West Ham preparing to see Payet join Arsenal?

Arsenal fans are used to seeing all manner of transfer rumours linking the Gunners with just about every player under the sun, especially when there is a transfer window on the horizon, and I expect this to be even more true over the coming weeks.

Most of these will, of course, come to nothing and many of them will have no basis in truth in the first place, but when there is some sort of actual evidence to connect Arsenal with a player then the amount of transfer rumours about them will be huge.

So Arsenal fans can expect to hear a lot about the France international star Dimitri Payet. After the West Ham man spoke about arsenal recently the rumour mongers will be out in force but I do feel that there may be something to this one.

Payet was linked with us in the summer before signing a new deal with the Hammers but he cannot have expected them to bomb so badly this season and at the age of 29 he may well be regretting not going for a big club in his final years.

At the same time Arsenal have had their problems which would seem to be a lot smaller if Arsene Wenger was to sign a Premier League proven star like Payet. The biggest sign for me that a transfer could be in the offing, however, is when I see the West Ham captain talking about how he would be surprised at the move and that is exactly what I saw on Sky Sports today.

This sort of denial in football is as common as a rainy day is in a British winter, so does this tell us that West Ham are preparing to see their star man jump ship and sign for Arsenal?



  1. vinjoe says:

    OT- I analyzed the city game and one reason we flopped so bad was because petr cech was simply playing long balls instead of short pass (pointless without giroud), thereby losing possession.
    And we were rushing things up and easily losing possession instead of our steady build up play. Lol against big teams we never control the ball.

    1. bran99 says:

      true. may be coz everyone could not control the ball and it was easy to lose it, could cause havoc if that happens.. everyone was so insecure to keep possession

      1. Big Gun says:

        It’s because City were putting pressure on us and lying deep in our half. Pep knows exactly how to beat Arsenal. But this doesn’t excuse our poor movement off the ball…

  2. Twig says:

    Since Cech joined Arsenal he has

    A) Exceeded my expectations
    B) Met my expectations
    C) Fallen short of my expectations

  3. aluz says:

    with all due respect to Wenger, we can neither win the league nor the champions league with him in charge, no matter whom we sign.
    He no longer inspires confidence. Nevertheless, I still wish arsenal success this season.

  4. Pablo Picaso says:

    If Payet is up for sale I think he would be a good option at a fare price though. He would take up that left wing slot or played centrally when no guts Ozil is underperforming, being rested or should he decide to leave.

  5. Wilshegz says:

    Payet offers the same as Isco. an allround midfielder that can play CM till Cazorla returns n switch to LW.
    his demerit is age- 29yr-old to be 30yr-old by March.
    n merit over Isco is he knows the EPL already n ll be available for possibly our 2UCL games left.

    I prefer Isco though.

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