West Ham boss claims Arsenal are difficult to understand

David Moyes has claimed that it’s ‘quite difficult’ to understand Arsenal’s set pattern ahead of his West Ham side’s clash with Arsenal.

The Gunners are hoping to make it three wins in a row as they look to close in on a top-four finish, having a two-point lead over Tottenham in the table at present.

After recent wins over both Chelsea and Manchester United, we now have the tough challenge of going away to London rivals West Ham, and their manager has praised the job being done by Mikel Arteta, before admitting that it is difficult to understand our patterns of play.

“I think he’s done a really good job,” Moyes told reporters during his pre-match conference (via the club’s official website.

“They were in the semi-finals of the Europa League last year and it shows how well they have come on from what they have done last year, so I am sure Mikel wants his teams to be in Europe (again).

“They have a very good style of play and it is different from Eintracht Frankfurt’s.

“Frankfurt also have a distinctive style, maybe a little bit more of a counter-attack style with speed.

“Arsenal are more of a side who build their play. They have got a really good set pattern, but also it has got flexibility and it is quite difficult to look at and understand.”

It has to be a positive for us if our rival boss cannot quite understand the dynamics of our side, and I think their side will be a little jaded after their defeat on Thursday night which is also likely to play a role

Do our patterns change match by match or does the flexibility just make it difficult to counteract?


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Video – Mikel Arteta Full pre-game press conference ahead of West Ham

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  1. Moryes is playing a mind game we should take them in a serious way other wise they can surprise us and this game is a good one to balance the point gap and safety for top four finish

  2. All the games that we have won on paper have been disastrous for us on the pitch. I prefer we don’t always think that we have won a game without actually playing it.

    West Ham are an unpredictable side. Arsenal should take the game seriously and just try to score goals without letting in those leakages on the left flank between Tavares and Gabriel. Tavares has been late on 3 different attackers of late (in his 4 last games. Those attackers always put him to sleep.

  3. Mind games huh!? This ain’t mr wenger,every game is as a final. He’s not called the smiling assassing for nothing.

  4. We should go with fast brand of football to torment their tired legs,2nil up in the opening 20 minutes will hand us all three points,COYG.

  5. Wily veteran Moyes versus the Rookie. This will be a tough, physical game, especially for the centre backs. I still expect three points if we approach the game with energy and intensity. We are, by far, the fresher and younger team. COYG.

    1. He definitely don’t want us starting strong, that old fox from the Wenger and Ferggie era.

      The most effective strategy is to hit them early and hard,

      A high tempo game is last sort of system he would like from us hence his mind games, trying to dictate the style of play before a single ball is kick.

  6. Seems most of you have missed the point. He’s expecting us to come out hard and fast from the first whistle. WH is not a sit back and pip a goal then defend for the rest of the match type of team. They’re gonna come at us straight out the gates and keep coming till the last whistle. Plus, they have some of the most die hard fans in the league, who will be their 12/13 th man…Not gonna be an easy match by any means…IJS

      1. @Fk
        Seems you have a compression problem there dude. I simply stated what I think they’re not gonna be doing while we attempt to” torment their tired legs”…IJS

  7. And let me burst your bubble,our high press will be too much for them to contain so let them come out all they want they don’t have the quality to break us plus them being a bit if not totally worked up from thursday’s encounter at their backyard.no disrespect of course.

      1. NYG Why do you finish every post with IJS? Serious question, so is it merely habit or has it a reason?

        I do know, as do most of us what is stands for. But are we all not “just saying”too! ?

        I do wonder if it is just the custom in USA, so is it?

  8. Nygunner, it’s mind game David Moyes is playing.
    Yes he knows West Ham will be most vulnerable if we come out and attack, attack but he chooses to talk at length how Arsenal has a very distinct way of playing by building their play.

    Now that could mean patience, with even lots of side ways passing, that’s exactly what he would wants.

  9. I don’t trust Moyes for these words. I hope he has not found a loophole and playing mind games.
    A win is so important for us today.

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