Wenger’s last trip to Old Trafford is fitting as it’s been a blight on his career

Wengers last trip to Old Trafford… by Konstantin Mitov

Well, here it comes. The end of an Era surely cannot come at a more iconic place than the one that saw the good the bad and the ugly from Arsene. This game, more than any other epitomizes Wenger’s career at Arsenal.

Our last league win at Old Trafford came in 2006 when Fabregas danced between a few United players capitalizing on a Ronaldo mistake, before Adebayor slipped the ball past the keeper.

It seems like forever since that day. What has happened over there in Manchester after that includes an 8/2 defeat, and even losing 3-2 when United played the kids. Now they have Mourinho. Another person who has a defining presence in Wenger’s period at our club.

And now the roles are reversed. We head to old Trafford with the Europa League as our last chance to save the season, just like United visited the Emirates last season and this got Wenger his only league win over Jose, but now it’s harder for us.

History, league position, priorities and form are all against Arsene and it’s kind of sad. He won’t be able to make his last great battle against United memorable. He is fighting it alone too.

The fans gradually left Arsene. Moving from ‘one Arsene Wenger’ to the situation we are in now isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s the result of constant failure to compete for major trophies, embarrassing defeats, bad transfer markets and so on.

On Thursday Arsenal looked like a proper football club. We were united, the atmosphere was phenomenal, the stars aligned with the red card in our favor, the players put in the necessary effort, but our own mistakes cost us again.

But what was a major disappointment was the way Wenger stormed down the tunnel. It was his last European game at home and he didn’t come to thank the fans who gave everything to go home disappointed again.

Now as Wenger heads to Manchester for one last time, he needs to summon the spirits of the good old days like when Wiltord won us the league there.

While no trophy sits on the end of this game, a new Dawn begins for the gunners soon and how it does pretty much sits on the next two games.



  1. gotanidea says:

    Maybe Wenger stormed down the tunnel because he had enough with Arsenal fans. Or maybe he was disappointed because his players did not pressurize Atletico players hard enough, which led to only one goal for Arsenal

    We shouldn’t give a $#!+ because he is leaving anyway and we don’t have a player with Sylvain Wiltord’s abilities to repeat the old glory at the Old Trafford

    1. tony says:

      last time wenger will get his @$$ wiped by mourinho lol

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    dont expect a win ……

    most of our key players are probably rested for the 2nd leg….

    even though we may lose the 2nd leg but at least we must try and play our best

    1. Mobella says:

      This is a reverse of last year match at Emirates where arsenal won 2-0. Any defeat more than that should be deemed failure.

  3. John0711 says:

    Kos you have to remember wenger has never respected the fans. He has always been a leg end in his own mind. We are rid of him so let’s hope the board choose someone suitable to be able to compete for the title

  4. #MAGA says:

    Konstantin focusing on the negatives again.
    We won the double at Old Trafford, remember?

  5. Sue says:

    Hopefully Welbz will score against them again

    1. #MAGA says:

      Really hope so Sue!

  6. jon fox says:

    It is a weird and unsettling vacuum we are all in during Wengers dog days til he finally leaves. He is off but as yet he remains. Of course that is weird and unhelpful. A more astute and thoughtful board would have had the new man lined up by now and crucially before announcing the sacking. But we are where we are and have to just get on with it. We must not forget that FINALLY, we won. WE GOT RID OF HIM. This is exactly WHY I thought he would not be sacked , publicly, til late MAY when the new man could take over immediately. A clean break is always best. But we are not dealing with a regime that puts fans and the club first, as most of us realise!

    1. Midkemma says:

      I kinda expected Wenger to announce it himself. It was a shock but when looking back while trying to be impartial, it looks logical and in a way obvious.

      Gazidis wanted Wenger gone and he failed for reasons unknown to us, he still failed to get rid of Wenger though.

      Gazidis then works on backroom staff changes and AFC look to make min netspend, recouping money. Unless Wenger proves his worth (safe gamble he wouldn’t?) then Gazidis has laid the foundations to get rid of him.

      I think the gamble was made more secure for Gazidis by not getting a 1st team CB player that Wenger publicly said he wanted and surprisingly our def is what let us down so many times. Not like we didn’t have the money right?

      Oh and to add to this, I read a lot of people talk about Wenger favs and how he supported some players a lot, Theo being one of them. Those players are not such a vocal aspect of AFC anymore, some of them being sold while others are having contracts run down and could leave soon. Less support for Wenger within the team itself as players need to think about themselves more.

      Looking at the politics that surround AFC, the writing was on the wall wasn’t it?
      Wenger may be stubborn but he can read, not surprising he and AFC would do some PR kinda thing once the point of no return had been breached for Wenger. AFC would want to see the team try and save what they could of the season so why not get them playing for like it is audition time?

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        finally someone that analyse…something is going on behind…and on for years

        1. Phil says:

          Listen – you can come up with as many conspiracy theories as you like but the fact is your beloved Wenger was sacked.The reason he was sacked is because he proved incapable of doing his job to the standards Arsenal Football Club obviously set out to him when renewing his contract at the end of last season.
          If Wenger had secured us a Top4 spot back in the Champions League for next season do you believe he would still be in a job for next season?Of course he would.But he failed to make this happen so he was justifiably sacked.It is called not rewarding failure.It is what happens in the football world when managers fail so why would anyone believe Wenger should not be finally held accountable with job.

      2. jon fox says:

        Midkemma, Easy isn’t it to analyse after the event and with hindsight! Some of us were telling you doubters loud and clear what was going to happen and when, almost exactly when too. We are ones who can read signs well ahead of events. I am just amazed how many refused to see the astonishingly obvious signs of what was inevitably coming shortly. But , hey, we move on now and I suppose I am guilty here of looking back. Something I said I would not do! No ones perfect and just as well I suppose.

  7. Jib says:

    Kon as pathetic as expected. I don’t undestand how his constant moaning, negativity and complete lack of insight, nuance or general competent commentary is deemed content worthy.
    I’ve gone elsewhere for my arsenal content because I’m sick of this guy’s garage.
    I thought with Wenger going his ilk would just sit down and shut the f**k up. Wrong unfortunately.

    1. #MAGA says:

      Yes he is pi$$ing me off with every post he makes.

  8. Counsel says:

    Cavemen can’t live without referring to Wenger,he’s gone but Konstantin is still spitting venom…look for another punching bag.

    1. #MAGA says:


    2. John0711 says:

      And your still spouting ?

      1. Jib says:

        You’re* Come on that’s primary school level spelling.

      2. Jib says:

        You’re* Come on that’s primary school level spelling.

        1. John0711 says:

          Ok Ur lol ?

  9. mikki says:

    I see no differences between our players that are going to play man u and the ones that will not play….they are all the same always disappointing…. How many away match have arsenal fc won…take advantage of the red card against alhletico Madrid, all they could do just passing the ball around no body is willing to take the risk…..I can’t wait for Wenger to leave and see the change either good or bad

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. Whoever starts doesn’t really matter. This squad bottles it. Aubameyang has come at a good time because he won’t be ruined like every other player that comes here has been lately. Just gunna have to swallow the bad result that is going to come tomorrow and pray for a miracle in Madrid (highly unlikely). Better days ahead. We are almost at the end of this regime, hang on!

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    with max meyer potentially joining the team…we will still finish top 6…..no matter who the new manager is…..

  11. Counsel says:

    At 28yrs of age I started following arsenal in 2005.Wenger is the only arsenal manager I have known.He deserves my respect I haven’t known any father of football at Arsenal ,it will be an exciting new season with a new manager.#viva

  12. #MAGA says:

    OT but apparently Allegri has ruled himself out of the job and Enrique now firm favourite. I’m still hoping for a Jardim or Nagelsmann. #MAGA

    1. John0711 says:

      Enrique did nothing apart from at Barca anyone can win things at Barca

      1. Counsel says:

        @ John what have you done with your purported uefa license absolutely nothing,but you knowo who have achieved nothing very well including someone who won a treble at barca.Wenger and many others made their name with their qualifications but,you chose to be an online pro on football matters slating coaches

        1. John0711 says:

          Just so your aware Council I worked with a pro club coaching with my UEFA license but wanted to spend more time with my family.
          I also played semi pro and competed semi pro MMA
          I’ve always arrived to win things even at my low level
          This makes me as average as they come, however, I don’t call fans dumb for thinking th club and it’s fans deserve to compete. Any any fan is entitled to their opinion . Even us “dumb” fans

          1. John0711 says:


          2. Phil says:

            Counsel-I have come to the conclusion you are an absolute fraud and I struggle to believe you are a Lawyer by profession as you have previously insisted.Any professional would be far more deliberate in his wording.He would also be very precise and careful in ensuring his professional integrity would never be called into question.He would be required to be educated.He would conduct himself in a manner that gave him respect.
            You pal seem totally incapable of having the standards required to be this type of professional.You certainly seem not to have the education as you continually write drivel that is senseless in its meaning.You certainly seem to have no sense of self-pride otherwise you would not continually allow yourself to be embarrassed like you are.You can’t even come up with names that would even begin to insult people.Whats the latest? Caveman.
            Wow doesn’t that make you feel big. The more you write the more I’m convinced you are not anything other than someone Admin has dragged from the local Whino bench from his local park and planted onto the site to get some reaction from his many grateful posters.
            Admin you’ve been sussed out.If you had him say Counsel was a WC attendant in the local council toilets( no disrespect to those in that profession) then I would not have doubted what was posted.But a Lawyer? No mate.No Lawyer I’ve ever met would be this uneducated and illiterat.

          3. Counsel says:

            @ Phil ask me any legal question I don’t to write to impressive anyone here,I’m not a politician looking for votes.Having said that you seem to very idle and silly

          4. stubill says:

            Anyone could answer a question on here, just google it, and your latest rambling just underlines what Phil has said about your education.

          5. Ozziegunner says:

            I’m glad he’s not working with me on engineering contract documentation.

          6. John0711 says:

            What the third man running in football

            Yes you can google it ?

          7. Counsel says:

            another taut pretending to be a professional coach,I do I believe you

          8. Phil says:

            I’ve asked you plenty of questions before but you NEVER reply to any.You are a WC Cleaner pal with NO intelligence.How else can you explain your uneducated responses.John 0711 shares he has a UEFA Coaching Badge and you try to ridicule rather than congratulate and admire him for his achievement.An educated Proffesional just would not do that.He worked within a Professional Football Clubs staff and you again fail to recognise what an achievement this is.A professional would not embarrass himself with the crass replies that you find so readily.
            You now suggest I ask you any legal question.Are you serious you-big child.You just have no class and breeding and it shows every time you post something.

          9. Counsel says:

            thank you taut

          10. John0711 says:

            No point Phil, I often see new people on here making comments and I can only assume they support Tottenham or Chels. There is no other explanation
            Everyone has played or competed at some level somewhere at something.
            We all do that to win. It’s not always the result you want but that competitive edge is what drives most people.
            I’m 100% sure some people want wenger to stay
            Some out of respect which I don’t agree with but can understand. Some because they have never wanted anything other than average.
            We can celebrate Wenger going, where this takes us I’m not sure. Maybe the club won’t support the new manager financially maybe they will, either way one of the problems has been removed

          11. Phil says:

            Well John0711 the future will be interesting with whoever the Club appoint and we can only wait and see if the Club are able to back him financially to get us moving forward.He has a lot of work to do that’s for sure.Again total respect on your qualifications and career.Tremendous achievement in life to be proud of

          12. Ken 1945 says:

            You are entitled to your opinion regarding john 0711 and I have mine.
            This was the guy who said that we only beat Chelsea in the cup final because they were celebrating winning the league the night before.
            This is also the guy who actually said he had replied to a question I had asked him, but when I checked back he had done no such thing and inferred I was lying.
            I know nothing about Council, but I certainly do have previous with john0711 and would suggest that Admin could back me up on both of the above scenarios.
            Now Phil, I absolutely admire your love and passion for our club. No one could doubt your commitment to AFC. I always look forward to your posts because they are intelligent, thought provoking and personal.
            However, you have this other side that I find distastfull and crass.
            What are you trying to prove by calling someone a WC attendant? It belittles you as a person and weakens your arguments.
            Your quite willing to accept john 0711’s disclosure that he has done what he says, but try to ridicule Councils disclosures.
            Is this because his views are different to yours?
            I am sure Council is big enough and ugly enough to stand up for himself. I just find it so disapointing when someone of your obvious intelligence comes out with such personal dribble aimed at another AFC supporter.

          13. Admin says:

            How are you bringing me into it? Don’t I have enough comments on here not to invent new ones. Just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t give you the right to insult and abuse. We are all Arsenal fans so calm down please.

      2. Sue says:

        Bit like Brenda at Celtic!

    2. Counsel says:

      @#maga add Arteta to your list,he’s creative young coach

  13. Mobella says:

    Kon, your obsession with Wenger is unbelievable. How will you cope now that he is 5/6 gone.

  14. Ken 1945 says:

    I thought that one of the arguments about Wenger was that he had not spent the money he had.
    That was despite the board saying money wasn’t a problem, something that those who wanted Wenger out repeated time and time again.
    Also, the money wasn’t Wengers but the clubs.
    So why are you now concerned that the club might not be able to back the new manager financially?
    It’s been reported that Enrique wants £200million confirmed as a transfer kitty before he signs, so I wonder what the problem is?
    Could it be that the supporters have been actually misled over this by Gazidis?
    Time will tell and I’m sure us supporters will remember what has been said by our board and owner.

    1. Phil says:

      Ken 1945-I clearly said “we must wait and see IF the club ARE ABLE to back him financially” as at this stage we simply do not know exactly how much money will be available to whoever is appointed to take over.We will have gone two seasons without Champions League income so realistically the club have lost £80-100m of income and that is a massive amount not to have as spending power.We hope Kroenke will be bold but who can say what his actions will be.I personally feel he will appoint Enrique and reports suggest he wants £200m to spend.I accept this is likely to be press talk but I also feel Kroenke I will want a positive reaction for the fan base to get back onside.We will just have to wait and see

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        We have our different views on Wenger and that doesn’t need to be debated further.
        I have accepted he is going, so my views are not in any way related to him.
        I do, however, feel very positive about next season for one simple reason.
        I feel the owner and board have got themselves into a position where they cannot backtrack on statements made.
        The board stated quite clearly that there was money to spend and that money was not the problem.
        It was also declared that the club had made contingency plans for life outside the C.L. so that should have been taken care off.
        They have also brought in, with the arrival of Sven etc, a new look to the club and how it is run.
        I have only one query to the process so far, but it is a big one.
        Why have we not identified and recruited the new manager/coach already?
        This was surely the biggest decision of the whole exercise?
        On a personal note, I am sorry that you will be leaving the Burnley game without recognising Arsene. I respect your views, but hope you don’t regret your decision if / when he publishes his autobiography.
        There will be some incredible stories to be read and, I believe, facts that will shed a different light on what has gone on in our club.
        Hope you see a great result in Spain you lucky Bu**er, more power to your elbow!!

        1. Phil says:

          Well Ken time will tell us how determined the Board and Owner intend to be.They need to make a statement and I’m like you in that they simply MUST be seen to give the financial backing to the Manager.
          I also believe they have identified there preferred choice(s)and I can’t imagine it will be much longer before he is named.The World Cup is going to prevent dealings being made so any business must be done early.Also the transfer window closing earlier in August will mean a transfer frenzy among all clubs this summer so it’s certainly going to be interesting.
          As regards Madrid on Thursday I am quietly confident but it’s a very tough game against a very well drilled team who know how to grind out results.But if we perform and somehow prevent the schoolboy mistakes we continually seem to make we can get the result we need.Its certainly not beyond the team so here’s hoping

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