West Ham v Arsenal – Charlie Nicholas gives his prediction

Former Gunner Charlie Nicholas predicts who will win in the West Ham v Arsenal clash on Monday evening.

Arsenal will go into their match against West Ham on Monday searching for their first win in nine games.

The Gunners have been below-par for much of this season and their lacklustre showings have cost Unai Emery his job.

Their performances in the last two games haven’t exactly exonerated them for firing Emery, but Charlie Nicholas believes they can get their first win under Freddie Ljungberg in this game.

The Hammers have been inconsistent for much of this season. After securing a 1-0 win at Chelsea last weekend, they suffered a 2-0 loss at Wolves in midweek.

Nicholas who was predicting for Sky Sports believes that this game offers Ljungberg the chance to get the first win of his reign and he backs Arsenal to triumph 3-1 at the Olympic Stadium.

In his Sky Sports column, Nicholas explained why he is going for an Arsenal win

“These are two teams in a right mess. I saw more fight from Arsenal at Norwich, but it was a disaster defensively and a crazy team selection from Freddie Ljungberg.

“West Ham will be up for it, as will Arsenal – they have a chance of catching up and getting back in the top six. A bit of momentum can get you there.

“They have class up top, but West Ham are not showing a lot at the moment.”

Arsenal will be keen to get a win that would lift morale around the club, however, if they lose this game, then the outlook is increasingly grim.


  1. At some point some one is going stumble to Wenger’s formula to score…
    And Wenger keen interest in buying world class defenders.

    1. 1.Everton 10
      2.Liverpool 10
      3.Leicester City 6
      4.Manchester City 6
      5.Brighton and Hove Albion 5
      6.Burnley 5
      7.Newcastle United 5
      8.Chelsea 4
      9.AFC Bournemouth 3
      10.Tottenham Hotspur 3
      11.Wolverhampton Wanderers 3
      12.Arsenal 2
      13.Crystal Palace 2
      14.Southampton 2
      15.Manchester United 1
      16. Norwich City 1
      17. Sheffield United 1
      18. West Ham United 0

      Everton is not in the relegation due to this, while Liverpool is a greater threat for it!

    2. What “keen interest to buy world class defenders”, like his failure to replace Gilberto Silva or to buy de Ligt from Glasgow Celtic?

  2. West Ham are bad at present but we are badder, (wrote for jon😜) so I’m not confident.
    Sorry to go off topic but was watching the Manchester derby and hoping for a City win, of course, but, having seen the abuse and stuff thrown at United players by City scum at their corners, I’m glad United won.
    I’m a total Gooner but above all a sportsman and the City “fans” were disgusting.

  3. Arsenal schedule till end of Feb.
    Westham (A)
    Standard (A)
    Man City (H)
    Everton (A)
    Bournmouth (A)
    Man U (H)
    Leeds (H)
    Palace (A)
    Sheffield (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    Burnley (A)
    Newcastle (H)
    Everton (H)
    City(A) 1st of March.
    PLus another FA Cup match if we beat Leeds, and 2 EL matches in Feb.

    So what does Arsenal do?
    Have they decided to let Freddie go already?
    If not when will the decision be made?
    The Hammers game is the next El sackio.
    If Westham lose Pellegrini is gone.
    If Arsenal lose Freddie is gone.
    But if Arsenal win and keep winning do we keep Freddie?

    1. Freddie will soon be gone, no matter what happens at West HAM. A moments rational thought, which seems beyond your capabilities, would show you that Freddie is not the chosen one and the board are not, repeat NOT, going to make Freddie our permanent manager.

  4. We need to get Marco Rose as our next manager!
    Absolutely killing it for Monchengladbach in the German League.
    He is a Klopp protege

  5. We should bring in Jarrod Bowen from Hull. Championships top scorer, free agent next summer, English.

  6. I’m sorry we haven’t the balls to win on Monday night it’s embarrassing state we are in. We should just forget this season and plan for next year. What we have to do is stay in the premiership and to be honest it’s touch and go. We had 100 million sitting on the bench on Thursday night and we are still playing I the mode of Emery, rubbish!!!!!

  7. It’s possible to get the win. Some first team change is needed. I feel youngsters should be in the first team on merit. Willock has been very poor for some time. He needs to chill on the bench for a bit. Wonder where Rob holding is. He is a younger CB and his pace can be vital. Playing luiz and sokratis is dangerous. They are getting old and sokratis is not comfortable on the ball. I think Tierney should start. His deliveries are more precise.

  8. First, it depends on formation, as long as we play Luiz or Chambers infront of CB, we able to focus and play forward as Frankfurt start before Luiz injury. We were all over flying, they couldn’t brieve!

    Then, must not forget spirit in this team and club affects us, therefore players first, confused and lost in wrong formation!

    Emery finally got it right, it was obvious to all of us in this 12 minutes before luiz injury. No one noticed this major fact in this club nor Eddie obviously with scariest formation in the back which is main issue!

    Peligrini and any coach in league has experience and diploma, not Freddie who has 7 games before Club obliged to get official coach replacement!

    Reality, we need a manager to replace Wenger and Emery couldn’t in every possible ways.

    What we see today is what we have lost in Wenger; our football style, spirit, management, respect and place in football world, our attractive image.

    Kroenke is a billionnaire businessman, not from nor care for football but billion he made in a decade while slaving, squeezing every penny from club and Wenger CL qualifying!

    Emery would steal be there, it was not a game to sack him comparing to many but he actually got that 4-1 at the back and we looked great til Luiz injury.

    We can’t win any games with such low spirit in team confused with formation.

    Arsenal without Wenger is a boat without captain, to replace him, we needed to go for a top manager, Mourinho was only one available, but Kroenke can’t put 20M in a coach!

    Today, the only top manager available is Wenger but many ignorants won’t get that nor even know or remember that he built Arsenal’s legacy with no money!

    Had stadium paid for by keeping club relevant, in CL with no money!
    Promised money as of 2013, Suarez on hs way that year, Kroenke ruins deal, same for Kante! Chelsea paid transfer and his wage for 40M were champion!

    Instead Wenger and Arsenal mocked with abunch of kids in pitch, but made it to CL finals. Emery had more money than Wenger in 5 years! Of course he had it perfectly timed, and indeed Suarez knew we would be Champion or would ant to come, same for Kante! As of 2013 with stadium paid for, he would be winning many titles with the 2 additions, til this day!

    The one crticize and asked Wenger out are just ignorant to these facts or we would not be where we at.

    To be dumb enough to actually be against his urgent return will lead us to relegation before January first! Mathematicaly, zero or 1 point every other game puts us there!

    The spirit is lost, players need their Prof they came here for!

    1. Correction to your false statement that “WENGER IS AVAILABLE”! He is not as he is employed elsewhere and will not be offered the job and would not accept even if if he were. Do get real and think first!

  9. Anyway, Charlie is in lalaland, we can’t win a game until player spirit is back on track. Looking at last game, it was a choas never seen ever..

    Emery didn’t get fired over his last game or fans frustrated, but for empty stadium meaning no money!

    Kroenke bought all our shares last, to have full control, shut us up, impose Emery and that mess as long as he wished, when he saw that stadium empty, means no money for him,

    If we don’t show up next game, Eddie will be replaced instantly. He uses us for everything, fire Wenger was impossible without us! Look at us now!

    You simply don’t replace such a manager and figure in the club, so easily. MU made sure to keep Sir Alex around for that. It is unreall what was done to Wenger, we see what I done to us and Arsenal without him!

    Empty stadium and few ones there with sign Wenger back Urgently! Or we will be in relegation by January first we play Man U!

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