Wenger’s injury update – Walcott recovery only just started

AUDIOPOST – Arsenal face Norwich on Sunday and Arsene Wenger has given a full injury update of his opinion on which players will be ready for the game. He seems pretty certain that Oxlade-Chamberlain will be in the squad, but he says that Theo Walcott only started running on Tuesday so he is only at the first stage of his recovery and will be nowhere near ready to face the Canaries.

He is still unsure whether to rest Alexis Sanchez (which usually means he won’t!) and again has said that Francis Coquelin will be out for at least 12 weeks, but at least he doesn’t need surgery (that’s a positive apparently!)

Anyway listen to his words in full here…..

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  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wenger should not gamble this time and try to make the possible happen. Winning the leauge. Its not that hard this time consider how poor the epl right now is.

    The money is there to be spend. He needs to do it. If he cant win the leuage this time it will be utter pathetic.

  2. Mo1 says:

    Like we all know being walcott I would expect him back in the new year anything b4 that is a bonus,

    @ks gunner, impossible you know it n the rest of the world does but that will not make wenger budge one bit. We’re going to run out of the reckoning very soon due to injuries same old story.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I seriously belive that wenger would still start Sanchez, even if he was on crutches ??

    ?-” But erhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Sanchez has a little alarm bell in his hamstring and I will assess it on Friday,
    ???” I don’t know. .. maybe I can hit the snooze button”
    “And erhhhhhhhhhh set it for Monday morning… instead”

  4. Renoosenal says:

    Sounds like Theo is recovering fine.. I expect to him to get some minutes on the pitch against Sunderland and be ready to be a solid impact sub against Olympiacos if Giroud doesn’t perform. On a positive note, Theo and Wenger can learn from this injury and make sure no-one plays without warming up properly – This is common sense but now its even more imperative that players need to warm up properly to prevent these type of injuries from occurring again.

  5. Mo1 says:

    On the resting sanchez topic I’m with wenger I’m afraid he has no choice . Without ozil n sanchez I’m sorry but were average & if I’m a Norwich player to not see sanchez in team I’m gonna be overjoyed esp thier left back lol

  6. The powers that be at JustArsenal must be feeling like lost lambs with their God Walcott missing.

    I anticipate greatly the continuance of platitudes and adulation for Lord Theo – and even more so for the endless Theo for Centre-Forward, Theo should be playing down the middle, Theo is our best chance of goals if he plays as striker and so on …..

    I can taste the overwhelming wisdom about Walcott on the way in April when he returns just in time to get the usual few games before a major tournament and undeservedly gets picked for England – blocking the inclusion of a deserving player. He does it all the time. He is toxic for Arsenal and toxic for England with his perma-injuries. He contributes nothing worthy of the £120k a week he earns. I rather that money go to a new player who can show up for every game for a season. If one did, he will have played more games than Walcott has in 4 seasons. I swear more about Walcott than I do about anything else, he is worse than what Anderton was at the Spuds and is catching Diaby up. The current injury came about because the so called professional didn’t warm up before coming on the pitch as a sub. I watched it him crock himself for a season and he does this because he does not care about Arsenal, just cares about the stupid amount of money he gets for doing nothing. Unbelievable drain on the team and blocking too a spot in the team where a man could be playing. By man I mean a player who is built to play football for a season. The Arsenal Ladies are injured less than Walcott. I would be ashamed of myself if I was as weak and delicate as him. I would be disgusted.

    After Arsene Wenger decides to retire, I will likely look back and remember him for his penchant for perma-crocks he keeps renewing contracts for and throwing Arsenal money at – not his own money. Walcott pre-1990 would not get in an top flight team.

  7. ozildatrequartista says:

    If theo improves his chance conversion rate during a run of games i think he can score as many as anybody. It was the same with that **no swearing** rvp. November curse has hit its peak with coquelin out. It couldnt get any worse.. could it?

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