money. Do you notice the look Özil and Alexis give each other when a move is broken down by a teammate? I can just imagine how the feel and probably what they say to each other. Besides our ONLY true world class players in Alexis, Özil and Cech yesterday, Monreal was the only 1 that was holding his own. Everyone else was just ok or alarmingly below that. Seems everyone is already predicting Pep to run away with the league once he arrives at City but I think this summer is when we need to change our approach and get at least 2 – 3 world class players and pray that the ones we have don’t say deuces, regardless of who our manager is or will be.

    2013 – Özil
    2014 – Alexis
    2015 – Cech
    Not nearly enough yet!!!
    2016 – ??? ST, DM and possibly a winger and another defender. Need to be “WORLD CLASS”.

  5. 2 players I would love at Arsenal this summer are Isco and Griezman. I got mad thumbs down for this last time but I don’t care. I’ve lost faith in Ramsey, hoping for Wishere to even be fit and ready and Cazorla isn’t getting any younger and is currently injured as well. That’s where Isco comes in for me, the perfect replacement for Santi along with Griezman on the RW with Alexis at LW to bring us balance and way more quality(nothing against Campbell). Along with a DM to rotate, compete or even play alongside Coquelin and a top defender would be the icing on the cake. Then we can confidently talk of the title.

      1. griezmann and isco will not happen,

        not a hope …especially griezmann…the best want him- they get him- forget it.
        you think antoine will be thinking…ohh yeahhh i could hook up with giroud!!
        hes thinking about lewandowski and suarez….not welbeck

        1. Isco was about to move to City before Madrid came calling, now Guardiola is at City it’s a 97% chance he’ll choose Manchester over us if we try to get him.

  6. All title winning sides need a free scoring striker

    RVP for United in 2012/13
    Aguero for City in 2013/14
    Diego Costa for Chelsea in 2014/15

    If you look at the first 5 goalscorers in the list, you don’t find a single Arsenal player. Apologies to Ozil and Cazorla but playmakers alone DON’T win you the league, unless you’re Maradona playing for Napoli in the 80’s. You need a striker that can create chances for himself and score against all odds. A striker that needs one sight on goal to score even if he goes quiet for the remaining 89 minutes :D. Unless, Sanchez goes on an incredible scoring run (1.8 goals / game or more), I don’t see us finishing anywhere higher than 3rd 🙁

  7. wenger is a total fraud.
    He has wasted the brilliant careers of ramsey walcott ox wilshere and chambers.
    If they were at another club like barca or real they would have been world beaters.
    The corrupt manager made
    van persie fab cole sagna clichy and nasri
    Wenger out
    Specialist in failure

    1. you said he wasted careers. then proceeded to name all the players which careers he basically made. which one is it?


  8. Besides everything said already, Wenger is way too sentimental with players. In that regard we are a charity club, pensioners paradise.

    Mert, Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky weren’t gonna improve. And the last one stated before his injury he wanted to play. So why didn’t we sell him? Now he’s been out for whole season.

    Welbeck was a complete panic buy. And there’s no guarantee Santi will be the same when he comes back (he’s 31). And talking about strikers, ie. I firmly believe Milik will become a great striker. Even gambling with a young, promising player who’s known to score was a better option than think Giroud/Theo/Welbeck would become clinical, what they have NEVER in their lives been.

  9. and i have been thinking……..

    With the Rate at which we have been scoring goals Lately, HOW DO WE GET PAST BOURNEMOUTH???

    And How do we stop Afobe? (cuz it will be a shame if he in anyway gets on the score sheet)

  10. Wenger is now a silly old fool with no credibility.
    He must resign this summer therfore allowing the Arsenal to move into the 21st century. He’s shooting himself in the foot to frequently.
    Go Arsene with you reputation intact before you even balls that up.

  11. Guardiola to be given £150 million transfer budget

    Pep Guardiola is set to be handed £150 million to sign new players when he takes over the reigns at Manchester City ahead of the 2016-17 season and will liase with director of football Txiki Begiristain on all transfer dealings. GOAL UK

    That’s ambition..Manager comes and demands or else..he will buy 3 or 4 players plus get rid of deadwoods to finance another 2 quality players..OMG..NO CHANCE TO WIN ANOTHER EPL FOR YEARS TO COME..And we getting bargains ..I do SWEAR GOD..what the hell those scouts get paid for too? SANOGO,CHAMAK just to mention few..PLEASE WE ARE THE ARSENAL..DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY..change is needed..BRING SIMEONE..OR BIELSA..OR THE CHILEAN COACH ATTACKING FOOTBALL BUT WITH ORGANISATION AND STAMINA..this is why Leicester is at the top..those players are humble and give it all for the fans even when down.

  12. Hahahaha

    B-ball……Denver nuggets

    oh wait…..

    Netball?.. count me in….u on shirt no 16…rambo’s L()L

  13. To be fair Arsenal is right in
    the title race with many games
    still yet to play. Any assessment
    of the teams personnel or the
    teams playing style must be reserved
    for much later in the piece.

    1. no David!! you must reserve your comments to yourself like budd and all other AKBs who are quite right now.The rest of us realistic fans have been saying the obvious here for years now…and you dare tell us to save our assesment for later?when ??2017?2018?

    2. even if we go on a win streak from time to time; its not enough. players get cold. players get injured. wenger is the core problem. he cant take us to the next level: imagine being “consistent”: in top 4 for 10 years w/o winning! thats a bad kind of consistent. sadly, many players are out of form simultaneously: walcott,giroud,ramsey. but bigger picture: we need better players and a new manager.

  14. What Wenger did this summer will haunt us the whole season

    There is only one Top European Club that did not get a single outfield player in the summer. I don’t blame Wenger for not getting a Top player in January because it is extremely tough However, January is for emergencies. Summer is the time to do business

    Wenger started great with Cech. A WC keeper. However, I honestly believe he had no intention of getting a Top striker or Top DM. He could have solved our problem by getting Greizmann, Aubeymeang, Cavani etc and Krychowiak, Carvahlo etc

    Too much faith in Walcott, Giroud, Ox, Arteta and Flamini

    Man City got De Bruyne and Sterling which may be just enough to win the Title
    Last season Chelsea got just enough to win the Title with Costa and Fabregas

    Every season Wenger gets just enough to stay in the Top 4. Nothing more!

  15. We’ve completely hit rock bottom under Wenger. To sum up just how bad things are, Stoke City were more ambitious than Arsenal in BOTH transfer windows! Yes, you heard me right folks…Stoke City! No disrespect to Stoke, but I never thought I’d see the day ,especially when my own club have over £200 million in the bank and are supposedly going for the league and progression in Europe.

  16. Are you people that stupid?

    Its not only in this period we failed to get our selfs a new striker, but many other past transfer windows where he failed by doing nothing.

    He always complains that there arent any good players to buy from. but other teams like bayern and manchester united always find these special players.

    What are 50 mil for players in the calibre of ozil? Its rlly NOTHING!

    Wenger has always an excuse.

    There are no players to buy from. Main excuse. Second excuse. I did not that this player was up for sale. 3rd excuse. If i would buy this player it would meant that Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey would not play.

    Understand now? Use your brains coz you cant be that brain dead yet.

  17. Guardiola to sign Sane at City
    Incoming Manchester City boss will attempt to make 20-year-old Schalke attacker his first signing after taking over at the Etihad. THAT’S SIGN OF INTENTION HE COMES TO WIN AND TO BUILD..
    HUNTELLAR (better than OG ) , Lacazatte ( for the future but already ), Martinez on loan at least but we got Welbeck goal machine.. DM’s lot..but we got for a cheapie..People let’s voice our dissaproval loud like Pool and UTD fans or handkerchiefs all over to be noted.

  18. Its not to late yet, we still can fight for the title if we give up on the cup and cl. We need to focus in the epl and play our best players according to their worth and not to their names.

    1. Cup commitments could
      well play a crucial role.
      So prioritizing and managing
      our schedule is very important.
      City remain in four comps while
      Spurs and Arsenal are still in three.
      Leicester have no cup commitments so
      will be fresh for their pressing game.

  19. Atletico sold Jackson Martinez to China.. He flopped hard at Atletico but still they made £5 million profit selling him although he was there for only 6 months.. Wow now that’s business.

    1. @J McLovin
      What? For real? And just about everybody here was shouting about how much he would have improved our squad…SMH

  20. The EPL is littered with
    far too expensive,
    one season wonders,
    who get injured, act like prima donna’s
    and leave as costly under achievers.
    Adebayor Arshavin Podolski Van Persie come to mind
    and several “no season wonders” Bendtner
    Park Chamakh Girvinho Sanogo Wellbeck.
    Arsenal has tried to sign quality Suarez Benzema and Higuain.
    Did we try hard enough? Were we unlucky? Bit of both?
    Arsene has now put his faith in steady Giroud 15 goals plus every season
    Walcott (20 goals one season) Sanchez (20 goals one season)
    Ramsey (15 goals one season) Cazorla (12 goals one season)
    he has also put his faith in the assist king Ozil and
    a tough defence of mainly 30 something tough Bast#rds”
    We also signing cheap therefore low risk youngsters
    and look to our academy Iwobi + Akpom + Zelalem.
    Makes sense to me.

    1. maybe thats the core hidden failure of wenger: tried to, but couldnt get suarez, benzema , higuain etc. maybe in negotiations he sucks. but he wants the power too much to out source negotiations to a david dein.

  21. I have looked up the stats on squawka for strikers, goals in PL this season per 90 minutes played. First number is for total goals, second number excludes penalties.
    Giroud. 0.67 / 0.61
    Kane. 0.64 / 0.47
    Aguero 0.95 / 0.88
    Vardy. 0.78 / 0.65
    Rooney. 0.37 / 0.32

    Giroud has scored 0.61 goals per 90 played in the PL, excluding penalties. This is similar to Vardy, better than Kane but trailing Aguero. Giroud stats compare better than I was expecing so perhaps this explains Wengers faith in Giroud.

    What the above does not show is the significance of the goals scored. For example in the last two PL games Aguero was the difference for man city, he got the draw against west ham and win against sunderland. So thats three points at least in last two games down to Aguero, but then he is world class and that is what we need, a world class striker.

  22. I think where we messed up, or should I say Wenger messed up is when he did don’t sign a top quality DM at the start of the season and also a top striker. They were areas everyone could see we needed more numbers. Injurys to Coq and Santi and we field Ramsey and Flamini which has been an awful partnership and dip in form to both Theo and giroud and what a surprise suprise we haven’t been finishing our goal chances.

    Really really frustrating. If only wenger just bought a real quality striker and DM for around 50m each then we would probably be top of the league by a margin.

  23. Arsenal under Satan Kroenke will only be a feeder club, just a bigger feeder club, something like a trophyless version of Atletico Madrid. And saying that, prepare to see the backs of both Ozil and Sanchez in the next season. Their prices won’t go higher than what they will be in the summer transfer window, so we can comfortably say goodbye to them. I’m putting money on that and I’m putting money on Arsenal finishing fifth this season. You’ve heard it here first(feel free to screenshot it and bother me if things turn out differently.

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