Wenger’s not worried and Arsenal are trying their hardest

Despite Arsenal being the most consistent team in Europe in the whole of 2015, The Gunner’s form deteriorated badly after the New Year and they have now dropped to 11 points behind Leicester with just 8 games to go, as well as exiting from both the FA Cup and Champions League in the space of 4 days.

Arsene Wenger felt that the fans were not very supportive in the FA Cup quarter-final against Watford, but our current acting captain, Laurent Koscielny, can understand the fans frustration but assures us that the team are trying their best. He also thinks that Wenger doesn’t take any notice of the criticism although he has looked frustrated at time himself, especially when an away fan tried to put up a banner at the Everton game!

Koscielny said: “With regards to Arsene, I think he has seen other banners since he’s been at the club. The coach is very serene.”

“He knows what he’s done for the club. But I can understand the frustration of the fans, the club hasn’t won the title for a long time. But we’re doing our best every season to lift this trophy.

“There are ups and downs in the season with injuries and lack of form, but I think the coach is still the right man to help us win the league, even if we only have a very small chance.”

Laurent is aware that Arsenal have to fight for every single point from now on, and have used up all their previous chances. He continued: “Now we’ve got eight finals left, we have no room for error anymore, we’ve used up all of our joker cards.”

“We will have to get stuck in, not just think that playing football — and good football — will be enough to win matches.

“We will have to be winners and to win games. That’s the most important thing now, to pick up points.”

I guess that always was the most important thing. It’s just that sometimes when the team play their best, it’s simply not enough…..

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  1. This season with
    Chelsea Utd and City
    struggling we all thought
    this was our chance.
    But we trail Leicester by 8
    and have had some awful results.

  2. Hats of to Koscielny for acknowledging us fans that we mater unlike some at Arsenal

    Teams in EPL are no longer a walk over if you don,t have a finely tuned and in depth team then anyone can win,

    but Arsenals problems are a bit different then others we always seam to start the season with one or two spark plugs short and we hope for the best, lets hope some of the message coming out of the Emirates are true and we can look forward to the transfer market with hope

  3. The fact Wenger keeps complaining and moaning about fans venting their frustrations at the way the club ia been run shows just how far removed and insulated he and the board are from fans and their expectations…..i read somewhere the other day Ramsey expressing deep shock at the unfurling of ‘that’ banner few weeks back, I mean for real?

    1. If your hardest means 4th position at best with no EPL title for more than 10yrs, if your hardest is to top Spuds, that’s not good enough for AFC caliber …
      No, we must to concentrate on how to reach out our frustration to the manager and the board …
      That’s more chants and more banners …
      This club needs new bloods, let’s start with the manager and the board …

  4. I know wenger is taking some serious heat from fans and getting blame for recent performers…with good reason and evidence, team selection,tactics, etc.

    But some responsibility has to go to the players, they are high paid professionals. What I see is prima donna’s that walk around and accept defeat going a goal down. the only players notably (ozil,sanchez,joel,coq) hate losing. The others? ” ima receive my $$$$$ check in a few hours”..Did ya’ll notice in the everton game, one moment where sanchez just looked back shook his head and YELLLED,Waved for everyone to press the opposition, they didn’t even bother, he looked away in disgust and stopped…What does that tell you?..I believe in street football, where the mentality for the will to win is ingrained and printed, but these british silver spooned players, they just don’t bloody care.

    We need more sanchezes in our team, honestly…out of the british core mabey only welbeck puts in that effort.

    I hope we win all our games, and the Gaffer plays the players who deserve to start.

    I do agree, end of season, Arsenal needs a humongous breath of fresh air, question is who?, easy to throw names around, but honestly who is out there to maintain the arsenal brand as a historic club and push it above its limits? mourinho-3year pony,..simone?de boer?Louw? who knows.

    For now, lets just support the club and finish strongly,(which seems impossible) and voice your concerns…

    By the way Mario Suarez girlfriend..dammmmmnnnnnn! she fine


    1. Simeone or Conte would’ve been a good choice, can get quality players for cheap and quick to sell players with no desire to win or put in effort.

  5. he doesnt need to win anything lol
    the board said as much, we dont even need the top 4,
    so why would he worry?

    he has the best job in football bar none. 8 million an no questions from above

    i asked my boss why dont i get the wenger treatment, a raise and no questions on my performance??

    he said….your only still here cos theres no-one else that will do this for peanuts.


    1. “But some responsibility has to go to the players, they are high paid professionals”
      No, for Arsenal case, all the responsibility in the pitch has to go to the manager “Mr Wenger”, here I’m not speaking about a single game rather run of games …
      As a manager if you have an under-performer for a couple of games “Ramsey” or a couple of years “Giroud as our main striker” you have to do something …
      What I can say! either ego and stubbornness, favoritism, or lack of coaching ability …
      Who is to blame?

  6. If Arsenal win the title
    that will provide justification
    for the low spend in the summer.
    If Leicester win that would
    also justify a low spend.
    The only way things will change
    is if Tottenham win the title.
    So change might come then
    but how will that help the 5 mill Arsenal fans
    who ran screaming into the sea 🙂

    1. Leicester didn’t have CL or FA cup nor did they have the pressure to win anything because their only aim was to stay above relegation battles, so you can’t compare their situation to ours.

  7. There’s has to be some sort of change coming this summer and it has to be for the best. Wenger aside, in the past month or so I have either read articles, heard it, seen post saying certain players are set to leave this summer and for the most part I agree or wish for this to happen.

    Debuchy needs to go and I would snap up Serge Aurier in a heartbeat regardless of his recent incident at PSG as I’m sure Wenger could iron that out.

    Gibbs to be replaced by Lorients Raphael Guerreiro for not improving over the years.

    Mertesacker won’t be given new contract and was 1 of the panic buys back in 2011 after Man Utd ripped us a new 1, I’d go for Laporte.

    Rosicky’s contract expires this summer and won’t be renewed. Same for Arteta and Flamini.

    Giroud apparently is wanted by Juve even though I find it hard to believe but majority wants him out anyways or at least nowhere near the starting lineup.

    Former England U-21 coach says Walcott needs to move on and find regular playing time after being at the club for 10 years 2 months and hasn’t progressed and featured in half of our games mostly as a sub.

    OX apparently wanted by City but due to his age fans are 50/50 on this but if true it’s probably to boost the homegrown quota.

    It can’t be anymore clearer that Ramsey was the 1 destroying our midfield since Elneny has been playing alongside Coquelin so he’s a squad player at best.

    We need to find an heir to Cazorla, even though he’s a starter he isn’t getting any younger and we don’t know how he will react after his injury.

    Stop playing Chambers at RB and let him stick to just CB and master that hence why I said Aurier from PSG.

    We can do much better than Sanogo, much better.

    Never rated Jenkinson and I’m sure others disagree but Bellerin has set the standard and the only way to improve or find him competition is get someone equal or better.

    I might be missing a few others or other things but a change is definitely needed. This current group will not lead us to glory and there’s no denying it.

    1. Good points, though you forgot the biggest change that we need for the club to move forward, Stan, Ivan and Wenger to be kicked out. Its hard for the first two but for Arsene its a matter of time before he steps down.

      I would also recommend we get Xhaka or Kante for DM, Coq has been doing well but squad player in my books (he looks so good because his the best we have had for years but they are far better DM’s out there).

  8. Yesterday we were linked with Granit Xhaka..

    Today Mönchengladbach seals a summer move for Strobl, a CDM, on a Bosman.


    1. I wouldn’t look into that too much, other teams actually value having a decent back up for their stars unlike Arsenal of course. By next week we will hear Xhaka has signed a new contract.

      1. Yea I know better than to hope Arsenal sign players onto positions we need the most.

        However, it is soooo slow football week

        1. Xhaka +1 for the midfield to even things out while improving. Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky are goners come summer. We already have 1 in Elneny, so yeah Xhaka and maybe Kanté would do the trick. Nothing against Coquelin but I agree with the comment that there’s definitely better out there. That is if we want to move forward as a club of course.

  9. Well as usual Arsenal have another transfer rumour leading to speculation about Hector and what it says that 6 teams are gunning for the player. There is just no fun in this news but with no quality upfront i have to say it will 3 years or less before it becomes realistic.

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