Were all the rumours about the Ozil/Emery rift made up by the media?

One of the most common sayings amongst mainstream media article writers (when talking about any Arsenal gossip) is that there is “no smoke without fire”, and they have used that saying many many times when talking about the so-called arguments between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery this season.

But according to Ozil himself, there is no problem and there never has been. The German said: “We have no problems at all, really — as has been the case with my previous coaches as well. We have a professional relationship and we get on well.

“I came to Arsenal to win trophies. I have been here for six years now and I have won some titles and some trophies along the way. But as a player you are always hungry. When a new season comes around you always have that goal again to play for trophies, to win as much as you can.

“Sometimes you are able to do it, sometimes not. You just have to keep going regardless of that and Arsenal is one of the best clubs in the world and I am very happy to be here.”

Ozil also praised the progress that Emery has made in his first season, and believes that he can carry on this progress, like Jurgen Klopp has done at Liverpool, and get Arsenal playing again at the very top in time. Ozil said: “I think he is doing really good work. When you look at the team, you can see that we have developed.

“For a new coach, in a new country and at a new club where it’s perhaps a different culture than you are used to, you have to let those things develop. But he is definitely in a good way.

“He brings us forward and I hope he will continue to get better in the coming years. It’s like with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool — over time he has been able to make them successful gradually — and hopefully Unai Emery can do the same.”

The one thing he wants Emery to do above everything is to get us back into the Elite competition in Europe. “Champions League football is very important when you look at the potential in this team. We need to be playing Champions League football.

“The Europa League is another competition and it’s nice to play in but we want to test ourselves against the best and to do that we need to be playing in the Champions League.

“I played many years in the Champions League but not the last two seasons. As a player, you want to test yourself against the best teams and the best players in the world. As a team we need to give it our all and try to keep our focus to reach that aim.”

So what do you make of that? It doesn’t sound like he has any problems with our new coach, and he must be quite happy only playing half the games if that is what Emery wants!

So was there lots of smoke, but no fire?



  1. Yes, there was no problem between them and this has been brought up before. The media were able to trigger the naive fans’ emotion easily, but the same gullible fans became quiet after Emery brought Arsenal to the next EL phase and assigned Ozil as a starter more often

    I’m worried the Emery Out Brigade would return if Emery loses again though. Both Emery/ Ozil are professionals and I’m sure they realized that they have to work with what they have currently

    1. Yeah I agree- let’s pay up his £350k a week contract (total £36.2m) and keep Elneney Mustafi Iwobi Xhaka and all the other dross shall we? With EL football we should have a £3.8m transfer kitty to take on the others fighting for league positions 10-7 because we certainly won’t be challenging for a top 6 spot.
      But that’s all Ozils fault I suppose is it?

      1. Stop making the excuse of poor players to protect Ozil. Are Torreira, Laca, and Auba also rubbish? Because Ozil has got worse since they’ve arrived. Ozil is just as much a waste of space as the other deadwood! Yes Ozil is better than the likes of Elneny, etc, but then you have to take into account his wages. Ozils output is a million miles away from what should be expected for that kind of wage. Apart from recycling the ball well, he doesn’t do anything else anymore!

        He’s the biggest fraud in the EPL. Thank you so much Wenger and Gazidis!

        1. But you’re happy having iwobi in the team ,so
          I can’t take your comments seriously .

          1. TMJW-How is having a small number of good players considered over a large number of average (at best) any sort of argument to keep bashing.Everone seems to always bring up his wages.We have had one even say that as Iwobi is on £70k (which I cannot believe for a single second) he would rather have SEVEN of him than Ozil.Its not about the wages.Its about what a player brings to the TEAM.And the TEAM are far more productive WITH Mesut Ozil than without him.
            What does (as an example) Mykitarian bring to the team!His form is awful and was it any coincidence that Valencia seemed to go forward more in the second half when Ozil was replaced that when he was on the pitch?
            By his own standards Ozil has disappointed AGAIN this season.But he still remains the best FOOTBALLER at this Club.A player that should have players next to him that gets the best from him.A defence that can DEFEND.A midfield that can get the ball to him in the right areas.
            Did you notice how wide he had to go in the first half to find space?Thats because Valencia defended from the back AND midfield.And they were still able to look dangerous at times.
            I will never ever accept Ozil is a bad player.Playing with bad players sometimes brings other better players down a level.That is what Ozil has had these last two seasons.Iwobi in for Cazorla.Sort of says it all.
            And for all these mindless idiots that believe giving Iwobi a run of games as a CAM will turn him into the next Johan Cryuff let me tell you something.It won’t.He is not even trusted by his own country to play there and look how desperate they are as a football nation.Though I do admit I am still waiting for the NIGERIAN DREAM TEAM to arrive.

          2. When did I ever say that? You clearly couldn’t counter what I said so you lie. Says a lot!

            1. I “LIE”?
              The “BIGGEST FRAUD IN THE EPL”.
              That’s the best you can come up with is it PAL?
              Read what you wrote and what I answered.
              Pathetic response from someone who nobody takes seriously anyway.

        2. ” Ozil is just as much a waste of space as the other deadwood!” Is there anyone else that feels like banging their head against the wall when they read such painfully, painfully ignorant and straight-up incorrect comments like this? How the hell can you call a guy with the most assists and chances created over the past 5 seasons in the whole of Europe “deadwood”? You clearly don’t like him on a personal level for whatever reason, and that’s obviously effecting your judgement.

          Like, why are supposed Arsenal “fans” (and I use that term extremely loosely) making comments like this that you would usually only ever hear from a rival fan? It’s absolutely disgraceful and “fans” such as yourself make me ashamed to be an Arsenal supporter.

          Can you even imagine any other fan calling one of their best players “the biggest fraud in the EPL”? What a total embarrassment of a “fan” you are.

          1. Bravo Jezzy!
            Theres lot of kids on this website who think player should always play by his FIFA2019 rating, like in FIFA which they played more then watch or play real football.
            I am afraid that if Ozil is Welsh (like someone else) or Londoner then he will be much more praised among those “fans”.

      2. Why has it always been Ozil vs Iwobi? Agree both are trash and both need to go (in reality both will not go) as they are under performing at the moment and neither seem motivated on the pitch, it should have been Ozil vs Mikhi debate. Getting Mikhi from M.Utd was wrong in the first case! Agree Elneny, Mustafi and Xhaka are equally poor plus an aging Monreal, Lich and Kos, but how can one off load 10-12 players when no one wants them? Add to the injuries of Holding, Ramsey, Welbeck, Emery has done a tremendous job! Some of his tactics may not have worked, but looking at the squad of Chelsea, we seem better off with Emery.

  2. What worries me is the supposed Barca interest in Lacazette. If we don’t make the CL and the interest is real then it’d be hard to keep hold of him.

    It sounds like Ozil is going nowhere even if we did want to sell, I read what he said the other day and he mentioned having two seasons left three times.

    1. If it’s real, they could give us Dembele in exchange or Malcolm plus extra money

      Ozil and Sanchez know their clubs would have to pay them a lot on the contract termination. They might also realized that there is no real interest from the other top clubs currently, due to their poor forms

    1. Ozil blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????. Sue even if Bournemouth beats spurs, I don’t know if we will benefit from it.

      1. I know Pat, can’t bring myself to comment on it!

        Yes well we haven’t before, have we? But hey it’s always nice seeing the spuds lose – bring a smile to our faces anyway ?

        1. Lol????❤️ Sue I don’t know how it has been possible for me to have to lovers, ????? pat is going to shot me one of these days. ?????

          1. What a start to the footballing weekend, Pat… 2 red cards & a Nathan Ake goal ? Thank you Bournemouth!!!
            Well at least you’re smiling, Pat ??

  3. I don’t think there is a rift, Ozil is just is not an Emery type of player and for the most important position on the pitch given the need of our striker to get service, that’s a problem.

  4. This website really does have the worst group of Arsenal fans on the entire internet lol. Literally every single article on here i can only make about half way down before closing it after reading comment after comment of supposed “fans” totally belittling and insulting every single aspect of this club.

    Honestly, you’d think this was a Spurs forum if it wasn’t for the colour and name.

    1. Or of course you could look at it as differing views from supporters why see and want things differently.And you could also say that “supporters” like yourself who do not respect these differing views don’t really hold you in as higher esteem as you do yourself.
      And ANYONE who has even been on a Spurs forum as YOU must obviously have would be better of on the dark side of North London.You sort of deserve each other PAL

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