West Brom v Arsenal Confirmed Team News & Predicted Line-up for second-round cup clash

Arsenal will be without at least four senior players for their visit to West Brom this evening.

The Gunners were looking in dreadful shape with a number of absentees at the weekend, and with both Kieran Tierney and Gabi Martinelli limping off we were looking even worse.

Both the latter have recovered from their issues at the weekend however, as has Alex Runarsson, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

We will be without Ben White, Thomas Partey and Eddie Nketiah for tonight’s match as confirmed by Arsenal.com, while Willian and Hector Bellerin remain as doubts, with the latter pair being monitored ahead of kick-off.

Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale look set to make their debuts after their permanent moves to north London last week, and are likely to start.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Cedric Chambers Mari Tavares
Lokonga Elneny
Saka Odegaard Martinelli

I would love to see Azeez get a fair run out this evening also, having impressed in pre-season with the first-team squad, but I get the feeling that Lokonga and Elneny could profit from the extra minutes also.

This team should have more than enough to take control of the clash with the Championship side, and I imagine that we will get to see some of our young talent come in off the bench also.


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  1. zamind says:

    Ask yourself if Liverpool, or any other top four missed 4 players would they become relegation material?
    It has now dwelled on me Arsenal is gone. I am ashamed even to wear my Arsenal shirt presently.

    1. Adajim says:

      No matter how big a squad is, without 4-5 first team players they will struggle .
      Imagine Liverpool without Mane, Salah and Van dyk
      Or Chelsea without havert, lukaku, Rudiger ,
      City without de Bryne, Sterling,Laporte ,
      Unite without pogba, Maguire , varane and Fernandez

      1. TH14-TW14 says:

        This injury situation was standard and, at times much worse, for Wenger for more than a decade yet he was expected to win the league (2nd, 3rd and 4th were not acceptable).

        I hear people shout about Mustafi and Xhaka like if their man crush coaches haven’t signed transfers for far greater money that didn’t work. I can’t count the number of Guardiola deals at City that haven’t worked. Chelsea? Kepa, Bakayoko, Batshuay, to metion just a few. Liverpool/Klopp? Chamberline, Keita, Thiago. Don’t even venture to Manchester. They would tell you how signing Mustafi and Xhaka is the reason Arsenal finished 8th and is doing so badly all in a bid not to accept that they were wrong in the past.

        1. Logic says:

          TH4, logical point that I don’t know why some ppl here do not understand. COVID hit every club in world it was not only Arsenal who suffered through it and injuries are part and parcel of game every team have them and play through them. Ppl forget the amount go injuries Wenger had to put up with specailly with the tight budget he had. This injury or player not being available is a lame excuse. Arteta had fully fit team in various matches last season how did that turn out. Ben White was present in our first match how did that turn out, it’s not like Areta never got to use Auba, Partey n co before. So when Auba is in team he gets the abuse and ppl say he is burden on Arteta but when he is not they complain about him missing from team.

          1. Adajim says:

            Talk of double standard
            Like arsenal a lot of big teams are struggling, they too have players they want to get off wage bills

        2. Apangu iddi amin says:

          I wish every one understands Arsenals failires like you otherwise most of the people think that the team is failing because of these two players but the major issue is buying or replacing a player with a fringe one and yet the team is fighting other teams who have two complete team in a club. We have to buy world class players even if it means buying only two in a season, and should be players who can make diference when things are hard.

    2. Phenom says:

      Talk of Liverpool ast season, they lost VVD and Joe Gomez, did u see how miserable they became?

      They gave a final push because Leicester lost their impetus and those front 3 of theirs also helped. If Liverpool lose VVD, Salah, Mane and Allison, would they br able to play as they are doing?

  2. Neil Fitt says:

    That is a dreadful back four,who is gonna take command

    1. Gunners4life says:


    2. guy says:

      It is Neil. Ramsdale’s chance to show he can organise better than Leno then? Let’s face it – not so hard!

  3. Adajim says:

    This game will be crucial a win wil
    1. Appease some fans angers and reduce negative vibes around the club
    2. Prove the players are still relevant
    3. Prove the manager can still win some games
    4. Cup win is a sure route to Europe

    1. Mick Gooner says:

      If I were Arsenal I would buy a beast of a CB and play a back 3 of White (new beast) Gab with Saka and Tierney as wing backs

      1. Atid says:

        Good call Boateng available on a free, hold him for a season then bring back Clarke Saliba, Ballard and mavropanos.

        This season Back up to
        white boateng Gabriel is
        chambers holding mari

        Next season
        White Saliba Gabriel
        Clarke Ballard mavropanos

  4. guy says:

    True Ada – the problem is it has been so long not only are we fans becoming natural pessimists, we have forgotten what it’s like to a) play well b) score a goal or c) win. I hope fans stay positive for the sake of both our new and younger players – although I don’t think one result will lift this cloud, its at least the first step, because I’m fed up with being this miserable! Realling looking forward to seeing (hopefully) Odegaard Ramsdale and Tavares play.

  5. daniel twist says:

    Honestly the most impressive I’ve seen of the youngsters in age division is Hutchinson by a mile, and he’s only seventeen already playing in the u-23s

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