Were Arsenal fans impressed by Fabio Vieira’s cameo against Man United?

Finally after so long we were able to see a bit of Vieira by Nonny

After a disappointing outing at Manchester and having a few days to cool my head, I decided to look at the positives of our 3:1 defeat and one of the positives was finally seeing Fabio Vieira play.

Vieira was brought on in the 74th minute as Arteta introduced more offensive players in Smith-Rowe and Nketiah in search of an equaliser.

Despite the frustrating result, it was a good cameo by the 22-year-old who arrived at Arsenal on a €35m fee this summer.

Perhaps the biggest standout moment is his fantastic through ball for Martinelli late in the game. Unfortunately, McTominay got to the ball first and cleared it out for a corner.

Vieira also made a decent attempt from outside the box but unfortunately it went over the bar.

I was very pleased to watch him as I am not Ødegaard’s biggest fan, for the simple fact he needs to really learn how to be more decisive in the final third, him being indecisive and mostly looking all flashy is one aspect of his game I really want him to improve and improve quickly.

Anyway, the Portuguese showed that he’s comfortable with the ball and is capable of adding creativity to Arsenal’s game.

The captain was too hesitant to shoot on a number of occasions and lost the ball on many occasions

Now this is not a criticism to Ødegaard but from the little cameo Viera made, we have a player who can compete with Ode and give us slightly something different and he is not shy from shooting.

What do you guys think about Fabio Viera’s little cameo at Manchester?

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  1. His playing style seems very similar to Odegaard’s. I don’t expect much from a small CAM

    I have seen many debuts. To me, only the young Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut for Man United was unique, special and impressive, because the youngster dribbled past many players easily at that time

    1. No he didnt, he just did a million stepovers and lost the ball a few times.

      Took him a little while to adjust before he was a level above.

      1. It was effective when his opponents weren’t familiar with his tricks yet. After a few matches, they recognized his patterns and forced him to improve

    2. A few need a start and a few need a rest. But winning your first group match is massive. This competition is our best chance of silverware and best chance of UCL qualification. Better to rest players in match 5 and 6 once you have qualified.

    3. You’re pretending the ”meh” impression on him to say i said it to you later if he makes mistakes or gets injured and doesn’t play a lot.

      Look, a players’ ability is not measured by just his first appearance being subbed in the 74th minute. And KDB at chelsea is a prime example.

      IMO vieira will be a top player, going into the future, if not now. He’s all the requirements to do the job KDB does for man city. He shoots from distance, finds the right pass, insane crosses and many more.

      He doesn’t have to be a Young Ronaldo who’s to prove himself to impress you. Doing the job and not being injury prone is more than enough for this team.

      I hope he’ll settle in north london just fine. COYG

  2. I was also impressed with the little I saw of Vieira. Showed flashes of the good football player
    But let’s see more of him.

  3. Fabio viera’s stats shows be is not all about flashy plays but has end products as his goals and assists shows, he can play together with odegaard to add more creativity if the opponent parks the bus

  4. I think playing him tomorrow would be a good shout. Rest Odegaard, Jesus, Saka, and Martinelli, continue with Xhaka and Lokonga in midfield to allow Sambi to keep building, ease Partey back in. Play Tierney and Tomiyasu from the start and play Saliba and Gabby at CB.

    Ramsdale, Tomy, Gabby, Saliba, Tierney, Xhaka, Lokonga, Vieira, ESR, Nkethia, Marquinos

    With the first team boys on the bench

    For me the loss against united was expected tbh. The last 2 games we have struggled and looked like we could be countered. We’ve sacrificed functionality for style that some fans were calling for all last season “oh we play boring football” who gives a shit if you come away with 3 points.

    There has to be a balance between the both and to go to United and dominate and not come away with at least a point had shades of Wenger about it, not something I want to see. Last season we were able to win ugly, I think sacrificing that will cost us points

  5. Unfortunately, by the time Vieira got on the field, I was already a bag of nerves and still coming to terms with what was happening. I had very little left in the way being able to acknowledge or concentrate uniquely on Vieira’s actual playing style and impact or, how to forecast that for the future! 😅. Maybe when I’m in a less frenetic state I might be able to evaluate him.

    Arsenal v Man U……….does nothing for your nervous system lol🤪😜🥃🍺

  6. Fabio is a very good player and I’m sure he will be an asset for us. He’s new to the PL so please be patient with him 🔴⚪️

  7. …impressive. Especially that pass.
    Let’s see more of him.
    For me, l tick him to be a competition for Odegard. Still can work together.

  8. He looked promising. Up aginst it from the start, coming on when the team had lost shape. Not afraid to try a variety of tricks as well. if only he didnt remind me so much of that horrible Bruno Fernandez. Might be the beard. I see him as
    one for the future, especially when Xhaka has been moved on.

  9. Yes he impressed me, first he’s got eyes for great passes, and then he’s not scared to take a shot unlike most of our players always passing away our chances. Sometimes in football you have to take shots. I hope to see more of him

  10. Vieira could turn out to be an outstanding attacking midfielder.My concern is that Arteta will use him as an inverted right winger which would be the easy way out for the Manager who will know doubt rest Saka tomorrow.For what it’s worth, I would play the following eleven in a 4-2-3-1 system.Ramsdale, Tomi, White, Holding(capt) Tierney,Sambi, Xhaka, Vieira, Marquinhos, Nketiah, ESR. (If fit).

  11. Odegaard seriously needs to be more decisive in the box, and work on his shooting.

    Viera was impressive in the few minutes he played, hope to see more of him in the next match.

  12. I think from the little minutes given to Vieira, the boy was brilliant. He tried to shoot at goal three times and it was brilliant, the boy is good.

  13. Why does xhaka never gets credit he deserves. I would like to know how many injury he has amassed since coming to Arsenal. Man is made is steel. He never misses games for us because he’s rarely injured and when he does it’s usually 1-3 weeks or less. What I saw from Fabio Vieira in a short period is a decisive player. Very precise at what he wants to do. I hope we will see more of that. Holding needs to start, rest Gabriel, white, zinchenko and odegaard. Play tierny, tomiyasu, lokonga,xhaka. I would rest ramsdale too, he’s 1 knock from an injury. Start maquinhos and rest Saka. This would have been perfect opportunity for nelson.

    My starting 11 would be


    Tomiyasu. saliba. holding
    Cedric. lokonga. xhaka. tierny
    Vieira. Eddy maquinhos

  14. Its too early to comment about Vieira given the short time he has played. However, from what we have seen, he seems to be assured on the ball and not afraid to shoot. Also he has a great eye for a pass and I hope MA starts him in tonights match.

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