Wenger’s prayers answered in pursuit of dream season

If you would ask any Arsenal fan what their dream season would be, the answer would certainly be the Gunners winning the magic Treble of the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League, a feat only ever achieved in England by the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Now that Arsenal’s traditional rival is out of the picture, Arsene Wenger also has that dream of emulating Man United’s achievement.

To do that, Wenger understands that you need practically two full teams in your squad to cope with the ever increasing fixture list as you progress in every competition. So yesterday’s decision to make 9 changes against Burnley was a calculated risk, to make sure you have a team out that is good enough to win, but also to have another full fresh team to dispose of Southampton in midweek.

This rotation will also have to come into play later this month, when we have the FA Cup Fifth Round on the weekend of the 20th, then we are at home to Barcelona on Tuesday the 23rd, then followed the following weekend by a crucial trip to Old Trafford to face Man United in the League.

That is a daunting prospect for any side, and Wenger admitted that we would need a friendly FA Cup draw to ease the rotation problems. “Let’s pray for the draw,” Wenger said. “If we can keep everybody fit, we can do it in three competitions. We have a chance to compete.”

Le Prof’s prayers were answered when we were given yet another home game against Lower League opposition in Hull City, the team we struggled against in the Final a couple of years ago. This gives us a real chance to continue chasing the dream. Let’s hope we are just as fortunate in future draws after we knock out Hull and Barcelona…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Wenger will never win the league again if he fails to win this season. Wenger should resign after this season. Szczesny, Mertesaker, Debuchy, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Ox, Theo and Welbeck should be sold, released and loaned out next season and we should sign top top players Cb, Cdm, winger and striker. We should also sign back up left back.

    1. You won’t find much better than Gibbs Ox Debuchy Theo Welbeck Rosicky to sit second third or sometimes fourth choice, the high quality players won’t play second fiddle its as simple as that. And if it wasn’t for their age you can add Arteta and Flamini to that list as second and third, look around. Mert splits opinion so I won’t bother.

      1. Why do we always look for excuses to fail. I see Wenger has really brainwashed all of you. Summer (there are no quality available), Winter (no clubs sell their top players mid-season), Buy Quality (Quality players don’t sit on the bench). If quality players don’t sit on the bench, then why not price them away from other clubs?! Rubbish!

  2. How sad is that, when a manager of a supposedly BIG club prays for an easy Fa cup draw? ?

    Typical, Ebenezer Scrooge tactics, He won’t spend the required amount of money, that would bring the quality needed to win all the major trophies, So he prays instead,
    for an easy path to victory! ? OoooKay! Mr Moses wannabe, What’s next… the parting of the river Thames? ?

    1. It’s not sad at all, EVERY manager wishes for an easy draw especially at this time of the season.

    2. Fatboy, where does it say that Arsene prayed for this type of draw. Even though we all know every manager in their right mind does hope for satisfactory draw Wenger would never come out and say it, all he said after seeing the draw is lets have a real go of it this year on all fronts.

    3. Typical cynical comment.

      We play Barcelona 3 days after the FA Cup match (2 days if they give us a Sunday game). An easier draw means he can rest some of his best players and still expect to advance. That is Wenger’s thought process.

  3. The treble? Too right matey!!!
    The EPL F.A. Cup + Com shield 🙂
    But the EPL Premiership double
    is defo on track with the third
    lucky home tie versus a soft opponent.
    But yes ideal fixtures allowing a breather
    for key players Cech Bellerin Ozil.
    Koz could do with a rest though.
    Good games for Elneny and back up players like Ospina
    Gibbs Chambers and to help Ox and Theo find form.

    1. CL definitely not gonna happen, when we rely on a striker that fails in a 1v1 against the likes Burnley then forget about it. And regarding Giroud, he’s top class but Barca will have no trouble stopping him considering they will be too busy attacking us like a rotweiler attacks a baby with a piece of steak.

      1. If you use those variables (I think) in defining whether any striker is good enough well then you will have a case to argue that every striker on the planet is poo.

      2. Giroud has scored Against Olympiacos, Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester City so hw is scoring against Barca less possible ???

  4. Treble??!! Well this is delusion at its finest. Forget about the Champions League for obvious reasons. As for the FA cup,I’d say our hopes rest on Chelsea being eliminated by another team.As long as they are still in it we have no chance.It has been confirmed that Wenger has no idea how to beat Chelsea regardless of their form,let alone score a single goal against them. So Wenger’s prayer should be that some other team eliminates Chelsea if he is to win the Fa cup

      1. Exactly, and if we can keep 11 men that should help. Id actually like us to get that ref who sent off Gabriel and Cazorla (OMG) because I reckon he has some making up to do, if its against che he would have to side with us on at least one big moment. Then again????

  5. Completely agree with u antiwenger, if chelsea is still in the FA cup, we can’t win it…although am sure Man city will trash them anyway…
    We will need a lot of luck to win the Epl this season bcos we have thrown away good chances.the same chance chelsea took advantage of last season and they ran away with it…I still think we need to exit the UCL, cos that’s when we play our best in epl

    1. trust me if we had those players in our team we would be a match for any team in europe. not so sure about stones atm, but maybe him or verane or laporte could be good enough.
      but we can dream it is good sometimes for us supporters to have a dream, sometimes it gives us hope that there might be a brighter future at the club someday.

  6. Lol,don’t embarass yourself admin,the community shield is a pre season friendly in which you can play 3 different keepers in one match.Perhaps Chelsea should treat all their matches against us as friendlies,then we can beat them 1-0

  7. let’s not blame our strikers too much instead support dem to do much bette..even those termed as wc miss spot kicks let alone 1v1 chance

  8. Admin, community shield is an isolated case. Heart breaking to admit it thatChelsea consolidated their head to head victories against Arsenal in the last ten years with two more wins this season. Antiwenger was spot on.

  9. Well it’s just so unfortunate we keep dreaming and seeing it eluding Arsenal winning the league and Champions League. Manchester City will win Champions League and Arsenal will keep chasing shadows. Please I hope the board of directors will have a rethink and stop making this great club a laughing stock of others, we even wish for lesser club to excel to the next round of FA cup I hope it is not our doom.

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