West Ham fans are arguing that Declan Rice should have stayed – “Grass is not greener at Arsenal”

We live in a world where people can express their opinion to the universe within seconds. It doesn’t matter if their point of view makes any sense or even if common sense dictates that there are flaws in their argument. Quite simply some logic can simply be false’Grass is not greener at Arsenal then at West Ham.’. Yet if you present facts as a counterbalance, you will get cancelled.

This isn’t just a reflection on football but society. Everyone wants freedom of speech until they hear something they don’t agree on. A generation lacks the capacity to debate because that’s how they been educated. Remember some on this site asking if we could only post positive Arsenal articles because the opposite was triggering and damaging to them!

So, in the build up to this weekend I have been interacting with West Ham forums, collaborating with them. The Hammers are a fan base I usually have affection for. I assume a knowledgeable group who, for example, don’t deep down think the UEFA Conference makes them Champions of Europe (tongue in cheek right?)

Then the subject of Declan Rice comes up and clearly some Irons are hurt that he moved across London and immediately seems to have bought into our culture. Him singing North London Forever has not got down well on the East End.

Two of his worst showings as a Gunner (very few) were against his old employers. One though was as a sub, and it could just be a coincidence?

Now would I boo an ex-captain who led you to your first trophy in decades? No.

Yet Gooners can’t judge. Listen to the chants at the Emirates for Nasri, Van Persie, Adebayor, etc.

What I didn’t expect though is a conversation about football turning in to me having to educate the actual meaning of words

Here I was in my spare time giving free lessons on how to use language and metaphors correctly.

The argument presented was Declan Rice has discovered the ‘Grass is not greener at Arsenal then at West Ham.’

The evidence?

A picture of Rice disappointed after our defeat to Fulham where he hasn’t shaved. That image was put up alongside West Ham’s open bus parade last year.

So, I simply asked the following… ‘What is Rice missing out on at the London Stadium that he’s not getting at the Emirates’.

I asked this a few times because I wasn’t getting an answer because there isn’t one.

I was told ‘West Ham were offering the same money ‘

So, had to explain that’s the grass being the same not greener?

Then this, ‘he should have joined City!’

I calmly asked, ‘how does the grass being greener at the Etihad equate to your grass being greener?

They argued, ‘we are only …. many points off you!’

Again, I pondered how the midfielder playing for a team higher in the table would be a source of regret?

My favourite though …. ‘Well going to Arsenal means he missed out on a trophy!’

I spent the next 10 mins explaining (and he still needed more than that) that Rice was skipper against Fiorentina, he literally lifted the cup! So how does him leaving after winning silverware mean he now misses out on silverware?

I suggested that maybe that was West Ham at their apex, the highest they could go and that a 25-year-old isn’t going to wait another 40 years for a trophy. I added how many trophies Arsenal have won in the same period.

So, I summarised ….

Rice is on more money, plays at the highest level in club football (something never on offer at the London Stadium), competes at the top end of the League, sponsorship and endorsement deals have increased, plays for a club with a bigger history, a worldwide fan base and at a better venue.

So, one more time, ‘”how is the grass not greener, he literally can-do things at Arsenal that West Ham can’t do”.

Getting flustered, guess what he did?

What so many do when they can’t construct an argument, called me names and got personal.

I’m glad Declan Rice chose our grass to be his garden.


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  1. If he stayed at West Ham, he’d likely never win EPL, UCL or EL and might have to play with a very-defensive team for many years

    If he went to Man City, he would have to move to Manchester and wouldn’t be a central figure at the club

    It’s more difficult to win a major trophy at Arsenal, but he’d likely become their future captain and manager. He’s already an indispensable member of the squad and I bet Arsenal are paying him more than the other clubs

    1. @ Gai, how is it more difficult to win a major trophy at Arsenal? Is Arsenal “retrogressing” or progressing? I bet our team will win a major trophy in the next one year. I am very optimistic.

  2. Well speaking personally I’m pleased that Declan Rice left, as Edson Alvarez, Mo Kudus and James Ward Prowse were brought in on what he realised. All three have performed with Mo Kudus getting the plaudits but Edson Alvarez rating highest in my estimation and an effective replacement for Rice on his own. None of that makes Declan Rice a bad player, indeed he’s a very good player but three very good players are better than just one so I’d do the deal time and again.

  3. It’s just tribalism – arsenal fans were the same when big players left in the past, as you said, Dan.
    “Everyone wants freedom of speech until they hear something they don’t agree on. ” That’s because they don’t know what freedom of speech means – there is no need to protect “acceptable” speech, why would there be? Freedom of speech means protecting the ability for people to say abhorrent, disgusting things, otherwise it’s not freedom of speech. And that’s important because if you allow certain speech to be shut down, the window of what is acceptable will only get smaller, and that makes life extremely stifling over time. It also takes away everyone else’s right to hear different viewpoints, and argue against them if necessary. Anyway, I don’t think that was really at issue here.

    1. DAVI one of the few REALLY REGULAR deep thinkers on JA, who understands human nature and has the courage to say it loud and clear. I salute you sir!

      I have stood up all my life for the precious gift of free speech, a gift so taken for granted in the free world, though few realise how much mortal danger free speech is in from the foolish and unthinking woke brigade.

      1. Thats why almost all my messages dont show up. If u dont have the same thoughts like everybody else here u get shutdown.

        1. @Big 14 year old moaning as usual
          And yet again you have absolutely nothing sensible to say about football. Write something worth reading and I’ll share it..

  4. One thing for sure the young Englishman has a personality and sports a presence in Arsenal midfield.
    Personally to stand out in a scrappy contest to take control of a game that was petering to a frustrating draw he also harness vast swaths of a football stadium.

    Rice has been clearly been one of Arsenal best players game after game, sometimes in games where both side seems more concerned about losing than winning.

    Surely the grass is greener on the Red side of London, the lad is playing at a better venue with champions league football in a few days time.

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