Wenger’s mistakes are the reason for Arsenal fans’ anger

Arsene Wenger is not the right man for Arsenal because of his poor decision-making – by Vlad Jensen (jensenvk)

There is a lot of talk among fans whether Arsene Wenger is still the right manager for our club or is he past his shelf date? If we analyze the last four years of Wenger’s reign, we can see a chain of events and poor decisions what made us fall short of winning the Premier League title. That same chain of events has built up frustration and anger among fans that is now transforming that into unpleasant spat and unrest at the Emirates. Here is why that is the case:

2010-2011: Refusal to sign a goalkeeper and experienced center back.
Wenger refused to sign Mark Schwarzer for £4m even when he knew that none of his goalkeepers were up to scratch. Szczesny, Almunia and Fabianski did not solve Wenger’s goalkeeping dilemma to much frustration of the fans.

Phillippe Senderos left in the summer and Vermaelen was having a long-term injury, the only experienced cover we had at the back was Johan Djourou and Sebastien Squillaci. Not exactly world class I would say… Laurent Koscielny arrived from a League 2 side Lorient and looked very shaky during his first season. The result was a 4th place in the league, knocked out of the Champions league and a shock defeat in the Carling cup final when a horrible mix-up between rookie keeper Wojciech Szczesny and Laurent Koscielny served Birmingham a victory on silver platter. Do you see where I am coming from?

2011-2012: Last-minute panic buys.
A terrible year for us as we lost Nasri and Fabregas… Besides Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho, Wenger refused to strengthen a depleted 4th placed squad. After being slaughtered 8-2 at Old Trafford, Wenger went on a shopping spree adding Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Youssi Benayoun, Andre Santos and Park Chu-young. Only two of them are present in the Arsenal squad today….

Arsene did not sign a defensive cover in January even though the squad was ravaged with a defensive injury crisis. As a result Arsenal lost all of their games in January. Luckily we scraped 3rd place and got knocked out of all the other cups.

2012-2013: Failure to sign a replacement striker and defensive midfielder.
The departure of Robin van Persie and Alex Song almost caused a riot among Arsenal fans. The replacements of Oliver Giroud and Lukas Podolski failed to fill the void left. Wenger did not sign a defensive midfielder replacement for Song but rather relied on Arteta and Diaby to do the job.

The result is that we barely managed to scrape it to 4th place in the league above the Tottenham and got miserably knocked out of all the cups by Bradford and Blackburn. The fact that Arsene Wenger handed the Premier League trophy to Man United by selling the league’s top striker to them, left a very bitter taste in our mouths.

2013 -2014: Still no world class striker cover or defensive midfielder
The arrival of Mesut Ozil got us thrilled, hoping that the times are changing for our club. Unfortunately Wenger did not address the most pressing issue of getting a good quality striker cover for Giroud, but chose to sign an unproven youngster in Yaya Sanogo.

Arsenal was leading the league by New Year and we haven’t been so close to winning the title in years. However, with injuries ravaging our squad and failure by Wenger to strengthen the squad in January made us lose 6-3 to Man City, 5-1 to Liverpool, 6-0 to Chelsea and 3-0 to Everton.

The late loan signing of Kim Kallstrom enraged the fans as Wenger still decided to proceed with the transfer as the player had a broken back and would not be available for several months. Again Wenger left it to the last minute and made a mess of it. Defensive midfielder was also an issue as Mathieu Flamini and Mikael Arteta were not able to provide an adequate cover when playing against the top sides. We slipped down to 4th place again, but luckily we won the FA-cup and ended the trophy drought.

2014-2015: No defensive cover, no defensive midfielder and no world class striker.

Alexis Sanchez and Debuchy arrived and that was amazing news for us fans. However, Wenger would have never bought Danny Welbeck at the last minute if Giroud did get not injured in late August. I think Danny is a great player but is not a striker capable of providing 30+ goals a season. Thomas Vermaelen was allowed to leave for Barcelona without Wenger signing any defensive cover, and going into the season with only two recognized center backs is just asking for trouble. Wenger gambled again and it didn’t pay off.

Defensive midfielder issue is still not solved and Arsenal defense haven’t had such bad record in a long time.
Now we are a facing the worst start to a season in more than 30 years, after years of broken promises, increasing ticket prices and poor decision-making by Arsene Wenger & Co.

Do you know what defines a great manager?
Like in any business, a great manager is a leader that acts when he should, but a normal manager only acts when he must. Sometimes it is just too late to pick up the pieces, because you failed to act.

It is time for us to move forward and sign a great manager that acts when he should and can bring us back to the glory days. Why? Because we are a great club that has the world’s greatest fans and because we deserve it!

Vlad Jensen aka jensenvk

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  1. I do not disagree with this sentence : “Wenger did mistakes at the helm” but I disagree with the fact that Wenger only is the problem for our club. I am not an AOB/AKB and consider Wenger part of the club even if in the last years he identified with the club itself but the problems are not on the bench only. All I hope is that the problems are addressed in the shortest.

    1. It seems that you Akb trolls have emulated Wengers art of pointles speaking to the bone. Something like AOB doest exist. Its about Arsenal alone and not Wenger. The moment you put Wenger is the spot light, only then we could speak of AOB/ Akb and PowerRangers.

      Fans want Arsenal to do good, no matter what. If Wenger could turn things around i personally would had no problem in supporting him. But i know he cant, so whats the point? Arsenal above all.

      Wengerits. ( your kind). are more concerned about Wengers reputation and glory rather then the clubs. Thats why i do hate you guys. I hate everyone who hates Arsenal. Peace out you m.f

      1. Thank you for putting me in one camp for expressing my views. I guess it’s easier to split people into categories instead of actually reading what they actually write.
        Why do yo think I want Arsenal not to do good? Just because I disagree with your opinion? Just because I believe the problems are not in one single place? Which happens to be the most successful coach in clubs history (but that’s another issue).
        There, you said it : if he will turn the things around then you will have no issue in supporting him. So you are ready to spit abuse, split the fans in camps until he will (probably) turn things around. Then you come here like you have done nothing and say : BUT I SUPPORT WENGER. Congratulations, you are an official plastic fan.
        I could care less about Wenger’s reputation (or whatever’s left of it). What I do care is to see some stability through the changes in the club (because there will be quite a few these years).
        I don’t hate you, I just pity you. Peace on you too, dear Ks-Gunner.

        1. Nope. It means that i know that Wenger will not change. So when a manager ( who is in the wrong) doesnt want to listen and to change, then he must be shown off the door.

          If i had any hopes that he would, i would be asking for him to change and not to go, i know my eng is broken, but dont play the stupid one.

          You can go f your self, bec you are the plastic fan for supporting an induvidual over the club. Its not like i know you just bec of today or yesterday. Lol. What a tool.

              1. Is always funny to see the guts people have on internet 🙂 Maybe you will have the chance to say that to me personally sometimes. Nevertheless, I like you. You funny.

                1. Muppet! do you think if you fail to do your job properly for 10 years you will still have a job?? Rather than slam Wenger i’ll give him some constructive advice, when 2 million people tell you to buy a DM its probably because you f*cking need one!! if 99.9% of top clubs believe you need 4 recognized CB’s to compete for a season they are probably f*cking right! and if 3 times a year someone gets a one on one from the half way line its probably because you don’t educate your f*cking defense! if you had sorted the above 3 points in the last 5 years you wouldn’t have AOB’s you arrogant stubborn silly man! you deserve to go!

                2. I believe you were one of the guys yelling we are 4-5th richest club in the world. How is this failure it remains a mistery.

        1. Arsenal_FC is like the Church, and Wenger is the Pop. People think he shouldn’t be questioned and he can do no wrong. But they forget he is FLESH AND BLOOD and was actually EMPLOYED in 1996, he wasn’t there from the inception of the club!!!

      2. A true fan is one who sticks around come rain, come shine.
        If you are only there to win all the time, then you are supporting the wrong club.
        There are life champions, only current champions.
        By the way, are these wenger-out folks not the same folks who were saying that, Alex Song was rubbish and wanted him out. Despite the fact that he was doing his job and Ramsey’s /wilshere’ s as well.
        I can remember listening to that arseblog guy’s podcast and that guy like almost all the others are wrong most of the time.

  2. You become a big club by getting results and maintain your status same way. I started supporting Arsenal in 1996 and I have had all sorts of emotions for Arsenal. This is the first time in 18 years I am this pissed at the coach and the club. Even my dog knew we would get into trouble this season defensively but Wenger arrogantly told us we have managed zero games and we don’t know sh_t. We manage to get trounced every season because we have a manager that claims to know all and win nothing in 9 years and you have a chip on your stupid shoulder over the ‘Spud’? At least Daniel Levy is desperate to get things right, tell me Arsenal are desperate to get things right and I will believe you. Loyalty is being abused by the management of AFC.

    It was alright when we couldn’t afford to buy… we all understood but when pridefull arrogance is Wenger’s response for getting us trounced, I dare say its time to go. He’s now stayed too long at the club and takes us for granted just like we are begining to take him for granted. Let him just go somewhere else and be the best thing since slice bread.

    1. @Fredricks….

      Hear what youre saying but we’ve only had money to spend in the past two seasons. In that time we’ve brought in Ozil (world class), Sanchez (world class), Debuchy (top quality defender), Chambers (going to be a top quality defender), Welbeck (quality and will hopefully further improve) and Ospina (who knows but looked pretty good at the wc). Other than dross, last season we lost (sold) TV5 (who hasn’t played for Barca due to his injuries).

      I agree on the dm and the cb, think that’s clear for everyone. So Arsene has had two seasons where we’ve had money. Given we were chasing the title last season, till we had a series of key injuries, buying 5 players who all pretty much walk into the first team is progress and is the reasons many thought we would make further progress this season. We bought two defenders and let one long term casualty go. We were better off but still lacked depth.

      However, Spuds crashed and burned and Liverpool have done much the same trying to change too many players in one transfer window.

      We have been unlucky again with injuries. Whether this issue will improve will be seen after Xmas and whether personnel changes that have been made will alter this long term will also take time to know.

      January may see more additions…I really do hope, but who knows. The reality is, that it is this coming window and the summer that will determine whether we have a squad to compete. I personally think we only need 2/3 players to make us a real challenger for any team. I know you’ve heard it before…so have I…but the economics were the issue, now for Wenger there is no excuse other than he simply needs a little more time to do this.

      Lol I see the thumbs down coming from AOB’s…led by SooPa Anus….go for it guys.

        1. Thumbs up for that Tas! You’re right but jenks needed the game time and we had Debuchy and Chambers able to play rb. Belerin was also promoted into the squad who is also a rb. So you’re right, but rb shouldn’t have been an issue…but I concur we lacked the depth needed for cover. As I say we still need 2/3 players and cb, dm are top of that list.

          1. I think we can all agree that we are always short on quality squad players every season but why?
            we all known it from the beginning of the transfer window so why not bolster and be done with it,
            last season it was a striker and DM this season again DM and defenders so whose job is it to know these things? because the whole world knew about it, we was screening about it and now its happening the “nightmare”

      1. @ Gooner100
        I also hear you but what explanations do you have regarding the team set up for each match and the tactics applied? I said in a past comment that Wenger’s problem is not just because he doesn’t buy players, but he seems not to know how to use the ones he’s got. All through the stoke embarrassment, he didn’t get up from his seat ONCE! His attitude during games belies a manager that has lost confidence in his ability as a tactician. If you let your players play without instructions from the sidelines it means you are confident in whatever situation the team finds itself. Time and again, we’ve found ourselves in disgraceful situations yet our ‘genius’ tactician just sits and looks dejected more than the players who are actually out there on the battlefield. Clueless or uninterested if you ask me!

        1. Mistamonn
          most of the time his playing players out of position is because we don’t have the necessary depth of players for each position specially on the left,
          the team is always out of balance he rely needs to buy W/C if not top players in key positions,
          last year i was commenting that we needed a striker before a class DM but i was so wrong, we first need the best DM that money can buy no mater how much then and only then we can look for another class DM and a couple of descent defenders.

          1. before Sanchez came we had the OX and Podolski who can both play on the left but he kept fielding Ozil who is proven to be more productive in the center. Same with this season. And what is his obsession with central midfielders? Too many similar players Ozil, Carzola, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey etc

            1. Just to add, this is what David Meyler of Hull said about the FA Cup draw with Arsenal
              “Arsenal away in the FA Cup, nice easy draw to get us going!
              Can you imagine that being said 9 years ago? This is what Wenger has turned our beloved club into.

      2. I actually gave you a thumb down because you pulled the injury-excuse. The expiration date passed on that few years ago, it’s quite obcious it isn’t about bad luck.

        You are laughed at by every fan in the world, living denial, playing the injury card whenever we are doing bad/not winning. It isn’t bad luck, it is a fault in our training methods. For physios it’s quite obvious. In the case of Diaby, he wasn’t meant to be a professional footballer, not every human body can cope with the physicality of professional sports. Yet he is kept in the team for a free ride, the excuse for not having a real CDM.

        1. But @juhisilis….we brought in shad forsythe a new fitness coach in the summer. He is a world renowned fitness expert. Wenger sees the issues and is trying to fix them.

      3. @gooner100

        You need to look at the bigger picture, we do not have the quality to compete at the very top, that would require vast amount of investment and we are clearly only investing to guarantee 4th place. We were told we would be competing NOW, after this 9 year wait!!!! How much MORE TIME are people like you going to give Wenger?

        Look at the amount of money we have at our disposal and look at the amount we have invested then ask yourself, with the we’ve money invested (in comparison to others) can we realistically challenge for PL & CL trophies like we were told we’d be? If the answer is yes then tell me what players other than Sanchez would walk into any of the top 6 elite teams of the world (who actually challenge)? If the answer is no, then tell me why are we still paying the highest ticket prices to challenge for fourth?

        Talk about last season how close were etc. Truth is when it came to the crunch the players we’re mentally too weak and overplayed and the squad lacked stenghth in depth and quality. Let’s not forget United were a club in transition.

        1. Character defo has something to do with the problems, but we did suffer injuries to key players who were in top form.

          As for today’s squad, personally, I think we only need a commanding CB and a powerful DM. I don’t think in other positions we are far off. There are a few players that either need to step up (consistently) or fo, but the squad can live with that in the short term.

          Other secondary positions that look less than perfect but equally not tragic, are gk and cf. I don’t think it will take a complete overhaul to make us great again.

          1. It was due to a lack of preparation and foresight that our “key players” got injured. Failure to strengthen in key areas when the whole world could see what was required was unforgivable IMO.

            Commanding CB’s have been needed since the departures of Sol Cambell, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Steve Bould. Why has it taken this long to find a replacement? There is an abundance of talent all over the world yet.

            Powerful DM’s Viera/Petit/Gilberto Silva, not replaced for 10years. Again Why has Wenger STILL not replaced them knowing his glory years were built upon the foundation of a stong back four (inherited I might add) and two DM’s.

            RVP – replaced with Giroud. A player who has notched an acceptable return however, was never in the same league as RVP moreover, I do not believe he has scored against any of the top 3 clubs in England (Chelsea, Utd, City) since his arrival in 12/13. I would say that is pretty tragic when main the reason we capitulated last season was because we couldnt defeat the best teams due to a lack of quality and ultimately goals.

            Chelsea lost last season due to a lack of goals. Mourinho identified he needed goals then bought Cesc (another unforgivable act), Costa, Remy and Drogba All for a net spend of £10mil…

      4. All those speaking ill of the guys that gave Arsene a piece of their mind, let’s be realistic here: When you are VERY ANGRY with someone, do u walk up to them with a smile and start praising and hugging them?

        So the fans should have been like: Arsene, we luv you!!! We really do!!! You have been terrible lately but it’s all for good. Your autograph, plz!!!

  3. WengerOUT- in – out – in – out shake it all about, little bit 10 year niggle but i’ll turn it around thats what its all about.

  4. Desperately lacking leadership from the top but unfortunately we are stuck with a 65% shareholder Chairman, who does not have passion nor knowledge of football to guide the club to next level on the field.
    Afraid apart from AOB & AKB, there are sizable number of apathetic fans who while still supporting have emotionally detached themselves from the club until some serious structural changes are made.

  5. Three ways Arsenal can return back to glory days:

    1. Wenger does a U-turn and becomes again the Manager that brought us “the Invincibles”
    odds of that happening : Zero
    2. The board and Wenger get the sack and Silent Stan sells his shares to Usmanov who now becomes majority shareholder.
    Odds of that happening: Zero
    3. Wenger steps down AFTER his contract ends and a Guardiola, Klopp or Simeone takes over.
    Odds: more likely to happen than the other two.

    So Gooners, its going to be another couple of years before any meaningful change comes to the Emirates. Sad but true.

  6. Recently when ever i watch AW on TV giving an interview i don’t know weather to laugh or vote for him for the next president of France,
    he has become to arrogant, predictable robot like with his answers but most of all his undermining his supporters treating them like Children who don’t understand,
    its possible you can do this if your decisions or play is always correct but to fail and pretend it like its anything ells but a failure is wrong,
    Arsen man up and say we fuc ed up and show your disappointment at players who are not giving all or just sub them if they are having a bad day its normal,

    i would like to see Arsen do a U turn in January buy big and let us know his listening to us fans its not a weakness to say you were wrong but its a strength.

    1. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing yesterday during Van Gaal’s post match interview. Even though they won he said the players didn’t turn up and they were just lucky. Wenger will always look for positives even when there are none. That’s why Usmanov said in his interview that in order to get rid of your mistakes, you MUST first accept that you have made one.

      1. i am noticing so many ex-Arsen Wanger supporters hopping he will change and we can all become “ONE” again but i’m not holding my breath.

  7. Off topic: I didn’t notice Hayden in the starting line up or on the bench for the Gala match. Is he injured or what? anyone know?

  8. Yes, when he arrived his methods were cutting edge, Yes he achieved great things but that was 10-20 YEARS AGO! MOVE ON!

    Wenger and Ivan sold us a dream which they are not realising. The dream overseen by Wenger and Ivan cannot happen (not in todays world) and now having realised that have both settled into a comfort zone of mediocrity. We were sold the idea that now we would be competing with the Spanish and German giants, that we would bring the Champions League to London but we have all been duped and all that is happening is the board keep getting richer and the fans are getting more angry. In order to compete we need a serious amount of investment but that is STILL not happening. They keep feeding us this b***s**t that making £30mil profit a year is a success but that’s not what we want. We want to at the very least challenge and win trophies!!!

    We still pay the highest ticket prices, line the boards pockets and settle for fourth every season. This needs to stop. Why should we pay these prices for mediocrity? It’s a scam and Wenger and the Board make an obscene amount of money off the fans. If he came out and was honest to the fans instead of saying we have a squad capable of challenging the elite I would respect him but all I see is an arrogant, stubborn old man who earns £8million a year and has amassed personal wealth of appx. £70million off the back of our club, and single-handedly dropped the standards of our club to such a level that not only are we are not competing with City, Chelsea, United, Barca, Bayern etc. we actually are now barely competing with our North London neighbours and other clubs of that level. We are THE ARSENAL and we are losing at Stoke City, then Le Fraud tells us our defence were “too soft”. “Judge him at the end of the season”. ENOUGH! What does he take us for.

    I don’t want to hate him but I’m sick and tired of Wenger and his utter contempt for the fans. His and the Board’s treatment of the fans is despicable, but until fans get them out nothing will change. They could care less about the fans. They are happy with fourth place so long as the £££££ keeps rolling in. The only thing that will get Wenger out is if we fall out of the top four then the Board will seriously question him and perhaps consider selling. Unlikely but possible. Even if they get rid of him, who are they going to replace him with. Another manager who will challenge for fourth on limited resources and line the boards pockets just as Wenger does or a manager who will stand up and tell the board what is needed to complete at the very top??? The sad thing is, I already know the answer. We wont be getting elite managers replacing Wenger, because the Peps, Ancellotti’s, Mourinho’s of this world know the level of investment which is required to compete. We might get a Klopp or a Simeone even a Martinez who are capable of pulling off a miracle because they are top coaches but one thing is clear to me, change is desperately required.

    The sad reality is that Usmanov’s money is needed to compete. This is the way football has evolved and if we seriously want to win trophies then Wenger & The Board have to leave. Wenger is no longer able to challenge his methods are way past their sell by date and he is to stubborn to adapt. I want an ambitious manager/board running our club not as a business but as a successful club. Financial Fair Play is a farce, Wenger’s plans have failed. FFP will never stop the richest teams attracting the world class players and in order to challenge, that’s we need WORLD CLASS players. At the moment we only have one player who would walk into any side but how long do you think he is going to stay???

    We have been lied to and conned for the past 9 years but it’s time to take our club back. Fans need to be clear on where they want the club to go for the future and unite.

    Time for change is long overdue.

    1. that’s what is hilarious, he literally spits on our faces and says ” you don’t know anything i have managed over 1000 amount of games” but can’t even beat middle team club like stoke in 8 attempts or beat mouth-rinho in 13 attempts, he think’s he’s amazing but he is actually embarrassing, he is getting us thrashed REGULARLY, the only team that hasn’t completely embarrassed us are the spuds, I actually can’t understand how fans didn’t riot when arsene went to rome for charity matches when we needed him the most, I’m not even angry at him anymore, how can a man so proud let moroninho call him a “specialist in failure” and just prove him right time and time again, not only will it benefit arsenal for arsene to leave but it will also help the man himself, do the right thing and take a walk mate

  9. By far the best article I have ever read on this site, there was no bias or empty statements, just cold hard facts, the writer even respected wengers budget but still pointed to where he should’ve improved, there are no excuses, what you read is literrally all u get with arsene, if you gave him a budget of 9m or 1 billion, he will ALWAYS take the risk cause he doesn’t give a fk about the consequences as if he was a teenager raging through puberty, his stubborn is absolutely pathetic, can you believe he turned down signing a keeper when almunia was shocking, can you believe he didn’t sign a CB when squillaci was awful, can you believe that he REFUSED to sign a CDM for almost 8 years, CAN you believe on one of the most important transfer windows of arsenals history, arsene decided to go host charity matches in rome, that’s right instead of trying hard for the fans that have respected him and pay him one of the highest managerial wages in the world, he decided to do what he pleased as usual, cause he doesn’t answer to anyone, nor does he giving a flying fk, gazidis a man i thought was also a crook went and did arsene’s job for him and at least got us a striker (which cost us the title in january last season) and arsene foolishly proclaims that “if i was here we wouldn’t of signed danny” meaning we wouldn’t of had ANY recognised cf till giroud recovered, arsene wenger is a joke of the highest order, lack of respect, lack of shame and lack order, i despise him

  10. @ Gooner100

    This “we’ve only had money to spend in the past two seasons” statement or “financial constrains” statements that stem from the AKBs makes me LOL.

    ‘No money to spend’ and yet:

    1. Ar$ene was earning over £7 mil during those times. If he really ‘loved’ Arsenal, why didn’t he take a pay-cut to help the club during that period!

    2. In terms of trophies, other clubs who have SIGNIFICANTLY less resources than Arsenal like Portsmouth, Wigan, Birmingham etc were able to deliver! Instead Ar$ene guided the team to losses such as that against division two side Bradford!

    3. Money was available but was instead spent on rubbish buys like A. Santos, Gervinho, Park, Squillacci etc etc. Not forgetting the socialist wage structure, which meant that players like Bendtner, Chamakh, Diaby and Ar$ene etc were eating up the resources, which was not allocated properly!

    4. Teams like Man Utd, who are in DEBT are still able to strengthen their team and even bought RVP from us. This leads us to another point where Ar$ene was not able to keep nor replace our star players as his so-called building a team for the future was an epic fail!! Instead his mission was to make money for the board and maximize value for the shareholders before success for our club!!

    This joke of a manager has got to go!

  11. The odd mistake here and there is okay. Managers are human beings. However, the number of mistakes made this season is ridiculous
    1. Starting the season short of defenders and loaning off Jenkison (very hard to forgive this mistake)
    2. Playing Ozil and Cazorla in wrong positions
    3. Playing Monreal as CB instead of Calum with Bellerin at RB.
    4. Not signing world class striker (now that we have money)
    5. Not giving rest to certain players at right time.
    6. Not using Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky, Bellerin, enough (to the point thaCampbell and Podolski want to leave)
    7. Late Substitutions (ie when we are down at half-time substituting like the 78th minute)
    8. It’s not just the mistakes bit not learning and changing. Wenger is very stubborn that way

  12. I don’t know why they keep saying minority of arsenal fans are AOB.we want you out wenger pack and go you are outdated, stubborn and you think you have better view than anyone. Jose mourinho is your boss you are a specialist in failure,you are old fashioned, you are greedy and stingy. Go to France and get your positive on every bad situation. #wengerout

  13. @ johnsouttar

    Please do one, your brainwashed and deluded. People like you are the main reason it has become acceptable to pay the highest prices in the country to watch a mediocre team struggle to achieve 4th place every season, line Wenger and the boards pockets. You can’t see beyond Wenger and you are living in the past and quite frankly need to realise YOU are the minority…

    The people you mention are the same fans who spend their hard earned cash on Season tickets, travel the country to support Arsenal and have every right to boo, protest and do whatever they have to do to get rid of the disease rife at our club, quite frankly we need more people willing to say what needs to be said.

    I cant wait to see the back of Wenger.


  14. This is the best article i have read in a while, am surprised some1 still remembers all this and points them out correctly…this is wengers only job…

  15. pls don’t stop booing Arsene until he leave. Who said he not b booed? For nine yrs we the fans have been booed by rival fans yet Arsene n the board give no sh*t. Do u know hw many nights we av gone to bed heartbroken because of Arsenal embarrassing defeat? Many of our weekends end in nightmares because Arsene is stubborn. It’s only a foolish teacher who thinks his students know nothing because they haven’t been teachers before. Compel him to buy d player d team needs and after buying he would bench d player for 3 to 4 weeks in d name of not adapting to arsenal way. when he eventually decides to play him, he would play him at position. ARSENE, PLS LEAVE! pls keep d booing until he leaves.

  16. Johnsouttar, ask yourself this…four to five years ago when…(sigh) on second thoughts, I’m not even going to bother trying to make you see the clearer picture. Your faith in Wenger seems to be truly unshakable. No point.

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