West Ham don’t want Jack Wilshere – They want Giroud!

For some reason West Ham seemed to be linked with most of the Arsenal players that could be on the market, but the Hammers boss David Gold has made it clear that they have no interest in signing Jack Wilshere this summer, but it sounds like Olivier Giroud is a top priority. Gold was quoted as saying: “We are interested in all good players but we have to face the facts here – we have got good midfielders.

“We have got a good defence, we have got good midfielders, we have got good wingers. We need strikers and that is the key to everything for this season so we are focused first and foremost on bringing in two strikers.”

“It’s clear to most fans that we are desperate for centre-forwards,”

“Andy Carroll is injury-prone as we know, we have had an injury problem with [Diafra] Sakho and we have just got to bring in centre-forwards. We have got to find the money.

“Without strikers, you struggle in the Premier League. You struggle in any division because strikers are your key players.

“You have to spend your money wisely but it must be on strikers, particularly strikers that have had experience with Premier League football – the very best we can afford.

“We have tried the route of going overseas to bring in players – that hasn’t worked. We had a very difficult season because players we brought in from Europe didn’t make the grade and we paid the price. We struggled.

“We were actually flirting for some time with relegation because we couldn’t score goals. That is why we have got to bring in players with Premier League experience and that is what we are working on now. David Sullivan is working day and night in an effort to solve this problem.”

You can’t get a more Premiership proven striker than Giroud, but there is little chance of Arsenal selling our new supersub unless Wenger manages to persuade Kylian Mbappe or Alexandre Lacazette to come to the Emirates. I am sure that once the first top striker is sold, to whichever club, there will be a massive domino effect with a merry-go-round of transfers of front men. This could start tomorrow when everyone’s yearly contracts officially end. Will Arsenal be the first or the last to make their move?

Darren N


    1. There is a chance Re_source may be right

      Arsenal have made an improved £35m bid to sign Thomas Lemar from Monaco this summer, according to reports in the British media.
      The Sun is reporting that the north London side have tabled a fresh bid for the France international after having had an initial £28m offer rejected by the Ligue 1 champions.
      It is also claimed in the same story that Monaco are giving “serious consideration” to Arsenal’s second bid after having turned down their first offer.
      The story states that talks between Arsenal and Monaco are ongoing and that a deal has not yet been reached.
      It is claimed that Arsenal have been tracking the 21-year-old Lemar for more than two years but did not react quickly enough to sign him from Caen back in 2015.

      1. Broken clock is right twice a day. It means nothing yet as he stated Lacazette is a done deal.

        If he’s not holding an Arsenal shirt before the pre season starts, then he’s just a bullpooper.

        If he somehow is right then I’ll buy him a beer.

  1. Even if we got a top CF, I still don’t want to lose Giroud

    Our top CF could get injured
    Giroud is an ideal SuperSub

    1. He’s a failure.Gosh!!I thought people here were debating about two or three seasons back why he should be our top striker.When I thought the Monaco match was the icing on the cake to show how average he was it seems just like Wenger we’ will never learn our lesson.Now people our okay with him being a super sub which is debatable.Giroud was a super sub in games last season because he wasn’t played when he was supposed to.He’s not your ideal super sub because he very hardly creates but rather requires people to create for him.Most of the time super subs are the one’s who tend to create the chances and open up spaces in the opposition defence.West ham are ready to pay and hence we should demand more from them.We can then use the money from his sale on far better players.Given the same seasons,time and chances a lot of average strikers can do better than what he did.This is because Arsenal create a lot of chances and it just needs someone who can finish.Goodbye!.We wont miss you.

  2. Good riddances.

    Shame Wenger is staying for another two years but fans are not going to take much of his dithering nonsense for much longer.


  3. ?Sell sell sell

    OG is only decent because of all the chances he gets.

    One footed and one dimensional , westham quality at best.

  4. Makes a lot of sense for West Ham to be interested in Giroud. He’s a similar player to Andy Carrol, but much better than Carrol, and not injured as often. Although I think Giroud would be useful to Arsenal as 2nd-choice / Plan B / Super-sub if we get a higher-scoring and more mobile 1st-choice centre-forward, and would rather he stays.

    As for Jack Wheelchair… Why would anybody want to pay those wages for somebody that is always injured? The only club crazy enough to do every season that is Arsenal!!!

  5. AW has already said Giroud is going nowhere. The Lacazette talks stalled because Lyon want Giroud as per L’Equipe magazine (Giroud front cover) this week. The only deal for Giroud I approve of is the one to bring in Lacazette

    West Ham can do one.

  6. With Arsenal sliding down the table, teams like West Ham and Everton will be our rivals in the higher mid table battle so it’s probably not best to sell to them.

  7. Giroud no!! how about some Walcott you guys need pace no? we got Walcott for you pick him up when you can..,hey Liverpool you are looking at the ox, forget him how about some Walcott? …Barca you wanna a right back with pace how about some Walcott he can adapt we promise 😉

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