West Ham chief reveals prepared bid for Arsenal star?

West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan revealed he has launched one bid for a player in Europe, and is ready with an offer for a player in England.

The Hammers have been strongly linked with a move to sign Theo Walcott this summer, with the forward claimed to be ready to quit the Emirates should he fail to secure a spot in the England squad for the upcoming European Championships.

West Ham are moving into a new stadium in the close-season, and are keen to strengthen the side using their new income in order to close the gap on the top clubs.

Sullivan has now confirmed he is ready to move on two targets, and revealed the offers he has in place.

He said: “We’ve put a bid in today for €30 Million for a player, and other bids will be going in.

“We’re going to make a £20 Million or £25 Million bid for a player in England later this week. Whatever happens we intend to bring a top striker in.

“We’re hoping to bring in one or two top players. The Olympic Stadium gives us about £12m a year in extra income. It doesn’t give us £100m a year in extra income.”

The player who is supposedly subject to the other offer is believed to be Arsenal target Michy Batshuayi, who has been impressing in France with Marseille this season.

Wenger has confirmed he will assess whether he is willing to sell Theo after the season is over, and all the reports seem to sway on the side of an exit. I’m not so certain however…

Wenger this season has also said that we will see the best of Walcott in the future, which would sway me the opposite way. We know the French boss holds his cards close to his chest, and there is no telling what decisions he will make this summer.

Is this Walcott’s last season for Arsenal?

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  1. If Walcott leaves i can assure you he will become much better wherever he goes. He’s our least technical attacking player and this is why he has failed so much over the past few years. We play way too much tika taka for him to flourish well since he’s more of a direct and one dimensional player.
    The only way he was going to score goals with us playing the ”Arsenal way” was as striker and he would always be down the pecking order. We could have used his speed better if we played 4-4-2 with him and Giroud upfront.
    He is just not suited for us anymore and i wish him luck if he realizes that and decides to leave.

    1. Although I agree on some points I cannot see how Arsenals style is affecting Walcott. It is not that walcott is not performing its the fact that he struggles still with the simple stuff in football like controlling the ball when running with it, passing, dribbling, crossing and finishing (not always) and his defensive abilities are not good. I think this is what frustrates fans. He has not developed enough to be called a starter and for someone that is 10 years at a club should have achieved alot more. At 27 he should be showing us a glimpse of his peak but at the moment it no existent. I would sell him now while his worth something but only if we invest it back into someone better.

      1. You are right. What i meant was that he always excelled at making runs and receiving medium/long balls behind the defense. He is suited for that type of football where you can trick the defense with random long balls or lightning counter attacks etc. However we’ve been more about holding onto the ball and walking it into the net which he simply isn’t good at as you said he sometimes lacks good control, passing and dribbling. He would be great for Leicester , Southampton or even West Ham as they play a lot more direct football.

      2. I completely agree with you bro..
        For those saying he will haunt us,well, I don’t care but I doubt it..

        The only thing is he might leave and his injury woes disappear…
        God please help us offload him..
        Buy Lacazette to replace him and then buy Lukaku or Morata too..we will be fine

    2. I think ever since Giroud became our main striker it has become more difficult for quicker players like Walcott or Sanchez to shine. We have to play in a slower tempo going forward and by the time we are in the final 3rd the opponents defense is all set up. Making it that much harder to break down.

      Walcott was one of our best players when RVP was around and is still one of our best wingers. He just doesn’t get back in the team any longer. His crosses are better than most (our full backs are poor in the final cross) and his finishing normally is a few levels ahead of Giroud.

      I expect Walcott to do well once he is given a fair chance. For Arsenal I thought he was better right winger than Ramsey. But Wenger prefers Ramsey for some strange reason and much to the detriment of our attacking threat.

  2. Wenger was only bumping up Walcott’s value, by suggesting that the player’s best year’s are ahead of him.

    In my opinion, Walcott will shine at West Ham, that’s if he stays injury-free and theres no doubts that he will come back to haunt us ?

  3. I want us to be strengthening our 25 not weakening. I will say this one more time, we will end the season with just 29 players classed as over 21 for next season. Before we begin to think about selling players like walcott giroud gibbs and chamberlain, we have many opportunities to reduce the 29 to a level allowing us to be in a position to make the signings we require.

    I mean why sell giroud when Sanogo is one of our 29? Why sell chamberlain when arteta is one of our 29?

    Also 5 of our 29 are goalkeepers so at least 2 of those can go on loan or be sold. Here is my list of players from the 29 that can be sold released or loan, which will bring the over 21 year old first team squad down to just 21 players
    This then gives us space for 4 new signings, personally I think that would be enough if we go with this squad for next season
    Cech ospina Huddart (under 21)
    Jenkinson Bellerin (u21)
    New signining, Mertesacker
    Koscielny Gabriel
    Monreal Gibbs
    New signing Coquelin chambers(u21)
    Elneny wilshire ramsey
    New Signing, walcott, chamberlain
    Ozil, iwobi(u21) toral (u21)
    Alexis, Campbell, Wellington
    New signing, Welbeck, giroud

    For me that is a good enough squad sure we could make further improvements, but 4 new signings for the starting x1 with all the departures being players that have hardly been involved this season provides plenty of stability. Every position bar the back 4 has 3 players competing.

    1. I am afraid we should consider selling Welbeck as well. He seems often injured and coming back from a knee injury is often not so successful. He is not enough of a goal threat to make the gamble of him fully recovering and staying healthy worth it IMO.

      I would also sell Giroud. I would like to see a player like Lukaku as our main striker and perhaps a player like Bony as back up. We need more players who can finish and Welbeck and Giroud are not as efficient at finishing as Lukaku and Bony.

      We need a very very good CD and striker and maybe a world class, goal scoring winger like Griezman. Alternatively Mahrez?

      If we have money left a Wanayama for DM.

  4. That Welbeck injury really looked horrible. Why did he have to stick out his leg in front of Sagna like that? It was only asking for trouble. Now it seems he’ll be out for 3 to 5 months, I’ll make that 9 to 15 months 🙁

  5. OT: Bayern just signed Renato Sanchez and Hummels for less than 30m Pounds each.. If only we could do business like that too

    1. I was about to mention this while we are on the topic of transfers. Looks like more of the same when i comes to transfers, wait till all the stars are unavailable!

    2. Hah, you keep on dreaming. Arsenal will keep on signing mediocre players and give them salaries similar to top XI of PL. That is – if the wenger is going to sign anyone at all

      1. very true, 24 hours a day busy (during transfer window) and still could find no one in the market. same excuses and still some people can’t recall the tape is repeating itself

    3. It would do Wenger and the atmosphere around the club a world of good if he soon signs a few top players. Other clubs with aspirations, like Bayern, show that it can be done easily all the time.

      Particularly with the Euros coming it will be important to make new signings before the players go of to their national teams. If they have great tournaments their price tags go up.

      But it is like others have said before, an old story. We all know how important it is to be decisive in the transfer market and we never are.

      David Dein, anybody??

  6. Bayern won the league last weekend and they have spent this morning more than we will spend whole summer…and some wonder why we are no longer a threat to any club in UCL.

  7. Wow after quick succession sanches and hummels!
    Arsenal are going to be struggling to keep hold of current squad after the links relating to Ozil and Sanchez. Wenger gives lots of promises and gets a lot of support from from former pros and pundits but if he sells a the latter 2 to a premier league rival I don’t think the club will survive even top 4.

  8. Mental…. Bayern have a beast of a team as it is but, they are improving their squad Already. Why oh why can’t we do the same??

  9. Bayern are busy buying players and arsenal are still “tracking” one french striker…………what have we been doing since August last year?

  10. Theo cannot adapt his game quickly enough to suit whoever we are playing. So when he does get it right, he looks world class, but when he doesn’t, he looks average.

    If a manager can get the best out of him good luck to that.

    Honestly, I think he is overrated. Great players adapt their game and make playing look effortless all the time, not just some of the time.

  11. Walcott has to go, for the sake of Arsenal and for his own career. He is not getting the love that a player with a decade of experience in one club should be getting. I hope he shows us how deadly he could’ve been if we had stuck to a rigid counter attack system. We simply have to get a new striker in. Alexis and Ozil have been great acquisitions, star quality, showing us that we’re missing some star quality. The wing and up top is missing two players, if we don’t do something about it well then am afraid our best two attacking players will see it as a lack of ambition. I believe we will be making signings, not just in midfield due to outgoing, because I do see a striker coming in. Also a defender, am not sure about the wing though, even if Theo does go.

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