West Brom v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cazorla MOTM

West Brom 0 – 1 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Martinez – 7.5
Another strong performance by the Argentinian. Commanding throughout and kept his calm when we had to defend in the final 10 minutes. I don’t think Szczesny would’ve performed as well considering the circumstances.

Chambers – 7
Another good performance. He’s finally hitting his stride and it looks like he’ll remain consistent from now on.

Mertesacker – 7.5
A much stronger performance by him. He was composed all game and made so many headers in the final minutes that I lost count.

Koscielny – 6.5
A bit rusty at times but you can see he was missed. His pace allowed Mertesacker to push up more when going for headers and interceptions. He did leave Berahino onside which could’ve been costly had the linesman not wrongly ruled it offside.

Monreal – N/A
He went off injured very early.

Flamini – 6
He done the basics right but there was still a lot of pointing and shouting without him doing much.

Ramsey – 7
A much better performance today. Defensively strong and his passing was safe mostly and kept the momentum going in attacks. He did make poor choices with selfish shooting when a smart pass would’ve given us a far better chance.

Alexis – 6
He couldn’t really affect the game as he usually does. Didn’t really take any of the defenders on and lost the ball a fair few times. Seems to be a bit tired which probably explains it.

Cazorla – 8 (MOTM)
A top performance by the Spaniard. He was at the heart of all the attacks and did brilliantly for his assist. I’m hoping he continues this until Özil comes back
Welbeck – 6.5
Aside from his goal, he didn’t do much. He was obviously out wide for a lot of the game which must’ve affected his performance.

Giroud – 6.5
A good performance. Good one touch passing and he’s got those minutes under his belt. I expect him to be more of a threat against Southampton though.

Gibbs – 6.5
Came on and done his job fairly well. Did attack a bit too much when we were in the lead but reined it in in the final 10 minutes.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7
He was really good when he came on. Offers so much pace, directness and a good work rate when tracking back. It’s his power that makes him so deadly.

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  1. Sanchez 6 ? With his work rate? Come on Kj. He may not have scored but trust me he influenced the game. He’s a constant thorn in the flesh of our opponents. And you scored Giroud more. BTW what criteria do you use for scoring points KJ?

  2. Santi carzola had a monster game yesterday, i must agree! He always looked dangerous going forward and was unlucky not to score himself! But his cross to find “danny boy” was indeed sublime! Well played santi! Coyg!

    1. It means that you cannot recover your mistake (signing Ozil) by putting a 42M player on the bench ….
      I feel sad for Cazorla playing under Mr bias

    2. Ozil and Jack out so we are thin at 10.
      So Santi has to hold the fort on his
      own till Ozil returns to share the load.
      Like Ramsey and Flamini are it now
      till Arteta and Wilshere return.
      Like Chambers is our RB till Debuchi returns.
      Like Martinez is GK till Szcz and Ospina return.
      Like Gibbs will be our LB till Monreal returns.
      Like Sanchez is playing constantly till Walcott returns.
      Like Koz and Mertz have to survive till January signing/signings.
      All hands to the pumps right now and still 7 games till Jan 🙁

      1. Don’t know why anybody would thumb this down .must be all those other things you say. This makes a lot of sense thumbs up

      2. totally agreed…we are running thin at number 10 position…we should have spend and sign a few more ACM

        Rosicky, Ramsay and Sanchez are just not good enough to play that position…

  3. Seriously KJ? Chamberlain 7? And u gave welbek 6.5 and ramsey 7. We must be watching a different game. Ramsey was awful and he made flamini look stupid atimes with his forward running with no end product. And. Please just give gibbs a 7 the lad hasn’t gotten some credit. Is it me or just that martinez is better keeper. The kid look so calm and compose and please before some people start saying I shouldn’t compare him with sczszcney I think it was about his age szcscney broke into the scene. I say wenger should play inform players. Oh carzola thank you so much. And I think giroud did pretty well. And pls injuries again what have we done to this injury gods. Coyg wednesday more of the same pls. And I cnt end without mentioning bosscielny. One word ‘he is a boss’

  4. I never doubt that Cazorla is better than Ozil in AMF, he can dribble, pass (long and short), and shoot (both feet).
    Like it or not, Ozil is a great player who we don’t need (considering the 42M tag)

  5. It’s clear that Santi finds more joy in the middle than on the wings. 2 games as number 10 and 2 MOTM and 3 assists. All his performance is lacking ATM is a goal. Welbeck had one of his best displays for us yesterday, even if you ignored the goal he scored. He won the ball several times and put us on the counter time after time. He could do well on the left. Wenger has a real selection headache waiting for him when Walcott makes his return.

  6. Yeah well said. I think now we cant over emphasise how important arteta is to the team. Flamini’s midfield presence isn’t as glorious. What brought out the best out of cazorla is the fact that he was benched for a WHILE. Ramsey is having decision issues, wenger should at least try the little mozart to give ramsey competition.

  7. On Ozil I wonder what will lie ahead for him.
    Surely Wenger knows that Per needs to be dropped to the bench, (IMO sold) and Poldi will, (and should) be sold.
    That means some disruption for Ozil’s buddies and we know how much Ozil is sensitive and needs his friends around him 🙂
    Maybe Wenger will try for Khedira to keep him happy!
    I think Ozil will grow when he comes back or decline there’s no in between.
    Hopefully he’s been in the gym a lot as per Theo who seemed to have gained upper bidy bulk and strength, (shame about the bottom half that keeps breaking!).
    Per looked better yesterday as his buddy Kos came back into the side, Kos knows how to cover for him and make him look acceptable.
    Per on the pitch = Liability and 10.5 men.

    1. Out:
      Pod (7m)
      Campel (10m)
      Flamini (0m)
      Mert (5m)
      Ozil (has to prove otherwise by getting rid of his carelessness and laziness) (30m)
      Giroud (3rd option is fine) (15m)
      Top DM (20m)
      Top CB + Backup CB (30m)
      Top striker (50m)

      67 – 100 = -33m
      that is only my opinion

  8. Walcotts injury worries me.
    12 months and an immediate
    follow up injury (in training).
    Wilshere’s ankles worry me.
    4 months last year , 3 months this season.
    Would not be surpeised if they were
    both gone for the season.
    Ozil 3 months last season 4 months this season.
    Chamberlain 5 months last season
    Diaby always ijured. Koz a suspect archilles.
    Sanogo one game then 9 games out.
    Debuchi 4 months. Gibbs and Monreal
    swapping places in the medical room.
    Arteta getting injured regularly now.
    Ramsey battling back after injury.
    Even super man Giroud was out 3-1/2 months.
    I worry Sanchez will be run into the ground
    like Ramsey last season.
    Arsenal will definitely win the most injuries trophy again this year 🙁
    Things can only get better 🙂

    1. That new fitness trainer did say it would take him a year before the full extend of his benefit would be noticed because of how backward Arsenal’s view is towards fitness was when he arrived; this is actually the first season in 3-4 where we aren’t top of the injury league by a mile (we are 3rd with Everton and Man United ahead). I have some hope that it will continue to improve but it still comes down to Wenger never rotating. Not with subs (always last 15 minutes) or between matches.

  9. Every time I said it, people said that I was making excuses (particularly for Ozil) but the truth is plain to see – when Wenger plays either Cazorla or Ozil in the middle both dictate the game and not only that but width improves a lot.

    All this time people keep on going on about ‘we desperately need Cesc’. I’m sorry but we have two players that can play at that level. Wenger’s mistake isn’t passing on Cesc, it is trying to turn Wilshere into the next Cesc because look at the no. 10 assist stats for Cazorla and Ozil in the 4 games they were central.

    1. agreed. You gotta play players where they are most effective and where the team will be most effective as a result.

  10. I facepalm my self so hard everytime i see people commenting or these K.J ratings. For the love of rating players, identify your self who ever you are K.J and let us analyse the game a new and re-creat new ratings.

    Arsenal main problem is that we overrate our players a lot and dont give credit wher it should be. To make a point. Ozil has bunch of half decent performances, he is labeled a total failure. He plays in his fav role, he shines, fans are like mehhh, bla bla luck.

    Wilsher plays fantastic at times, yet people are like mehhh fakkk him, arrogant piece of trash. Yet Ramsey gets like today a 7. Shake my head everitim.

    Ramsey plays a half decend season and out of nowhere he is world class.

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