West Ham boss Moyes targeting three points at Arsenal

West Ham’s manager David Moyes is eyeing all three points against Arsenal today, despite the uphill task in front of his side.

The Hammers lost their opening match with Newcastle in their own stadium, which shouldn’t give them a huge amount of hope today at the Emirates, but the manager claims to be eyeing a win.

“They’re in really good spirits. We know we’ve got a tough game ahead of us, but I’ve got to say we know we can play much better than we did last week and we’re looking forward to doing so,” Moyes told West Ham during his pre-match press conference.

“Looking at Arsenal, if you win two trophies in six weeks you’ll be high in confidence. We’ll well aware of that, Mikel Arteta has done a brilliant job in a short space of time and we have to give him a lot of credit for that.

“My job is to go there and make sure they don’t have an easy ride. We’ll go there to try to win.”

While he may have intentions of bringing a game to Arsenal, team’s have not enjoyed things their own way in recent fixtures, and our team is looking like they will be able to dominate most oppositions in the near future, although the real tests will come against our top-six rivals.

Moyes will be all-too familiar with his managerial counterpart, having signed him in 2005 to bring him to the Premier League, and later made him club captain for his side, before eventually selling to Arsenal in 2011.

Do West Ham have any players that we will need to be weary of, or will our rivals simply have too much to deal with from our in-form stars?


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  1. Michael Oliver might be on his side!
    I hope we win….and comfortably, otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it from my nephew 😄

    1. Agreed, Kstix. He’s quality!! Some on here turned their noses up at him… he ain’t past it!!!
      Only thing I didn’t like is how he went down after Gibbs’ shove – that’s obviously the South American in him!!! 😂
      Oh Mike Dean loved brandishing that red card, not once but twice!!!

      1. 😂😂😂 Sue, always trust Mike Dean to have a brain fart. He must have a thing for gibbs, he’s missed since he went to the championship. And yeah Sue, very South American like to go down easily, must be used to it at Madrid, they do that alot over there. Wait till he meets Liverpool or Man utd and the ref turns a complete blind eye to all his gimmicks. Iwobi also started the game today (doesn’t make the news about Everton wanting to sell him sound true, does it)

        1. Haha the ref will be preoccupied awarding Liverpool/United penalties!! 🤣🤣
          Sorry but Iwobi replaced Calvert-Lewin for the last 20 minutes… and after what I saw, I can see him going (sorry if you like him, just being honest)
          That was a great result, Kstix, I can’t stand West Brom…. the one thing I can’t quite get my head round is the thought of Tony Bellew singing “We are top of the league” 😂🤪😂🤪

          1. I like iwobi but to be fair, he was average, we now have better players playing his position tho, not sorry.
            I can see westbrom going back to the championship they came from at the end of the season. Out of the 3 teams, I only see Leeds staying in the league and doing really well. I can’t stand Tony either, sheesh just after 2 games, you would think they just won the damn thing, let them keep the spot warm for us till tonight.

    2. I think it was closer to £18 million but even that is mentally cheap, he’s running rings around West Brom at present.

      1. I guess that goes to prove we can not necessarily say for certain how a player would turn out, I remember we frowned at getting coutinho too but he just might have revived his career like Rodriguez is doing had he come to Arsenal, we can’t also say for sure how Aouar would turn out, I mean Chelsea fans are already being throlled because havertz gave a pass to the linesman. His first game for Chelsea didn’t inspire much, even werner has scored is it 1 goal? And that was in preseason. Too early to judge, however. but I hope our signings turn out great.

  2. The scoreline is deceptive. I don’t think Everton played better – they have better players nonetheless. WBA was basically undone by the reds to both player and coach.

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