Wenger’s has a HUGE dilemma ahead of Bayern game

Arsene Wenger has to make some serious considerations ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich at the Emirates next. The Frenchman was soundly citicized for playing David Ospina ahead of Petr Cech in the game against Olympiakos, and then the second-choice keeper made a schoolboy error which led us to lose to Olympiakos.

Now it is obvious that Wenger persuaded Ospina to stay in the summer with the promise that he would be the regular cup keeper, which included the Champions League. After the blunder, Wenger got very annoyed with his continual questioning over why he hadn’t played the far more experienced Petr Cech in such a must-win game. Wenger was still angry last week when he said: “To kill a player like Ospina, he has been voted the best goalkeeper of the Copa America, he is on the Ballon d’Or list, he was by far the best goalkeeper of the Premier League in the second part of the season last year; I find that just sensationalism, it is not analysis of football.”

Wenger may think it is simply the Press making a scapegoat out of Ospina, and Wenger as well because he has bought one of the best most experienced keepers in the Premier League, and then left him on the bench! So what will Wenger do next week?

There are obviously mutterings that he will re-instate Cech for the Bayern Munich game, but if he DOES, and he goes back on the surmised deal with Ospina, then where will that leave the Colombian star? There are already rumours that he is becoming frustrated and looking to go out on loan in January as he will be too unhappy if he just plays in the League Cup and the FA Cup.

As Wenger keeps pointing out, and all our fans know, Ospina was absolutely brilliant in our winning run last season, and it is extremely harsh on him to be dropped in favour of Cech anyway. But now Le Prof must make a massive decision on whether to stick with Ospina against Munich, or should he reinstate Cech against one of the best teams in the world?

It’s a difficult one, isn’t it? Here is one possible solution that perhaps no-one else has thought about. What about if Ospina plays against Watford and then he won’t be so annoyed if Cech plays in midweek?

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  1. Cech starts. Wenger’s excuse of Cech not playing against Olympiakos because of a calf injury wouldnt hold if he played Ospina v Bayern too.

    Plus on the topic of Ospina. Yes, the big question is why you’d bother buying Cech if you aren’t going to play him in the biggest competition of all, but come on, Ospina is good enough not to concede that corner goal 99 times out of 100. Though it’s also true that world class keepers make fewer mistakes…

  2. Also, Ronald Koeman saying Jose Mourinho should try being more like Arsene Wenger and try playing attacking football – top notch banter.

  3. On a side note… Theo vs Estonia, wow, just wow.
    Hustling for 50/50 balls, beating players with ease and taking on first-time volleys from outside. A confident, hard-working Theo… Is very, very good.

  4. Ospina starting against Watford so that cech can start against Bayern is a good solution but I think league is the priority (realistic as well) here so cech must start against Watford.

    1. is that you underestimating Watford already? cech plays all premier and Champ games. Ospina for Carling cups and FA cup. its very simple decision. We should all forget about the United trashing and please we shouldn’t underestimate watford.

  5. Wenger doesn’t cave in to such pressure easily.
    Thus, Ospina will continue to man the post in UCL while Cech takes EPL hand gloves between the posts.

  6. Public interest should b ahead of Ospina interest, Ospina form is down now. Cech should keep in UCL. Ospina fa, calling cup n some less EPL games that’s my take

  7. Stick with the same keeper in cup games simple. D O is a good keeper and only last year everyone was saying please drop WS fo him. I think we can win I do but all depends on A S being fit. And I must say play basic football and defend hard. Even if we get a point and and lose at BM the other 2 games are so easy to win now we are finding the net. He just can’t play OG because he is so down. TW to start and I think the OX to start but for the love of god tell him to defend outside the box lol
    I think we have enough to rest some players for watford game that includes A S

  8. Every keeper is prone to make mistakes ( remember seaman or Lehman or Smichell even chech against west ham ) so confidence you get it playing not dropping you for clanger..We need 2 more quality players in our squad.Stop the LeCoq influence please. he’s normal DM and just doing a simple job of retrieving the ball from the opposition but he’s not close to the likes of GILBERTO or VIEIRA. he’s doing a decent job so far but If we have a player in DM on the mould of ( As one of the best central midfielders in Europe, Joao Moutinho is far too good to be playing for a team that will never challenge at home, let alone in Europe. The 28-year-old has spent two years on the principality and doesn’t look like leaving any time soon. ) or William Carvalho – Sporting Lisbon ( The explosive midfielder has already garnered widespread plaudits from across Europe and is regularly linked with a move to the continent’s elite clubs. A string of superb individual displays at this summer’s U21 European Championships has certainly helped his cause. A move is absolutely vital if he is going to become a world superstar.) comments taken from one of the best coaches in europe while asked what is needed for arsenal to be at the top of the EPL and challenging for better in UCL so ONE OF THOSE 2 in January PLUS THE BUNCH WE HAD I’m sure we will do better.leave it to your fair judgement fellow Gooners.

  9. So why is le coq achieving top 5 stats in regards to top attribures of a defensive mid in europe?

    Are you above statistics?

    He is number 2 is my first XI. Love his desire and grit. Top class coquelin.

  10. Nobody question LeCoq desire and grit…but sorry he’s not at the level of some of the best DMs in europe.football fans is not following statistics of sticking to a player by heart is the combination of different skills that make you at the top and well known.Is he better than Matic? I’m anti chels*** but Can you said it? or scheniderllin ? not so he’s decent for us but not what will take us to the next level. in europe and in the world everyone heard and knows about moutinho , carvalho, even I would be happy getting Moussa Sissoko form newcastle being played in the wrong position and placing in DM. he’s moster physically box to box and can pass plus let’s not forget score too.we need that DM or we will carry on where we are.LeCoq is a good back up.

  11. You are saying all these because Le coq did not cost us millions of pounds. Because I’m pretty sure you will be clamouring for us to sign him if he was putting in this kind of performances for another team

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