Wenger’s final farewell team confirmed! Huddersfield to face this Arsenal XI

Arsene Wenger has named his final starting line-up for today’s match against Huddersfield in the Premier League, and we have named an attacking side.

Matt Macey has gotten a call-up to the playing squad for the match, while the likes of Jack Wilshere and Petr Cech will miss out on the festivities for the final match of the season.

Are you surprised that Mr Jack-The-Lad Wilshere is missing out on this one? Will this XI finally give us our first league win away from home since the turn of the year?

Pat J

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  1. Sue says:

    These three ??? ? COYG

  2. bran99 says:

    Hope these will be the last 2 games we have to keep up with Iwobi’s heart breaking performances. He should be sent to the lower leagues where he belongs

    1. Sue says:

      I will not miss Iwobi over the summer!!

      1. John0711 says:

        Iwobi misses summer, winter, spring, autumn

        1. Sue says:

          Haha love it!!!

          1. Gab says:

            You guys have a pathological dislike for Iwobi. I wish you will include others like Mustafi, and his like in the list

          2. Arsene is Out says:

            I dont like Iwobi either, although i think because of his age there is still a chance that he might become a good player under the right circumstances. But Mustafi is most probably a lost cause.

          3. Godswill says:

            Don’t mind them. So Ox was hated and he became a key player now at Liverpool.
            They will see Iwobi at the world cup and ashamed of themselves.

          4. Gily says:

            Don’t know why all the hatred for Iwobi who plays very well, but makes mistakes like every other player.

          5. jon fox says:

            You don’t know? Ever thought of trying Specsavers then?

  3. Naija Jollof says:

    2-2 full time

  4. John0711 says:

    Front 3 quality
    midfield ?Xhaka ???????? although he’s due a decent game after two years lol
    Defence average
    GK average

  5. jon fox says:

    LETS BE HONEST . There are only four players in this eleven who should be at Arsenal at all. Ramsey, Auba, Laca, Mhki plus AM-N from the subs. Maybe also keep Monreal for another year too. The rest are not Arsenal quality IMO.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      I would add Bellerin there too, and of course Willock and Nketiah show a lot of promise. I am also partial to Kolasinac, he might turn out to be the LB we need under the right tutelage.
      Since i dont see us buying 6-7 players in this window, I think we are going to have to do with our wide backs for at least another season.

      1. jon fox says:

        With you on keeping all the virtually untried youngsters. But Bellerin to my eyes just can’t’defend, never has been able to. I may be, well I am , old fashioned but I expect wing backs or full backs to be able to defend. Apart from the very young players, I believe we do not have one decent enough defender at our club, even keepers. Agreed that we will have to soldier on with the duds for some time to come. Just hope the new man can coach and improve defenders. Even my cat could coach defence better than Wenger.

  6. Arsene is Out says:

    Wenger just commented that his wish is that our youngsters get a chance next season and in a game like this wont play them. I honestly do not understand Xhaka instead of AMN for example? Is Chambers hurt? Where is Nelson? etc…
    Anyway last day, last few hours…
    Merci Arsene.

    1. John0711 says:

      Spot on he doesn’t have a clue about what he’s saying

      Why not play the kids
      So glad he’s gone

  7. GB says:

    That’s CLASS from Huddersfield fans!

  8. GB says:

    The entire stadium applauding on 22 minutes for 22 years, Respect!

  9. Kenyanfan says:

    where is this game showiyin Africa??

    1. GB says:

      Try cr7 live stream or sportek

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Brilliant watching how much respect Arsene receives from fans belonging to elsewhere. Truly class gesture from Huddersfield, reminded me of Arsene’s early teams when fans would have to applaud us for the football on show. Their team were being dismantled but they’d stand and applaud by the end.

  11. Gmv8 says:

    Good old Arsene – never lets us relax, just take off our best goalscorer,and leave Iwobi on?!?! It’s like he doesn’t want to get 1 away win …

  12. Kedar says:

    Ridiculous Passing…

  13. Kedar says:

    It should have been 3-0… Poor finishing….

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