Wenger’s use of Arsenal star bizarrely backed by Mourinho

I am not trying to say that Jose Mourinho is wrong in what he has said about Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, although I am not entirely sure that I agree with him. It is just that I do not expect to hear the Portuguese say anything that backs up the Arsenal boss.

Mourinho has never made his animosity for the Frenchman a secret and has usually taken each and every opportunity to have a pop at his rival. The feeling is mutual as well, so Wenger may well be wondering just what is behind the Man United manager’s comments on the decision to leave the Chilean on the subs bench for the big Premier League away game at Chelsea last weekend.

A lot of Arsenal fans and people in the football world questioned Wenger about his decision not to put Alexis on from the start at Stamford Bridge and there have been suggestions that it was not entirely a tactical move but one based on Sanchez wanting to leave the Gunners during the summer transfer window.

This idea grew when Wenger played the striker for the whole of the Carabao Cup game against Doncaster, but Metro have reported that Mourinho has backed Wenger and said that it would not be a good idea to play a player who is not quite match ready even if they are as important to a team as Sanchez is to Arsenal and what caused Mourinho to comment on the issue was being asked about his own use of Luke Shaw

He said, ‘You have other players in the Premier League who are not starting matches and their managers just say they’re not in the best conditions.

‘We’re speaking about some of the best players in the league. I heard last week the Chelsea manager [Antono Conte] saying that. The Arsenal manager [Arsene Wenger] said that.

‘The players are not in their ideas, they’re not in the best form after important injuries. Luke had surgery and a long time without playing. I cannot expect him to be back and strong, strong, strong in his work.’

Normally I would not believe a word that Mourinho said about Arsenal or our manager, so should we ignore him on this issue or is he right about leaving Alexis out?



  1. GB says:

    Since when have we been bothered about what Mour says!!

  2. Durand says:

    Why should we care what Jose says, he’s not managing Arsenal. I only care what he says if he’s talking about trying to get Ozil or any of our players.

    Otherwise, wait until he’s acting saucy and petulant, its good for a laugh usually

  3. Yossarian says:

    Because Jose Mourinho wants the best for Arsenal, just like all the fans and managers of other clubs that agree with everything Wenger’s been doing at the Emirates in recent years (Sarcasm overload!)

  4. eric says:

    its hightime u started getting bothered

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