Wenger’s Ospina comments bad news for Szczesny

Arsenal’s young Pole Wojciech Szczesny is currently on loan at Roma and with the Serie A club already clear that he will not be needed next season, his future is now up in the air. There were whispers that David Ospina was unhappy with his lack of playing time as understudy to Petr Cech, but Arsene Wenger’s comments yesterday seem to indicate that the Colombian will be staying at the club for a long long time.

Wenger told the media that Ospina would be between the posts for he Sunderland FA Cup clash and explained his view on David’s future. “I think he can be the goalkeeper of the future here as well,” Le Prof said. “With Petr Cech getting older year after year, he may get more games as well…I believe that Ospina is not treated fairly. If you look at the whole of 2015, everybody neglects he played six months.

“I personally think he is world-class. I did not take Petr Cech based on the performances of Ospina. Petr Cech was just an exceptional opportunity where it was difficult to say no. It was not because I was unhappy with Ospina.

“I was very happy with Ospina. It was just an opportunity to say no would not have been right. Unfortunately, Ospina has been punished by that decision. I rate him highly.

“True he had a bad season because he has that mistake (against Olympiacos) and when you do not have many opportunities and you have one bad catch, everyone is after you.”

“My job is to make decisions and selections,”

“That of course is not always very popular but at the end of the day you just want to make the right decision, knowing that sometimes it is a 50/50.

“I can give you the last example. I did not play Laurent Koscielny against Bournemouth, Gabriel comes in and scores, he nearly scores two goals.

“Against Newcastle, I decide to play Koscielny – which is unfair towards Gabriel – Koscielny comes in, scores and we win 1-0.

“Who can predict that? The first decision was unfair and at the end of the day the decision was right because Koscielny scored but even me, 30 years in the job, I didn’t know that before the game.

“When you have two good players you have always a chance to make the right decision.”

So it sounds like Ospina isn’t going anywhere soon and this will leave Szczesny in limbo yet again. I know he is still young, but if he comes back to Arsenal he will be classed as the understudy to the understudy until Cech retires and Ospina as well. This could be a very very long time…..

Should we sell Szczesny in the summer or send him out on loan again….

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  1. Loan is good, szczesny is still young and immature, but he will come good at around 27 or 28 yrs old.

  2. Hahaha………. Looks like sczcesny ain’t the only one who wanna play understudy to the great Cech!

  3. La liga or bundesliga loan next fo schez! Off topic afobe to Bournemouth is on for 10m, we should never never have sold him. This could come back to haunt us. Why didn’t wenger insert a first option buy back clause? He reminds me of igalho, now there’s a player I’d love at arsenal 🙂 debuchy out serge aurrier in anyone? 🙂

  4. Maybe Szczesny should be loaned out to another club… Don’t know which but that should be decided by Wenger. Even we all know he is a very good shot stopper, but he needs concentration and no nonsense attitude. He did share Golden Glove with our #33 for a reason…

  5. Even Cech was shaky in his first games, it happens. Ospina-Coquelin-Cazorla-Koscielny-Sanchez were the spine of the team from January to August 2015.

  6. Last season Ospina was the best keeper in the PL according to the statistics. Look up squawka per 90 minutes played in PL. For every two goals Ospina conceded Hart, De Gea and Courtois let in three. Ospina had better stats for clean sheets and saves per goal conceded.

    I watched some of the Columbian WC games, Ospina was awsome. Based on some comments made after an international against Columbia, Messi rates him highly.

    I cannot see Ospina staying after the summer, he is too good to sit on the bench. I just hope he has a good game today and a good cup run so we get a good price for him in the summer. I think Szezney will be our number two next year.

    If Wenger can persuade Ospina to stay then great, but if he wants to go we should let him and take the money. He has had a bad deal, took his chance when it came and kept Szezney out and did a fantastic job for us. Then we buy Cech and he is sat on the bench

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