Were Arsenal too complacent against Leeds after Man United win?

But did the Gunners then feel that beating Leeds would be a formality and take their feet off the gas? It looked like it as we were battered by Bielsa’s physical side in the first half before getting themselves in gear to nick a 1-0 win in the second.

Mikel Arteta explained after the game why he thought his team was a bit sluggish in the first half. He was asked if he was surprised at the performance in the first 45 minutes. “To be fair, it didn’t [surprise me]” the Boss told Arsenal.com. “I think it was a big release for them when they won against Man United and they took a little bit of that pressure off. And then your body and your mind tries to relax a little bit for one or two days. Now, we are not in a position to relax because we are not good enough to relax. If we don’t play at that level, we are not good enough.”

So Arteta has admitted that he expected them to take some time getting into the game, so now he must find a way to keep them motivated right from the start of the game. “How? It’s a good question.” he continued. “And every three days it’s an even better question. That’s the job, that’s what I have to find out with these players.

“But I have to recognise, I played those type of games and in recent months we played against teams that go man-to-man and it’s very uncomfortable. For the players, they’re not used to it and it becomes a battle, it becomes a transition game. When you win the ball, you attack. When you lose the ball, it’s a counter-attack. I think they had to experience that as well.”

So it seems that Arteta has not managed to change Arsenal’s complacency problems completely yet, and there will still be a lot of work to do….


  1. “So it seems that Arteta has not managed to change Arsenal’s complacency problems completely yet, and there will still be a lot of work to do….”

    How can anyone who saw us dominate the second half when we could have scored 3 goals say Arteta is not managing our complacency problem? He managed the perfect response from a tired and somewhat makeshift team.

    Just because he is managing and improving our attitude and intensity doesn’t mean we will win every game and dominate every game.

    Our turnaround is a process that will take years but Arteta is managing it and depending on our ability to sell and sign players next summer we might well be able to compete for a 4th place finish next season and that would be a step in the right direction.

    And also, although expecting a EL cup is not realistic, it is hard to deny that if the draws are favorable and injuries don’t kill us off, we could, by the end of the season beat any team still in the EL in a one of game. It is possible even if it is a long shot.

  2. I don’t think the players were complacent

    I believe some of them wanted to avoid injuries and keep their energy for the Crystal Palace game

    They must be surprised as well, because Leeds pressed like an EPL team

    1. Exactly!!! They didn’t pump enough energy into the game in the first half, but they came on in the second half and showed them what they can do, the way leeds played yesterday, im sure they’ll stay in the EPL if they can make it to the top tier next season.

  3. Gotanidea & Truth, you both should keep lying to yourselves.
    This team needs a solid rocking, they’re used to being complacent. For the past four seasons it’s what it’s been like.
    I’m not gonna make any excuses, even Arteta didn’t make any excuses for it.
    ““To be fair, it didn’t [surprise me]” the Boss told Arsenal.com . “I think it was a big release for them when they won against Man United and they took a little bit of that pressure off.”

    This is something that’s been going on for years now.
    It’s why Arteta is trying so hard to change it and make sure it doesn’t continue.
    After just one win, they went there and played as though Leeds FC would be walkovers because they’re a championship side.
    Arteta sees everything plain and he says it plain, I’m just hoping the board sticks to their promise and gives him the support he needs.
    Let’s not kid ourselves, these guys can perform maybe for a while but in the end they always go back to relaxing, especially now there are old players among.
    When Pep got to City, Pep didn’t inherit very bad players, but he moved them on because he saw they couldn’t do what he wanted. He was ruthless.
    I’m with Arteta on giving everyone a clean slate, but after this season sands, if there are players who still can’t do what he wants consistently. I say let’s move on from them.
    I’m with Arteta in every way but that doesn’t mean I’ll deny some truths about this squad.
    Arteta is trying his all, but this team easily gets complacent too much, THAT’S THE ONLY REASON ARTETA WAS PISSED AF THE FIRST HALF

    1. Eddie, you can remain as negative as you want to be but I will not deny a strong second half that can not be called complacent.

      We all see what we want and I see a very positive impact from Arteta and I have seen us play better (in spells) in all three games he has been in charge than we did under Emery.

      Now if you were under the impression that Arteta would turn this team around and get them to play like City for 90 minutes every game, that’s on you. Turning us into real contenders will take years.

      But for now, on the evidence of what I have seen, these players are willing to play for this manager. Just don’t expect miracles.

    2. Part of it may have been complacency but in some cases it appeared that they were reverting to their previous selves. I am not certain that these players can play as they did in the second half game after game.
      Also, they won’t always get away with it. Leeds should have scored in the first half. And how did Xhaka managed to avoid a card??

  4. Vs man utd we have torerra bosses the midfield and distribute the ball forward but vs Leeds we have Guendouzi which keep running like headless chicken, So what u expect…

    1. It was Guendozi who changed the reflection of game in second half. He was crap in first half but did very well in second to drive team forward, close down players n provide movement in middle not to mention the interceptions he made. Everyone forgets he is 19 so some times can be inconsistent, the same people who are slagging him where the ones who wanted Torreria gone in January. Guendozi n Martenlli are talented assists in our hand….

    2. I can’t agree with you at all, To single Gouendouzi out for last night is rediculous. Look at the game and if you didn’t see he was one of our best players, you are not being fair to one of our most talented youngsters. I am ashamed the way some of our fans pick on our young talent, then moan because they dont come through because they have been unfairly crucified.

      1. Thank you Reggie.
        Too many fans picking on Gouendouzi when he has been one of our best young players. I really don’t get why some people have such a dislike for such a promising player.

        1. DB, i think it is years since we had such a promising young player with real talent. If people cant see for a 19 year old how good he is then they never will. The lad is a massive massive talent and i hioe he is an Arsenal great in the making.

  5. Not at all, they actually played a B team, we had first team regulars beside Nelson who can be consider in first team lately, and Martinez in goal. Gendouzi been regular for a year, plays less recently…

    Leeds tac tic bothered us in first half and their were more hungry

    This shows that we are still fragile and need to urgently need to strengthen team; in defense, obviously…

  6. The players will be tired as MAs training intensity takes hold as they are not use to it from what the players have been saying. It’s going to take a bit of time to change habits, attitude and improve fitness/stamina. This isn’t all going to snap into place over night but I’m confident it will show results through to the end of the season with the players we have. The players we have will all be better when the fitness levels and playing intensity is achievable for 90 minutes, the team will have better cohesion and be organised with a game plan able to be deployed to ensure we compete in every game. We probably have about 6-7 more games to lose and the odd frustrating draw in store for us this season so we fans need to get on board and show patience’s. I can’t believe some people’s comments on holding, he is only just coming back. Does feel like us fans are waiting for an excuse to get back to full negative and find something or one to blame. Can we not just give this season to reconnect with the club and players and see what’s possible now

  7. Holding was utterly useless last night he didn’t complete a pass to his fellow team mates and put them under pressure as did Guendouzi. Headless chicken is a good description. He goes down very very easy.

  8. Arteta said he warned the team that Leeds would start strongly having studied recent videos of them. I’m not sure it was complacency in the first half, I think it was a matter of old bad habits die hard. Luckily Leeds squandered some good chances and Arteta had a chance to change their attitude at half time. They were brilliant in the second half and totally dominated especially after the first goal. I loved it when I heard that Arteta ‘shouted’ at them in the dressing room, this man keeps on impressing me game by game. If UE was still here we would have lost the game.

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