Were Arsenal stars WRONG to be so happy after Chelsea win?

This is not the first time that Arsenal on the whole or individual Arsenal players in particular have come in for criticism for what is deemed by some to be over celebrating a win that does not actually give us a trophy. It happened again this week.

Feelings were clearly running high after the Gunners ended a very long wait for a Premier League win over Chelsea, but adding to that was the fact it was one of the best performances from the team in years and it was not just a few players or one part of the team that did well but a great5 showing from front to back.

So Mesut Ozil posted a selfie of himself and the three big summer signings of Granit Xhaka, Lucas Perez and Shkodran Mustafi looking delighted in the Arsenal dressing room after the match. According to the TV pundits, though, he should not have done it and that selfie could well come back to hurt Arsenal as our opponents use it to drive them on when they play us.

Theo Walcott was also criticised for his positive and confident post match comments by the former Gunner Ian Wright, as reported by Evening Standard. Our old striker thinks it is too soon for Theo to be talking like that when the season has barely got going.

He said, “You listen to Theo [Walcott] talking about the experience and how this squad is and what they’re doing, I think this spurs people on.

“You don’t need to do that now.”

Rio Ferdinand said, “When I’ve won something I’ll do that. Unless you’re winning and you’re a team that’s been winning, I think that gives everyone else the amunition. I’d put that up as a picture in the dressing room next time I play Arsenal.

“The Chelsea players when they go back to Stamford Bridge will be saying ‘remember that time they took selfies, by the way’.”

I can see what they mean but is this not a bit too critical? It was a massive game that went just about perfectly and some celebrating is surely allowed. It is not as if we do not see selfies taken all the time from lots of footballers and everyone else in the world is it?

Do you think the Arsenal players got it wrong?


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  1. dani says:

    W.T. F….. “spurs teams on” ha ha ha
    Are you serious….???

    No is the answer.. the players weren’t wrong to be so happy after the Chelsea game..

    COYG ❤

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      LOL…This is quite silly. When other teams celebrate after their victories (Especially over Arsenal), it’s okay. But when Arsenal celebrates, it’s too much?
      As long as the victory doesn’t affect the next performance, it’s okay by me.

  2. mohawk says:

    Nothing wrong with enjoying the win but the open/public celebration should last only minutes. Every new week offers a new game with new challenges and the victory over Chelsea will then mean nothing. So its on to the next challenge.

    The criticism goes back to the social media celebration upon beating Leicester for the 2nd time last season. And we all know that the one victory meant little in context of a title challenge. Leicester had the celebration that really counts.

  3. paul35mm says:

    The idea that some comment made by a player will have an effect on future games is stupid. That’s the sort of dreck pundits and TV commentators dredge up to make themselves look like that have insights into the complex workings of English football. The truth is really very simple.

    Every team is trying to win every game; if they aren’t, that’s called match-fixing and it’s a crime. If Mesut Ozil posting a selfie is what it takes to make a professional footballer play to his full potential, then that player doesn’t deserve to be on the pitch.

    Robert Huth said Arsenal’s selfies and talk after beating them, twice, spurred the Foxes to the title. Rubbish. one thing won Leicester the title. They were awarded more penalties than any other side (13). They were awarded 5 more than the second-most gifted team (Manchester City) and ten times more penalties than Arsenal. If Leicester were awarded the league average number of penalties (4), they would probably have finished third based on the loss of points related to their penalties (11) and goal differential. Of course not being awarded those penlaties would also have affected their play in other games they went on to win, so the impact could have been far greater..

    It’s not that simple of course. Leicester also got brilliant goalkeeping, solid defense from Huth and Morgan, an active, effective midfield pairing in Drinkwater and Kante, and two potent goal scorers in Vardy (who scored 19 from open play and 5 from penalties) and Mahrez, (who scored 17 from open play and 4 from penalties)

    Without the exceleltn play and a little help from their official friends, Leicester would not have won. The idea that Arsenal players enjoying well-deserved wins had anything to do with Leicester’s title win is beyond silly. If it did, then the players who needed that motiviation must have not playing their hardest before those selfies were posted, right?

    1. paulista5 says:

      dont see anyythin wrong.its a derby and having been robbed in the previous league matches with wrong reds.why not savour the moment.we only got 2days to celebrate this victory then up comes Basel.

  4. weedz says:

    I remember Rio celebrating whole heartedly when winning through to the next round of a cup competition.

    Another silly comment from another silly pundent.

  5. kamn288 says:

    Yes but on this occasion. Arsenal never had the luxury of keeping 11 men on the field. Since 2014 season the club got red-carded 4 times in 6 fixtures albeit 2 in 1 match. Some of thier players got under the radar for fouls they committed and Jose was there to secure the players.

  6. SUNNY13 says:

    Let people say what ever they want to. Slefie and celebration will have no impact on the pitch. if we perform they way we did, we will win the league, i
    We have beaten Chelsea after long time and that too very convincingly, there is nothing wrong in celebration

  7. deejay1952 says:

    Didn’t get that from the previous 4 wins. This is the chavs, this is different. They are (after yernited?) the most hated club in football. We have put up with enough from their (new-age) fans after Roman realized the only way the chavs would win anything was by buying trophies. [ over FIFTY years sine they last won the title before Abramovich.} It’s good to see the chavs get stuffed. After all the birds fly upside down over stamford bridge because there’s nothing worth shi**ing on… Anyone think vardy is now regretting not sitting on the bench at Arsenal rather than embarrassing himself on the pitch with Leicester?

  8. Namosky says:

    “Why always Us”, im beginning to think. If we sign an expensive player, they say we overpaid. If we don’t sign, we’re penny-pinching. We beat a team 4.1 (at their Backyard) and they claim it because they were a man down. Liverpool beat same team. 5.1 at anfield and it’s called a masterclass. There’s nothing we do that the press and pundits seem to appreciate.

    We have celebrated our win over Chelshit, who cares what they’re saying? Let’s keep our focus, win the next game, keep playing well, win this title and shut them all up, for good!

  9. Break-on-through says:

    That’s a load of rubbish. I used to listen to Rio after matches talking about how his team has this that and the other all going for it, they could pull up some old footage and make a plank out of him. I know that’s what Wrighty said but I reckon the two of them could be made to look a couple of hypocrites. As for the selfies, that wouldn’t be my thing either but this is the world we live in now. The fans eat this stuff up, it lets their fans be involved at their most joyous moments, so how can that be a bad thing. People switch it into something it’s not, all they are doing is celebrating, are you gonna tell me other teams don’t celebrate wins & performances, of course they do. I think if Rio came up in this era he’d be the lead type with this stuff, remember his fashion sense, that’s what this is, it’s today’s thing that the trendy people are very good at doing.

  10. ken2 says:

    it shouldn’t even be an issue, and for all intents and purposes; its a deserved reaction to a great football tonic. there was a poll for wenger; that questions his position and for taking arsenal forward, it has been 20 years, so what’s the point in questioning it now…! it was 80/20 not in favour, now the daily mail have it have it at 50/50 which I checked after the Chelsea game. inappropriate and irrelevant statistics that do more harm then good for arsenal before the game trying to make a mockery of our club. the media selfishly revise for there own gain. so if you want to blame arsenal players being over zealous, then blame the media, there the ones that set the tone. look at the pundits and there respective former teams, it so happens that the worst ‘according to those that think punditry is an art’ happen to have a team that they used to play for, improving every year. Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and the rest of the united troupe all seem to put the nail in the coffin a little bit deeper to highlight the frailty’s of arsenal but couldn’t and can not explain with money and managers at there disposal why united have come up short missing champions league football for three years running or is it four…? I think we have beat Chelsea 4 times since 2010 with a charity shield some where in the arsenal photo album. let them talk, and then talk some more. if we lost that game do you think the media would say: its just the beginning of the season, no…! the media would slaughter us, but they cant do that now, especially with the next game being played on there terms.

  11. sanmi.marvellous says:

    The celebration was not even enough !!!

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