Wenger’s reign at Arsenal is finally coming to an end

Could this finally be Wengers last season at Arsenal? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal fans! So after the transfer window has settled as well as our new signings, a feeling of optimism is growing around the club. But the architect behind this is no doubt Sven Mislintat! The man called “diamond-eye” has been given the difficult task of overhauling an old and not very effective scouting system and he’s off to a flying start!

Add Huss Fahmy to the picture in the place of Dick Law and of course Raul Sanllehi, who started this month and you cannot run away from the idea that those people were hired to help smooth the transition from Arsene Wenger to a new manager.

Gary Neville made very good point on why Wenger was given a 2 year deal to get rid of the “uncertainty” over his future which didn’t really help the squad last year, but he also said, that Wenger might wanna leave on his own, but I don’t believe Wenger would literally and metaphorically “wake up” and realise it’s time to leave.

And thus so I still think he’ll “respect” his contract, because most of all, he has Kroenke in his pocket and he makes the final decisions. Besides, Wenger would like to go out like Fergie on a high, but this simply will not happen. Saying all that Arsene has a major point to prove against Tottenham in his slim hopes of the top 4.

The Europa league and Carabao cup can offer Wenger the perfect way to retire as he won’t win a trophy bigger than the FA cup anymore. Both those trophies will be difficult to get, as City wait in the final of one and teams like Dortmund and Atletico Madrid await in the other.

Wenger failed quite a lot of projects at Arsenal, but the stellar players we got in January and a new staff of younger people with great connections across Europe, I don’t see him standing tall for much longer. It’s his final roll of the dice and if it’s not in 6 months, than 18 at best until he goes and I’ll be the happiest man in the world seeing him leave!



  1. Simeone for the Arsenal!!!

    1. Muff diver says:

      Never happen . Too volatile for our fossil aged gentle lords on the board .
      He’s too much of an alpha .
      Imagine wenger who’s quiet at half time even when we are 3 down
      To simeone shouting screaming pushing shoving

      1. Ackshay says:

        Lol the moment simeone sets foot in arsenal, ozil, mkhitaryan will be miles from here, iwobi in reserves, xhaka released with a big boot in the ass and bellerin sent to defense training camp. We have too many soft players who wont last a day under simeone.
        I would love to see mourinho face after he tries to poke simeone eye and gets the shit beaten out of him.

      2. Sven says:

        Simeone does not play the Arsenal way.

        If we abandon our style and embrace The Cheating One, what does Arsenal even mean??

        Red and white color combo and a name??

        Like someone with your name wearing similar clothes as you, but still being someone else.

  2. Phil says:

    He knows his time is up and it’s a matter of will he walk or wait to be pushed?This man is so stubborn that I cannot see him just walking away even if we finish outside the Top 4 and fail to win either of the cups.He will feel that he has never broken a contract in his life and would expect the club to honour the final year of his existing deal.
    If this turns out to be the case I would just pay him the £9m salary and let him walk into the wilderness (or PSG) as it will be the best value money we will spend this summer.
    In the very unlikely event that we win a cup or/and reach Top 4 we should show no sentiment whatsoever.The Club will not and cannot move forward all the while he is still the Manager.

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil, A shame that the two posts directly under yours are from two of the remaining handful who still cannot see what tens of thousands of the rest of us can. They actually want Wenger to stay and believe in him. I suppose we must feel sorry for the braindead. They had better make the most of his last few weeks til May when he will be sacked. I am already counting down the days, like I did with Walcott too.

      1. Muff diver says:

        Jon I’m no akb ..but your name-calling is distasteful …seems immature for someone of ur years .
        If you have to resort to name calling and targeting ppl you weaken your position .
        Discussions allow all opinions

        1. jon fox says:

          Muff diver, This is how fans speak on the terraces. I am an educated man and older than most but am still a dyed in the wool fan. I do not swear at people or use foul language. People well know that I do not ACTUALLY think them braindead, merely wrong. But surely some emotive but clean language is allowed , otherwise we risk neutering this site and turning it over to the PC brigade, which is not for me. Foul and filthy language then? NO! But forceful, real, with dramatic effect? All day long!

        2. jon fox says:

          Further to your post criticizing my forceful language(using the word”braindead” ) and my reply to you, I note that you too , on this very thread also call the board “fossil aged”, with which I very much agree. But double standards by you, I suggest. If language does not hit home it is dull, wasted, and fails to truly make ones point. Do think again. You will note, I do NOT swear or use foul language as that IS beyond the pale.

      2. Phil says:

        Afternoon Jon
        I can only acknowledge the AKB’s views but I cannot respect them.Are they serious in their views or are happy to paddle along in the Wenger quagmire of mediocrity?Are they accepting that we have dropped from a Top 4 club (although for a supposedly big club that is mediocrity itself)to a club treading water in SIXTH PLACE FFS?Do they feel Wenger warrants more time to right his many mistakes?Do they feel he is the only manager who is capable of progressing this club back to dine at the top table again?
        They should acknowledge that Ivan G and even Kroenke have seemed fit to get in place Sven M and Raul to implement the long overdue change that was forced on the club due to Wengers blinkered obsession of continually insisting on doing things his way and his way only.
        This has been Wengers undoing and he is slowly falling on his own sword.He will not be in a job next season and he has only himself to blame

        1. jon fox says:

          Phil, I hope for your sake you do not look remotely like me. OTHERWISE I WOULD SWEAR WE ARE IDENTICAL TWINS, SO ALIKE IS OUR THINKING!

  3. Vlad says:

    Wenger will leave on his own terms, whether you like it or not, Konstantin. The man is a living legend, and he’s earned that right. You, on the other hand, is like an annoying neighbor that wouldn’t go away and keeps popping up when he’s least expected and welcomed. Some time ago you said you stopped watching games, and will not resume until Wenger leaves. Can you do us all a huge favor, and honor it? This way perhaps you’ll stop posting your BS here each and every day.

    1. bran911 says:

      It’s a huge shame that he’ll leave on his own terms, even though the old man’s skull is already into retirement only the ego is forcing him to torture us. A living legend with no EPL title for 14 years and counting, with ZERO UCL? That name vanished 10 years ago, he’s now just arrogant Wenger

  4. FOxx missierek says:

    Rubbish articles as per usual.At least have the decency to change the name of the website to Just Wenger out brigade news.

    1. Admin says:

      Rubbish comment as usual. We have pro and anti-Wenger contributors. Do not judge 10,000 articles by reading just one….

      1. jon fox says:

        Gobsmacked that you actually took to task a Wenger supporter. But pleased !

        1. Eat Pie says:

          ?X 1000

      2. Sven says:

        Disagree. Myself a strong contrarian, I still feel this repetitiveness of THE SAME SAME Wenger out articles is nauseating.

        At least, some originality, please, if you don’t like the manager who is the main identity of the club.

  5. He said hed resign only if arteta becomes the new manager. What attributes does wenger see in him?. A spanish manager? What attributes do the fans see in arteta?
    Shouldnt we hire a world class manager?
    Arent we big enough to deserve a top class coach?

  6. eezzee says:

    I believe you will be happy when Wenger goes but I don,t believe it will last very long. Here,s the thing, whoever takes over from Wenger will almost certainly fail. Whoever it is will last 1 or 2 seasons at most and guess what. Idiots like you will still be whining but about somebody else. I remember Leeds Utd being a fantastic football team and Blackburn also.Both teams overspent and faded into obscurity and Arsenal could easily have gone the same way. Arsene Wenger is probably the greatest manager of them all only fools like you who want it all and want it now just can,t see it. Never mind you ,lol have a lot more to moan about soon

    1. jon fox says:

      There is always one,sadly, and you are that one.

    2. Guneal says:

      10 out of 10, admin will turn a blind eye to this.

      1. jon fox says:

        Guneal , I am as amazed as you are that the Admin actually admonished a Wenger lover(yes, they do still exist, in rapidly shrinking numbers) for saying this site has become too Wenger out orientated. It is the only vital game in town right now , if our club is to have a hope of reclaiming its long ago glories. So I applaud the Admin. He shows some impartiality, for once, which is what Admins should do.

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        was it you who predicted 100% we would never sign Aba?
        I think it was, so what should we make of your other predictions and views?

      3. Admin says:

        Why would I turn a blind eye_ I-m confused!
        Are you saying I am a Wenger In or a Wenger Out?

    3. Victor Pius says:

      Dear “Eezzee”,
      There are FOUR major trophies to be won at the beginning of each season: the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, and the League (currently Carabao) Cup.
      Meaning, that between 2005 and 2018, a period of about THIRTEEN YEARS, there have been a total of 42 trophies in four different competitions, open for Arsenal to have won.
      However, in this same period under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal FC has won a total of FOUR trophies in JUST ONE competition.
      Success ratio: 1 out of 13.
      Think on that a bit, will you?
      Compare this win ratio with that of, say, Man City, Man Utd or Chelsea.
      Now, consider the fact that within this same period, FOUR DIFFERENT teams – including LEICESTER CITY – have won the EPL – and that well over TWENTY different teams have progressed further, and therefore come closer to winning the UCL than we have – of which nearly, if not actually TEN DIFFERENT teams have won it.
      Also consider the fact that until very recently, the majority of the Arsenal FC fan base has remained very patient with AW, giving him season after season of unwavering support and trust, in the expectation that he could – and would – turn things around.
      Only to finally, realize, nearly 14 full years after the Invincibles, that he hasn’t. And even more sadly, that he can’t.
      We HAVE been patient fam. But we can’t continue to be either.
      Wenger WAS a great manager.
      Not anymore.

  7. jon fox says:

    Konstantin, Love your post but one technical argument I have with you. You say that you will be the happiest man in the world seeing him leave! Sorry to argue but I claim that title too. So, I believe , do tens of thousands of other Gooners. More importantly than this good natured banter by far, is that like John Cross from the Dail Mirror , I also think he will be sacked unless he gets top four, wins Europa and thus qualifies for CL or at least wins the League Cup. If any of those get in the way of him being sacked then I hope(and expect) to get none of them. Short term gain for another year or more of misery and hopelessness is no deal.

    1. neil says:

      and there speaks a so called fan… effectively saying that you hope Arsenal do not win anything because of your hatred for Wenger….
      you seem to have nothing better to do than constantly moan.. same as Konstantin and others…
      Not sure how you can call yourself an Arsenal supporter when you prefer the team to lose ! Your exact words!

  8. TT says:

    There is an almost pathological tendency for Arsenal fans to blame everything bad at the club on Wenger and fail to give him credit for anything good that happens. So, the failure to buy a DM is all Wenger’s fault, but he clearly had nothing to do in attracting the players we have acquired in this transfer window. This leads to a rather elaborate fantasy story justifying this perspective.

    You saw the same kind of mental gymnastics with the trophy situation where, “We want to win trophies”, rather quickly turned into “We want to win the league”, after we won 3 FA cups in 4 years.

    Wenger is going to leave soon, but I suspect it will be at the end of next season. And the reality is that he is still pulling all the strings at Arsenal. He is the one delegating his power and training the team, so that there can be a succession plan. This is the way businesses work.

    Allocation of blame has been a fundamental part of the culture at Arsenal, and I would gladly see the back of Wenger if I felt that it would go with him, but I doubt that.

    I wish my fellow Arsenal fans would understand that football is a team game in the broadest sense, and allocating blame to any individual, be it player, manger, or owner is not only wrong, it is counter-productive, and it doesn’t help the team succeed.

    1. jon fox says:

      You bring up the DM fiasco and imply that it is not Wengers fault. For a whole decade? Perhaps my cat then is too blame!

      1. bran911 says:

        Hehehe true mate, the guy has too much love for Wenger.. how the hell is that not Wenger’s fault? He doesn’t buy one, then he comes and sing that Arsenal has an attacking DNA, then it’s the fans’ fault.. hehehe

  9. Nothing changed says:

    Wenger has to either leave at the end of the season or renew. It makes no sense for him to enter his final year of the contract and recreate the uncertainty of last season. Neither does it make sense for him to announce his final year since players don’t play too hard for a manager once they know he is gone next season. So he has to leave or extend his contract. Nothing else makes sense IMO.

    1. jon fox says:

      Nothing BUT him being sacked makes sense. The only thing that would have more sense is if it had been done many years ago!

      1. Nothing changed says:

        How great the time will be when we can start debating in earnest about his successor and what a pity it is we acted too late for it to be Pep Guardiola or even Klopp. I have my reservations about Ancelotti but he might be more “Arsenal” (to the board) then my preferred Simeoni.

        Hopefully, despite our aging squad, the additions of this winter might still tempt a halfway, decent manager.

  10. DarlingBudofArse says:

    Psychologically his powers are diminishing and he knows it. He therefore doesn’t hold that level of invincibility he once held at the height of his powers when what he said stood. Now his ebbing and his days are numbered. What good news!!! The sooner he leaves the better and I’m sure plans are up and running to ensure easy transition. We need to strengthen our defence. He’s known this for years yet has failed each season to address this. Stubborn oaf!

  11. Clive says:

    Sorry to burst ur bubbles Konstantin,u will not be d happiest person when he leaves.
    I will be d happiest when he leaves.
    Thanks bro

    1. jon fox says:

      Clive, Join the queue!

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Jon Fox,
        Here you go again making up figures to suit your argument.
        You are “one of tens of thousands” wanting him to leave?
        Show me the FACTS behind that statement please.
        You have admitted you gave up your season ticket seven years ago, so I am assuming your “facts” are based on this forum and its contributers. Is that the case? If not, please explain your “facts” as you clearly have a direct line to tens of thousands of gooners.
        What you don’t seem to understand is that there are another 50,000 gooners (at least) who have their opinions.
        Just by being obnoxious in your texts doesn’t mean you are correct.
        You were so indignant in a previous post when you were challenged about your views and asked the person who dared challenge you what right did he have to do this.
        But you see no wrong in calling others braindead or retarded, insulting club officials, supporters and anyone who has a different opinion to you is inferior or stupid.
        This site has changed over the years and does now allow different views to be seen and that is good for healthy friendly discussion amongst fellow Gooners.
        What you probably aren’t aware of is other sites that also allow friendly discussion (Untold Arsenal as an example) and its contributers are mainly opposite to you and your views.
        I contribute to that site as well and have never seen you on there, so suggest you have a look and see that your views are not the be all and end all of Gooners across the globe.
        I believe that this site (and Admin) are of the Wenger out brigade and I have no issue with that.
        In fact I respect it and the fact that I am allowed to come on and argue my point with other fellow gooners.
        Many times I have asked you for the FACTS behind your statements about “corrupt board members, manager and owner” but never get a FACTUAL reply.
        Likewise all the so called major protests against the aformentioned people have never materialised, so who and where are these tens of thousands of people who have the same views as you?
        I am not naive enough to realise that Arsene Wenger has/does/will cause divisions amongst Arsenal supporters.
        But what he does do is treat fellow human beings with respect and courtesy and if you don’t like his footballing brain, perhaps you couldat least take a leaf out his book on that score.
        As I have said before, I have no doubt you are a true Arsenal supporter as I am also.
        We are old school supporters who should be showing the younger fans how to conduct a discussion in a proper, friendly and respectful way.
        I believe that Arsene Wenger has led this club to levels never dreamt of in the 1950-60’s.
        That makes me what in your eyes?
        I see you as a fellow fan who has a different outlook on the club and I see no problem with that…if we all thought the same it would be a boring world.
        Discussion and opinions are the bloodline of a democratic society, name calling and making up facts are not.
        As the Sun newspaper so famously headlined “85% of Arsenal supporters want Wenger out”.
        Underneath this, in much smaller print was the fact that it was 85% of Sun readers.
        I ask the question now…how many Arsenal supporters DO NOT read the Sun…. could it be 85%?
        Finally have you ever read the comments from ex players regarding Wenger? They are the ones who really know and understand the man, or am I being too simplistic?

        1. bran911 says:

          All this to justify that Wenger is God??

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Just trying to get some FACTS together in order to have a proper debate.
            If you read what I said then you know that I do not think Wenger is God.
            But I do believe he is a human being and should be treated with the same respect as you would want to be.
            Is that too much to ask?

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken, Lots of points and you certainly spoke your mind, which I always respect. Firstly, fan polls have been carried out often and consistently show above 80 % wanting him out. Of that 80% many are sad and still admire his glory days, as do I too, but recognise his best days are far behind him – no Prem trophy since 2004 and no serious challenge since 2007-8. No other top club would still employ a man with that record. Secondly, most fans , being British(at Emirates anyway) are never inclined to demonstrate publicly. This willingness to stand out is not given to many and that is true in life generally. There is a tipping point in demos and when that is reached I firmly believe the vast majority would come forward and join in. Numerous fan phone ins call for his head and I agree the internet alone can be untypical. No other top six club has had what we have had with Wenger- Chelsea may now be about to start with Conte, after last night – and if you believe that, eg Liverpool, would have employed him this long with no top trophy then we shall never agree, likewise Spuds, Chelsea and the two Mancs as well. The Sun is widely read by football fans as is the Mirror and then the Mail and its 85 % is about right across our fan base, even though you do not accept being in a small minority. I did not give up my s/t 7 years ago but this is my fourth season without one and I stopped going only early last season, as I can no longer bear to give honestly earned money to these charletans who run our club. I am highly aware of how real attending fans want Wenger out. Ex- players do speak highly of him as a man but many, Keown, Wright, Merson, Smith, Adams, Groves think he should go,,. So does Mc LlINTOCK, all with sadness AND I listen to virtually all relevant TV/ RADIO Arsenal progs. Do you? SO NO FALSE FACTS KEN , YOURS ARE THE FALSE AND OUT OF TOUCH ONES. NOW TO THE CORRUPTION CHARGE: Kroenke is hated by all his USA franchised fans, and you should do your homework if you disagree. He buys clubs purely as investments but by doing so , he prevents decent owners who actually love the club and its history from owning them. He never buys players with his own money , as Abramovitch, also ruthless BUT a proper fan too, does. I don’t say he is illegal but moral corruption is STILL,corruption. The board have been totally spineless and sat on the prestige and perks there directorships give them., adding nothing of value to Arsenals world standing. Deliberate inaction is, AT LEAST MORALLY, CORRUPTION in my book, as Walcotts 12 year charade was too, for the same reason They are complicit in letting our club slide year after year, from the top strata. The AGM’s are just a sham and fans/ shareholders there are treated with contempt and many are blazing mad and deeply resent the haughty treatment given by this and the previous chairman. The club is run as a 19th century ” gentlemans” club, instead of as a forward thinking and professional modern business. David Dein was disgracefully thrown out on his ear, after all he did for Arsenal. Lastly , I do use forceful but not anf never foul language , because I am a fan on a fan site and speak like one. When I go to the proverbial vicars tea party – or am in the company of non sport minded folk – I mind my P’s and Q’s. Delicate snowflakes, which apparently include you KEN, are not often found among real fans who actually attend and love football. No, rather they are known for strong opinions and down to earth language. Or real honesty, to put it another way. Not PC! If that offends your ears,or eyes on here , you are perfectly free to ignore my posts, and you doing so will not keep me awake at night!

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Jon Fox.
            Lets take your last point first.
            FACT.I do attend Arsenal home matches and love the game.
            FACT.It’s not me who has given up his season ticket.
            Now lets look at some of your other flowery statements:
            FACT. My hard earned pension money is spent travelling down from Scotland because I support ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB through good and bad times and despite who the board, owner, manager or players represent our club.
            FACT. You are unable to name one poll that has shown 85% of fans want Wenger out. No surprise there. What you go on about instead is how the British people are very shy when it comes to protesting…Did you forget the poll tax march, the NHS protest march, the Brexit (in and out) marches to name just three? Sorry but you really do have a selective memory don’t you?
            As far as I know there have been at least four calls for demonstration at the Emirates to show how tens of thousands want Wenger out and everyone has been a damp squid.
            FACT. You have not been able to tell me how you have come to this figure of anti wenger fans, is it just a figment of your imagination?
            FACT. No other top six club has won as many trophies in the last four years as Arsenal under Wenger’s managment.
            You .say that no serious challenge has been made for the title since 2007-8.
            FACT.Since then (and for the record) 4th-3rd-4th-3rd-4th-4th-3rd-2nd-5th.
            FACT.Since the formation of the premier league we have averaged a finishing position of 3.6. That is better than Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Spuds.
            FACT. We have won the FA Cup and community shield three times in the last four years.
            FACT. We qualified for the champions league twenty years running, a feat only equalled by Real Madrid.
            FACT. Under this “morally corrupt board” we have been designated as the second richest club in the world. That means we don’t have to worry about oil prices or russian influence in the coming years.
            We have very little debt unlike Chelsea, Manure, Spuds and City. Not bad for a board that has done nothing for the club. In my opinion Dein was a great mistake by the board and I hope he comes back to the club he loves one day.
            FACT.Kronkie bought the club with his money, just as you decided not to spend your money supporting the club. That means he has control over everything and everybody. You say he doesn’t spend his own money, but it is his money that he allocates to whoever for whatever within the club.
            As far as listening to radio programmes etc what a silly remark. I asked you to look at Untold Arsenal in order to get a different perspective on fans views, but you are so intent on trying to belittle others who are not of your persuasion you ALWAYS miss the point.
            FACT.I will try very hard not to rise to your innane comments so that you can have a good nights sleep in the future, as it seems to annoy you when someone challenges your views.
            Just check your FACTS and don’t believe you are in the majority because you shout the loudest.
            I believe there are a growing number on this site who will watch what you say and how you say it with their heads in their hands LOOKING FOR ACTUAL FACTS NOT SCIENCE FICTION.

          2. neil says:

            Well said Ken…. ! Sadly there are many like Jon and the others who simply dont want a reapectful debate ….everyone has to agree with their opinions or the verbal abuse starts… braindead, snowwflake etc…
            PS. Jon.. a Snowflake is deemed to be someone who is a young adult in the 2010’s… i doubt Ken qualifies based on his username !! Another fact you have overlooked amongst the numerous Ken highlighted…

  12. arsymizz says:

    I think Wenger deserves one last chance if he buys a solid defensive midfielder and a CB next summer. Meaning stopping ‘Wenger Out’ chants and let him finish this last contract.

    Although it seems we have spent something this time, in reality selling other players and savings from their huge earnings has made things even. There must be some cash to strengthen our defense.

    The team looks better with new additions and it will probably take some more time for everybody to develop a better understanding. Finally, we seem to have a strong attacking force. With Özil staying, Wilshere being almost like another signing, Carzola set to return and hopefully Ramsey being consistent things are beginning to look positive.

    And despite any outcome of this season, Wenger deserves one last season. This is also because although we may dislike him for his performance in the recent years, but in 30 more years from now when we will be talking about Arsenal and its history, there will be a mention of Arsene Wenger and probably we don’t want to hear that the longest-serving manager in Premier League history was sacked. For all good time sake and memories, he should be given next year with this new team and that should be the final goodbye.

  13. Simon Williams says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble –

    When Wenger leaves every fans dreams will not come true. Us fans always over simplify the situation

    I fear and am nervous about the transition – but we have to plan for it as best we can. And it seems we doing that

    Very few other Managers would give a shit about the club after their rein

    Please respect Wenger for that

  14. eezzee says:

    So pleased all you tens of thousands of arsenal supporters turned up at the last Wenger out fiasco.

  15. Midkemma says:

    It is getting time now that AFC are getting people in who know about football.

    If Wenger can get us back into the top 4 then let him finish his contract.

    If Wenger knows it is the end then maybe he will have extra fight in him, his last chance at getting the UCL… and at least the last chance will be with some quality which he hasn’t had since TH14 and Co.

    That team that got to the UCL final wasn’t built in 1 year, the team that went unbeaten was built up over a few years of constant quality being added, not panic buys.

    AFC have been buying players of lesser quality, now if Wenger has final say on all transfers then Wenger had final say on this Jan window… Or he has not had final say all these years but influence which is different.

    Wenger has given us a lot of his life and I do think it would be respectful and right to allow him the chance to go out on a high next season if he proves it and gets us in top 4 after the Alexis drama/new signings/new hope.

  16. Innit says:

    I will be more than happy with any of Simeone, Allegri, Mick McCarthy, Ancellotti.
    But im not keeping our hopes high especially if we make the top 4 or even top 5 and win a trophy. Then Wenger will get an extension. In fact he may get an extension if we finish 6th and not win a trophy. Our board, specifically Kroenke only care about money.

    1. Odey says:

      Did u just say Mick McCarthy?

      1. Innit says:

        LOL ???
        Just wanted to see if anybody was paying attention. I Thought he’d be funnier than Moyes

  17. Tom says:

    It is quite amazing to see that people think after Wenger leaves, all the problems will be solved. There is not much of a plan apart from bringing in a new manager.

    I don’t think other managers can do as much as Wenger has done with the current team. Premier League today is simply money game, the more you invest the more you win. Arsenal has not spent a tiny fraction compared to other teams that are trying to establish in this era. Even with the recent signings, the net total (deducting all selling) spent is very little.

    Fans believe that this is Arsene’s desire to not bring in a player that can actually help stop all these criticism and gain personal glory. Arsene says against big money spending to support the cause of the board. It is funny to think why an employee would have to care about the finance of the club unless it is forced upon him.

    When a new manager comes, the board will be the same and their philosophy of not investing or limiting it to certain figures will be the same. In such club, all managers would fail and especially when your rivals are not made limited by those facts. Try convincing Mourinho or Pep to manage such club, and then demand them to be successful, then everybody would see clearly about Wenger’s capabilities.

    It is almost a privilege that people have someone to blame. When a new manager comes and fails, then there will not be even that.

    1. maxi pimpi says:

      “I don’t think other managers can do as much as Wenger has done with the current team”. There was a time I would have believed this statement, especially when we were building the emirates stadium. we were told the new stad will put us in a financial position to compete. DAT hasn’t been the case.
      I don’t think there is anything wrong with the team. A good manager will produce results with this team. SAF was not a crazy spender during his days at Man u. He used average players to achieve great things while also competing fiercely with the big spenders in England and Europe at large.
      Can you recall all the countless world class players we would have gotten cheap if Wenger didn’t hesitate?
      Enough of this mediocrity! The likes of simeone have been doing good with little resources. What about klopp when he was at Dortmund.
      Didn’t leceister win the league a few years back with a much cheaper team than ours??
      Wenger used to be a great manager in some ages past. Not anymore. He has lost it tactically and technically.
      Whether we like it or not, Wenger leaving arsenal fc is an eventuality, he has given a very long service to our club. Are you saying we will be doomed if he leaves.
      Yes all our problems might not go away but it is a step in the right direction. Ivan G knows this and that is why he is bringing in great hands to ease the transition.

  18. pires says:

    Konstantin and co are deluded if they think that we can compte with thé likes of shitty.
    you were saying ,when thé auba deal looked like stalling that it was wenger fault and now you’r crediting Sven fort his signing

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      How right you are sir.
      How right you are sir.
      Mick McCarthy? So you don’t want us to win anything, finish seventh and have Mick as manager?
      Well I guess everyone has their own personal dreams and goals in life!!!

    2. Midkemma says:

      AOB will pin anything they can on Wenger while praise anyone who isn’t Wenger.

      As a AFC supporter, I do believe that Wengers tactics are at times non existent and his subs are questionable, he has not been able to get players to step up from exciting prospect to start for a while.

      I do believe that Gazidis has failed us and the manager when it comes to transfers, look at how AFC still bid low for Auba and Wenger wasn’t part of this deal from reports, same pattern but no Wenger so maybe it wasn’t Wenger who was bidding low all these years but Gazidis?

      As soon as AOB recognises this then they bury their heads and claim Wenger has ultimate say on everything… Which is then disproven by Gazidis recent changes and how Wenger is losing power and articles like this one crop up about his reign coming to an end by Gazidis design.

      No human being on this planet is perfect so Wenger is no exception. He has his faults. He isn’t at fault for everything and I find it sad when so called fans lump all the blame on Wenger and act like we would be dominating the world if it wasn’t for Wenger.

      1. maxi pimpi says:

        I don’t blame Wenger for the low bid on Auba as apparently he was not part of the process. You don’t expect to pay anything a seller tells you to pay that is why there is something called a good bargain.
        The bottom line is we got Auba. Mission accomplished!! We had one of the best windows in a long while. What makes it more surprising is the fact that it was the winter window which Wenger hates as is evident from his interviews.
        Is it a coincidence that this happened in the first window that transfers were handled by our newly acquired competent hands? I think not. I think Ivan G has come out of his shell. There’s a silent revolution going on. Just brace up. More to come.

  19. Indy757 says:

    Deluded fans out asap. Wenger can stay for another year or 2. I can’t stand 95% of your fake fans. Do us a favor and go support the spurs. Change the name of the site to justspurs. Im embarrassed by the way some arsenal fans act. So many fake fake gunners. Just leave the club already. Other teams get great support from there can. Arsenal fans wanna bitch about everything all the time. How can one man control everything. When Sanchez didn’t sign because Sanchez didn’t want to be a gunner no matter the money or players we got. You blamed Wenger like he can sign for Sanchez. Wenger pulled out a awesome transfer window, since he’s so much in control. Where is the respect from you bums?

    1. Phil says:

      It is reported Sanchez changed his mind on signing a new contract(that apparently was agreed and a done deal) after the 10-2 humiliation by Bayern Munich last season.Can you seriously blame Sanchez for wanting out after that?Were you pleased with that result? Did you not feel Wenger was responsible for us going out of Europe AGAIN?If you were in Munich for that game and had to endure the ridicule from the Bayern fans as we left the ground you would surely have felt something different to what you are feeling and saying now. Add in Stoke Watford Bournemouth Swansea and NOTTINGHAM F***ING FOREST this season alone and tell me you are comfortable and content to have Wenger unaccountable for these results.
      If you are happy to accept mediocrity and mid table football go and watch Leyton Orient every week.This manager has been lorded over by the AKB’s for long enough and believe me you are in an ever growing minority whatever you may think.

      1. maxi pimpi says:

        Spot on Phil!! Spot on!

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      This negative post seems to have put the cat amongst the pigeon doesn’t it?
      We are seeing supporters coming on who are sick and tired of Wenger being blamed for everything and being credited for nothing.
      I think the classic must be how it was seen as a turning point in our transfer activities when we signed Aba and Myk…a sign of the power being taken from Wenger.
      But then, because we didn’t sign any defenders it’s all down to Wenger and the fact that he has no defensive know how?
      Black and white?
      Cech and Mistafi drop a massive clanger at Swansea…all Wengers fault.
      Black and white?
      A great big thank you to Konstantine for letting the cat out of the bag, there is another queue forming and its got 20000 supporters (just making that up of course)!

      1. jon fox says:

        Just will not accept , will you Ken, that the old days lovers who think they will return under Wenger, are rapidly diminishing! As Phil says, debacles like the games he mentioned, are one main reason. The man does not and will not even try to put the defence right and if you cannot see that makes him unfit to manage , then I despair of your “thinking”. You start with your prejudice against the vast majority who desperately want change and then castigate them for their rightful aim to see Arsenal great again. They, unlike you, know that will NEVER HAPPEN UNDER WENGER. Can you not see that NO other top club would tolerate such wilful negligence by Wenger?

  20. Indy757 says:

    Sanchez was part of the blame . He played to right. He didn’t track back every time he gave the ball away. I remember him looking team mates off to shoot right at the keep or make a dumb pass. He was part of that storyline. Fans need to start blaming the players more. The manager can only give you the instructions. The player must enact them on the pitch. I don’t like everything Wenger does, but the Wenger out shit is dumb.

    1. Phil says:

      Ok but remember it was Wenger who bought these players Wenger who coached?…these players and Wenger who continually picked these players

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        But Phil,
        Was it wenger who actually made the mistakes on the pitch.
        Did he coach them to do that?
        Surely the players must take at least some of the blame?
        Must have been awful at Munich, just watching was bad enough.
        Fantastic supporter that’s for sure.

        1. Phil says:

          Ken I accept that the players are responsible and there is no excuse for the debacle such as at Swansea last week.Of course Wenger didn’t coach them to make these mistakes but when it is week in week out you have no option other than to look at the root of who where and why and it alls comes down on Wenger.These are all very good players who have all played and play international football for their respective countries,so the odd mistake is part and parcel but it is more than this and the evidence is there in black and white for all to see.
          A world class CDM would make the difference without a doubt.I thought Zhaka had a fairly decent first season as a whole and this season would develop into a far far better player than he is showing now.Managers make mistakes with transfers and bearing in mind the restrictive budgets Wenger had to work with until recently he has not made too many bad buys.But when we were all crying out for a CDM his scouts and coaching team have allowed Zhaka to be exactly what we don’t need.
          I’m happy to be pulled up when others view thing differently and do not ever fail to accept an alternative view to mine.It would all be boring if we all agreed on everything like we all seemed to in 2003-2004 season but what we wouldn’t give to have a team like that at the moment

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Thanks for this reply and I respect your views and comments.
            I do believe that we have needed a CDM for a long time and it is one of the mistakes that wenger has made in not solving this problem.
            I also think he can be very obstinate and needs to be more open minded to changes.
            Your point about our players being experienced internationals however, makes it even more difficult for me to accept that Wenger is at fault.
            You mention the 2003/2004 season under Wenger. Did we see players making these mistakes then? The games against Swansea, Forest and Bournemouth were totally unacceptable and yet, after each of those games, we produced a complete team performance.
            Same players, same manager different approach by the players because they came under such scrutiny from everyone.
            I dream of another season like 2003-2004 and I can’t honestly see anyone in the present side getting into that team.
            I don’t think we will ever see the likes of them again in one team…maybe it has just spoilt us for the future? Nice to have a debate with someone who you can respect with different views, but that’s what makes football and following our great club so satisfying don’t you agree.
            I just want Arsenal to be successful…don’t care who owns the club, who’s on the board, who the players are, likewise the manager..just play it the Arsenal way!!

          2. Phil says:

            I totally agree Ken and appreciate your sentiments and views

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken , Did he even coach the defence at all? There is precious little evidence. And no! No manager makes mistakes on the pitch, for the simple reason they are not playing, so that is a foolish thought. But he keeps on picking players who keep on making the same mistakes, who don’t mark properly, who fail to track back and who do not care or try enough. Those are mistakes HE alone, as the manager, makes. After this I am giving up debating with you as it is like banging my head against a brick wall. I would ask you the same favour since we will never agree on Wenger Suggestion: If you don’t like my many posts, then don’t read them. You are free to ignore them and I hope you do, since I do not intend to waste words on, effectively, deaf ears.

          1. Phil says:

            Jon-you could have written War and Peace volumes 2&3 in less words than you have posted today.Total respect from me

  21. MD Gooner says:

    First visit to the site…from the other side of the pond; MD, USA to be exact. What’s up with the ‘Wenger Out’ Agenda?? Why don’t the fans support the team and manager? Through thick and thin! The ‘division’ is what allows journalists to write all this crap about the club and TV pundits to talk all that smack. They know fans will take what they say/write and run with it. I suggest start thinking logically and you’ll see that Wenger is no worse than any of the other managers who don’t BUY THE LEAGUE. City, Chelsea and the Manchester clubs have spent more than anyone else; it’s logical they should be in the top 4. Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool are doing well, all things considered. Stay positive Gooners, and get behind the team.

  22. David Rusa says:

    I often get amused by the way some of us feel so passionately about Arsenal’s glorious years after Wenger’s departure. My only point of concern is that all this is a mirage. In fact after Wenger Arsenal is likely to deteriorate unless we use due diligence in selecting the right manager. Several names have been floated around like Diego Simeon, Allegro, Howe and others but have we asked ourselves how many trophies have these people won in a consistent manner?
    Allegri’s case might be a unique one because his league has not been competitive for a long time. Of all the names I have heard about it is only Carlo Ancelloti who would excite me. Why? Because he has a record which speaks for itself. He has won enough trophies to deserve making us feel optimistic. Instead of concentrating on Wenger’s departure we should be debating on who would be his best replacement. It is the replacement that is the bigger issue rather than Wenger leaving the Club. Those who claim they will be the happiest people might not enjoy the happiness for long because the anticipated trophies may not come easy. I wish our team could win all the trophies but as they say if wishes were horses beggars would ride. I have always quoted the Liverpool example. If changing managers would ensure success then Liverpool would have won several trophies but where are they? Obviously I am realistic enough to know that Wenger’s time is almost up but I will not be jubilant about it because I see no cause for that. Will I mourn? No because I know managers come and go. I will hope our new manager will do better than Wenger.

  23. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    I have followed the Arsenal for 56 years, not Arsene FC. Arsene Wenger was one of the great managers who managed the Arsenal, as were George Graham, Don Howe and Bertie Mee and before my time the great Herbert Chapman.
    The Arsenal existed prior to Arsene Wenger and will exist long after he’s gone.

    1. ManMulo says:

      Wenger leaving is both scary but even more so its exciting, anything new always is i guess, players and fans alike will be excited, I really like Maurizio Sarri from Napoli and Eusebio Di Francesco of Roma, both their teams play very exciting football and Pep said in the champions league that Napoli was the best team he has ever faced, i wish Arsenal would consider these two managers.

  24. Grandad says:

    Well said Ozzie.As someone who is about the same age as Wenger I openly admit that my mind and body do not function as efficiently as they used to.The same applies to AW who has difficulty fastening the zip on his coat.Regardless of how you feel about AW the transfer window has been a good one for the club and the recruitment of Mislintat may prove to be our most important signing for many years.The reason AW has not done the decent thing and retired stems from his fear of what lies ahead.He does not lead a conventional life.No Wife ,children and grand children for him to enjoy.He is scared of the future and sadly has put himself before the Club he says he loves.

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