Were Fabregas and Arsenal wrong to part ways in 2011?

Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal to re-join boyhood club Barcelona in 2011, but is this one deal that should never have happened?

The midfielder is currently plying his trade with Chelsea FC back in the Premier League, but has seemingly lost his first-team role to N’Golo Kante this season, and I cant help but think he should be bossing our own midfield.

He is being wasted by new manager Antonio Conte, but on the back of a 100% record since coming to the Premier League, nobody can really argue with his choices.

Arsenal have not started the campaign in the same fashion however, having won only once from their three outings, and I cant help but think things could have been different.

Cesc was given his chance in the first-team by Arsene Wenger back in 2004, although had impressed in 2003 when appearing the League Cup, but was not given a Premier League outing as the club went onto win the division without losing a single match.

The following year he made a huge 33 PL appearances, scoring twice, and quickly became a fans favourite with a string of impressive displays over a number of years. His exit was devastating, and neither of us can really be happy about the years that followed.

Cesc joined Barcelona, but was used sparingly as he was overlooked in favour of club legends Iniesta and Xavi, and left his boyhood club with only one Spanish Cup and one Primera Liga to boast.

Arsene Wenger surprisingly turned down their first-option on bringing the former club captain to the club, and he returned to the Premier League with rivals Chelsea instead, which again, hurt Arsenal fans.

Yes he went onto lead the Blues to win the English top division, a winners medal which eluded him in his stint with us previously, but after dropping to a tenth placed team in the following year, and now finding himself sat on the bench, I cant help but think he should still be donning our famous red shirt.

Our captaincy has also been passed around like a hot potato since his departure, and I cant help but think he could have led us back to the title already had he stayed, and been central to our progress.

Was Wenger’s biggest failure not convincing Fabregas to stay put? Or was it even worse to turn down the option to re-sign him in 2014?

Pat J

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  1. Why fret over Fabregas when we have Ozil?

    Frankly, my opinion of Fabregas took a 180 turn when he forced his way to Barca. That he joined the Chelski scum later didnt matter.

    I think Wenger did the right thing by not getting Fabregas back into the team. It would have affected the team dynamics, especially the impact that Ozil has brought in the past couple of seasons.
    Arsenal do not need prima donnas in the team!

    1. Fabregas paid £4M of his own money to facilitate his tranfer to Barcelona. Wenger was right to let him go, and equally right to forego our first option clause. I have no sympathy for Fabregas, he made his bed. He could have been a legend. He’s a “Glory Hunter”. He can polish his medals, whilst sitting on Chelsea’s bench.

      Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can we have articles that focus on our own players like Giroud for instance,yesterday’s performance was just typical Giroud a player who wastes a whole host of chances then pulls his tongue out after each miss he’s so annoying,I think Perez must start games immediately to show us what he has to offer!

  3. i feel bad for him he was once our hero but left us and made life hard for both of us and him. specially for him it was wrong decision of his football life. if he could have stayed he would have been a legend for us.

  4. I am not sure when people says Wenger did the right thing by turning him down. He went o Chelsea and Was one of the reason for their triumph that season. Had Wenger took him , Chelsea might not have won the title , and we would have done better then what we did.
    Is’y he better than Ramsey or Wishare, what if if we have some one who can be rotated with Ozil, or can’t he play in cazorls’s position when he was Injured.
    Wenger’s decision was mostly Financial.
    Cesc caould have improved our squad, i have no doubt about that

    1. I completely agree with you @Sunny.
      It’s difficult for many to agree, because of the anger towards Fabregas. Yes Fabregas left Arsenal. So did Henry…so did Flamini. They wanted to leave, and they left. Henry and Flamini returned, but not Fabregas. Yes…fans are not happy with him, but it would be silly to say he wouldn’t have brought quality to the team if he joined us and not Chelsea.

    2. I completely agree with you @Sunny.
      It’s difficult for many to agree, because of the anger towards Fab4. Yes Fab left Arsenal. So did Henry…so did Flame. They wanted to leave, and they left. Henry and Flame returned, but not Fab. Yes…fans are not happy with him, but it would be silly to say he wouldn’t have brought quality to the team if he joined us and not Chelski.
      Anyway, what’s the use crying over spilled milk.

  5. Ozil is the creator we needed. Fabregas was good but we were weak also because of him, CMs should be difficult to play against and I don’t think he was. Teams could have murdered an AFC player back then and all they’d get for it from our boys was a shake of the head, not even a revenge tackle. I’m glad with our options now, and I think Cazorla is a much better player than Fabregas. Fabregas is not a no10, and he was a bad captain, I don’t think we need him.

  6. On a personal level for Cesc it was the right decision to leave.
    For his career sake was defo not the best. He would have been running things at Arsenal now if he was still with us. He would have been worshipped by us fans!
    Let him wear the shirt he said he will “Never” wear and rot!

  7. people were laughing when wenger said 99,9%of the players who left wanted to return,ok he might have exaggerated with the 99% but apart from a few who had a couple of good seasons at best he might be right,what&where are the van persie,nasri…..doing now??

  8. Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas all won League titles that they wouldn’t have won had they stayed with Wenger.
    I first entertained doubts about Wenger when he wasted Fabregas by playing him with Denilson (having let Flamini go (in his prime), and Diarra earlier that year – not to mention why let Gilberto Silva go if you are going to end up with a powder puff player like Denilson in his place.)

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